Transits of The Moon

Transits of the moon explanation

What is a moon transit astrology?


  • Moon transits are temporary
  • Moon spends about 2 and half  to 3 days in each sign and has periods where it is void- in between signs, click here to read about Void of course moon
  • Transits of the Moon through the 12th astrological houses last a couple of days vs the few hours moon transits last when they are transiting your natal planets
  • However, the effects of a new or full moon can last for 1- 6 weeks, so the energy of a Scorpio full moon or a Gemini new moon may last longer than the duration of that full or new Moon, even when the Moon changes signs.
  • The effect of the Solar or lunar eclipses moon on the houses and planets it interacts within your natal chart may last anywhere from 3-7 months
  • The transiting solar or lunar eclipse interactions with your natal chart will activate the planets and houses (energies and the affairs they govern).
  • Many of the effects of the transiting Moon are unconscious, and you may live your whole life never being aware of how the Moon and its energies affect your day to day life
  • But you may become aware of how the moon transit affects others or the repercussions the energies of the Moon have on your reactions to the external world and the people in it
  • The transiting Moon governs changes in mood, brief encounters with others as well as fleeting feelings.
  • The Moon represents feminine energy and traits associated with the feminine
  • The Moon throws light on the conscious and subconscious reactions, thought patterns and motivations that hidden either on purpose or without consciousness
  • All humans, regardless of gender expression, have feminine and masculine energy, irrespective if their aware of it or not
  • The old saying lunatic comes from what our ancient ancestors knew that the Moon can and does affect human behaviour, although science leads the way nowadays, as well as technology
  • I personally believe in the middle way. But if you start to watch your or other moods, you will observe the mood of yourself and others are prone to changing with
  • The unconscious mind governs feminine traits and responses, and the conscious mind controls are masculine  traits and responses
  • The Moon transiting the houses of your birth chart shows the areas of life where you should place your intention to actively use the Moon’s energies to direct your life.
  • As it transits through the 12 zodiac signs and 13 constellations, the Moon communicates its vibrations through repetitive behaviour and thoughts, keeping us in a loop until we become aware and decide to take control.
  • Typically most human beings react from their past until they start to understand, learn, have compassion for, heal and manage their automatic responses and behaviours to it
  • To work with the Moon’s energies daily, pay attention to which house it is transiting on any given day- 2 days. And any planets and the aspects these planets make, to the transiting moon.
  • Try to stay conscious and watch for events in the external environment and within you that are triggered when the Moon is transiting any particular house.
  • So that you can consciously deal with them or take steps to get professional help or support to help you, there is no shame in this, all of us humans need help.
  • As if you don’t consciously deal with your triggers, you are controlled by automatic responses, thoughts, words, behaviours due to resistance to intentionally manage your life
  • Again all of us humans are programmed, deprogramming from false beliefs and generational dysfunction will take time to work through any addictions, physical or psychological, spiritual illnesses, you will fail many times, failure is the journey to success despite what we are told via social media etc
  • Use the transiting planets and Moon through houses to be aware of how certain planetary events can affect your life; to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.

―C.G. Jung

What does it mean when the Moon is in transit?

How to read moon transits, when the Moon transits through the houses of your natal chart, it pinpoints the types of emotional, analytical- perception changes you will experience, in your personal affairs, intimate or hook type relationships, career or social life.

The matters ruled by the house the Moon is transiting in, as well as the house(s) or planets cancer, is in, or making aspects too, will be in focus at the time.

If the transiting moon forms aspects to your natal Moon, or the fourth house, or you have birth planets in cancer or your fourth house, then the matters of those aspects or houses, will also be brought into focus during the transit moon phases.

The transiting Moon in any sign highlights how emotional or logical fluctuations and how they affect your day to day life, the triggering points for the experiences you face at this time.

Most of the circumstances you face during the transiting Moon, Will be centred on your domestic affairs, cultural or national heritage; you’re most feminine caregiver( parent/influences) or those who are feminine in personal expression, closest friends and relatives.

What does transiting moon mean spiritually?

Spiritually the transits of the Moon help you do inner work as you work through your karmic bondage, day by day, week by week, year by year, using the transits of the Moon to understand and heal your emotions.

 How the Moon interacts with the significant planet and progressed minor and major planetary transits in your natal chart.

Observing the moon transits, Will give you the insight to unravel your psychic, psychological and spiritual karma as you awaken to your past lives and the lives in all directions of time.

