Uranus represents revolutionary energy in Astrology.

What is Uranus energy?


  • transformation
  • disorder
  • bolt from the blue
  • uprising
  • like chalk and cheese
  • harsh awakenings
  • celebrating your authentic self
  • the great originator of all invention

Uranus is awakening energy that asks you to let go of the old and bring in the new, some things shockingly and suddenly.

Uranus energy baulks tradition yet recognises the purpose of the status quo; still, Uranus urges to transform old structures to replace them with new or upgrades.

Uranus energy is about individuality, humanitarian pursuits, and scientific, personal, spiritual, technological, religious or institutional revolution.

Uranus in your chart shows how you’re different from the norm and the ways you can be different, eccentricity, weird and wonderful or the traits of someone with an abundance of Uranus energy in their birth chart.

Uranus acts in an exhilarating, electrifying and unpredictable manner. Freedom is the key phrase, so it’s who you really are and not what your family and society programmed you to be.

 Breaking the rules or behaviour and thought patterns you were told to act out, if you have Venus aspect Uranus, you may have unconventional love experiences.

In aspect to your sun, you be a non-conformist, you could be a genius if it aspects mercury, the difference is the key would when Uranus is in town.

Personal and collective change are the key phases of Uranus in astrology.

What is the energy of Uranus?, continued

Uranus Rules Aquarius alongside Saturn, It is Exalted in Scorpio and is in Detriment when placed in Leo and in Fall when in Taurus.

Uranus is also associated with the 11th, 7th, and 5th houses.  Uranus was discovered during the French revolution in March 1781.

The principal purpose of uranian energy is to demand individuals conquer their life challenges by overcoming the limitations in their minds and the obstacles living presents.

On the physical level, Uranus calls for you to leave outdated patterns of thoughts, behaviours and relationships by causing disruption.

What is Uranus personality?

Astrology Noel Tyl stated that Uranus rules astrology, and he may have a point, for the real purpose of astrology is to guide individuals to understand all aspects of their personality. 

So that they can transcend their limitations, the zodiac signs and planets represent all the different dimensions of human life.

By highlighting the obstacles, you will have to overcome and the energy and innate talents you can use to conquer your adversities and inner conflict.



Keywords for Uranus include:

  • Disruptive or Sudden Change
  • Unpredictability
  • Experimental
  • Technology
  • Early adulthood and midlife crises
  • Eccentricity
  • Geniuses
  • Electricity
  • Revolution
  • Individuality
  • Choas
  • Creativity
  • Outsider
  • Perversion
  • Moodiness- crankiness
  • Rebels without causes
  • Versatility
  • Dislike of restriction
  • Humanitarianism
  • Will power
  • Scientific
  • Metaphysical
  • Surprises
  • Social awareness
  • Detached
  • Antisocial
  • Extremism
  • Outspoken
  • Strong-willed
  • Forward-thinking
  • Rebellious
  • Reformative


Uranus takes 84 years to make one trip around the Sun; Uranus typically spends 7 years in each zodiac sign. This is why we must air caution and not overemphasise its meaning in an astrological natal chart.


Unless it is making conjunction or aspecting in some other way in your birth chart, with a faster-moving planet, like the Sun, the Moon, Venus and Mercury, or if Aquarius is your rising sign, Uranus is in your first house or midheaven

The physical attributes of the planet Uranus:

Uranus has 15 moons and a more significant gas content than the other planets, rolls on its side; the length of 1 day in Uranus is 42 years; this is the same amount of time for its night period.


So the average Human lifetime last 1 full day and night in Uranus time.


So, for example, someone who dies at age 21 would have lived for half a day, in Uranus time.

The myth of Uranus

The meaning of the word Uranus means Heavens; in mythology, Uranus was the father of Saturn. Saturn Become jealous of his father, and to ensure Uranus had no other children, Saturn Killed his father.


Another twist on the myth involving Uranus involves Gaia, the mother of earth, who had many children with Uranus, but Uranus envied his own children and locked them away.


