Venus in Taurus March 2020 – Emotional and Financial Secruity

Venus enters Taurus on the 4th of March 2020, When Venus is in Taurus, earthly sensuality and stability come to the forefront.

You may find yourself being sensual, wanting to be more affectionate with your loved one, you may find yourself seeking nurturing, from yourself or you love ones.

When Venus is in Taurus, it is an excellent time to partake in self-care, what are your needs? Do you need more relaxation time? Would you benefit from a spa date or a walk in the countryside? Maybe a relaxing bath?

Guard against being too possessive, or watch out for people in your life being possessive with you, as sometimes Taurus energy can be stubborn as the bull itself, wanting everything their own way.

Make sure you don’t isolate yourself or others while Venus is in Taurus, in 2020.

Now is a time for romance, candlelight dinners, courting your love one, making them know how much they mean to you.

Long term security while is at the forefront, you will want to gain material, physical, spiritual and psychological stability at this time.


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You may find yourself wanting to save money, increase your income or applying for a promotion.

Maybe your current Career is not satisfying your material needs, or you may decide to go for a promotion or find a new job.

When Venus is in Taurus, you seek harmony, even if it is forcefully, this is not time by fly by night romances or whimsical money-making schemes.

You want fur coat with your knickers during this transit, you want concrete evidence , for any ideas or suggestions you or someone else may have.

Now is the time to make long term plans, I recommend you take time out to do a life review? You may think that you could never change your life around, as you stuck in a rut.

But you can if you seek help to bring your life into order and balance, I offer tarot card readings, monthly astrology transit readings.

Sometimes transformation can see hard, not knowing where to start, from my experience the reason why most people don’t achieve their highest potential. Is because of their emotional blockages and psychological trauma.


The blockages revealed during Venus in Taurus, transit


It can be excruciating to revisit the past, but while Venus is in Taurus, the energy is there to add you sustain personal transformation.

Currently, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the North node and  Pallas and are all in Capricorn, and Uranus is also in Taurus providing earthly grounding energy which will help you change your life.

If you are prepared to take small daily steps to change your life.

Right now, I am also offering free life coaching sessions. You can view all of my services here.


Venus in Taurus opens you up to your 7 senses, now is not the time for airy-fairy spiritual concepts, you will find yourself wanting to achieve and receive tangible actions and results…

You want stable living conditions, Career and Relationships, you want nice food , drink, clothes, surroundings.

Make sure you do not become too demanding nor domineering on your quest for security, give your love ones breathing space as well as affection.

Remember just as you have needs and desires you wish to meet, so do they, compromise during this period, and enjoy life.

Removing anything or anyone that makes you feel unstable, dealing with your own psychological and emotional instability.

During the Venus in Taurus transit 2020, you will want to create stability in all your relationships and home life.

On the spiritual level, you may find yourself wanting to deal with your past life karma and any other spiritual- psychological blockages you may have.

Mediation and dreams may reveal pathways to help you heal yourself.

Venus in Taurus March 2020 – Emotional and Financial Security

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