Saturn Sextile Chiron Transit and Natal:

Saturn sextile Chiron

Transiting Saturn sextile Chiron

  • Persistence
  • Reprogramming your subconscious mind
  • Shadow work
  • Constructive self-healing
  • Ability to build new personal development foundations
  • Successful transformation
  • Radical transmutation of old wounds
  • Discipline
  • Self-reliance
  • Healing trauma
  • Self-understanding, love, compassion
  • Practical action to change your life

Transiting Saturn sextile Chiron

When Saturn, the lord of karma, transits Chiron, the wounded healer, you are given the self-discipline to revisit and heal emotional, psychological or spiritual wounds.

Saturn influence on Chiron will want you to take practical energy to overcome any blocks to your practical success and personal evolution.

Now is the time to create a step by step healing plan; maybe a journal or an app journal will help you track your progress.

Transiting Saturn sextile Chiron is the time for practical action to heal, seeking out all support, tools and resources to help you uncover, have compassion, understand and manage your traumas and wounds.

Now is the time to become the lover, best friend, teacher, parent, sister, brother, aunt etc…; you always wanted; you now hold the keys to your future.

You can give yourself the nurturing and self-love you need. What’s holding you back will be revealed when Saturn transits Chiron, allows you to provide yourself with all the unconditional compassion you need by giving you the strength to seek out all you need to heal and move forward from your karma.

More about transit Saturn sextile Chiron

No, it is not easy, but transiting Saturn sextile Saturn is giving you the energy to break through your limitations.

The transit Saturn sextile Chiron period is the time to resolve your insecurities and remove any toxic relationships, addictions or thought patterns blocking you from reaching your highest potential.

Once again, it is not easy, but now it is not a time about just mere wishful thinking you can live the life you want to live; now is the time to take practical steps to reach your goals.


Some days you will have to crawl through your practical goals and healing work; other days, you will fly; there is no need for perfection, just action.

Now is the time to take personal responsibility for your life when transiting Saturn sextiles Chiron; what patterns are repeating in your life? How can you overcome them? What do you need to let go of to stop your past from repeating itself?


These are some of the questions you can have answered if you use the self-discipline and persistence of Saturn to heal your wounds during this transit.

You may encounter karmatic experiences with people from your current life past or souls life path coming into your life, who may trigger old wounds.

Do all you can to withstand any situation you find yourself in, yet do not let anyone abuse you during this time, as this will drag you deeper into yourself.

Your vulnerabilities may be trigged but, you can also overcome them by increasing your focus and willpower; this is a good time to question who you have allowed yourself to become.

How far removed is that from who you wish to be? You must find it within yourself to find yourself assertion, staying away from all those who wish to cause you more pain if need be. It is your life, and only you can heal your life.

How to manage this placement

Maybe listening to this audiobook can help you with your suffering; it’s ok to want to achieve in the world and experience feelings of rage or anger, but you must learn to manage and release them; it’s ok to want better for yourself.

 You may have struggled with not belonging all your life, now is the time to seek out a place within yourself you can belong and find people who are similar to you.

As no matter how different you may be, there is always a person or tribe of people who will welcome you if you allow it.

This is the time to work on individual pain, for as if other people do this, then this raises the vibration of the collective unconsciousness, now is the time to figure what needs healing and take steps to do so, now is the time to break the cycle of individual and generational dysfunction.

Saturn is providing the energy for you to make substantial changes to old self-destructive habits and to build new routines, helping you express yourself for who you really are, not in a show-off way but it a refined, stable and modest manner.

Transiting Saturn sextile Chiron in summary


  • Facing your demons, clearing out your closet
  • Karmic, yet healing encounters with your past
  • Rejuvenating Emotional rollercoaster
  • Teaching yourself to heal
  • Learning from your past to create a better future, in the present moment/ the now of every day
  • Mystical, inner revelations from past life, in dreams, imaginations or meditation , symbolic revelations all aiding you to heal
  • Increase in inner security , building self resilience, self-belief and competence

Saturn sextile Chiron natal

When you have natal Saturn sextile Chiron, this gives you the ability to know that healing takes hard work; you are adept at mixing the needs of your career, relationships and with the needs of your emotional, psychological healing and personal development.

You may experience bullying, neglect or heartbreak as a child, but this aspect gives you the planetary support to get through; how this Saturn sextile Chiron natal placement plays out in your life depends on all other aspects of your birth chart.

However, this aspect provides the vibrational support to build inner resilience, understand and heal your wounds, cure your vulnerabilities and insecurities.

 You may face many storms in your life, yet this placement of Saturn sextile Chiron gives you the empowerment to stand firm and overcome all obstacles.

This may be earned by deep psychological and emotional trauma; nevertheless, what you learn from your life adversities will set you in good stead to become a lifelong survivor.

Who can coach, teach or mentor others through their life difficulties, you may be an outcast from society or your family, but this gives you the willpower to fight for the underdog and those discarded by society.

Natal Saturn sextile Chiron makes you have excellent concentration, focus and dedication to hard work in general, knowing it takes intuition and realistic efforts to bring change about in your life, not just mere wishful thinking.

You may have to deal with father issues, problems with other authority figures or organizations, people taking advantage of you, but all your hardships will help you become sensitive to your own emotions and those of others. You are able to set targets for yourself and stick to them.

As a child, you may have had to be a parental figure to your parents or siblings, causing you deep wounds, but you also developed yourself discipline and personal responsibility.

Self Resilience

Emotional strongness via experience is what this placement gives you and the ability to solve complex real-world problems due to your understanding of the need for perseverance to stick to any form of self-care routine therapy or spiritual/ healing practice.

You are prepared to go to emotional and psychological depths that other people shrink from as you understand it’s the things that we repress in life that make moving forward hard.


Even though healing and letting go can be challenging, you know that it is in moving on comes that personal growth can occur, you enjoy helping others move forward with their lives, and you may work for or set up social or authentic philanthropic enterprise to help those who need it the most.

Healing your wounds give you a sense of inner abundance which easily attracts the right networks and resources to you.


Transiting Chiron to natal Saturn


  • Healing emotional baggage
  • Increase self-awareness or the practicality needed to heal
  • Ability to heal efficiently
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