Sun transits in astrology

  • The Sun typically transits each of your houses for about 1 month a year, so you will experience up to 12 sun transits each year.
  • However, depending on the house system used, the Sun can spend less or more than a month in each house yearly.
  • Can increase your energy- giving you an extra spring in your step
  • Having to stand up for yourself- taking charge
  • The house the Sun transits are in, is where you will be more creative and wilful in the matters controlled by that house and the zodiac sign. The Sun is transiting in
  • Positive aspects to the transiting Sun will make you more determined.
  • You may become more powerful or get help from those in authority to help you with your ambitions or problems.
  • But watch out for being too egotistical –ignoring the needs of others and taking on too much responsibility leading to physical or psychological exhaustion.
  • Problems with those in authority, Positive or negative experiences with the masculine energy


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All sun transits bring the self under the spotlight, and the matters of the house it is transiting are also called into focus, sun transits can last up to one month, but this can be shorter, depending on the size of each house in your birth chart.

The Sun governs your ego, personal vitality-energy, masculine energy, authority, progress, dignity, your sense of self-self awareness.

Your ability to experience life sun energy gives courage and increasing strength and stimulation, calling you to action. The Sun in your natal chart shows where you want to shine and how you will do it.

The house the Sun is transiting outlines how you will use your willpower and creative abilities; you will generally be more concerned about yourself.

Your personal projects, development plans, goals, any exercise, diet, hygiene regimes you’re interested in. You are more aware of yourself and your impact on the World.

How you use Sun transits depends on your birth chart and the house and zodiac sign the Sun is in; sun transits can be used positively or negatively.

It depends on your overall outlook, whether you usually are self-centred or not. If you are, then you may become more so when the Sun transits the houses.

Causing increased conflict with the people in your environment; if you’re usually a people pleaser type. You may assert yourself more, which will be good for your overall well-being.

Especially when the Sun transits your 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th and 11th houses.

Positive Sun transits help you assume personal authority in your career, social and personal life, or you may be supported by those in authority.

Suppose you have adverse sun transits, for example. In that case, the transiting Sun is making a square or opposition to planets in your natal chart; you may become egotistical and overwork yourself.

Which can impact your health and relationships; this energy is best used to overcome any obstacles, positive self-assertion that takes into account the feelings of others.

Because you don’t want to waste valuable time and resources arguing or cleaning up the consequences of your mindless actions or willful behaviour.

Sun transiting the first house

  • Feeling more energetic, positive and self-empowered
  • Others may want to spend more time with you due to your self-motivated, vibrant, get it done attitude
  • Focusing on your personal goals and finding solutions to problems
  • Although some may want to stay away from you during this time, seeking you as egotistical and lacking care for others
  • They can be conflicts in personal relationships if you become self-absorbed and demand respect and appreciation.
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The first house also controls early childhood, physical body- and overall health. In contrast, the 6th house is concerned with your diet, exercise, hygiene, sickness and other things that affect your health.

Sun transit the 1st house, brings your-self under the spotlight.

It’s not that you’re not interested in other people or issues unfolding in your home, local community or the World at large.

It’s just that you are more focused on your personal life direction, your desires, needs and ambitions, and you may feel a greater need to fulfil them at this time.

Suppose Mars or Uranus are making a negative aspect, whilst the Sun is transiting your first house. In that case, you could become egotistical, or if your natal chart demonstrates you’re prone to selfishness, then this can be increased at this time.

However, it is crucial that you use this time to go after what you want while taking into the needs of others, as you wouldn’t want to make enemies or cause unnecessary obstacles.

It is crucial that you do look after your personal needs, just don’t hurt others while doing so.

You may have trouble working with others on joint projects if you can delay collaborations until after this transit.

But just like the World is not perfect; you have no other option but to cooperate; it is best you make time in your schedule to focus on your own needs; this may mean cutting down the time you spend on social media or socialising.

So that you can make time for yourself when this transit is happening. It’s essential not to sacrifice your own needs at this time as this will cause problems in the long run, such as resentment.

Sun transiting the second house

  • Becoming more concerned with possessions, reputation and financial security
  • Directing energy on side hustles, working more hard at your current job to increase stability
  • Spending money on your appearance, luxury items such as artwork, jewellery, cars, date nights, dating apps, having a good time in general
  • Negative aspects whilst sun transit 2nd house can cause spending money you don’t have keeping up with the Jones, losing money by unwise investment or gambling.
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You can be more concerned about your personal possessions and inner values at this time.

