Sun square Neptune natal aspect

Sun Square Neptune – illusion, inner wounds, and outer tittle-tattle

  • Internal and external battles


  • A need for a sense of inner security, confidence and courage


  • Enhanced sensitivity- need to distinguish between what is your responsibility and what is not; remember you can lead the horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.


  • Open to deception and injustice- self-protection paramount as this can cause inner tension, which enhances stress, depression and anxiety.


  • Themes of addiction, gullibility, illusion, paranoia, alienation, dependency and enchantment.


  • A sense of a childhood lost as you may consistently have to stand up for yourself against those who see you as weak or an easy target


  • Or you may deceive others or, in some other way, invoke distrust in them.


  • Sense of guilt from childhood or past lives leads you to have a self-defeatist attitude.


  • The need to develop your own inner moral compass, which respects all aspects of your identity and others.


  • Reprogramming your subconscious mind via listening to inspirational speakers, dealing with past traumas, and managing addictive tendencies will ensure internal balance and outer stability.


  • Affirmations, shadow work, introspection, subliminal programming, mediation will help still impulsive tendencies and any racing thoughts.


  • Works of tara branc, og Mandino, Neville Goddard, Caroline Myss, Anthony DeMello, Louise hay, Florence schovel Shinn, Octavia butler may interest you.


  • Practising speeches alone, giving yourself affection, looking in the mirror and saying life-affirming statements, taking extra time to research and study to make sure you have enough time to learn and retain information will release any stress.


  • Practising self-care and partaking in activities to increase your self-love will also be beneficial.


  • Embracing yourself, quirks and all, imperative.
  • Need to develop self-discipline, awareness and management


When you have natal sun square Neptune knowledge previously learnt, names, directions, and things can get misplaced, forgotten or lost.

Sun square Neptune can make you have a hard time distinguishing what’s real and wants not; you may, at times, seep into mild or intense feelings of madness or inner discontent.

However, your discontented thoughts and experiences can give you a wealth of insight into your own and all human psyches; as with all aspects in astrology, the rest of the chart, as well as other aspects, must be taken into consideration.

However, sun square Neptune can make you feel like you’re constantly under attack, as you may be central to many false accusations, maybe as a child, if anything went missing in your house, even if someone else was to blame, you might have gotten the blame.

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In some way, you may be misrepresented or discriminated against, you may spark controversy from your life choices; in a sense, the only way to balance this energy is to not be afraid of calling yourself out on your own bullshit and addictions.

Not in a judgemental way but being honest about what habits you need to let go of or temper to live a balanced life, forming a sense of inner security no matter what is said about you.

 life is forcing you to stand up for yourself, even if your biggest bully is yourself, you must tackle “ bullies head on” .

Training yourself not to make others walk over you, yet giving space for others to have autonomy also, self confidence and personal development are key to handling this placement.

Some of you with this placement, natal sun square Neptune may become activist or get involved in some form of organastion that look after the rights of those who experience hardship in some form in their lives.

You may be against those who mishandle their power, or discriminate against others on grounds of their lifestyles, habits, gender, sexual orientation or anything else.

As you may have experience many personal battles with finding and handling your own sense of power, you will have many oppruntunities to overcome your own repressions, deceptions,  phobias and illusions , and this will make you adept of helping other people to do so.

You may be more susceptible than other people to addiction, this can be a good thing if you channel this energy into your studies, career or a sport, however be mindful or becoming addicted to toxic relationships, drugs and alcohol.

Handling the self

As toxic addictions can create a cycle of self-destruction and doubt, which can be hard to get out of, seek help to manage your impulses if necessary,  keeping your mind, body, and soul exercised and healthy will go a long way in establishing and maintaining your life long well being.

You may be prone to psychological illnesses, personality disorders, neurosis- stemming from unprocessed and unhealed emotional blockages and trauma. It is crucial you look after all levels of your health, especially your mentality and immune system.

When you have natal sun square Neptune you can be talented in art, writing, publishing, dancing, music, politics, acting, or any career involving the latter.

 You can be a great provocateur for change and fighting social injustice because of the square energy caution must be taken when entering the psychic realms; this is why I say it’s important to limit drugs and alcohol, as these unwittingly make you susceptible to unseen forces.