Coming to understand your physical obstacles that act as a catalyst to strengthen your soul as you awaken to the higher purpose of incarnating in a body on earth at this time.

For we have the mental mind, the physical, body senses, the soul which goes with us incarnation to incarnation, lifetime to lifetime., and the spirit that never incarnates but overlooks all our incarnations across all realms and phases of time.

The spirit that readily remembers all our karmic lives, on earth and all other places, especially the spirit hospital and life between life’s, the place we go to heal after every earthly and harsh planetary incarnation.

Spiritually the transiting Moon helps us regain our understanding of pure emotion as we see our inner pain and the misdeeds of others who hurt us.

Which causes us resentment, confining ourselves to living our lives on a loop instead of freeing ourselves from mental, spiritual and psychological bondage.

it is hard to forgive and let go, I know, I know… the cranberries sing

And remember never judge anyone in the words of my beloved Anthony Demello; I am an ass, and so are you, and even if you, not one this lifetime, you have or will be!!!

Change and letting go of the many, many pleasures of the earth realm is hard to do; we all have our vices and temptations, after all, It is hard to do; we all fail, many, many times, times Infinitum, but the soul longing is to return home, but in the meantime, let’s all face the music and dance.

What is a moon transit astrology?
more about, What is a moon transit astrology?

Transit moon though the first house

Mars and Aries’s energy are central to all expressions when the noon transits the first house, tempers may be volatile, emotions may yo-yo, words and actions are impulsive.

Emotional sensitivity in yourself and others may cause Tension, people become more self-conscious and on edge during this time, and ego drives will be on overdrive.

Be reserved in expressing your opinions, speak your mind but be aware of how you say them; you may have to walk away or count to ten as others may cause you irritation via your words.

Impatience and extreme reactions taint all interactions at this time; try not to overindulge in food or drink as this could cause headaches or other forms of head tension.

Some of you may feel inclined to make changes to your family and personal life during this time; the new Moon in Aries gives you extra assertion to follow through with any plans made on this date.

Suppose you have natal planets in your first house, especially mars, Pluto, Uranus or Neptune. In that case, you may experience disagreements with family members due to someone else’s or your impulsive or addictive actions.

Transit moon through the second house
    • Increased emotions over possessions, services or people
    • Seeing yourself worth in what you own or do
    • Greed or unwillingness to share- that can cause relationship tensions or breakdowns
    • Over identifying with your own opinions or others who you come into contact with may do this, causing extreme defensiveness, unwillingness to compromise- know all people can think what they wish
    • Pick battles wisely
    • Familiar objects or people, evoking emotional reactions – in you or others


    This is a time when security is sought; some of you will seek financial security, others will want to gain it via a product or service.

     Such as binging your favourite TV shows, listening to your favourite (s) musician, others will want to focus on questioning your inner values.

     Thinking about how you live up or neglect your own inner values, you may decide to put your home on the market, make a deeper commitment to your loved one, go for the promotion, work overtime, or think of other ways to bring more wealth in your life.

    The Moon is exalted whilst transiting the 2nd house, which natural ruler is Venus, and the zodiac sign Taurus lives here, so all Taurus types of activity will be preferential, buying, selling, spending time in nature, sensual lovemaking or hookups, seeing the beauty in things, seeking luxury and indulgence

    This is a time you will think about reaching your goals, whatever they are; if you have natal Moon in Taurus, strong Venus or Libra aspects, or is the transiting Moon makes favourable aspects ( sextile, conjunct, trine). 

    To your natal planets, then this is a good time to invest in yourself, stock market, art, refined clothing, art or household products.

    However, adverse aspects, squares, oppositions or quincunxes could make you or others too greedy, taking a risk that makes you lose more than you bargain for, gamble/ invest only what you can afford to lose.

    You may crave too much sensuality, emotionality or luxury that turns off those you want to attract in your life.

    You or others may become too materialistic or possessive over people or things; it is best to remember that.

    Possessions will come and go; your higher consciousness is the only thing you may take with you if it exists; nothing we own in this life can come with us when we leave these physical bodies.

     It’s the experiences and memories of them that have the most value, so if you wish to keep an object someone else wants, think twice, is keeping possession of a material object worth losing a relationship?

    Also, although you may want to invest and spend money, it may not be the best of times, especially if you get gut instincts, not to our finances are already in dire straits.

