Sun in transit Pisces : Feb 19th 2022

Sun transit Pisces meaning and what to do Does The Sun pass through Pisces?

  • Increase emotional and psychological sensitivity
  • More empathetic
  • Giving back- volunteering
  • Secrets can come out
  • Revealing an understanding of your self-destructive thoughts and behaviours
  • Suitable for introspection – exploring your subconscious mind and making a plan for the next 12th months
  • Focuses on personal and/or spiritual- higher consciousness development
  • More idealistic- time of romance
  • Illusions
  • Addiction taking more intoxicating substances
  • Distracting or escaping into self-destructive habits
  • Although hard try to avoid falling into self-pity, look for solutions for your problems
  • Try not to fall into people-pleasing, playing the martyr or allowing others to abuse you- if you’re in a complicated situation, seek help to get out
  • Seeking therapy or joining a 12 step group
  • Vague in communications can lead to hurt feelings and misunderstandings
  • Breaking from routine being more changeable
  • Increase activity in dream life and waking visions
  • Good time for self-care, love, understanding, compassion increasing self-awareness, forgiveness and healing
  • Committing or devoting yourself to a power greater than yourself, a good time for spiritual practice and grounded exploration of the ethereal realms

Sun transit Pisces meaning, continued

When the Sun transits Pisces, you may feel more inclined to self-reflection; some of you will gain more profound empathy for yourself and others, devoting time to a charity or helping out those who are less fortunate than yourself.



Sun transiting Pisces can be a real emotional time as we get ready to say goodbye to the winter and open up to the new promises of spring and Aries.


 This is an excellent time to take stock of the previous 12 months and think about the sort of experiences you would like to attract into your life over the next 12th months.


If you have fallen out with someone, you may be more willing to forgive past wrongs at this time, or others may be more willing to forgive you, so this can be a perfect time to try and make amends.


You are more open to seeing the best in yourself and others now; your imagination can be heightened and your dream world more vivid at this time.

Especially if you have strong Neptune, Pisces, Uranus, Pluto, Scorpio, Mars, Uranus and Aries energy in your birth chart.


When the Sun transits Pisces, this can be a highly idealistic time; if you have loved ones, show them and tell them how you feel.


Because this can deepen the emotional and psychological bond between you at this time, opening doors to a new level of commitment in intimate relationships.

More about Sun transiting Pisces

If you’re seeing someone, dating them or hooking up with them, the connection could become more serious, but it is also essential that you are clear about what you and the other partie(s) want.



You can see what you want to see, romanticising everything, get lost in your imagination and fantasy rather than seeing the facts of the matter.


If you have positive aspects to your natal Sun in your birth chart, such as the Sun in Leo, Sun in Aries, Sun in the 5th house, or other planets such as Saturn and Mars, are making positive aspects to your natal Sun.


 Such as trines, conjuncts and sextiles, you may make rapid progress on anything you set your mind and actions to at this time.


If you have negative aspects to this transiting Sun or in your birth chart such as oppositions, squares, quincunxes to Pluto, Uranus, Neptune or mars, or adverse aspects to your Sun in your birth chart such as natal Sun in Aquarius or Libra.

Think about your actions

This can be a time of reckless or strange behaviour you could fall into attention-seeking, but this can be a masked cry for help; you may feel that drinking alcohol or taking drugs may solve your problems.


 But they will make them worse; in the long run, you may also give into other manipulative behaviour that can put a strain on your relationships and your sense of self-worth.



If you are giving essential speeches or having meaningful conversations at this time, make sure you are clear in your words; Sun in Pisces can make us think we said and hear things we did not, give and check the facts.

Sun transiting Pisces and self-reflection

When the Sun is transiting Pisces, it is a perfect time for deepening or starting a personal development, meditation, mindfulness, tai chi, tantric, yoga or any other plan that will get you in touch with your body or inner mind space.


You may prefer solitude at this time, even if you’re extroverted. You can be more insular and reserved at this time, and this is actually an excellent attitude to take when the Sun is transiting in Pisces.


As this attitude can bring many personal beneficial rewards over time, exploring your unhealed emotional and psychological wounds, although painful, can allow you to break the connection between yourself from destructive thoughts and your behaviours.


Starting the work of implanting your mind with positive thoughts to evoke positive behaviours, unhealed childhood trauma can surface now, and this may not be pleasant, but your past will always dictate your future if you do not deal with it.

Set yourself free

Although it may be easier to blame external situations and other people,  and it may be true that other people have played a part in your personal pain.


Nevertheless, you often develop behaviours when you have unresolved traumas that can upset others and make them treat you negatively.


This is not said to victim blaming or invalidate your suffering in any way, but to empower you to change the only thing you can change, you.


You may uncover how your behaviours affect others negatively during this time, which can be painful. Still, ultimately it’s the things we know we can control, the things we repress or are unaware of, that control us.


Reprogramming your subconscious mind by listening to uplifting such as those found on ted talks can help you form a more positive outlook on your life; it won’t happen overnight, but if you never start, then it will never happen right.


Positive thinking is good, but you must also take affirmative action to bring your best life into reality search Jim Kwik; he can help you train your mind to do better things.


Also, Louise hay, Dorothea Brande, and Florence schovel shinn may give you inspiration or search out anyone else who can inspire you.


Those of you who work in social welfare may take on extra responsibility at this time, but make sure you look after your health and wellbeing first.


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