types of spirit guides how to connect and discern

The different types of Spirit Guides and How to Connect With Them – an in-depth guide

With a explanation of the difference between lower and higher beings of the astral realms and how to discern them

With the rise of spirituality and alternative healing practices in today’s modern world, many people are looking to connect with spirit guides to help them on their journey. 

A spirit guide is an otherworldly being that is said to communicate with us and provide guidance, support and insight. 

These guides can take many forms, from angels to ascended masters and beyond. 

They can even appear in the form of animals or ancient ancestors. Whatever form a spirit guide takes, the goal is to provide direction and protection in our lives. 

We will also review the different ways to connect with spirit guides, from visualisations and meditation to channelling and dream work. 

We will also explore the beautiful and mysterious ways in which spirit guides can shape and guide our lives, aiding us on our spiritual journey with their infinite wisdom

Discussing the many roles that spirit guides can play in our lives, from providing guidance and insight to offering emotional and spiritual healing, loving support, and protection.

In addition, we will delve into the necessary practices of discernment and discernment techniques when it comes to connecting with spirit guides so that you may ensure a safe and rewarding experience. 

With the guidance of your spirit guides, you can find clarity, understanding and support to help you along your path of self-discovery.

Lower astral beings

First, we must discuss lower astral beings, often the very first vibrational beings we encounter when we begin our spiritual exploration through awakening.

These lower astral beings often contact us because those who reside on the higher planes cannot reach us. After all, we humans are usually not open to them or the subtle ways they use to try to get our attention.

However, depending on soul age and innate awareness, some individuals may be contacted by those of the higher spiritual realms at first. 

This doesn’t necessarily make one person more spiritual than another; rather, it indicates a certain level of awareness or understanding.

That can be developed over time by any soul- higher consciousness willing to do the hard work and develop the discipline and focus necessary.

We must remember that each of us alive has a different soul- higher consciousness age based on how many lifetimes we have experienced across all the realms. 

These past life experiences shape how open we are to spiritual growth and connection to these higher realms. 

With that in mind, it is necessary to remember that everyone can connect to spirit guides and receive messages from the divine. 

All that is required is patience and an open mind.


The differences in the methodology used by lower and higher astral beings/ spirit guides

The methods lower astral beings use to connect with you differ from those from the higher realms. 

Those from the lower realms will sometimes use non-subtle methods, whereas those residing in the higher astral realms often use more subtle ways.

Lower beings

Lower astral beings often use dramatic, intrusive and direct methods to deliver their messages or to gain something from humans. 

They can be found manipulating objects in the physical realm or sometimes even attempting to use humans to carry out their own agendas, such as what they see as unfinished business from their previous lives.

It’s usefulto remember that these lower astral beings are often seeking something from us, and if we’re not careful, we could find ourselves in a difficult situation.

It’s easy to be taken in by their charm or promises, but it’s helpful  to remain aware and vigilant when communicating with them.


Lower astral beings tend to be powerful, and if they’re able to gain something from us, it’s usually at the cost of our physical, psychological or spiritual health.


It’s vital to remember that we can’t trust everything they say. 


Unlike higher astral beings who want individuals to grow spiritually and create a direct connection with the higher power, they believe in directly, lower astral beings often have far less noble intentions.


They are often driven by a desire to control and manipulate, often pretending to be the higher power or higher astral beings, and will use deception and lies to achieve their own ends. 


For example, they might tell someone they need to start or join a cult to find spiritual enlightenment, or they are the only ones who can save the world and other such deterministic information, which is simply untrue. 


Unfortunately, these lower astral beings are often persuasive.


They might even go so far as to say that there is only one single path that leads to spiritual enlightenment and you must follow what they say to grow spiritually – this is false, as there are many different paths that lead to spiritual growth and understanding


Overall lower astral beings’ messages often induce fear and doubt and is overly ritualistic, using visions or voices that cause sleep and other disturbances

Higher beings

In comparison, Higher astral beings use subtle telepathy, symbols, and other forms of spiritual guidance to encourage spiritual growth, understanding, love and respect for all life, regardless of people’s different beliefs or ways of practising spirituality. 

Through their guidance, these higher astral beings strive to bring harmony and peace to the world, emphasising the importance of connection to the divine and our responsibility to be earth’s stewards. 

They use their divine wisdom to help us recognise the power of ourselves, connecting us with the divine source within. 


Through their guidance and love, we can gain insight into our souls’ true nature, helping us unlock our greatest potential and create beautiful lives of joy, love and peace. 


They understand the importance of respecting all paths and would never say that there is only one right way to do this or that.


Higher spiritual guides understand just how daunting it can be to be contacted from other realms, especially when we are programmed from birth often to only believe in the material realm and the things we can see with our eyes.


So they use gentle, almost imperceptible methods of communication.


Such as synchronicity, which is when meaningful coincidences happen more frequently than usual. 


It’s like a gentle whisper from the other side, a reminder that unseen forces are watching over you. 


These mysterious occurrences may come in the form of signs, symbols, numbers, dreams, or even just a feeling of unease – all of which can help us stay on our true path and bring us closer to our divine purpose.


Synchronicity is a powerful way to stay connected with the other realms and make sure you are on the right path in life, and subtle methods such as these are preferred by those beings that dwell in the higher astral realms.


Power and caution

It is useful to remember that these lower astral beings have a unique and powerful energy and that we must respect them when interacting with them as they can be highly volatile and slippery.

Still, these lower astral beings are often the only way most people will open themselves up to the existence of the other realms because we humans often deny the presence of the different domains of reality and the other life forms that live there.

Lower astral beings may be the only way we are open to divine guidance at your current understanding, so it is best to stay open-minded when we encounter them.


Yet keep in mind not all lower astral beings have our best interest at heart, and the ultimate aim of spiritual growth is always going within and connecting with the primary source yourself.


So the connection with lower astral being’s and the methods they use is something you should outgrow as you progress on your spiritual journey.

Types of spirit guides how to connect and discern

More about the lower astral realms

As we make our transition from one life to the next, we must be mindful of these dark energies, for they are ever-present and can often disguise themselves as something more inviting.

Lower astral beings can be tricky and wily and often engage in mischievous behaviour.