 You could spend more money, buy a new car or anything else to show off to your friends.

There is an increased need for using your possessions to increase your self-esteem. You could spend money on drinks at a bar, throw a dinner or other party to show off the things you own to others.

If your circle of friends and associates are materialistic, this behaviour can go down well. If not, they may view you as insufferable and lacking taste.

You may try and use money and possessions to control others, but this may also backfire; in the long run if you’re trying to make life long connections.

It’s best to not buy them, as fickle people usually run out when the money runs out.

On the other hand, some of you may question how the things you own match up to your authentic inner values, choosing to get rid of or add to your personal possessions.

You are more likely to defend your personal beliefs and possession at this time, so if others question either of them. You may react in a forceful way that can cause conflict.

It’s crucial that you speak your mind and stand up for what you believe in but allow others to do so also. Sometimes it’s best to agree to disagree rather than waste time and energy proving a point.

Sun transiting the third house

  • You may find yourself expressing yourself more creatively in all forms of communication
  • It is suitable for all content creators to work on their projects, doing all you can to overcome any obstacles.
  • This transit gives the extra energy needed for perseverance despite challenges.
  • Increase in short journeys for work, social or sentimental reasons
  • Helping friends, family, children, co-workers with their communication skills
  • Is an excellent time to have conversations with those in authority about essential matters
  • Avoid being too know it with others as this can cause conflicts; yes, you can have your opinions, but so can others; avoid thinking only you know what’s best!!!
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Brings increased interaction with those you usually come into contact with. Friends, family, co-workers, passing acquaintances, neighbours, and everyone else you often see in your daily life.

It’s a perfect period to break from routine, even if it’s for a short while. This can be taking a day trip somewhere or going away for a few days to somewhere new or a place you like to frequently visit. 

You may have to still deal with your work and other commitments while you’re on your holiday, but it will still be nice to be in, different surroundings.

You must try and remain calm during this transit, even if those you talk with say things you do not like; you may also try and dominate conversations at this time, which can cause conflict.

Even if you don’t like what is being said, try your best to be attentive wait until the speaker is finished speaking. Then give your opinion in an assertive but non-conformational way.

Sun transiting the 3rd house can give the tendency to try and dominate situations and outcomes; this may backfire, especially in important meetings and negotiations.

So it’s crucial that you listen and talk; it’s best to be honest during this transit rather than try and conceal information because people will sense you’re holding something back.

If you’re not sure about your actual thoughts about any given topic that comes up at this time, just say so, go away and think and schedule a time to resume the conversation.

This can be a good time for creative projects, especially those involving writing and taking new courses on subjects you are interested in.

Sun transiting the fourth house

  • Time of personal development, focusing on how the past controls your thoughts and behaviours in your now, so you may decide to start healing old wounds.
  • Spending time with friends and family in your home, dinner parties, games, being creative or artistic together, couple time
  • Redecorating, adding an extension, or selling your home
  • Spending quality time with children or your inner child
  • Negatively they can be conflict over management of household funds or other matters- battle of wills, try and assert your wishes, allow others to do the same and find a way to satisfy everyone’s wishes.
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Issues from childhood may come up now; these can be good or bad memories. You may find yourself preferring food, music, company that reminds you of your childhood or early adulthood.

For some of you, this can be increased visits to close friends, or family others will prefer to spend as much time as they can in their own home during this transit.

You may spend time in introspection; deep thoughts may come up about the things you regret or appreciate about your past if they are psychological or emotional wounds that come up.

You may decide to resolve these issues once and for all by seeking conventional or alternative therapy.

 Some of you may choose to use self-help to navigate the problems that present themselves during this transit.

Sun transiting the fifth house

  • The Sun is accidentally exalted in this house, being in the home of Leo, which it rules
  • You will feel more affectionate than other transits wishing to be more creative romantic and take more risk
  • Increase in socialising
  • spending time with children that will help them feel more secure
  • Good transit for all creative types to perfect their craft and to put themselves out there, pitch your ideas to those who can help you advance, agents, publishers etc
  • Your sex drive may increase during this transit; you can get more interest from others if you are singles, but try and not waste all your energy on hookups
  • Save some for your personal or career advancement
  • The negatives of this transit are creative / writer’s block, setbacks in your career
  • Risking too much (finances/ personal resources), picking the wrong romantic interest that causes you pain, and saying inappropriate words can turn others off.
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The Sun transiting the house of its natural rulership in Leo gives you the urge to shine and let your inner child, or at least the fun side of your personality, time to play.

