Venus in Capricorn Transit : What happens when Venus is in Capricorn?


Transit Venus in Capricorn

How long is Venus 2021 Capricorn?

Venus is in Capricorn from November 5th, 2021 until the 6th of march 2022, Venus retrogrades in Capricorn from December 19th until January 29th, 2022; read about that here.

  • This is a time where life becomes more serious
  • Increase in status and importance
  • If you have a good placement of Venus in your natal chart, such as Venus in Libra, Taurus or Pisces, or any other beneficial aspects.
  • your income can increase during this time, is an excellent time to directly ask for a raise in wages or a bonus
  • Help from older people with strong feminine or masculine energy
  • Good time for business or projects involving music, writing, art and entertainment
  • Business partnerships and financial transactions can be favourable at this time
  • You will look more realistically at your career, relationships, especially intimate ones, reassessing inner values.
  • Focus on long term financial goals and investments
  • Focused on long term rewards rather than quick gains
  • Even passing relationships are under review, especially those with passing acquaintances and coworkers
  • You be seeking more depth and meaning from your connections and shallow relationships, and communications may be ended at this time
  • Increase in reliability and seeking stability
  • Patients and perseverance over superficiality and impatience at this time
  • You may seek relationships with those who can help you in some way, especially career-wise
  • Some of you may commit during this time but be careful as you may not be seeing things clearly, especially when Venus retrogrades
  • You or others can be more reserved in communications and affections

Transit Venus in Capricorn, is can be a good time for business and professional matters; you can contact people who can help you advance personally and career-wise.

Someone in authority may give you an advance, or you can be that person who helps you up the career ladder; you and others can be more helpful and agreeable at this time, working towards common objectives.

If you have natal Venus in Capricorn, strong ten or eleven houses, Saturn or Aquarius placements.

During, transit Venus in Capricorn, you may radiate a vibe that allows others to gravitate towards you, offering you things you have been trying to manifest into your life for years or decades.

Venus in Capricorn Transit What happens when Venus is in Capricorn?

Transit Venus in Capricorn, continued

Is Venus in Capricorn good?

Venus in Capricorn can be a good time for making a realistic assessment of all areas of your life and making strategic plans for a better future.

Venus influence can even make the most practical-minded of people more artistic and creative at this time. Some of you may start a book, artwork, even if it is just the design or redesign of your home, wardrobe or switching layout in your home or office.
Beauty or aesthetics come to the forefront of many people’s minds at this time, even if it is just painting a room.
For some of you, it can be marketing yourself, your company, or your business in some form of public relations exercise to make your products or services more attractive to buyers or investors.

All attempts at business or self-promotion should run smoothly at this time.

Mature romance and serious commitment can be on the cards now, especially with someone older or mature in their thinking and actions.

This person can impart life experience or some other form of guidance that helps you in all areas of your life financial, physical, career, interpersonal, spiritual, emotional and psychological.

When Transit Venus is  in Capricorn, some of you may fall in love or start an affair with your boss or coworker; this can go good or bad, depending on your natal chart and personal transits.

However, if it goes bad, your affair or relationship can cause tension between coworkers; make sure you or someone else, as you can be the boss in this situation, isn’t starting the relationship out of greed or some other ulterior motive.

This is sure to be found out later and can cause a breakdown in communication or a need to leave or fire a person from a job they love.

Also, avoid taking a holier than thou attitude to life at this time as you can lose or miss out on a good friendship or romantic interest at this.


All in all, during the Venus transiting Capricorn transit, you be more about achieving any work or personal targets, looking for the practicality in all your relationships and experiences.

More detached in, forming or ongoing relationships

If you are creative, you will be more focused on practically bringing your ideas into form at this time, rather than get lost in thoughts and daydreams

It’s an excellent time to make long-lasting bonds

Serious about intentions

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