This can involve pretending to be higher realm spiritual beings, such as guardian angels, archangels, and other divine entities from the higher realms.

 These clever little spirits are pretty adept at mimicking the behaviour of higher beings, and can be quite convincing. 

They may even form relationships with humans and attempt to provide guidance, although it is unlikely to be the kind of guidance that will genuinely benefit the person in the long term. 

But those who seek out these dark  or lower astral beings often want to take shortcuts to gain spiritual and material gains – selfish endeavours that often lead to much more significant losses than they ever expected.

These misguided souls often don’t mind hurting people spiritually and physically to achieve their goals, only to find that their actions have led to a much worse fate than they’d anticipated. 

The truth is that those who take such gambles soon realise that their actions have dire consequences and that no amount of spiritual or material riches can make up for their wrongdoings.

And often come to lose interest in the things they gain through deceptive and unethical means.

Losing their connection to the happiness they once had or never finding the pleasure they thought acquiring the material or spiritual gifts they wanted so badly would give them.


Shortcuts to enlightenment for earthly gain

For those who have chosen the cowardly path of taking shortcuts and working with lower astral beings and dark entities to manipulate innocent souls for quick gains, there is always a path towards redemption – but it is a long and challenging journey. 

It requires great dedication, discipline and courage to break free of these habits, and often the temptation to take the easy way out is too strong to resist.

But it must be done, and it can be done – it just takes a strong will and determination. 

True redemption is not a matter of simply asking for forgiveness; it is a matter of taking responsibility for one’s actions and fully understanding their consequences. 

It takes courage to accept and face the consequences of our actions and make a real and lasting change in our lives. 

No matter how bleak the situation may seem, there is always light and hope to be found if one is willing to look for it.

Taking the time to reflect on what has been done and learn from our mistakes can help transform us and lead us to a better path. 

Redemption is possible if we dare to make the necessary changes and take ownership of our lives

Nevertheless, Dark lower astral beings are a force to be reckoned with, and can often be deceptive and beguiling.

In summary of this section, not all lower astral beings seek to do harm, though their presence in the realm beyond can be off-putting. 

It is essential to keep in mind that when someone dies, they do not suddenly become saints. 

If they were fond of pulling pranks and winding people up on the earth, they would continue the same behaviour in the next life. 

If someone told lies or exhibited narcissistic behaviour in life, they will remain this way in their afterlife until they have learned their soul lessons – a process that can take some time.

It’s necessary to be aware that these souls may still be in a lower vibrational frequency because many refuse to move on to their next life and seek higher enlightenment, preferring to meddle with human life from these lower realms because they find it entertaining.

Remaining stuck in negative habits and patterns, despite their transition from their previous earthly life.

Lower astral beings may sometimes pretend to be higher light beings, such as guardian angels, but their true purpose is to learn and grow in wisdom and understanding.

As they progress on their spiritual journey, they will be able to ascend to higher realms and eventually reach a level of true enlightenment. 

Even if they have not reached this level yet, they can still act as a light for others and help guide them in the right direction. 


This can be done through kindness, understanding, and compassion.

Remember, even lower astral beings can still be a source of love and light in the world, but its best to keep in mind that the information they give may not be truthful.

Interacting with lower astral beings and dark entities can be a tricky experience, as they may try to manipulate or mislead those of us still rooted in the physical realm. 

Yet often, the only way many of us will listen to those from the other realms at first is by contact with these lower beings, so it can be a catch-22.

I repeat, not all those from the lower realms mean harm, and it is up to you to judge whether they mean you and others harm or not.

This is why it’s essential to commit to a wholistic spiritual path that encourages you to raise your personal responsibility, awareness, compassion, and forgiveness and to refine your character.

So your intentions become more balance, and you seek out only the best for yourself and those you come into contact with.

Nevertheless, when connecting to your spirit guides, It is necessary to be mindful of the energies you are engaging with and to set clear boundaries with these entities.


How to set boundaries with lower astral beings?

Setting boundaries with lower astral beings can help keep you safe and your environment peaceful. 

To do this, start by visualising a light around you that is a symbol of your protection. 

This can be a white light, a bubble of energy, or something else that feels right to you.

Make sure the light is strong, solid, and secure. 

Then, imagine that a wall of energy is extending from your light and spreading out, surrounding your entire body, and creating a strong barrier between yourself and any lower astral beings. 

You can even imagine that the wall is made from all the love and protection that is within you.

Your intention matters, so be sure to focus on the idea of protection and safety.

Envisioning all the loving energy radiating from your heart and soul, and imagining that this energy is creating a strong barrier from harm.

Will protect your physical and spiritual self from any lower astral beings. 

As you continue to focus your intention and visualise the wall of energy growing stronger and stronger, you will find that you can feel more secure and protected.

It all comes down to intention; the power of having pure intentions cannot be overstated. 

Suppose you’re intent on using the information from the lower astral beings for good and to grow spiritually, instead of trying to manipulate or abuse others. In that case, lower astral beings cannot harm.

They are exceptions, to this rule, so it is important to research and discern before you and let spirtual beings into your life.

Understand that these beings need your consent before they can do anything; as long as you’re sure of what you’re doing, you should have no fear. 

The more you become aware of the power of intention and the nuances of the lower astral realm, the more you can use this knowledge to help yourself and others in equal measure.

Establishing strong boundaries can help to protect you from any malicious energies that may try to take advantage of you and your vulnerability. 

While some may offer beneficial guidance and wisdom, it is best to remain in control and aware of the power dynamics at play.

You must not be tempted by the siren songs of the lower astral beings and dark entities, often offering shortcuts to enlightenment.

This often comes at a massive price of disconnection from your higher self and higher power. 

Although the rewards will be quick, the pain caused by shortcuts and working with the lower astral beings is long, yet the choice is yours.

If you want to choose the path of the divine, it is necessary to keep your focus on the light and the guidance of the higher astral spirit guides.

As you walk your spiritual awakening journey, it is essential to build your self-awareness and spiritual discernment

What is self-awareness?

Self-awareness is a powerful tool that can help you understand and grow. 

Self-awareness helps you clarify who you are, your feelings, values, beliefs, and potential. 

It involves reflecting on your thoughts, intentions, and actions and understanding how your behaviour and attitude affect others. 

