The effects of moon transit are short-lived; nevertheless, they can be utilised in creative projects. Career and Personal Development, Psychic work, stock trading and other forms of speculation with careful study.

How often does the moon change houses?


  • Moon transits can last 1.5-2.5 days to transit a house and zodiac sign
  • The Moon takes 27- 28 days to transit all the 12 signs of   the zodiac
  • Moon transits through the houses happen each month, so not all the events mentioned will happen; still, I add suggestions about what each moon transit should be used for.
  • Astrology is something you should practically apply to your day to day life.
  • To help you with your career, personal, relationship-spiritual-religious-intellectual-philosophical development.
  • Lunar (Moon) transits are often triggering for the events of the Sun and the planets, that the Moon makes aspects to while going through the houses.
  • Moon transits show where moods will go up and down and give insight for the reason why this may be the case
  • Depending on other planets and the aspects they make and house they transiting, moon transit can vary in intensity
  • Represent the changing tides in the sea and the phases of human life, ups and downs experienced in daily struggles
  • Affects the mass individual and collective consciousness behaviours
  • Can bring the Subconscious into consciousness, making the irrational- rational or vice versa.
  • Represents feeling nature- feminine energy and expression
  • Instinctive urges-desires
  • Emotional instability
  • The houses the Moon transits in demonstrate the kind of events and behaviours that may appear in your life at that time
  • For example, if the Moon is in Aries- transiting the 1st house the collective will be more aggressive than usual.
  • When the Moon transits in the 2nd house, your focus will be on your inner values, finances, and possessions.

Moon transits are also suitable for rituals.

When you are starting a new project, relationship or anything, it’s essential to consider what lunar phases are happening, as well if the Moon is in the void, of course.

The period from new to full Moon is generally good for starting new things, depending on your natal chart and the transit occurring to your natal chart.

 But typically, this phase is good to make new contacts; when the Moon is waxing, it’s a good time to socialise or hold a party. Because in general people are more friendly and up for a good time.

When the Moon is going through the waning crescent phase transitioning to the full Moon into the new Moon. It is an excellent time to end things, work at letting go of old habits and, finish projects, handle household affairs.

 Such as paying bills, cleaning, organisation getting ready for the new moon phase, from the period waning to full Moon.

You and others can be less sociable, more reflective and prefer solitude.

More about Moon transit meaning

The Moon moves very fast and often enters void, of course; after it makes an aspect to another planet, this can happen about 3 times a week, for about 3-24 hours.

The Moon is drifting between two zodiac signs when it is void, of course; read more about that there; in general, transits of the Moon stay in the houses 1-12, for about 1-2 days.

But the effects of the Moon are more potent on a full, waxing gibbous or new Moon.

 So if the Moon is transiting your 1st house on a full moon, the effects of that happen can last for up to a month, even when the Moon moves to another house, which it does every 2 days.

If a solar or lunar eclipse happens while the Moon is transiting a particular house of your natal chart.

Then the effects of transiting Moon and the aspects it makes to other planets at the time of the solar or lunar eclipse can last up to 3-7 months.

Transit of the Moon can act as a triggering point for events, but the effects of the transiting Moon are primarily subtle and subconscious. But they can result in mood changes, sudden urges, fleeting desires and ideas.

Unless you consciously harness the power of the house, the Moon is transiting. You may not make the link between the events that happen in your life, your own changing feelings and the Moon’s influence on these.

As most of us run-on autopilot, the Moon can result in automated behaviours that you do without being aware of them.

Yet how other people respond to you in your environment is often when you become aware of the subconscious thoughts that drive your conscious behaviours.

Moon transit last 1.5 to two days; these interpretations may alter, depending on other transit taking place and other personal transits to your natal birth chart.

Transiting Moon through the first house

Also, read Moon transiting Aries            

  • Emotional unpredictability- hot bloodedness
  • Good time to do manifestation rituals to heal or write about your emotional triggers
  • Wanting to change your social, work or family life
  • Reacting without thinking
  • Emotional sensitivity
  • More concerned about what others think of you
  • Seeking validation and attention
  • Being short-tempered-petulant and frustrating others
  • Using intoxicating substances, food and other distractions to soothe inner tension
  • Problems with friends and close ones
More about the Moon Transiting the first house

You can become self-absorbed or emotionally demanding at this time; tensions may flare in your relationships.

 Because you may be unable to see others’ points of view.

Internal feelings of not being good enough can be the root cause of your need for reassurance or lack of fairness and open-mindedness at this time.