You are more in tune with your own childhood desires and the needs of children at this time, which can create a deeper connection to any children of your own or any others you are close to.

This can be a time of increased creativity; it’s crucial that you have some “YOU” time, take some time out to entertain and be entertained but do not neglect your work or other commitments.

You may be open to taking more risk in the form of stock trading or gambling on sports or something else like that; only risk what you can afford to lose at this time to avoid tears.

It’s vital that you don’t try and dominate others at this time, and you don’t get too carried away, have fun, but know your personal limits.

You may feel more open and adventurous than usual.

Although this can be a fun transit, you could spend some of this time exploring your deepest secrets, psychological and emotional traumas.

 Because you are prone to taking a light-hearted approach to even the most intense of emotions and situations at this time.

You can build a deeper connection with yourself, you may decide to write or voice note your thoughts down, or you can use art or music to channel your emotions.

 Either by viewing or listening or creating your own music or artwork at this time.

Trying something new is the greatest use of this transit.

Being more loving and romantic in your intimate relationships(s) will earn you extra brownie points, and your lover(s) will appreciate your more idealistic outlook.

Sun transiting the sixth house

  • Paying more attention to your health, personal appearance and routine
  • becoming more efficient at work, and even if you’re not the manager, you may take on leadership duties
  • you and co-workers may cooperate, or those in authority may be more approachable to ask for pay rises
  • even if you face obstacles, this transit typically makes you deal with them optimistically
  • Watch out for being too egotistical, stubborn, domineering in your relationships.
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While the Sun is transiting the sixth house, they can be an increase in responsibility; this can be in your work or home life; you will be more focused on getting things done, or even if it’s not your preference.

External circumstances may force you to prioritise work and serving others; unlike sun transit, the fifth house, you may have less time for fun and creativity.

 Having to follow technique, routine and procedure, you may have to put off your personal wishes and delay pleasure at this time.

It is best to look after your health and diet at this time, taking time out to exercise and look after your overall physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

It is best that you try and put your best efforts into everything you do at this time, do not take shortcuts, and although you may feel overwhelmed with others’ demands.

If you take time, even if it’s only a few moments a day, to do something just for yourself, listen to your favourite song, catch on your favourite show.

Sun transiting the seventh house

  • You may meet or spend more time with self-motivated individuals
  • If you are single and your Sun is positively aspected in your natal chart or by transit, you can meet a potential life partner
  • Having more fun and couple times, if you are already attached
  • You and those you’re in day to day contact with maybe more self-expressive during this transit, wanting your own way more, try to compromise and respect others and your own freedom to avoid conflict.
  • Negatively this transit can cause petty arguments in legal, business, marriage and professional relationships.
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Suppose you have any problems during this transit. In that case, it is best to seek out the advice of others, even an anonymous source, rather than trying to work through them on your own.

Especially if you have legal or other serious problems, it’s best to look for specialist advice rather than cause more issues for yourself by trying to go solo.

At times it’s best to have a mediator or a fresh set of eyes to a troubling situation. When we are personally involved, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction.

This can be a time of increased cooperation in your intimate business and personal relationships.

You could meet new collaborates or love interests at this time depending on the aspects other planets are making to transiting Sun.

If Venus or Saturn are making aspects of the transiting Sun, this strengthens meeting or strengthening commitments.

 This is an excellent time to talk about any problems you have avoided discussing.

Being truthful about your needs and desires, allowing your partners to the same, although you may not like the words you hear, at first, after the storm has passed, you will realise.

Sometimes a good argument is the best thing that can happen, not the worse.

 You and your partner(s) have just opened the door for relationship-enhancing honesty that can make your bond unbreakable.

Sun transiting the eight house

  • Doing with joint resources
  • Sometimes matters of inheritances, taxes, insurance, investments, saving and all other types of financial matters are increased
  • Good transit for researching reincarnation and all other occult matters
  • Focus on alternative sexual expression dealings with the sexual underworld, especially if you have strong Venus and mars aspects in your natal chart. Or if transiting Mars or Venus are heavily aspected via transit
  • Good time to focus on personal or spiritual development, doing the work of starting or continuing to let go of yourself destructive thoughts, behaviours and ways of relating to self and others
  • Avoiding conning- scamming people, and watch out for swindlers, try and cooperate in all finical and business matters, as is you are heartless this can cause conflict and at worse separation
  • Guard your finances
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This transit is best used for your personal development, whether it be looking into your finances and rearranging them so that you have enough for your everyday and future needs.