Self-awareness is key to fostering personal growth and increasing self-esteem. 

It can help you to identify negative patterns and unhealthy behaviours and make better choices in the future. 

Self-awareness can help you recognise areas in which you need to learn or make changes, and can help you set goals to reach your highest potential. 

Taking a good, hard look at yourself can be daunting, but it is worth it in the end. 

Self-awareness is an invaluable asset that can help you build a brighter, more fulfilling future. 

It encourages you to cultivate a deep understanding of who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, and where you need to grow. 

As you become more conscious of your thought patterns, behaviours, and emotions, you can gain more control over your life and make decisions that better serve you. 

When you know yourself, you can take action to pursue your dreams and reach your highest aspirations.

What is spirtual discerment?

Spiritual discernment is a powerful tool that can be used to help make decisions and navigate life’s challenges. 

It is a practice of tuning into our deepest inner wisdom and learning to listen to our intuition. 

Spiritual discernment can help us better understand our values and beliefs and recognise the presence of the divine in our lives. 

Through the practice of spiritual discernment, we can become more aware of our inner truth and align our actions with that truth. 

Discernment allows us to access a higher level of knowledge and see beyond what is immediately apparent.

It can help us to make decisions with greater clarity and insight, allowing us to live with purpose and intention. 

When we are able to access spiritual discernment, we become more attuned to the universal energies that are around us, and can make decisions that are in alignment with our highest good. 

We can gain understanding, which can help us make more informed choices, helping us make decisions that will bring us peace and joy. 

With spiritual discernment, we can tap into our inner wisdom, making decisions that align with our authentic needs; building self-awareness and spiritual discernment helps us tell the difference between lower and astral beings and react accordingly.

How to practice spiritual discernment?

Practising spiritual discernment can be a tricky task. 

It requires a special combination of intuition, knowledge, and trust in one’s inner guidance. 

To hone your skills, you can take a few practical steps.

First, you’ll want to get to know yourself better. Taking time to meditate and reflect on who you are and what you believe in can help you become more in tune with your intuition. 

You can also practice spiritual discernment by reaching out to others who are more spiritually in-tune than you. Talk to them about their experiences and ask them for advice.

Learning from those who have gone before you can give you invaluable insights. 

Finally, remember to trust yourself and your own intuition above all else.

Spiritual discernment can be practised by learning to recognise the voice of your highest self and the higher power you believe in and trust to follow their lead above all else.

We can also grow in our ability to discern by studying the ways of the higher power and meditating on them day and night. 

Spending time completing what and who the higher power and your highest self are will help them to reveal themselves to you and help you fully see things from the higher power’s perspective. 

By building a strong connection with our highest self and the higher power, we can learn to discern the truth from lies and make better life decisions

Some specific ways to practice discernment are:

-Prayer/meditation – Quieting the mind and opening up to guidance from a higher power.

-Contemplation – Reflecting on spiritual, philosophical or other inspiring teachings to gain a deeper understanding.

-Journaling – Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you process them and see things more clearly.

-Conversations with others – Talking about your spiritual journey with another -Mentors/teachers – Learning from those with more experience can give you new insights and understanding.


-Retreats – Taking time away from everyday life’s hustle and bustle can help you reconnect with your spiritual side.


-Nature – Spend time in nature, appreciating the beauty and wonder of the world around you, and allowing yourself to be filled with peace can offer new insights and clarity.


So we have explained in depth the lower astral beings and how you can tell the differences between them and those from the higher astral realms.


Now we will talk about the different types of spirit guides; it is important to remember that all the spirit guides have their higher and lower counterparts.


Yet you can always tell if they are higher or lower astral beings by the methods they use to contact you.


Lower beings often use dramatic and intrusive methods, and higher beings often use subtle methods, in short.

The different types of Spirit Guides and How to Connect With Them – an in-depth guide, continued

1. Ancestral Spirit Guides

types of spirit guides how to connect and discern

Ancestral spirit guides are the spirits of deceased ancestors who help guide you. 

Ancestor guides are spirit guides that have existed for many generations and have been passed on through family lines. 

They are said to have a deep understanding of the family’s history and have the ability to offer clarity and insight into current and future events. 


They are often seen as strong protectors and are believed to be able to intercede on behalf of those they guide.


They can provide guidance and advice to those who seek it and help lead them towards the right path, offering wisdom, insight, and support to help you on your spiritual journey.


They may also offer advice on how to deal with difficult situations and help bring a sense of peace and harmony.


Connecting with them requires you to be open and respectful of their presence. 


Start by creating a sacred space and calling out to your ancestors. Ask them for help and guidance. 


Spend time in meditation and focus on breathing as you open your heart and mind to these powerful beings.


With your intention clear, you should be able to receive messages or visions from your ancestral spirit guides.

Techniques to connect with ancestral spirit guides:

  • Attempt to connect with your ancestors through meditation. Focus on your breath and quietly drift into a relaxed state.

 Once you feel relaxed, begin picturing your ancestors in your mind.

See them smiling at you and try to imagine what they would say to you if they were able to communicate with you from the afterlife. As you focus on this image, see if any thoughts or feelings pop into your head that could be interpreted as a message from your ancestor.

  • Another way to try connecting with an ancestral spirit guide is by doing some research about your family history. See if you can find out any information about your ancestors that you didn’t know before. As you learn more about them, try to imagine what their life was like and how they might be able to help you from the other side.
  • You could also try reaching out to a medium or psychic who may be able to communicate with your ancestor on your behalf. Make sure to do your research beforehand, though, as there are many fake psychics out there who will take advantage of people in vulnerable states.


When considering the possibility of consulting with a psychic medium, it is important to use your discernment. 

It is important to remember that many of these psychic mediums may be sourced in the lower astral realms. 

Therefore, they may not be able to provide truly reliable information that could be useful to you. 

This is why it is crucial to take the time to assess the situation and use your intuition to determine if a psychic medium is trustworthy. 

While some may have access to useful and accurate spiritual insights, you should always use your own judgement and rely on your inner knowing to determine what is right for you. 

Remember, you always have the power to choose. You can believe in the information a psychic medium provides or choose to disregard it.