If you decided to live a spiritually orientated life, always make sure you do grounding work, also avoid sham cults, religions, gurus or spiritual workers, note any true spiritual teacher, aims to set you free from all instruction, building your ability to trust what comes from within.




Sun square Neptune, in-depth

Your confidence has been knocked in some way, and you must overcome any tendency to delude others and become duped by others.  It is your choice ultimately how you live your life, but remember, all our actions tend to catch up to us eventually.

Most of your inhibitions stem from unhealed psychological trauma; it is essential you deal with any problems, step by step, knowing we all fall off our bike of recovery once in a while, but it is in the trying, that we grow from our past experiences.

Whatever your personal challenges may-be there is a great need to overcome them before the positive energy of your sun sign and Neptune can be displayed and lived.

You can be self-defeatist, and because you may learn in your own way, not in the manner currently taught in your educational system, you may lack confidence over your ability to achieve your goals.

 Your relationship with your parents, specifically your father or the most masculine parent, may have been based on conflict or lies in some ways, which name makes it hard for you to trust or be trustworthy yourself.

Your parents may have been averse to your expression and stunted it in some way, and now you’re unsure of how you should express yourself.

Remember slow, and steady wins the race, and regardless of your past, each person has the power to make a choice to be a better person than what they are on the path to being now.

In some ways, there is a split in your psyche between who you want to be, who others say you are, who you believe you are due to your own or others poor evaluation of your personal character.

Your willpower could be corroded in some way, and you must take steps to build it back up; daily steps towards your goals and healing is the way to go, allowing time for the evitable failures and falling off the wagon.

You may be overly defensive, pushing others away; in fact, you may lock out your own positive thoughts, as you may believe you cannot achieve your ambitions.

Positive aspects involving Taurus, Capricorn, Venus, Saturn may counteract any tendencies for self-sabotage and low self-esteem; in any case, you must build up self-discipline, focus and will power.

Avoiding innate tendencies to escape into drugs, alcohol or fantasy, remember we can only run away from our problems for a time; sober moments will always come.

Conflict is hard, especially when it is in confliction with parts of your own personality, yet escapism leads to distorted perceptions about yourself, other people and the world in general; a poor self-perception makes release from your imposed prisoner harder.

Yes, the pain is real; what others did to harm you was wrong, or you may believe your past actions means you cannot be forgiven, yet this is your life, and the only way forward is to reclaim your inner power and use it wisely.

Your mind can trick you into thinking you will always fail even if you try, failure is part of the process of success, and you may have been programmed to fear it so much that you can stop trying to change your life around.

Yet natal sun square Neptune it is important that you take willful and deliberate action to get out of your inertia, inner fears and delusions, training yourself to not feel guilt, shame or blame.

All humans are hot messes in one way or another; no one is perfect, the only way to end a vicious cycle is to break the habits that create it, the only way to cease toxic habits is to build uplifting and vitality fuelled actions into your life.

Lamenting in the past too much, will lead you to repeat it; slow and steady steps forwards is the key to success. If you lack skills, take time to learn them, all is possible with will and focus, which again you need to ensure you build when you have Neptune square sun.

The past is the past; you cannot get it back, but you can create a better now and future, true expression of your sun side is needed; however, you must deal with the issues of Neptune before you can use your solar energy effectively.

You may also have an inferiority complex due to others making you feel that way or by psychological thought patterns of unresolved trauma.

It won’t be easier, especially the longer your pattern has gone on, but it is doable with determination and willpower, get any support you may need to overcome your emotional and psychological pain.

Self-forgiveness, compassion, nurturing, understanding, healing, acceptance, awareness are key to your evolution, as well as giving up self-judgment and working through your susceptibility to other peoples opinions about who you are.

It may be hard at first, but you must learn to channel self-destructive energy into positive, creative pursuits; keeping a dream journal may help you, writing down your emotions or infusing your pain into creativity.

But remember, it is good to dream, but planning is everything, intuition is good, but better when tempered with logic and vice versa.

Creativity is just one part of the process, having the ideas, the visions, the inkerling etc, but you need to take practical action to bring your visions into actuality (form). For this order, routine and discipline are needed.

Personal development is key to your evolution; counselling may help you unlock the mystery of your emotions,  as will creative visualization and childhood role play, where you reenact events you experience with the outcome you would have liked.