Stability or lack of it can cause you some anxiety if you’re in a relationship, intimate or business. An unexpected situation can cause you to re-evaluate joint resources.

You could meet intense or mesmerising people who help or hinder you somehow. Still, in either case, they will provide life lessons that you can grow from, sometimes while this transit happens.

You could develop a soul mate type of connection.

This can be platonic or intimate, but it will differently be karmatic and plutonic in some way.

Suitable for all types of deep-diving work, dealing with emotions, having intense conversations with others, due to this being sun energy and Pluto.

 Be careful not to be demanding, be assertive but give others space to say state their needs, listen and ask for others to listen to you.

 This transit may not always be in your face.

Your day to day life may prevent you from having solitude at this time, but it is essential you take some time for self-care, you time, even if it’s just 5 minutes a day. Better do something than to do nothing.

You could have dreams in which you work out some of your psychological or emotional problems. In fact, all types of active depth psychology, occult, investigative and introspection work are favoured under this transit.

Yourself destructive thoughts or behaviours may cause problems at this time, subliminal battles with your own subconscious, especially the things you repress right now.

 It is best to find out the reason you suppress your desires and find ways to channel them in healthy ways.

You may explore different aspects of your sexuality at this time.

 Make sure you do it safely with people who respect your boundaries.

 Your intuition- gut feelings will serve you more than your conscious reasoning skills.

 Still, use your rational thought process for tasks and situations that require it.

 This is a good time for personal transformation; it’s an excellent time to let go of the old and work on the new.

Making solid plans to let go of yourself destructive behaviours, thoughts, toxic relationships, and the negative ways you relate to yourself and others.


Sun transiting the ninth house

  • Taking the lead in expanding your own or other people’s belief systems
  • Researching history, philosophy, science, technology, religion, psychology, or other subjects may give you valuable insight into your problems or personal development
  • Sometimes you may visit faraway places physically or mentally
  • Falling in love or deepening a connection with others from a different country or culture to you
  • Avoid being too dogmatic in your beliefs, allow others to speak their opinions, maybe best to agree to disagree, that lose a relationship or gain the disfavour of those In authority
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Broadening your intellect is the best use of this time; you may research or examine your career, educational course, personal or spiritual development.

Intellectual exploration of all types is favoured, whether that be philosophical, scientific, technological, legal, religious or higher consciousness study.

Sometimes this transit indicates increased involvement with legal or other authoritative figures, or you may have to deal with binding contracts or procedures somehow.

Travelling and meeting new people could open your mind during this transit.

 People from different backgrounds, cultures, careers and belief systems can rock your World and feed your mind at this time.

It’s important to not resist these connections but go with the flow; although it may be uncomfortable at first, try and go with the flow of any new adventure at this time.

Don’t not blindly believe anyone, but also do not quickly dismiss what they are saying just because it’s out of your comfort zone.

 It is essential to have fun at this time, even if you have to study dense and complex information.

Take a playful and humorous approach to learning. You may find you retain more knowledge than if you take a serious approach to learning.

See everything as a learning experience, even socialisation time, and you will shock yourself at how much you have grown.

Intellectually or spiritually on the higher conscious level at this time.

Sun transiting the tenth house

  • Work, personal development or education can become a central focus of your life during this transit
  • Stepping up and taking more responsibility at work, in your social circle, family or for your personal development
  • Networking with those in authority
  • Be concerned with your children’s, partners or families’ education or career progress
  • Resist being egotistical and demanding, especially with those who you need to cooperate with
  • Avoid being ruthless in pursuing your goals, as this can damage your reputation
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Perfect times for self-reflection, especially in your career…are you going in the right direction? Do you need any more professional qualifications or further education to expand your options?

What is it from your past that stops you from getting where you want to be?

 Do you have any psychological or emotional wounds that need healing? What is blocking you from being your best self? And how can you overcome it?

Sometimes during this transit, you may have to deal with the repercussions of your past actions that interfere with your career somehow.

 Do all you can to limit the damage. Sometimes this simply means owning your past actions and saying sorry.

You may find yourself concerned about how others see you, and you may wish to advance your status.