  • f you have any sort of spiritual or religious beliefs, you could also try praying to your ancestors and asking them for guidance. Many people believe that our ancestors are always with us in some form, so this can be a very effective way of connecting with them. 


  • Last but not least, one of the best ways to connect with your ancestral spirit guides is simply by spending time in nature. As you commune with the natural world around you, imagine your ancestors all around you, watching over and guiding you on your path.

2. Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels are the most well-known type of spirit guides. 

They are powerful and authentic guardian angels, benevolent beings who protect and guide us through life, helping us make decisions, guiding us in our spiritual journey and protecting us from harm.

Connecting with a Guardian Angel can be done through meditation and ritual, although they normally remain unseen or come to us in dreams.

Guardian angels are powerful and benevolent cosmic beings who keep us safe from spiritual and earthly danger. 

They do this through a variety of methods, from providing us with warnings and signs to helping us find strength and courage in times of need. 

They also offer us direction and insight, helping us make the right decisions and choices throughout life. 

Guardian angels can be called upon whenever we feel like we need extra help or protection. 

Whether it be a silent prayer asking for guidance or simply a feeling of their presence, they will always be there to support and protect us. 

They are the ultimate source of comfort, love, and protection and will always be there for us even if we don’t always see it.

Invoking the name of your Guardian Angel and asking for its guidance can be a powerful way to open yourself to its help and insight. 

You can also ask your Guardian Angel to help you manifest your desires or give guidance or support when in need.

Some people use scrying to connect with their guardian angel.

So what is scrying?

Scrying is a form of divination that involves gazing into an object to gain insight into the future or obtain information about someone or something.

The object used for scrying can be anything from a crystal ball to a bowl of water.

The practice has been used for centuries and is known to help one access the subconscious mind, which is often referred to as the seat of wisdom. 

Scrying can be a divination technique, allowing an individual to acquire knowledge and insight by gazing into a reflective surface. 

By focusing the gaze and allowing the mind to wander and explore, it is believed that one can come to an understanding of events that have yet to come, so some people find it an effective method to use to connect with their guardian angels. 

Scrying can help to uncover the truth, unlock inner knowledge, and gain insight into

How to use scrying to connect with guardian angels?

To use scrying to connect with guardian angels, you will need to choose an object to gaze into. 

This can be anything from a crystal ball or bowl of water, to a mirror or even aflame. 

Once you have selected your object, sit comfortably and relax your mind. Focus your attention on the object and allow yourself to become lost in its depths. 

It may take some time for images or messages to appear, but if you remain patient and open-minded, you should eventually start seeing something relevant appear before you.


types of spirit guides how to connect and discern

What are some possible dangers of scrying?

While scrying can be a safe and enjoyable way to gain insights into the future or communicate with otherworldly beings, some potential risks are involved. 

If you allow yourself to become too focused on the object you are gazing into, it is possible to fall into a trance-like state. In this state, you may be vulnerable to outside influences, such as negative entities, which could take advantage of your situation. 

It is vital to stay aware of your surroundings and maintain a healthy level of scepticism when practising scrying to avoid any negative experiences.

3. Protector Spirit guides

Protector guides work the same way as guardian angels, and you can connect with them in the same way; protector guides are spirit guides that come to our aid when we need a “guardian angel”. 

They take on the role of a protector, shielding us from harm and danger. 

They are powerful, loyal, and devoted to their duty of protecting us, and they will go to extraordinary lengths to keep us safe. 

Protector guides can be of any gender, age, or race and can come from any realm, from the physical world to the spiritual. 


They will stick with us through thick and thin, providing us with emotional and spiritual support when we need it the most.


4. Teacher Spirit guides

Teacher guides are majestic spiritual entities that help us learn and grow in life, generally from the higher spiritual realms. 

They are beings of vast knowledge and wisdom, having lived various lifetimes across all the realms, learning their lessons and mastering their spiritual crafts. 

Now, they have the ability to guide others to advance spiritually in the correct ways, helping them to ascend to the heights of cosmic understanding. 

These benevolent teacher guides are beacons of hope and understanding in the vastness of the spiritual universe, aiding us in our quest for spiritual enlightenment.


They come in many forms and can appear in various shapes and sizes. 


Teacher guides are there to help us understand certain aspects of our lives, providing us with wisdom and insight that we can apply to our own experiences. 


They help us to recognise the patterns of our thoughts, actions and behaviours, and enable us to make better decisions in the future. 


Teacher guides are often associated with the divine, but they can also be found in nature and the universe around us.


Ways to connect with teacher guides?

Some ways to connect with teacher guides are through meditation, prayer, and contemplation. 

Other ways include spending time in nature, listening to music that resonates with you deeply, or journaling.

Although associated with the divine, teacher guides can also be found in the beauty and harmony of nature and the universe around us. 


From the sun that rises each morning to the birds that sing us sweet lullabies each night, the world is full of powerful teacher guides. 


Even the stars in the night sky, twinkling and sparkling, can be seen as teacher guides, reminding us to find our own inner light and never give up. 


When we look to nature and the universe, we can find countless teacher guides encouraging us to find balance, purpose, and inner peace.


Seeking out these teacher guides is one of the many ways we can connect to the world around us, as well as to the divine.


5. Animal Spirit Guides

Animal guides are the most commonly known spirit guides. 

Animal spirit guides are often called “power animals” and have been revered in many cultures for centuries. 

They are believed to be messengers from the spirit world, bringing insight and guidance to help us in our daily lives. 

Animal spirit guides are like our personal teachers, providing us with advice, healing, and protection. 

They can be physical animals or mythical creatures and can come in the form of a dream, a vision, or even a physical encounter.


Animal spirit guides can help us gain courage, strength, and insight, as well as provide comfort during difficult times.


They are the messengers of the spiritual world and come to teach, encourage, and guide you through your life; they appear mostly to those who have a great affinity with nature and/or animals.


Animal guides can take many forms: they could be a physical animal, such as a pet cat or dog, or totem animals, or they could even be animal-like spirits or energy. 

What are the differences between physical animals, totem, animals and aminal-like spirit energies?

The differences between physical animals, totemic animals, and animal-like spirit energies are vast and varied. 

Physical animals are tangible creatures characterised by their physical presence, tactile form, and genetic composition. 