    During the moon transit second house, you’re driven by compulsions and old thought patterns that can be toxic rather than actual needs and wants; possessions cannot fill an emotional void.

Transit moon through the third house
  • Unreliable communications, lacking rationality, enshrouded in subjectivity that cause miscommunications, leading to misunderstandings.
  • Twisting of the facts
  • Emotive – intuitive communications that can be positive or negative
  • You or others Seeking depth or being too shallow
  • Try to do all you can to stay conscious of all you say, do not be flirty or glib – smooth-talking, watch out for this in others
  • This can be a time of insightfulness if you keep control of your feelings
  • Automatic reactions triggered by past events can cause temporary separation in relationships – try and not to let your past dictate your future.
  • Taking time out to meditate, chill the **** out, observe the contents of your subconscious mind would be beneficial
  • Those with strong feminine expressions may give you invaluable information or guidance during this time
  • Don’t say something that could cost you your career


Short distance travel and communication are the keywords for this transit; interactions with family, neighbours, and colleagues passing acquaintances will increase.

You may post more or read more on social media, send more emails or voice notes, visit other people’s homes or they come to yours, increase sociability.

Suppose the transit moon makes good aspects with natal planets; in that case, you will have a powerful inclination to change the organisation of your family or personal life, wanting to get your house in order, making strategic plans for your future.

You or a loved one may take a relatively local short romantic break, adverse aspects to your natal plants whilst the Moon is in the third house, you or others may gossip too much, or talk nonstop about trivial matters.

 You or others may become short-tempered, anxious and restless, due to some sort of mental confusion, miscommunication or delays in anticipated news, such as a career promotion.

Transit moon through the fourth house
      • Seeking time out with yourself or loved ones
      • Escaping in your private thoughts- shutting out the external
      • Seeking security and comfort
      • Self-reflection
      • Strong Feelings or fear of alienation
      • Feeling more emotional jealous or obsessive than normal
      • Try not to cling to love ones as your worse fears may come true, free whatever it is you want to hold firmly, and it may stay
      • Life is ebb and flow; it’s painful to lose lovers and friends, but it is clinging and not moving on, with cut off the richness of life and the new people and experiences that can help us find happiness again


      All things to do with your or others heritage is brought o the main stage during this transit; how it plays out each month depends.

       But you could do some research on your physical or spiritual ancestry, sell your home or decide to become a real estate agent, antique seller, archaeologist or anything connected with the history of the earth.

      Visit family or friends you have not seen in a while, plan a trip abroad to see your birthplace, female origins, prepare or cook a family dinner, be more emotional than other times of the month, receive the inheritance, reevaluate your family finances.  

      Emotions may run high; you or someone close may decide to have a baby or set up home with someone.

      If the transiting Moon makes unpleasant aspects of your natal planets, you may be more hypertensive than usual, especially on issues concerning your personal or community life.

      Good time for personal introspection, reevaluating your personal thoughts, feelings and perceptions; hidden emotions and perspectives may come to the surface now.

      Some of you may be overwhelmed by your self-revelations, or avoid doing so, only for past memories and feelings to burst forward, causing disruptions in your daily life.

      Showing you how unresolved psychological wounds, emotional blockages, and self-destructive habits control your every thought and reaction. 

      These outbursts may be triggered by confrontations with friends or family, where you or others overreact because of personal triggers, causing you to say or do what you wish you had not.

      However, if you’re willing to learn from this event, asking or giving forgiveness, making plans to change the underlying problems, you can learn from this; time will heal the relationship.

Transit moon through the fifth house
    • Overflowing with enthusiasm
    • Over nurturing- being overprotective- guard against codependency
    • Being reckless and neglecting responsibilities due to the need for fun and escape.
    • Increase romantic feelings; you or others will want to confess; this may not go well, some will be rejected, but follow your heart anyway.
    • Increase need for you or others to be who they authentically are- you or others may question friendships due to negative feedback of current self-expression
    • Avoid being possessive and be mindful of the fact others may try to possess you
    • Increase self-absorption, which can make you or others only think of themselves, causing relationship tension
    • All genders may seek moreconnection, feel more empathy, give or receive nurturing, be driven to be more creative, want to dance, listen more, and partake in self-care.


    You or others may want to party and experience fun or romance more than usual, however, do not let your need for fun make you miss important deadlines or cause problems in your career.

