Sun Transit in Sagittarius Transit

sun is in Sagittarius transit

Sun in Sagittarius transit

  • Seeking deeper meaning in life via education, spiritual or religious study
  • Looking beyond individual needs to see the bigger picture
  • Seeking higher education in the intellectual, legal, spiritual, philosophical realms
  • Increase awareness of self and environment
  • sense of freedom and bravery- mental – spiritual –physical expansion
  • Psychic impressions or intellectual visions that reveal higher truths
  • Increase sense of hope- optimism, honesty, seeing the good through the bad in the world, increasing faith in the unknown and subjective
  • Guard against restlessness, extremist behaviour, being too frivolous, moralistic, showing off- egotistical, inconsiderate and exaggerating the facts and spending what you should be saving
  • Increase need to separate fact from fiction, stand up for what is right
  • Do exercise to strengthen and look after your thigh, hips and sciatic nerves; looking after your lungs will be good at this time also, as well as taking care to prevent or stabilise rheumatic Pulmonary – high blood pressure conditions.
  • Some of you may change careers, setting up your own philosophical, religious, spiritual, charitable or social activist cause.
  • Decide to study law, teaching, legal work, interpreter, go into publishing or some other writing work, or work with animals such as dog training or being a veterinary. Life coaching or some other motivational work

More about Sun Transit in Sagittarius

The sun enters Sagittarius on the 21ths of November when the sun is in Sagittarius, the matters of the 9th house all come into the spotlight, physical or spiritual travel, seeking deeper meaning in life via mystical, philosophical or intellectual stimulation.

The keyword for Sagittarius is I know, so you will have the opportunity the find and understand concepts that will help you in your personal progression.

This whole month can be a highly mutable, fiery, dynamic, self-expressive time; spontaneity will be increased, with some of you going on out of the blue adventures to exotic countries or places within your locality.

An increased need for freedom, expansion of consciousness, and getting out of your comfort zone is the major themes of the coming month for all signs, yet you will all seek this in different ways.

The symbol of Sagittarius is the centaur with the bow and arrow; it’s about mixing the subjective and objective so that you can think about your aim.

 Set a plan to reach your target and aim the arrow directly to hit the mark by taking practical daily action to reach your goals.

You may find yourself more restless during this time and want to move ahead with the speed of a horse; however, you must use your subjective spirituality and objective irrationality in unison to reach your goals at this time.

 Acting too fast can ruin whatever you’re trying to build at this time; it’s best to take a slow and steady pace, foresight, idealism, open-mindedness, introspection- deep thinking, exploration.

An increase in exercise and sporting activities are favoured when the sun is in Sagittarius, as is learning a new language or educational, spiritual or intellectual discipline.

You may fall in love or deepen a commitment, but you will also want to feel free to explore your personal hobbies and interest whilst in partnership, so compromise is the keyword of this month.

If you was born in this month, read more about sun in Sagittarius here


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