On the other hand, Totemic animals are symbolic representations of spiritual forces, often revered with great reverence and thought to embody divine powers. 

As for animal-like spirit energies, they differ from either of the other two categories in that they are not actual animals, but are instead symbolic representations of spiritual powers, existing in a form beyond physicality in the ethers of the unseen world. 


These potent, mythical energies exist to serve as a connection between the physical and spiritual realms. 


As one looks into the vast, mysterious expanses of the unknown, these spirits can act as beacons of guidance, shining down the ancient wisdom of ages past. 


They are an ever-present reminder of the divine’s immense power and the sacred connection between all living things. 


They provide strength and protection in times of need and can even act as a source of courage and inspiration


Animal guides can communicate with you through telepathy, dreams, and signs in the physical world. 


You can connect with animal guides by meditating and connecting with the spiritual energy of animals and nature. 


Telepathy is communicating and exchanging thoughts, feelings, and emotions without using words or any other conventional form of communication.


Telepathy is believed to be a form of extrasensory perception (ESP), which is the ability to sense or “read” another person’s, object,  entity or animal’s thoughts without a physical connection. 


It has believed telepathy results from an underlying connection between all living things, allowing us to access information beyond the physical realm.


How can we use telepathy to connect with physical animals, totem animals and aminal-like spirit energies?

The connection between human and animal has long been celebrated in folklore, mythology and legend. 

From the majestic power of a stag, to the wisdom of an owl, the physical and spiritual connections of the animal world are something to be revered. 

Telepathy is a powerful tool that can be used to form a connection with physical animals, totem animals, and the animal-like spirit energies that exist in the spiritual realm. 


By quieting the mind and opening the heart, one can reach a meditative state that transcends the physical world and allows for a connection to be formed with the spirit realm. 


It is here that one can sense the subtle vibrations of animals and their energies and can even establish a bridge between one’s thoughts and feelings and those of the creatures around them. 


With continued practice, one can deepen their connection to become attuned to the spiritual language of animals, gaining insight and understanding of their world.


To access this realm is to truly enter a space of peace and unity, with all creatures feeling the same, connected energy.


You may also be able to connect with your animal guide by spending time in nature, observing the behaviour of animals, or working with animal spirit cards.


How to use spirit animal cards to connect with physical animals, totem animals and aminal-like spirit energies?

Start by identifying the animal card that you feel the strongest connection with. 

Whether it’s a specific wild animal or a spirit energy, you can feel its strength, wisdom and power when you look at a card featuring this animal. 

As you hold the card in your hands, pay attention to how it makes you feel. 

Does it bring you comfort or ignite a spark within you? Once you have identified your spirit animal card, take some time to meditate with it.


6. Nature Spirit Guides

Nature spirits are the oldest form of spirit guide. 

They are usually animals or plants that live in a particular environment and act as guardians to that environment. 

Indigenous cultures have maintained a deep and spiritual connection to their spirit guides throughout the ages. 

These spiritual entities often referred to as guardians or messengers, often serve as guides and protectors of their people, providing them with insight and wisdom.

Such a connection to these spiritual allies is often achieved through ceremonies, rituals, and offerings, allowing a bridge to be built between the physical and spiritual realms. 


The power of these spirit guides is said to be immense, influencing their people’s health, prosperity and well-being. 


With the guidance of these spiritual allies, Indigenous cultures have been able to maintain strong ties to their ancestral lands and traditional ways of living. 


This connection is as essential today as it has ever been, and Nature spirits can be found in forests, mountains, oceans, meadows, and other natural places. 


Connecting with nature spirits is a great way to bring healing and balance to yourself and your environment. 


Techniques to connect with nature spirits:

Take some time to meditate in nature and ask the spirits to guide you; if you usually don’t spend time in nature, start by getting out into nature. 

Take a walk in a nearby park, sit by a river, or simply take a moment to admire the beauty of a flower. 

By taking the time to appreciate the natural world around you, you are showing respect to the nature spirits.

Meditate in nature. Find a quiet spot outdoors and practice a few mindful breaths or a guided meditation. 


Nature spirits will be drawn to your stillness, allowing you to make a deeper connection.


Make an offering to nature spirits. You can do this by leaving food or drink offerings at a special spot in nature or simply giving thanks for the beauty of the world around you. 



Write down your experiences. After spending time in nature, take some time to journal about your experiences. This will help you remember any messages the nature spirits may have for you


Spend time in nature regularly to deepen your connection with the natural world around you.


Farming and working with and looking after the natural environment in other ways can also help you connect with nature spirits. 


7. Elementals spirit guides – part of nature spirit guide family

Elementals are the spirits of nature, such as the fairy guardians of the forest, the sylphs of the air, the salamanders of fire, and the undines of the water. 

Elementals are the magical spirits of nature, mysterious and alluring, and they can be found in forests, rivers, and all of the other elements. 

Each element has its own type of guardian; for example, the fairy guardians of the forest bring with them an aura of enchantment and wisdom. 

The sylphs of the air bring a sense of joy and freedom. 


The salamanders of fire are fierce protectors who bring a spirit of strength and courage.


And finally, the undines of the water are gentle, yet powerful, and carry with them a sense of calm and serenity. 


All of these elementals bring a unique energy to the natural world that helps keep nature balanced and in order.


Each of these elementals beings can provide unique guidance and wisdom to help you on your spiritual path. 


To connect with them, you will need to take some time to meditate and be present in nature. 


Begin by finding a place in nature that resonates with you, take some deep breaths, and open your heart and mind to the elementals. 


Use your imagination to visualise what the elementals look like and how they can help you. You can even ask them for guidance when you need it.

What is visualasation?

Visualisation is a form of meditation that uses the power of the imagination to access deeper levels of awareness. 

Visualisation is a powerful tool which has been used throughout the ages to unlock hidden realms of knowledge and creativity.

It is using our imagination to create a vivid mental image of something we desire or wish to manifest in our lives. 

Visualisation can be used to tap into our subconscious to help bring our goals, dreams and aspirations to life. 


By harnessing the power of visualisation, we can create an inner landscape filled with much beauty and abundance. 


Visualisation can help bring clarity and focus to our lives, allowing us to see our full potential, unlock the hidden potential of our minds, and connect with spiritual guides. 



