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Sun Trine Neptune


Sun Trine Neptune


  • Own innate sense of morality
  • Strange yet charismatic aura makes you well-liked
  • You are a good friend and help those you care about
  • laid back attitude to life vs Precise and straight to the point
  • self-possessed – gives you the ability to reach your goals
  • Although you give of yourself generously, you put yourself first, as you know this is the only way you can authentically help others.
  • Active imagination, artistic/creative abilities
  • Work hard to achieve your goals
  • Social responsibility vs personal responsibility
  • Gives the ability to overcome life obstacles, avoid the negative pitfalls of Neptune energies, and achieve the aims of your sun/solar sign
  • On the other hand, it can make you the reckless maverick
  • Can make you good in the fields of psychology, marketing, business and healthcare
  • Can be guided by faith and not sight
  • Interest in philanthropy, writing, social, psychological or religious work
  • Hidden motivations


The sun trine Neptune in the natal chart lets you relieve life’s stress by leaving everything behind when things get too hot in the kitchen. Some of you may possess the ability to believe in yourself as well as in something that is bigger than you.

Your happy go lucky attitude can open doors that used to be closed due to your persistence and natural magnetism; however, it’s important to use your power wisely.

As what you put out can literally come back to you, as with all aspects, it depends on the whole natal chart to determine how the sun trine Neptune aspect will affect you.

When things go wrong in your life, you can depend on your inner reserves of faith to quickly put yourself back on track any time you go off-kilter.

Since it is easy for some of you with this placement to be inspired by the spiritual- psychic realm, things which are not readily visible to others, it is easy for you to find solutions to your and others problems; your intuneness with unknown forces helps your creativity flow freely.

 When you have Sun trine, Neptune, you may find it fulfilling to serve other people and as well as share your unique perspectives when you asked for guidance. If you make sure you always practise honesty in all your dealings, you will gain respect.

 Some of you with this placement may understand from birth the underbelly of human nature, readily understanding why some human beings become addicted to drugs, self-destructive habits, with ease, this innate gift. Helps you to understand people and their traumas in none judgemental ways.

Acting with integrity, as well as dealing and managing with any issue you face in life, will help you appreciate and recognise the numerous gifts that you can share and offer to others. 

Natal sun trine Neptune can make you deeply sensitive and compassionate, idealistic with a strong moral compass; your mysterious magnetism and innate appeal are the main reasons behind your success with others.

Music, drama, literature and dance may catch your attention; you may add a creative flair to anything you touch.

You can be highly naturally intuitive and reinventive, your mind can be sharp, receptive and perceptive, you can learn in a vibrational way, yet you can get easily bored.

You can be very aware and insightful, empathic to your own needs and other peoples, you can intuitively know the right words to say and the right things to do.

You must be careful that you don’t spend too much time in toxic environments, as this can influence your mentality and overall wellbeing; if you had a stressful childhood or have any unresolved trauma, it is better to deal with it rather than suppress it.

You have the ability to become a universal channel for the highest good of yourself and others; you can be charitable and supportive of others interest, which is a rare gift.


You can heal others with your spiritual gifts or logical information, you could be a great creative therapist, or work in local government and help others in that way, the range of professions for this placement usually revolves around leadership, in its positive or negative expressions, the choice is yours.


When in love you can be very loyal and romantic

Spiritual potential of sun trine Neptune, natally

Some of you with this placement may enter the path of the spiritual and mystical, especially if you have a lot of water or air placements in your natal chart; if you have an abundance of water elements. Your approach will be more emotional and empathetic, but if you have a lot of air in your chart, your approach is more mental and sympathetic.

You can talk in metaphors and be lead by the symbolic and occult languages such as those use in the tarot may speak to you innately, you may be lead by your dream world, imagination and visions, guard against being too idealistic and expecting others to be exactly like you.

You have an allure about you which you or others may not be able to put a finger upon; it’s intangible yet physically present, you may also be naturally attractive in a mysterious way.

Do not get blinded by expecting the best from others always, as some people will try and use your innate talents, you must guard yourself against others deceptions and becoming deceptive.

You can be very forgiving and seek harmony in balance if you have learned to balance your dark side; you may have had an out of body experience or some kind of divine experience.

You may crave to get this experience again and seek out dark spiritual rituals to do so; note, one can become addicted to sensitisation; this is why it’s important to let go of outdated behaviours. Especially spiritual practices that were once needed for your development but which you will at one stage need to outgrow to keep on evolving.

Spiritual experiences are meant to clarify, not lead to more confusion, you can get beneficial help from positive unseen forces, yet if you turn to darker paths, you can find yourself at the whim of unseen dark forces.

You can be a storyteller, fall of niche thoughts, recollections of prophetic dreams and visions you may have, you may put some people off with some of your fantasies and notions.

You may also have a keen interest in film and photography, you may know how to naturally create or disturb any mood, you can give selfless service once you worked through your own personal problems.


The shadow of sun trine Neptune


  • As with all trines, they must be actively utilised to reach full potential; as with all things in life, humans tend to not value the things which come easily to them
  • You may become lazy and overindulgent
  • Misuse of creative and material power


This placement can make it easy for you to manipulate others; this is why it’s important to be clear of your intentions and to remember that we can only hide from our own conscience for a matter of time.

At times, mainly in your youth, you may find it hard to focus on one thing, yet placements involving fixed signs and multiple earth placements may adjust this tendency to flit from one thing to another.

Try to master at least one or two things to avoid becoming a jack of all trades.

At times you can become nonchalant with your natural talents, using them in a self-indulgent way instead of for the upliftment of your community and the wider society.

You can manipulate your influence of others or abuse your power over others in your profession; you can become unfaithful not only to others but your own inner ideals, getting lost in addiction and the lower psychic realms.

Sun trine Neptune , natal, in conclusion

You may find yourself with a natural affliction to nature and animals; animals can help you deal with your emotional side, you have the ability to feel at one with all aspects of your psyche, existence and you are very open to the concepts of unconditionality or limitlessness.


Sun Trine Neptune in Transit


  • Urge to bring more service into your life
  • Enhance the ability to persuade others or be persuaded
  • You may focus on your spiritual advancement more
  • Strong intuitive insights
  • A higher level of relating in your relationships
  • A new spiritual inclined organisation or partner may show up in your life

You have stimulated imagination when the sun trine Neptune is in transit, and for those who are working in the creative field, you will find it easy for you to express yourself using your art. You are successful in capturing your subject’s more subtle essence, particularly in writing, music, theatre, or photography.

You are also very useful in advertising, marketing, or selling anything. You can also inspire others with a somewhat better version of truth or reality.

You also have a tendency to fantasise and daydream. This is probably harmless, but you need to take care of neglecting the responsibilities you have in the actual world. You are also sensitive to other people’s feelings, and you might have a sympathetic ear for people who are in need.

You showcase confidence, courage, and great determination in your ventures in business, and you will also have abundant physical energy that can be directed in a productive and focused way. It is also easy for you to persuade others to give you their support, and you might look for an important ally.

 You might also receive perks from previous financial investments or dealings or boost the value of your existing assets. You are also highly intuitive with others, and you can read their motives and thoughts accurately.


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