Character refinement is vital, as is self-exploration and definition, and remember, please sun square Neptune that failure is part of success; transformation doesn’t happen overnight or with sporadic action.

 Daily steps towards your goals, allowing for readjustments, will help you create stability in your life.

  Building the belief that change is possible may be hard for you to grasp but no matter how much you may have fallen from your ideals, know you can always become who you wish to be. Know there is no one path to success; there are about 7 billion ways, so yes, use external resources as guidance point, but the aim should always be getting yourself to trust your own guidance and experience.

First, you must remove any distortion; you have to assess things from all angles taking into account not only your own beliefs, but those of others also, but never letting others beliefs override your own, but this doesn’t mean rejecting others opinions just because.

Well, thought out balanced decision making is needed.

The shadow of sun square Neptune

Know that it is quite possible that you can deceive others you may not wish to, again this can be a pattern of behaviour you have fallen into and find it hard to get out; in fact, some with this placement may go out the way to purposely deceive others.

This could be you, and you may now feel you built a trap you cannot get out of now; you can change your ways if you persist and that all humans make mistakes.

You will have to deal with your emotional vulnerability, or lack of it, the way you may exploit others,  and how they abuse you all in all healing is needed, and the right use of power, especially the power of words, thoughts and actions must be learned.

The aim is to get your solar energy and Neptune elusive and mysterious energies to work in unison, along with all other aspects and placements of your natal chart.


Sun Square Neptune in Transit


  • Time to reflect, relax or explore spiritual or higher meanings of life
  • But be mindful of mental confusion, escapism and low energy- fatigue
  • Be aware of being led down the garden path- if it sounds good to be true probably is
  • You may want to put off the important task for another time; typically, this transit lasts a few days only.

Sun square Neptune transit can make you feel drained or caught in illusion; you may lack confidence, virile, inspiration or passion, you may wish to take time out from your normal schedule, some of you may act out of character by forgetting your normal routine, and escaping into the worlds of addiction, escapism, entrainment or misadventure.

During this transit, it can become a challenge for you to distinguish between fiction and fact.

If you need to agree to something during the transit of Sun square Neptune, make sure you widely open your eyes if you don’t want to become blind to the stark truth.  You’re prone to gullibility, scandal, and a decrease in psychological or physical health.

This is also the time when you may have a low energy level. You might also experience some minor disappointments, or you might have feel discourage because of obstacles.

You will do best to not fall into escapism entirely, although it may be necessary to your wellbeing for you to set aside some time in your day to ease mental pressure and tension; listening to your favourite music or watching films may provide some relief.

Try and be honest in all your dealings, especially negotiations, but this may not be the best time to go ahead with complex agreements, but if you cannot avoid doing so, double-check all details and get secondary opinions or professional advice if need be.

Be wary of predators, make informed decisions and don’t let anyone take advantage of your kindness.

However, make sure that you don’t completely forget about your responsibilities. Your imagination may be stimulated during this transit, but you might stumble on a block as you try to turn your creative projects or spiritual realizations into reality.

Avoid deceiving others in the hope that it will prevent confrontations because lies are usually unravelled in the most unexpected moments. Make sure you don’t wallow in regret or guilt because of your shortcomings.  All humans have them, hence, the humanness of us all.

The transit of Sun square Neptune can make your vitality weaker, and this is why it becomes difficult for you to feel any sense of enthusiasm or motivation about something, especially task and projects that require concentration, focus, willpower and dedication over a long period of time.

Other people or events might also cause disappointment and confusion to the extent that you will be forced into beating the odds. Under this particular influence, it is normal to feel uneasy, lack confidence, apologetic, guilty, and insecure.

If you want to counter the effects of Neptune square Sun transit’s deceptive influences, you should take time out to plan your every move, make room for failures and wrong steps.

Try not to be hard on yourself; if you have to deliver bad news, do it with tact; writing things down may relieve any pressure to lie or deceive, vet anyone new you come into contact with, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Beware of joining any cult-like groups; partake in activities that uplift your spirits, stay grounded whilst actively engaging in the psychic realms, you may take an interest in spirituality, religion or your personal development.

As you may be forced to take a stark hard look at your personal character, and you may not like all that is revealed, if you make a decision to change for the better, eventually you will with continued efforts.

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