How to use visualisation to connect with elemental spirit guides:


Connecting with elemental spirit guides can be a powerful and transformational experience. 


One way to facilitate this connection is through visualisation.


To use visualisation to connect with elemental spirit guides, start by finding a quiet and comfortable space. 


Then, begin to focus on your breath and allow your body to relax. 


When your body is relaxed and at ease, begin visualising a powerful spirit guide associated with one or more of the four elements — water, air, earth, or fire. 


Allow your imagination to explore the details of the spirit guide’s appearance, perhaps in a majestic cloak or majestic armour.


Let yourself take in all the details, from their eyes to their gestures, and feel the energy radiating from them. 


As you become more comfortable and connected, you can ask your spirit guide questions or seek guidance. 


Invite the spirit guide to share wisdom or ask them to help you understand a problem. 


Listen carefully, as the answers and guidance that come may bring new insight or understanding. 

As you close your meditation, thank the spirit guide for their time and assistance.


8. Plant spirit guides

As mentioned when I was talking about nature spirit guides, Plant spirit guides are magical and mysterious entities that have been around for centuries. 

They are believed to have been around since the dawn of time, existing in a realm that exists between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Plant spirit guides are thought to be messengers sent to us from the spirit world, often taking the form of plants and trees. 

They are believed to offer spiritual guidance and insight, and can help us to better understand and connect to the natural world. 

Connecting with the spirit guides of plants is a powerful way to tap into the hidden wisdom and knowledge of the natural world, and gain profound insight into our own spiritual journey.

But that’s not all – the spirit of plants can also offer profound healing, protection and guidance in our lives.

Across many cultures, throughout the ages, people have looked to the spirits of plants as a source of knowledge and healing. 

Whether it’s a medicinal herb, a sacred tree, or an ancient flower, the spirit of plants can offer profound insights and help us to move forward in our lives. 

Plant spirit guides can offer us wisdom, comfort and a deeper understanding of our innermost selves.

How to connect with plant spirit guides:

Connecting with plant spirit guides is an ancient practice that can lead to transformative spiritual growth. 

The key to connecting with them is to open your heart and create an open, safe space. 

Start by creating a sacred space. 

You can do this by using candles, incense, and other items that have spiritual significance to you. 

Once your space is set, focus on entering a meditative state. 

Visualise a beautiful garden and allow your imagination to take you further. 


As you explore the garden, keep an eye out for signs from the plant spirit guides. 


They could appear as symbols, colours, shapes, or even messages. 


Don’t be afraid to get lost in nature and explore with an open heart. If a particular flower or plant catches your attention, take a moment to sit with it and allow yourself to be guided by your intuition. 


Plant spirit guides are always ready to support and guide you. 

Follow your inner voice and take note of any insights that come to you. 


This could be in the form of a feeling, a thought, a vision, or even a dream. Embrace the wisdom from the plant world and the spirit guides that inhabit it.



I have provided information above on the main types of spirit guides; many are unique entities, and some cross over; for example, some of you may have a nature spirit that is also an ancestral and protector guide.


Now I will talk more about the main techniques that can be used to contact all types of guides.



Meditation and Visualisation Techniques to help you connect with all types of spirit guides

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice often used to cultivate awareness, focus, and relaxation. 

The ancient method has been used for centuries to help practitioners become more mindful of the present moment and to increase their well-being.

By focusing on your breath and being aware of your thoughts and emotions, you can better understand yourself and the world around you. 

Meditation can help reduce stress, improve concentration, increase self-awareness, and even help with physical ailments like chronic pain or insomnia. 

It’s a powerful and accessible way to improve your overall mental and physical health and discover a sense of inner peace; I explained what visualisation is above.


Meditation and visualisations are powerful tools that can help us connect with our spirit guides. 


A Meditation prativce involves calming the mind and body and is an excellent way to open up a spiritual connection. 


Visualisation techniques can be used to get in touch with our spirit guides and invite them into our lives. 


Through visualisation, we can imagine ourselves in a peaceful place surrounded by our spirit guides. 


We can ask them questions, receive guidance, and feel their presence. 


Over time, we can become more aware of the energy they bring and be able to tap into it more easily.


Dreamwork: What is dreamwork?

Dreamwork is the practice of using our dreams to gain insight and understanding into the hidden depths of our minds.

It is a powerful tool for self-discovery, healing, and spiritual development. 

Dreamwork involves exploring the symbolism of our dreams and reflecting on them to gain greater understanding and insight into our unconscious thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. 

This practice can help us uncover hidden memories, resolve difficult emotions, and gain valuable understanding about ourselves and others.


By paying close attention to our dreams and actively engaging with them, we can uncover information about ourselves and our lives that we may not have discovered through conscious thought. 


Dreamwork can lead to a profound inner transformation and greater self-awareness, ultimately allowing us to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

How to use dream work to connect with spirit guides:

Dreamwork is an ancient practice that allows you to uncover  the power of your subconscious mind and connect with your spirit guides. 

You can access inner wisdom and insight through dreamwork, helping guide you on your spiritual journey. 


Here are some tips to help you get started:

First, create a dream altar. This is a sacred space dedicated to your dreamwork. Light a candle, make a mandala, and place items that represent your intention. This is a place to focus and amplify your energy. 

Next, practice mindfulness and meditation. Before you go to sleep, take some time to relax, clear your mind and connect with your intention. 

Visualise a source of light and love, and ask for guidance from your spirit guides. 

Finally, keep a dream journal.


This is a key tool in dreamwork. Write down your dreams as soon after waking as possible. 


Include as many details as you can remember, and don’t edit or censor your dreams—let them flow out freely. 


Trust that the process will reveal what you need to know.


Automatic Writing A brief history of automatic Writing

Automatic Writing is a mysterious phenomenon that has been studied by many throughout the centuries. 

It is a kind of trance writing, where the individual in question feels as if they have been taken over by an unknown force and begin to write words and phrases that they do not usually write.

It has been said that the words that are written during this state can be prophetic or highly insightful.

The first recorded instance of Automatic Writing dates back to the 14th century when a monk wrote down words and phrases that he felt were coming from a spiritual source.


This remarkable phenomenon has been investigated and documented by many notable figures throughout history, including Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. 