So it’s best to try and think of ways you can make yourself feel less inadequate and make plans to boost your self-esteem yourself, rather than expect others to do it.

Or you can react with emotional warmth and understanding to other people’s problems during this transit.

 Moon transiting the 1st house can make you alert and in tune with other people’s emotional states at this time.

You may offer others wise advice or a listening ear that brings them comfort.

Transiting Moon through the second house

Read about Moon transiting Taurus here

  • Focus on possession, finances and overall life stability
  • May focus on your inner belief systems
  • Rearranging budgets
  • Good time to do occult work regarding the management of your personal resources or write a detailed plan to bring more higher consciousness and material abundance into your life
  • The Moon is accidentally exalted whilst transiting the second house
  • Spending on luxury items for yourself or your home
  • gluttony, envy and materialistic attitudes are the downfalls of this transit
More about the Moon Transiting the second house

Being over defensive about your personal beliefs can trigger tension in relationships at this time.

Even if someone doesn’t directly question your opinions, you may take anything said that you don’t like as a personal attack during this transit.

You and others may feel more sentimental or possessive at this time. Causing you to be more controlling over your personal belongings, especially the ones you feel strongly about.

Sharing may not be caring at this time as you and others refuse to lend money or anything else that is asked of you at this time; the dual nature of this aspect can cause some of you to compulsively spend.

Because you are trying to make yourself feel better, but you may spend what you cannot afford, on luxury item(s), causing tension in relationship(s) or placing yourself in debt.

This may cause financial issues in the long run.

The lesson to be learned here is that material objects won’t heal any feelings of inadequacy within, although they can provide temporary joy and relief.

So it’s best to get to the root cause of why you feel the need to overspend on or cling to possessions in the first place.

 This is the only way you will find continuous peace and stability.

Although you may connect owning things and having money to emotional contentment.

The feelings and memories behind the things and experiences you spend money on give you a sense of stability and reassurance.

Not the money or possessions themselves, money and things come and go, so the security they bring is unstable, especially because of the constant worry caused by fearing losing them.

But if you do the work to feel secure within, building security based on your inner sense of self-worth, day by day. By healing and letting go of all that stops you from achieving this feeling.

Once you obtain this, this protection can never be taken away.

Transiting Moon through the third house

Read about the Moon transiting Gemini here

  • Good to do visualisations on how to improve your communication skills or make a written plan or voice note to do so
  • Increase in all forms of communications and/or contact with those you usually see daily communicating with new people with common interests
  • Avoid gossiping, talking too much and ignoring practical matters; you may also worry about too much or lack of communication in personal, work or other matters
More about the Moon Transiting the third house


This transit can act as a truth serum; you seek more authenticity than usual in your communications.

You’re more likely to be intuitively led rather than follow logic at this time, and you may demand this from others.

Gut feelings that may appear to others irrational can be your guiding force at this time.

 Gossip and shallow talk may not cut it for you during this transit, even if they usually make you happy and cause feelings of excitement.

But it’s important not to get overly emotional as you may lose perspective, causing unnecessary conflict in your daily life. Your automatic reactions to a situation can cause you to lose something you really wanted, like a business contract, funding or some other type of loan or benefit.

It’s important to not let your emotions get away with you at this time and do all you can to be mindful and aware of situations.

 So you can give the correct response to the present moments of this transit.

 Deep and meaningful conversations can be had at this time verbally or via text or email.

A friend or family member may help you solve a pressing problem or impart important information concerning yourself that you need to be aware of.

Transiting Moon through the fourth house

Read about Moon transiting cancer here

  • Spending sentimental times with immediate family
  • Good time to visualise the healing of your emotional and psychological wounds, writing or voice nothing any emotions that come up, so you can make a plan to resolve them
  • Gatherings in your own or other peoples how, playing games, cooking food, sharing good times
  • Negatively conflicts can arise in close relationships
More about the Moon Transiting the fourth house

During this transit, you may experience the feeling of loneliness or cut off from other people.

Some of you may prefer to be alone in your own thoughts and feelings rather than socialise with others.

 This is an excellent time to do some self-care, listen to some nice relaxing music, cook a nice meal or order a nice takeaway.

Treat yourself to a massage, or if you have a partner, you may ask them to soothe you.

Comfort will mean a lot to you at this time, and you will seek out activities that make you filled chilled,  or you could choose to have some “me time” to get to know yourself more on a deeper level.

And engage in some self-reflection, delving deep into your Subconscious and getting to know your inner world and the repressions and secrets which live there more intimately.

You may avoid doing this as the Moon’s energy works by bringing the hidden into the light; it is best to deal with whatever emotions come up at this time.