    Moderation is best; unless it falls on days, you have no other commitments, in that case, party away, increase sentimentality in romantic relationships.

    You will feel the urge to connect with your inner child or actual children feeling more juvenile than usual; even those of you who are not maternal may feel a desire to nurture yourself and others more than average.

    However, make sure you don’t fall into codependent behaviours, taking care of responsibilities, people must take care of themselves.

    This is a perfect moon period to try and resolve conflict with your own children or those younger than you.

    Of the transiting 5th house moon makes a square, opposition or quincunx to your natal planets, in the 5th house or any planet aspecting Leo, be careful in speculation, investing or gambling.

Transit moon through the sixth house
    • Guard against resentment, finding a fault in everything
    • Focus on order and routine
    • Restructuring your life, home and family life
    • Guard against hypochondria and neurosis
    • Focusing on your overall wellbeing
    • Self-denial, repression
    • Working hard


    Routines of all kinds are on your mind; you and others in your environment may seek more control, order and perfection than usual.

    You may start an exercise regime, strengthening your commitment to looking after your overall wellbeing, deciding to get a doctor or other healthcare professional to do a part of a full-body checkup.

    You may be more dedicated to your work than usual; some of you may work overtime.

    Guard against being too pedantic, especially with family and work colleagues; some of you may decide to do a deep clean of your kitchen or the whole house. Others may summon the entire family to tidy their personal areas, being a bit of a slave driver.

    A routine task like buying groceries, cleaning your car, dry cleaning clothes, renovating part of or all of your home, taking more care of your personal appearance and hygiene, emotions are put on the back burner as you focus on practical matters.

    When the Moon transits the sixth house, a contradiction occurs as the Moon is all about expressing our emotions, seeking to nurture and how our feelings affect our daily lives.

    However, Virgo and the sixth house relate to how we deny our personal emotions to logically focus on the matters at hand.

    So those who have intense water energy or aspects (cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) in their chart may be more stoic- detached and emotionally closed off than usual.

     At this time, even those who periodically over-indulge may refrain from doing this, repression of all kinds can occur whilst the Moon transits the sixth house.

    Now is the time to make rapid advancement in your plans and actions of self or career improvement, tightening your belt, making plans to get rid of people and habits that block your path to reaching your highest potential.

    Feelings of resentment may rise to the surface that can make you critical of anyone or anything that cross your path; however, the reason for your nitpicking is more profound; it’s not actually directed at the things you find fault with.

    What feelings do you need to resolve towards someone(s) who hurt you? The answer to this question will clarify behaviours, thoughts and words that burst forth from your subconscious.

    You or someone else may play the victim or display codependent behaviours, you or others may not speak their mind to keep the peace or go ahead with a plan or decision, without actually wanting to do it.

     Leading to passive-aggressive behaviour and actions that try to invoke guilt in you or others; instead of hiding your authentic feelings, state them, even if you think they are inappropriate.

    Watch out for feeling overloaded with your responsibilities, do only what you can, one step at a time, if you experience emotional upheaval at this time.

     Do your best to look after your physical and psychological health; upsets may cause digestive problems that interfere with your ability to work.


What is a moon transit astrology?, continued

Transit moon through the seventh house
  • Attention on personal matters, personal or business committed relationships
  • Emotions run deeper than normal
  • Harmony sought or expressed more than usual
  • Conflicts can arise in committed partnerships
  • Depending on partners for security or advice or providing support to those who rely on you
  • At is worse people can become infatuated, domineering or envious – finding it hard to be detached and rational
  • Subconscious thoughts may affect conscious behaviour in close relationships that causes Tension and temporary disassociation
  • Manipulation by those who know how to pull your triggers could cost you your job, romantic interest or cause so another negative affect
  • Uneasiness with feminine energy or those who express it can happen, powerful reaction to masculine energy
  • You can use the energy of the balance seeking 7th house transit to look at ways you can bring more temperance and equilibrium to your destructive behaviours, thoughts and personal expression
  • Often others in your environment project traits that come from within you that you need to be acknowledged to improve them.



When the moon transits through the seventh house, personal and public relationships come under the spotlight, you and others will be open to creating harmony in your interactions.

They be an increase in socialisation, business or personal relationships may begin, deepen or end, but if they are endings, they are more amicable than under any other moon transit.

Whatever takes place in relationships will be significant at this time if the transiting Moon makes challenging aspects to your natal planets in the seventh or any other house, especially those involving Libra or Venus.