So Gaia persuaded Kronos (Saturn) to do something about his father’s behaviour, which he did, by castrating him and throwing his genitals into the sea.


The sea gave birth to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who loved her children and aimed to spread the vibration of equality and humanitarian throughout the earth and heavens.

Weird and wonderful

Is it a bird, is I a plane? No, it’s a Uranus; Uranus has a kinda now you see me, now you don’t,  quality about it; it sends light bolt vision’s and fleeting encounters with people to evoke change.


Uranus governs surprises, scientific, metaphysical and technological advances; Uranus’s vibration infuses individuals with creativity,  odd behaviour, unpredictability, imagination and experimentation.


To break down old behaviours, thought patterns and structures and orthodoxy beckoning you to create sudden and often radical adjustments in your life.


Individuals with strong uranian influences in their natal chart are meant to be agents of social change and way-showers, ushering the future in the present.


Uranus is the great awakener and disruptor of the status quo, calling individuals to enforce change via action and willpower; the vibration of Uranus is electric and fast-paced, calling for rebellion, liberation, independence and originality.


The transformation Uranus calls for is seen as disruptive because Uranus drags individuals out of their ruts and comfort zones.

Uranus may cause a sudden end to a relationship, bringing weird and wonderful people into your life who force, you to rethink what you think you know.


For instance, you may say you are sure that you want to marry your partner, but here comes Uranus with a new potential lover, questioning your commitment to your current partner.


Another example of Uranus disruptiveness is you could have worked hard to obtain professional qualifications to gain what you thought was your dream job.


Then Uranus steps in and throws a spanner in the works with a new vision or delivers you a circumstance that means you have no choice but to change your career direction.


Innovation is what Uranus seeks, urging you to break away from the status quo and tradition; now, many people think Uranus wants you to ignore customs completely.


This is not the case; Uranus wants you to change how you use past information and knowledge, breaking away from conformity and convention. Take steps towards strategic innovation in your life.


Uranus wants you to think ahead; why are you doing the thing you do? Why follow everyone else? Why not tap into your own originality and self-expression?


Individuals with strong Uranus or Aquarius placements in their natal chart tend to be revolutionary and ahead of their time.

On the extreme end, they can be anti-social and detached, but if you stop and think about it for a second, to bring change into your life, you do have to step away from the often maddening crowd.


Uranus is associated with the circulation system in the human body; the circulatory system in the human body plays a vital role in carrying blood towards and from the heart.


It also removes waste products from the human body, such as carbon dioxide, and correctly directing nutrients, humans, and oxygen throughout the body’s veins.


When the planet Uranus sends visions, flows of inspiration or orchestrates changes in your life, intending to rejuvenate and remove toxic thoughts, relationships and situations from your life.  

Awakening you to your authentic self-expression so you can live a more authentic life; for this reason, Uranus governs crises points in life.


Just like the body’s circulation system, which ensures blood flow to the heart, for without a heart,  your physical body would perish.

And without the influence of planets such as Uranus and Pluto, you will forever go around in circles, stagnating in unproductive experiences, clinging to outdated thought patterns and traditions.


Sometimes the changes Uranus brings can cause nervous breakdowns, but this is because individuals often ignore intuitions of thoughts they may have to leave unproductive experiences, decade after decade.


Until eventually, they burn themselves and their bodies out, resulting in great travesties such as mental or nervous breakdowns.


To successfully work with Uranus energy, you have to set yourself free from the structures in your life that hold you back.

You will also have to work to transform your limiting beliefs and self-destructive behaviours, unchaining yourself from conformity and rigidity.

The primary purpose of Uranian energy is to bring vitality and the feeling of aliveness into your life.

What is it you want from life?

Some question to ask yourself

Are the goals you want to reach your own, or what you been told to aim for?

Do you even have any goals?  If you don’t, why not? Are you just wandering around aimlessly in your life? How can you find purpose?

Are your thoughts, habits, lifestyle your authentic self-expression, or are you a product of your environment, doing only what you been conditioned to do?