 A person or situation may trigger deep emotions; you can find yourself more needy or overprotective of your partner or friends.

This behaviour can push them away from you, making your anxiety over losing them a reality.

You may choose to react by repressing your feelings, but this is not a good strategy.

 Because after all that you don’t manage, manages you, often destroying the things you wish to achieve and the relationship you want to keep near.

Ultimately this is a good time for honest self-love, understanding, healing, compassion and forgiveness.

For all of you dedicated to your personal development.

This is a nice time to examine how you can overcome any attitudes or automatic reactions to situations that stop you from getting the best out of your life.

What is it from your past that still controls you?

Transiting Moon through the fifth house

The Moon transiting Leo

    • Taking more risk
    • Feeling closer to children or your own inner child
    • Release of creativity
    • Impulsive actions
    • Romance or hookups
    • Wanting more fun and excitement
    • Good time to meditate or reflecting on ways you can bring more imagination in your life, to help you solve problems or increase your creativity
    • Feeling cornier
    • Avoid risking what you cannot afford to lose
More about the Moon Transiting the fifth house

This is a good transit to spend time with any children in your life or do things that make your own inner child feel freer and cared for; you may feel more idealistic than usual.

And less able to hide your emotions, some people may not like this, but it’s crucial you be who you authentically are, and anyone who doesn’t accept you.

 For who you really are is not worthy enough to be in your life anyway. Life is too short for fake friends and lovers.

But make sure you’re not too self-absorbed that you become blind to other people’s feelings and needs; this is a good time to get in touch with your feminine- yin energy.

Regardless of your biological sex or preferred sexual expression.

You may decide to do something creative like dance, write or listen to poetry, make a time capsule, create a vision board, take an art class.

Play an instrument, watch a ted talk, play a game, jump on a trampoline, sleep under the stars or anything else that make you feel happy.

You must nurture the needs of your inner child, opening yourself up to the joys of life, but resist overspending or gambling what you cannot afford to lose.

If you’re in a relationship, you may bring more romance in your connection; this can be a special time of sharing and exploring new emotional heights together.

Moon in the fifth house can make some people overprotective but makes sure you don’t take care of obligations that others should be responsible for .

Sometimes, the greatest help you can give someone is not interfering, allowing them to grow by solving their own problems.


Transiting Moon through the sixth house

Read aboutThe Moon transiting Virgo

    • Being more concerned with work, health and family routines
    • Becoming more efficient
    • Good time to rearrange any personal or career development, diet or health plans, and to visualise then work towards meeting your new targets
    • Being hypercritical
    • Negatively you may feel stressed about work or other commitments
More about the Moon Transiting the sixth house

It’s crucial that you speak your mind during this transit and not hold back your true opinions due to wanting or feeling like you’re the victim if someone upsets you or ticks you off.

 Especially in your personal relationships, yes, of course, speak in a non-aggressive manner.

But now is the time to put your cards on the table, even if you feel you’re overacting or fear a negative response.

It’s important not to suppress your feelings at this time, although Moon transiting the 6th house will make you feel like you need to, for this is the house of service and putting others first.

This is good, but you should never do that at the expense of your own psychological or emotional wellbeing.

This is a good transit to evaluate how much you take care of your health on all physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

This is also an excellent period for evaluating your work – home- social-personal life balance and reorganising your schedule to bring more harmony into your life.

Transiting Moon through the seventh house

Read about Moon in Libra transit here

    • Spotlight on relationships
    • Feeling more cooperative and compassionate with those your intimate with
    • Can experience good or bad times in relationships
    • Good for relationships meditations and visualisations, if you are single, write down what type of relationship you want to attract
    • List all the positive qualities you have to can bring this relationship to you.
    • And the negative traits that will keep this relationship from you, make a plan to resolve the triggers to your negative thoughts and behaviours
More about the Moon Transiting the seventh house

You may want to spend time with your close ones at this time, and your close ones will more than likely want to spend more time with you.

But, there could be an increase in conflicts in your close personal relationships because you and others are liable to react emotionally to other people’s words or actions at this time.

Someone may try and provoke a negative response in you to make you appear to be the person in the wrong to other people involved. All types of manipulation can occur in your close business, family, friendship or intimate relationship during this transit.

Either you or others can become more controlling and envious at this time, leading to power plays and games.

If you can, it’s best to try and look at any problems that happen with objectivity and rationality, although this can be hard.

It will be best to walk away rather than have someone manipulate you to respond in the way you do not want, leading you to say or do things you will regret.

