Transiting Moon in Sagittarius Phase Astrology

Transiting Moon in Sagittarius Phase Astrology
Substance with vision, freedom with planning

Moon in Sagittarius transit



  • Physical, spiritual or mental travel
  • Increase risk of Fiery debates/ accidents
  • Philosophical pursuits
  • Optimism
  • Expansion
  • Efficient resourcefulness
  • Need to find balance and understand others points of views
  • Intense emotions and thoughts
  • Spontaneity / impulsiveness
  • Truth-seeking
  • Overlooking the bigger picture
  • Overabundance- indulgence


May give you a sense of freedom, to explore things you have not before, you may find yourself wanting to expand your intellectual, philosophical, religious, technological or spiritual knowledge.

Abstract knowledge and logical pursuits are favoured now; some of you may be infused with higher visions, those of you who have legal contracts or work within the law may get favourable results.

This is a time of increased sociability, and some of you may meet and network with those who can help you advance in your career or projects.

If you plan out each step to reach your goals right now, you will reap favourable rewards in time to come; expansion and big plans are keywords for this period, as well as daydreams and enlarge imagination, go for it.

 But know dreams can only come true if we take practical action to obtain them, some of you may get the urge to travel if restrictions. 


Although you may not be focused on the details during the Sagittarius moon transit, yet it will be good for your future to not get too carried away and make sure you are not just puffing hot air.

You will want to experience the new, and it will give you a sense of emotional fulfilment to do so; focusing on the big picture is good.


But bear in mind the next moon phase is Capricorn, and this Moon calls for you to look at the details and obstacles that can halt you from reaching your goals.

 Dream big, but also plan big, is my advice.

Resisting overdoing it and become aggressive, be mindful of others people in your plans, if you can, lol.

Yes, you will be able to think of the bat and wing it without much preparation, especially in any presentations you may have to do.

But don’t push it too far, or you may be found out, you may find yourself wanting to publish content, you may have increase luck in advertising or physical or mental sports.

When the moon transit Sagittarius you be infused, or at least have the opportunity to access greater vitality and optimism, you find yourself wanting to broaden your mind and become more than you are.

You will want to free from any chains or entanglements you’re even the ones you have kept yourself in.

 If you allow yourself to fully utilise this transit Sagittarius moon energy to explore new terrain in the form of visual – physical content, books or audio.

You will be focused on your expansion in one way or another, wanting to delve into a new way of thinking, opening yourself up to something bigger than you are now.

You will feel generous and abundant, envision your wildest dreams, work towards them, and they will come true in the long run.

However, some of you may cling rigidly to old beliefs or habits during the transiting Sagittarius moon phase. The external world may bring resistance in the form of a situation or person(s) who make you question what you and your ego think they know.

Guard against projecting your beliefs onto others, remember all people have their own life paths and are entitled to crave out what they feel is right for them, avoiding being pushy or overzealous, inconsistent, irritated, gung-ho or tactless.

Avoid superficial thoughts, actions and communication; now is the time to put your effort where your thoughts are, research your ideas and make sure they solid to avoid disappointment at a later date.

Yes, you want to be free, but freedom takes a lot of planning and hard work; yes, you may want to leave no stone unturned, but prepare yourself to handle the effort it takes to understand the things we discovered when we unturned stones.

Also, don’t forget to pay your bills, as you may float off too much with the fairies and forget the practicalities of your daily life, be careful when making big decisions about your life, as you may jump the gun a bit, caution, caution, caution is needed.

Avoid going overbroad and biting off more than you can chew, like planning a world trip on beer money!!!

Yes, you can travel the world, and some of you may have the funds to do so, as your karma dictates lucky you, but for the majority of people, planning will be needed, as well as saving and long term hard work to realise this goal.


Transiting the Sagittarius moon is giving you information that can eventually set you free, liberating you for a narrow way of seeing or living in the world.

 Helping you connect to your highest self, do not let your lower self-ego ruin your chances of reaching your highest potential.

Do not rely on one source, for inspiration including your visions or dreams. Did I say that transiting the Sagittarius moon phase is a time to research? Oh, I did; well, I repeat it as it’s essential during this Sagittarius moon transit, that yes, you have fun, find freedom, dream big but also gather all information you need to reach your visions.


Strategy is critical during the transit Sagittarius moon phase.

Seek out knowledge of someone who knows their stuff, an expert in the field your interesting in, as only a fool relies on their own understanding.


Ask questions, reflect, and allow your mind to travel, allow yourself to learn a new way; after all, only you can emancipate yourself from your obstacles, others can point the way, but it is you who must liberate yourself.

Moon Transit Taurus

Moon in Sagittarius health, nutrition and gardening

It’s a good time to do exercise, take supplements or eat foods that promote the health of your liver, hips, veins and sense organs; breathwork mediation will help pull in that extra energy you need to stabilise your respiratory system.

To help you provide the extra energy the Sagittarius moon may demand from you, increase your iron and vitamin d intake and do all you can to promote good blood and circulation health, and ems foot machine could help.


When the Moon is in Sagittarius, it’s an excellent time to plant bulb vegetables like leek, onions, garlic, ginger, chives, water chestnut, spring onions and shallots. This moon phase is also suitable for sprouting seeds; also a perfect time to harvest your crops and storing roots and bulbs; cultivation of your fruit or bulb tries is also favourable in this period and preparing the ground.

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