 May cause tensions or breakdowns in committed social, business or love relationships; the disagreements may focus on finances or other resources.

Transit moon through the eighth house
  • extreme emotional experiences – feeling more possessive or jealous than normal
  • influential people that rock your world or open you up to the occult workings of the world
  • increase psychic perception and intuition
  • a powerful time to start the work to transform sexual urges or strong addictions, especially those that centre around spiritual compulsions
  • repressed emotions, surfacing that can be frightening as you tend to ignore them
  • meeting your shadow
  • depending on aspects, this 8th house transit may be more powerful or more unnoticeable from month to month
  • strong attachment to money, property or services
  • feelings of nostalgia triggered by subdued memories from your past
  • desiring other peoples possessions, partners etc., or someone may want to gain what you own or have.



Investments and joint resources are the keywords for the Moon transiting the 8th house, business and financial matters, as well as activities involving the occult, psychology, death- regeneration.

Matters of the psyche may interest some of you; investigation of the unknown and psychic may bring interesting or insightful information to you at this time.

Family or personal resources may be hot topics at the breakfast or dinner table, legal information to do will wills, physical or spiritual legacies and inheritances may be subjects of concern.

If you are your own boss or employed, you or your boss may conduct an audit, and any hidden transactions may be revealed at this time, they will also be an increase in intuitive experiences, and your sex drive may increase.

Negative aspects to the 8th house can bring losses in investments, arguments over joint or family finances, insurances, taxes or inheritances or divorce settlements.

This is an excellent time for shadow work, working through your emotional hang-ups and diving deep into your psyche to uncover invaluable information.

Transit moon through the ninth house
  • Strong need to bring more freedom and adventure in your life
  • Increase impatience and need to break normal routine
  • Wanting to take a day out of normal life
  • Inner feelings of discontent which is hard for you to understand or explain
  • If you cannot physically getaway, you could do so mentally, maybe by researching and studying a different culture, philosophy or anything else that catches your interest
  • These explorations may trigger a rebellion within you and offering you some sort of release and stimulation
  • You may feel a conflict between wanting to stick to what you know, which is what the Moon represents and taking a new adventure which the 9th house, Jupiter and the 9th house represents
  • Try not to do anything too drastic as this can negatively affect your home or career life
  • As really you don’t want to throw a wrecking ball through your life, you are just fed up and want to break from repeatative routine, if only for an hour or two.
  • You could meet some new friends who come from a different country, obviously, this won’t take place each month, this transit happens.


You or others will be inclined to research matters related to law, foreign cultures, religions, philosophy or histories; some of you will try to add what you learn from your exploration into your family or personal values.

You may take a trip to a museum, plan a family trip abroad, or to historical landmarks such as a statue or church.

 Some of you may experience visits from people who are from a foreign country to your home, or you may go to their home.

You or those in your family may leave for or apply for higher education, start an online course, or do research into political or social issues to educate yourself and raise your personal awareness, with the intention of changing your personal behaviours and thoughts on issues.

There will be an increased need for freedom, personal adventure and expansion in one way or another, squares, quincunxes or oppositions to your natal Moon or the transiting Moon. 

May cause increased prejudice in yourself or others you come into contact with, as you try to prove your personal religion or opinion is better than each other’s, defensiveness based on cultural or familial conditioning.

Try to agree to disagree. Because they are valid points in what you both are saying.

Transit moon through the tenth house
  • Business, professional and social reputation is in the spotlight
  • Clashes with authority figures
  • Working hard to advance
  • Be careful how you behave as gossip or scandal can cause a blemish on your social or professional standing
  • Try to be as transparent as you can
  • You could be given to public displays of emotion, conflict or affection even if you are usually reserved

You’re or others professional or business ambitions will be pushed to the centre of your attention; you may be more hardworking than usual, being rewarded with a bonus or promotion, you will be more conscientious than usual.

And your efforts may improve you and your family’s life; your primary caregivers will influence you at this time, either my present or past actions, giving you the motivation to push ahead with your career goals.

This is a good time for all work related to marketing, sales, public relations or any type of group work.

Business or investments related to products, services, food, or real estate may bring huge benefits at this time; negative aspects to the transiting or natal Moon will cause disagreements with an authority figure.

You may also struggle to meet the demands of your career and home life, causing relationship tension.