Although any confrontation that happens right now can reveal personality traits you have repressed.

Giving you powerful insight into the subconscious thoughts that lead to behaviours or words that you are often sorry for at a later date.

The Moon works subconsciously. If you can, do your best to look at yourself as if you are having an out of body experience, you can learn valuable information about yourself.

 That can help you with your personal development and allow you to become more self-aware, allowing you to change any thought or behavior patterns that need to be transformed.

Transiting Moon through the eighth house

Read about Moon transiting Scorpio here

    • Focus on joint resources
    • Good time to rearrange family or personal budgets
    • Increase in psychic ability or sexual energy, good for occult work
    • Adversely you can have arguments with others over money, time and other resources
    • Good transit for personal development, especially self-reflection work, going to the places your normal hide from to uncover your repressions and start to continue the work of accepting, understanding, forgiving, having compassion for and managing them
More about the Moon Transiting the eighth house

Because the moon transits through the houses happen once each month, it won’t be each month that the events below happen.

You could meet someone who has intense Scorpio energy in them that unlocks aspects of yourself that were hidden in your Subconscious.

Some of you may feel more intensely about everything at this time, preferring to avoid the superficial.

This need to go deep can shock you, especially if you usually prefer the rational and surface.

This transit can make you obsessive and possessive, especially over people you care about and your possessions.

Or you can become jealous of a possession(s) someone else’s owns or the relationship(s) they have in their life.

This transit is the best use to understand the things you keep hidden from yourself and others; why do you do this? What is it that you fear about the behaviours and thoughts you repress?

Do, you need to get help to become more balanced and accept all sides of your nature? What would you gain from understanding yourself more on a deeper level?

 How can you change your thoughts and behaviours so you can do the things that will make you feel more fulfilled in life?

 If you are feeling alone or pessimistic, how can you transform these thoughts?

How can you feel less alone, but be warned trying to take things that belong to others won’t make you feel less lonely in the long run.

How do your childhood beliefs about your sexual expression,  resentment, emotions, and wanting other people’s belongings? Controlling or being controlled by others affect your life in the present moment?

 How will transforming these beliefs make life more authentic and enjoyable for you?

Transiting Moon through the ninth house

Read about the Moon transiting Sagittarius here

    • More intellectual – meaningful conversations
    • Expanding personal belief system
    • Good time to create or adjust intellectual- educational, spiritual and philosophical development plans
    • Arguments could occur over different beliefs
More about the Moon Transiting the ninth house

You may feel more positive and seek more adventure, pleasure and exhilaration at this time.

You will physically or mentally want to get away from your day to day life, and you may find yourself caught up in daydreams about a better existence at this time.

Some of you may reach out to people who live in different countries; maybe you will meet them on an online forum, dating or social media app.

You may feel more impatient and bored with your day to day life than usual, so you will seek a change.

This can be a big or small one, you may eat lunch at a different place, take a different route or mode of transportation and from work.

This transit is best used to expand your intellect research a new topic that catches your interest.

Make long term plans to start a new or become more dedicated to an educational or spiritual course or practice.

Mediation and other mind training techniques may bring you an inner state of bliss or peace at this time.

Make sure you don’t force your beliefs on others as this can cause conflict, avoid over asserting and becoming fixated on a specific opinion or outcome.

Allow your mind to wander because you may stumble across new ideas or theories that are innovative and make you feel more open-minded.

 About what you can achieve in your professional and personal life, Simple solutions to complex problems can be found now.

Transiting Moon through the tenth house

Read about the Moon transiting Capricorn here

    • Focusing on or working harder to reach career goals or deadlines
    • Seeking recognition
    • Gaining advice or being the older person who gives other advice
    • Negatively you or others can have superiority complexes at this time, tensions in relationships due to your focus on work, challenging authority.
    • Write down or voice note your career, personal growth or educational goals.
    • List afterwards which abilities/ skills you need to develop and how you can start improving them. Mediate on how you can improve your skill sets.
More about the Moon Transiting the tenth house

Compromise and taking more personal responsibility for your life direction are the keywords for this transit.

 You may feel more emotional during this time, finding it hard to conceal your feelings, even in professional matters.

This can occur even if you are usually reserved in expressing your feelings in your place of work; this can be feelings of joy or sadness.

Issues with authority figures may cause tension during this transit.

 Childhood memories may resurface of conflicts that you had with your parents or primary caregivers that need resolving so you can live a more balanced life.

You can be more focused on work and taking care of pressing matters at this time. Paying bills, rearranging your finances, studying for any test you may have.