Automatic Writing is a type of divination that allows one to access more profound thoughts and higher consciousness, as well as receive divine guidance and can be used to gain insights and clarity on a particular problem or area of life.


It has also been used to unlock the subconscious’s mysticism, uncover hidden messages, and gain insight into the future. 


The practice of automatic Writing involves the individual Writing down words and phrases that come through their mind without editing or judgement, allowing their innermost thoughts and feelings to flow freely. 

Automatic Writing can be used as a form of spiritual communication to connect with spirit guides, who can offer guidance and information on various topics. 


To begin, finding a comfortable and quiet place to sit is crucial. Once settled, take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. 


Focus on the intention of connecting with your spirit guides and begin to write without censoring yourself. 


Allow yourself to freely write whatever comes to mind and do not worry if it does not make sense. 


After a few minutes, you should start feeling more connected with your spirit guides and may receive messages.


Divination Techniques

What are divination techniques? 


Divination techniques offer one of the most common ways to connect with spiritual guides and provide insight into our lives. 

They come in various forms, including tarot cards, pendulum readings, and oracle cards. 

Tarot cards are a traditional way to better understand the future and help in decision-making. 

Pendulum readings involve using a pendulum, often made of crystal, to answer yes-or-no questions. 


Oracle cards are a more modern approach that uses a deck of cards with images to help you gain insight into a situation. 


Divination techniques are often used to connect with the spirit guides or the Divine power you believe in to access ancient wisdom. 


They can also be used to gain clarity on a situation or even to forecast the future. 


Depending on the type, you can use divination tools to connect with your spirit guide, receive guidance, and ask questions about your life’s path.


It’s important to remember that divination is not fortune-telling although you may be given insight on what steps to take and what the possible future outcomes of taking those steps may bring.


Overall, divination is a form of meditation in which you actively engage your spirit guides in conversation. 


Always ask for clarity and confirmation to ensure you receive accurate advice. 


Be transparent with your questions and open to the answers you receive.



What is channelling?

Channelling is the practice of allowing yourself to be an open vessel for higher-dimensional frequencies and energies to be expressed through you. 

It involves a deep state of meditation and allowing your energy-body to be a conduit for divine guidance to come through.

Going into this state allows you to access cosmic wisdom and knowledge from different realms of consciousness. 

This can be a powerful way to connect with your higher self and gain a deeper understanding of the universe. 


Channelling allows for greater clarity, insight, understanding, and awareness on many levels.


It can guide in areas such as relationships, health, career, and life purpose. 


Channelling can be a potent tool for personal growth and transformation, enabling us to access a deeper level of




How can channelling be used to connect with spirit guides:


Channelling is a powerful way to establish a connection to the world beyond our physical reality.

By opening up the pathways between the physical and spiritual realms, channelling can be used to unlock the hidden knowledge and wisdom of the spirit world and commune with spirit guides.

To channel effectively, you must first create a space that is conducive to this type of spiritual connection. 

Set aside a comfortable, peaceful space in your home and fill it with sacred items that have special meaning for you and help to evoke feelings of spiritual connection. 

Altars, candles, crystals, and incense can all be helpful components of your channelling space. 

A comfortable chair or cushion can provide a place to sit and focus on the task ahead. 

You may also wish to add items that inspire you and remind you of your spiritual journeys, such as photographs, artwork, charms, gemstones, or any other meaningful things.

Before you begin, take a few moments to clear your mind and centre yourself. 


Close your eyes and let yourself be taken away by the calming sounds of nature.


Listen to the birds chirping, the wind rustling through the trees, the gentle trickle of a nearby stream or anything else you wish to listen to.


Take a few deep breaths and relax in the moment. Feel the earth’s energy beneath you and the sun’s warmth against your skin. 


Make a conscious effort to let go and invite the guidance of your spirit guides in. Imagine a bright, white light radiating around you and cleansing your body and soul.


This is the light of protection. Feel its power and know that you are safe and divinely guided. 


Open yourself up to whatever spiritual insights your guides want to offer safely.

In conclusion, spirit guides are powerful allies we can call upon to help us navigate all aspects of life.

Knowing the different types of spirit guides and their respective roles can help you better understand your own spiritual journey.
Taking the time to connect with your spirit guides through meditation, journaling, or working with a spiritual guide can help you gain clarity and insight into your life path. 

With their guidance, you can make powerful and positive shifts in your life; it’s essential to remain grounded when working with spirit guides and to keep your intentions pure, knowing the difference between dark entities, lower astral and higher astral beings.


What is spiritual grounding?

Spiritual grounding can be thought of as a way to centre and connect with the energy of the universe. 

It is a practice that can help to bring balance and stability to your energy body, and to help you feel more in tune with the natural flow of the world around you.

In its most basic form, spiritual grounding involves connecting with the Earth and its energy to help clear and balance your energy body, allowing you to stay more grounded, focused, and connected to the spiritual aspects of life. 

Through grounding, you can become more aware of the subtle energies that make up your physical and emotional environment, allowing you to make better decisions and lead a more balanced lifestyle

Grounding can be a powerful tool for those on a spiritual path. It can be done in a variety of ways, such as meditation, visualisation, or simply taking a few deep breaths.

Grounding is an absolute must for any kind of spiritual work, especially when connecting to spirit guides and other entities from the spirit realm. 

When we are not properly grounded, it is easy for our energies to become scattered and for us to become vulnerable to energies that are not in alignment with our highest good. 

Connecting to the spiritual world without proper grounding can leave us open to manipulation and interference, or even negative influences, which can lead to unwanted consequences. 

Taking the time to actively ground yourself before any spiritual work helps to ensure that the intentions of the spirit guides you work with are for your highest good.


The Different Types of Spirit Guides and How to Connect With Them | An In-Depth Guide | Spirituality

The role of a spiritual guide is to be a beacon of light and love, helping those seeking guidance to navigate the journey of life and find their own inner peace and awakening. 

A spiritual guide should provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for their clients to explore their beliefs and feelings while offering wisdom and insight that can help bring clarity and understanding. 

They should also act as a mentor and teacher, helping their clients to identify their purpose and highest truth, and to move forward in their lives with grace and confidence. 