You could make a decision to balance your career and personal life more or decide to pick one over the other due to feelings of pride or superiority.

You may give an empathetic ear to your work colleagues or boss that can help you increase your status and goodwill with them

Caution must be heeded if you decide to make a working relationship pleasurable; make sure it’s what you really want, not a passing whim unless you’re willing to change jobs if it goes sour

Transit moon through the eleventh house
  • Seeking connection via groups, friendships or organisations
  • Strengthening or breaking of a friendship
  • Good time to get bottled up feelings or thoughts off your chest, try and be tactful
  • Good relations with the feminine energy
  • Giving or receiving emotional support or protection
  • Someone may try to restrict, or you may attempt to limit those close to you, due to insecurity, try and honestly address your worries, rather than use underhand tactics that will backfire
  • You may get resentful, or someone else may get envious of new relationships or groups you join
  • Unresolved childhood trauma might surface, causing amplification of despair, stress, misery or anxious
  • Best to use this energy to reevaluate your life, especially your life aspirations and any thought or behaviour patterns.
  • That may be keeping you in the loop of repeating your past mistakes that are stopping you from progressing to your future and reaching your ambitions.

The joining or attending groups or organisations are the main activities that happen when the Moon transits the 11th house. Intent group interactions can occur at this time. You may feel more generous and charitable than usual, joining or creating a social activist or humanitarian organisation.

This sense of charity can attend to strangers or anyone who cross your path; you may also vow to treat yourself or friends better or put more effort into your group work.

Entertainment, Intellectual, technological, scientific, philosophical meetings could be given in your home, and your family and friends can help ensure the event runs more smoothly.

Negative aspects to natal planets or the transiting Moon can cause group or organisational fallouts; however, these should be temporary, the reasons behind the fallouts will be unpredictable emotional responses.

Which  are caused by the Moon transiting the 11th house. The influence of Uranus and Aquarius, your partner, family or close friends could state they don’t like any new friends or group you create or join under this transit, or it is you who can have concern over a new person your close ones have connected with.

Transit moon through the twelfth house
  • Feelings of isolation may surface; you may want to retreat to a private world of fantasy or secrets
  • Sharing emotions with the right person may ease your burdens, make sure you can trust them, as you lack trust in yourself or others may be the root cause of any tension or experiences at this time
  • Increase in feelings of insecurity or low self-worth that affects your ability to work or socialise
  • All of us humans have our flaws; there is no perfection, just Photoshop, seek out the company of someone who can help you or call an advice helpline, don’t bottle it up, journal-write or voice note them down
  • let out your emotions somehow, as long as it does no harm to others or yourself. A song for this transit and this and this one, or any other song that reminds you, your fine just the way you are, and you’re as worthy as anybody else.
  • It is the things we hide from ourselves and others that end up ruling our lives; dealing with emotions is hard; sure, we all rather Netflix and some of us chill 😉 but the truth is we must deal with our problems, or they deal with us.
  • Your subconscious mind may flood you with fears, obsessions, or you may feel uncomfortable with your own or others feminine energy or traits at this time
  • Above all, understanding your emotions or doing your best will help this time.
  • For those of you who are psychologically, spiritually or mystically inclined, this is an excellent time to use the tools you know or seek out new ones to better your understanding
  • As always, stay as grounded as you can when contacting the other realms
  • Time of increased insight and intuition if you allow


You or those around you could become more reclusive than usual, as you seek solitude or a mental rest bite from day to day life; you are open to suggestions, especially psychic, and you may fall into illusion or be more addictive than usual.

You may seek comfort in toxic relationships, drugs or alcohol; you may become more self-reflective; some may experience a spiritual awakening become more aware of yourself and the environment.

This is a good time for self-care and soothing and starting a spiritual practice, some gentle dance, tai chi, meditation, yoga, rebounding, which can help you reach higher levels of consciousness.

You or others could become more in tune with the vibrational realms and the subtle energy within yourself that govern your emotional reactions and thought processes.

Seeing through illusions, you may begin to see the beauty in yourself and the world, feeling more empathetic than usual, especially for those worse off than you.

Negative aspects to this transiting Moon can cause unresolved or unmanaged emotional trauma or psychological blockages to resurface, causing distress or extended anxiety.

Fuelled by excess irrational behaviour, thought patterns that can be triggered by toxic substances if you don’t experience these problems directly.

 You may have to deal with a family member or friend who is going through imprisonment or some other adversity.