Many people wander around life, never stopping to think about the thoughts they have come to believe as accurate blindingly following family or societies expectations, without ever stopping to ask themself why.

Uranus’s energy tries to get people to envision a new life, planting new seeds for their futures, by often giving them visions, inventions and purposes ahead of their time.


On the esoteric level, when Uranus energy is not grounded with a higher purpose,  the energy of Uranus makes individuals rebel without any real cause. It causes perversions of the ego and abuse of any power you may have. 

As with all astrological planets and zodiac signs, a person must practice self-awareness and train themselves to have self-control, focus and self-discipline to use any of the Planets energies on the higher octaves of expression.

Learn from your past mistakes


To do this, a soul must learn its lessons, an individual must become awakened to their own individuality, they must make a choice to reach their highest potential and help others do so after they learned their own life lessons.

Individuals must integrate all aspects of their personalities,   managing all zodiac aspects and planetary influences in their natal chart

.Not only that, they must accept personal responsibility for their own life direction and devote themselves to humanitarian service.

Which is often the road less travelled; many individuals with strong Uranus or Aquarius placements in their chart are given the ability to be different, to break away from traditions.

 Yet, many people choose to do this from an ego perspective, often rebelling or being different just for the sake of it.

History is littered with examples of those abusing uranian energy to be anti-social or impose dictatorship regimes on the masses.

The Esoteric meaning of Uranus wants individuals to fuse the lower and higher selves, asking you to understand all aspects of your personality and soul.

But as many people disregard the soul, many fail to transcend the limitations of material conditions.

Esoterically speaking

On the esoteric level, Uranus calls for individuals to balance their physical life with their spiritual life, awakening you via flashes of inspiration and thoughts.

That aim to lead you away from anything toxic to your wellbeing and evolution, By first beckoning you to change yourself so that you can help humanity improve its ways and raise its consciousness.

 Uranus wants the individual to be aware of and work with all aspects of their existence, mind, body, and soul, to help others awaken to all dimensions of reality.

The house Uranus is in and any other planets it is making an aspect to in your natal chart, points out the areas in your life.

You will experience sudden changes or disruption in, as they say, forewarned its to be forearmed.

Suppose your natal Uranus is positively aspecting your Sun or Moon. In that case, you will receive visions or ideas that will guide you away from the status quo towards experimental concepts and philosophies.


Aspects with Uranus


If you have a positive aspected Uranus with Mercury, such as conjuction or sextile, your speech and thought patterns will revolve around future-oriented, scientific, technological and innovative ideas.

As long as no adverse aspects are disrupting Uranus energy in your chart, you will tend to follow the path Uranus is trying to take you on.

However, If  Uranus is negatively aspecting your sun or moon, such as square or opposition, you may be prone to nervous and mental breakdowns.

Because you may struggle to take in Uranus vibrations in a grounded and balanced way until you work through the life lessons which are stopping you from stabilising all of your personality traits.

Positive aspects involving mercury will strengthen your intellect and give you a unique way of communicating your ideas; with venus, your sensuality will be enhanced. You will show your emotions in unusual or artistic ways.

When Uranus positively aspects your natal mars, you will have enormous energy that can drive you to experience tensions in all areas of your life.

You will be restless, always on the go. Pluto- Uranus meetings will give you ambitions to transform the whole world.

Jupiter and Uranus connections intensify your Imagination, Personal Principles, ability to philosophise and humanitarian tendencies.

Neptune and Uranus aspects increase addictive or occult influences; you may also be more prone to rise up against restriction and conformity.

Uranus also has a vast influence in your natal chart and personality, if it is in the 1st, 4th, 7th or tenth house or if you have many planets in Aquarius or Saturn.

The primary purpose of Uranus in the natal chart is awakening the individual to all aspects of their personality, showing them the challenges they must overcome to discover their life purpose.

Indicating the life lessons yet to learn, the relationships and behaviours they must let go of to reach their highest potential, transforming the old into the new.