With compassion and patience, a spiritual guide should help their clients to transform their lives, allowing them to reach their highest potential. 

A spiritual guide’s guidance and support can help unlock one’s inner wisdom, inspire, and even encourage us to reach beyond our boundaries. 

However, it is fundamental to remember that not all spirit guides mean well. 

As we embark on our quest for spiritual understanding and growth, it is essential to be able to distinguish between lower astral and higher astral beings. 

Lower astral beings often propagate fear and negativity, while higher astral beings will seek to empower and encourage. 

This can be a tricky distinction to make, but it is beneficial to be aware of. 

If you ever find yourself in doubt about the intentions of a spiritual guide, it is vital to take a step back and question. 

After all, spiritual growth is a beautiful, winding journey along the path of self-exploration and discovery. 

We must carefully consider our intuition and inner compass as they will guide us on this journey. 

If ever we feel that we are being steered in the wrong direction, it is crucial to remain aware, take a step back, reflect on our feelings, ponder our next destination, and weigh our choices carefully. 

We must trust in our own wisdom, courage and faith that we will ultimately make the right choice. 

Ultimately, this journey is about learning, growing and embracing the beauty of the unknown.

Finding your spirit animal is a process that has been done for centuries by many different cultures around the world. It is a way to discover more about yourself and to connect to the natural world. 

To find your spirit animal, there are a few steps you can take. First, you can start by meditating and connecting to your inner self. 

Focus on breathing and feeling in tune with your body and mind. 

Next, you can close your eyes and take a journey of the imagination to a place in nature that you would love to explore. 

Allow yourself to drift off, picturing a forest with tall, ancient trees or a mountain with a breathtaking landscape view.

Maybe you have a vision of a lake, its shimmering surface reflecting the sky above, where that safe place is for you; envision it.

 Visualise yourself walking through this place, feeling the wind on your skin and the warm sun on your face. 

As you explore, you can almost sense the energy of the environment, as if it is alive and breathing. 

Listen intently, and you can hear the sweet chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves as the wind passes through them, and the gentle lapping of water against the shore. 

Look around, and you may see an array of creatures, from fluttering butterflies in the air to scurrying small mammals across the ground. 

Open your heart and mind, and you may even catch a glimpse of a majestic deer, the graceful swoosh of a passing hawk, or the amazing sight of a leaping fish in the river. 

See what other surprises the environment has in store and marvel at the beauty of nature.

The levels of spirit can be mysterious and hard to define, but whatever your understanding of the spiritual realm, there are generally accepted tiers of spiritual growth. 

Each level is a journey and an experience of its own, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the spiritual realm. 

The first level is the beginner’s level, which requires only the most basic understanding of spiritual concepts. 

People at this level can explore their own spiritual path and become familiar with the core principles of spirituality, such as the power of prayer, meditation, and the importance of developing a connection with the divine. 

The second level is about applying those principles to our daily lives

Here, we learn to develop a practice of spiritual disciplines, such as prayer, meditation, and service. We also start to build our own spiritual beliefs and understandings. 

The third level is about deepening our understanding of spirituality. 

At this stage, we begin to question the things we have always taken for granted about our spiritual beliefs. We start exploring other belief systems and Practices outside our own tradition. We also learn how to apply spiritual principles in new ways to create positive change in our lives and the world around us. 

The fourth level is a state of enlightenment or “awakening.” 

At this point, we have a profound understanding of the spiritual realm and our place in it. We see things from a higher perspective and are able to act with compassion, wisdom, and love. 

What are all the other names for a spiritual guide? 

A spiritual guide can come in many shapes and forms, taking on a variety of different titles and roles. 

Depending on the faith or culture, they may go by many different names, including gurus, ancestral guides, teacher guides, guardian angels, mentors, shamans, priests, and reverends.

Holy man-people, plant guides, protector guides, mystic, spiritual advisors,  teacher guides, wise ones, elemental guides, nature guides, animal guides, counsellors, elders, holy elders, spiritual masters, seers, and sages, All of these names and more denote a source of wisdom and guidance.

Someone who can offer understanding and insight on a spiritual level; though their titles may differ, all spiritual guides serve to provide guidance and clarity for those seeking a deeper, more meaningful connection to their faith or spirituality.


Connecting with your higher self is a deeply personal journey and one that can be incredibly rewarding. 

For many, it involves an inner exploration into the depths of their being. 

To begin your connection with your higher self, you can start by taking some time to reflect and meditate. 

Allow yourself to clear your mind and focus on the present moment. As you relax, you can begin to observe your thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

Pay close attention to the messages that arise from within. 

This can be a powerful way to access your higher consciousness and gain profound clarity on your life’s deeper, more meaningful aspects. 

Take time to explore different forms of spiritual practice, such as yoga, meditation, or journaling. 

Connecting with your spiritual guides and mentors can also be a great way to access your higher self, as they can offer invaluable advice and support in times of need. 

Additionally, you may want to try exploring energy healing therapies or energy work, such as Reiki or Pranic Healing, to help you gain insight into yourself and your life. 

Ultimately, the key to tapping into your higher self is to nurture your spiritual self and engage in the kind of activities that bring you the most peace, joy, and connection.

Activating the spiritual gift of discernment can be a challenging but rewarding experience. 

The first step to activating this gift is to open your heart to the divine. Whatever your spiritual practice is, from meditation and prayer to breathwork and reiki.

Practice it regularly and strive to develop a close relationship with the higher power you believe in and your highest self.

By connecting with the divine, you can open yourself up to the spiritual realm and become more in tune with your intuition. 

Take the time to educate yourself on spiritual discernment. With a basic understanding of how it works, you can start to identify the various signs of spiritual discernment. 

Listen or read spiritual, motivational, philosophical, occult or other teachings and delve deeply into their depths to discover the hidden gems. 

Seek resources to help you better understand this spiritual gift to help you make the most of it. 

The universe is vast and full of secrets, and it is something that can be explored and understood with the right guidance. 

Make use of the spiritual tools at your disposal such as guided meditations, affirmations, energy healing, tarot reading and more. 

These can help you unlock the power within and tap into the spiritual wisdom that has been passed down through the generations. 

When you open yourself up to these teachings and resources, you can learn to use your spiritual gift more meaningfully.