There can be less concern with your romantic or social life but make sure your actions don’t isolate your loved ones.

Communicate your need to focus on work right now. Listen to any concerns that others may have about your focus on work and anything else they wish to talk about.

You may find it hard to support others at this time. Still, it is best to listen to their concerns and be there for them as much as possible because not doing so can cause unnecessary tension in your life.

Don’t neglect your own needs at this time, but still try and find some time to show others you can and explain that you can give them more time later.

Often people only object to your wishes when you shut them out and don’t explain things to do them.

Working with others will make your bonds stronger at this time, and you find them more willing to cooperate with your wishes.

This is a good time to get your house affairs in order, make strategic plans to reach your goals. Looking at changing the habits, thoughts and relationships that are stopping you from achieving your goals.

Transiting Moon through the eleventh house

Read about  the Moon Transiting  Aquarius

    • Spending time with small or large groups
    • Creating music, art, coming up with scientific, technological, occult, humanitarian ideas with others
    • Negatively you can have temporary arguments with friends as a result of  unpredictable behaviours
    • Visualisations focusing on how you can create better relationships with others and yourself, good to write down innovative ideas, work on ways to become more independent and authentic
More about the Moon Transiting the eleventh house

You may feel an increasing need to socialise with your friends or any groups you belong to; because this is the Moon, and one of the moons keyword is emotions.

You may feel more emotional about your friends or acquaintances at this time.

This can be a time of bonding where you share your innermost thoughts and secrets with each other and generally support each other’s dreams.

 Or you may feel jealousy over your friends spending more time with other people and being unavailable at this time, which causes conflict.

It’s essential you try to get to the bottom of any anxiety, jealousy or controlling feelings that come up at this time.

 Are they any issues from your past, especially issues that happened with your childhood friends?

 Such as them betraying you somehow; how can you resolve these issues? So you don’t keep allowing them to cause rifts and upset in your current relationships.


Joining a new group can happen at this time, which expands your perception; this can be a social or political activist group.

 You can be moreintent on reaching or exploring your expectations and following your dreams at this time.

You may want more freedom at this time and question if your old friends are actually in line with the person you are now or want to become, so you may seek out new associations.

Someone(s) new or unique who are non-conformist may come into your life at this time, helping you to express yourself more authentically.

Your social consciousness may be activated through this transit; you may try to help others more.

 You could help out at a homeless shelter or do other charity work.

Transiting Moon through the twelfth house

Read about the Moon transiting Pisces

    • Withdrawing from your regular routine
    • Having more empathy for yourself and others
    • Obsessive thoughts, feeling anxious or depressed
    • Supporting others through their hard times
    • Being more impressionable to others life’s or manipulating others
    • Perfect time for self-reflection, all types of grounded psychic and other occult work
    • Good for breathwork mediation to raise your consciousness and unlock new levels of self and/or universal awareness
    • Old psychological and emotional wounds that you repress can be brought to your attention now, causing suffering
    • You may escape into drugs, alcohol or other toxic behaviours.
    • But it is best to write down what comes up now and make plans to deal with these feelings, seek help if need be
More about the Moon Transiting the twelfth house

During this transit, you may feel like being alone, preferring solitude and introspection over socialising. This can be a highly subconscious transit, where your dreams can reveal necessary information to you.

You can feel more secretive than usual and overwhelmed with emotions, which you may not want to share with others, even those close to you, out of fear of rejection or disapproval.

It is crucial that you try and solve and not escape from your problems at this time, particularly if your escape route involves alcohol or drugs, as this can cause deeper anxiety and depression.

It’s best to face yourself rather than run away from yourself at this time, as the things we don’t manage, control us, usually with disastrous results.

If your problems involve other people, it may be best to communicate with them rather than shut them out.

Although you may find it hard to trust people with your deep feelings and thoughts, maybe sharing your problems can halve them at this time.

Because often it’s your fears over how others would take your genuine feelings that prevent us from getting the authentic closeness you need in relationships.

If you feel you cannot trust anyone in your life with your issues. Maybe you can seek out a therapist or phone and psychological or emotional health phone line or online service.

Your deepest fears may surface, which may scare you, especially if you are usually the non-feeling type.

Writing them the thoughts and dreams you have at this time can reveal invaluable information to you.

This is also an excellent time to explore the psychic realms or deepen your spirituality if you are inclined to this way of life but only do this if your feel grounded.

 Your intuition can provide valuable insight into your psyche and inner psychological workings at this time.

If you focus, you may make significant steps forwards in allowing your conscious and subconscious to work in unison.