Especially in any groups or social circles, you belong to, Because this is the Sun we are talking about, sometimes when this transit is active.

You may find yourself getting some kind of acknowledgement for a job well done.

Also, if you are given a promotion or have to take on more responsibility during this time, make sure you understand what’s required of you.

If you’re lacking any skills, learn them step by step; be honest about your capabilities, don’t pretend you know when you don’t.

Honesty will get you everywhere at this time; lying about your knowledge base, weak spots, and flaws may do damage to your professional or social standing.

The best use of this time is to put yourself forward, go for that promotion, take up a leadership position in any organisation you belong to.

Of course, if they are negative aspects to other planets while this transit is active such as Sun oppose Saturn, Uranus or Mars.

 Be extra cautious whilst going after what you want.

 Don’t break the rules, get overly aggressive, and if you’re going to be revolutionary during this transit, respect other people who may be more traditional and reserved.

Challenges or guidance from those older than you or in authority can also happen at this time. Try not to be petty or egotistical, even if they are harsh in their judgements.

They still may be a lot of wisdom to be gained from listening to their words. Those in power can help you with your ambitions during this transit, or you can be the one with influence supporting others.

Sun transiting the eleventh house

  • Spending more time in groups
  • Finding solutions to problems or coming up with innovative or radical ideas
  • Meeting new people that have authority, who may help you in some way, or you can be that person with influence someone else meets
  • Taking a leadership role in an organisation, you belong to or creating a new social, political, humanitarian, scientific, occult, technology, philosophical, spiritual or any other group#
  • Creating music, art or other content in a team
  • Meeting new love interests via group associations
  • Avoid dominating, being controlled or led astray by groups
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This transit is good to focus on your friendships and any groups associations.

You may achieve more in a team than on your own; radical changes in your relationships may occur during this transit.

You may let go of connections that have outgrown their purpose and strengthen new bonds with those who are more in line with your growing values.

Whilst working in a team, social or political ideas that can be innovative can be found.

 You may all decide to create a documentary, film, music or other content to spread your group message.

Sun transiting the twelfth house

  • Perfect for self-reflection, meditation, personal development
  • Dealing with your toxic thought and behaviour patterns
  • You may prefer solitude and feel more withdrawn than normal
  • Introspection may provide solutions for your problems and give valuable insights into your personal progression
  • Taking a leadership role and helping others through their pain and issues
  • Being more determined to overcome life challenges
  • Negatively you can fall into addictive behaviours in an attempt to numb your suffering causing more despair
  • Seek help if need be, nothing to be ashamed of; we all need help from time to time.
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With the Sun transiting the 12th house, the house of the subconscious and self-undoing, you may focus or be forced to address how your self-destructive behaviours and thoughts control your life.

You may lash out at someone verbally or physically.

 This brings to your attention how your repressed desires, childhood or other trauma you have not dealt with still control your present moments.

Someone may confront you over your behaviour, and you may deny your actions because you feel attacked, so you go to is to respond defensive or egotistically.

But it would be best to reflect on your actions by spending some time alone to see if they are any truth in their accusations.

 Denying others’ concerns may get them too subconsciously or consciously distrust and distance themselves from you.

Which can weaken your relationships and make you feel more alienated, reinforcing the vicious cycle of addictive behaviours and thoughts.

Like Carl Jung said, we humans often live our whole lives, repeating our past and calling it fate; you may be hit with the cold fact that who you think you are, is not who you are in reality.

Often we humans find it hard to consciously admit our shadow side, our weakness, and our bad habits.

 So we usually numb ourselves with one addiction, toxic relationship or another.

It can be hard to reconcile your past actions, you may see them as mistakes, but in reality, they were learning curves.

 They only become mistakes if you keep on repeating them.

This is often the case when we deny dealing with our compulsions and desires consciously; you can use this time for self-reflection, write down or voice note your thoughts.

Try and see how you can deal with your repetitive thoughts and actions in constructive- life-enhancing ways, knowing there is nothing you can do to change the past.

But you can heal it, retraining your thoughts to produce positive behaviours and not destructive ones.

This takes time; you may have to seek out professional help to support you; this is nothing to feel ashamed about.

 The past has happened; let it not keep robbing you of your now and future.

It is not easy, but it will be worthwhile; know you can create a better future for yourself, step by step, day by day.

Changing just one small habit or thought pattern can have a butterfly effect of empowerment across all areas of your life.