Natal Retrograde Venus in the houses, the need to move forward in your love evolution, starting with loving yourself first and healing past life love issues.

Exactly what needs to be healed with be revealed to you by the constant themes in your love life and closest relationships.

Read on for the explanations of natal Venus in retrograde through the astrological houses in your birth chart.

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Retrograde Venus in the first house

“Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others.”― Fyodor Dostoevsky


Your evolution:

There is a need to accept yourself, warts and all; regardless of your many flaws, all humans have them.

Being honest with others about your shortcomings is how you will create authentic relationships.

True intimacy is being naked, emotionally, before your lover(s) eyes.

Showing them who you really are, you also need to be honest and raw to yourself about who you are first before you can truly love anyone and them you

What you need to overcome:

 Lacking in confidence, being dependent on others for false feelings of self-esteem, hiding this fact, by declaring your independence, and making others believe you don’t need them.

Yet behind this pretence, there is still an inner void, self-absorbed, dominating and attention-seeking, regardless of how many compliments or popularity they get. This can only be filled by self-approval.

 There is surface ego love of self. However, this person can equate their over-concern with themselves with genuine self-love and assurance, yet it is not.

 Inner doubts can push others away; never sure of your own emotions about others or how they feel about you.

 You like your freedom but can deny others this right, especially if they arouse your sex and “love “drive.

Past life karma:

using beauty, conceit, physical body and personal willpower to get what they want at all cost.

Your evolution:  genuine self-love, finding out who you are, so others can love that, getting security from a higher power. Other people and material status or things cannot give you the sort of security you’re seeking.

Be patient with the process.

Allow your partners to be themselves, giving up on trying to control others because you fear they will try to dominate you if you don’t.

Love is about compromise. If you want an authentic, intimate relationship, you must let your partner (s) have a say.

What you need to overcome:  You can be slaved to comfort and your own faulty belief system, refusing to grow, even if you’re into the higher consciousness –spiritual- deeper meanings of life.

You often buy spirituality or like to physically embody whatever you believe in, in what you own.

For example, you could own many spiritual books, artefacts, and other things yet can fail to practically live up to the ideals you talk about.

Clinging to material possessions can be your downfall.

You can manipulate others with your possession and use others or material things to feel secure.

Turning down real love for security because of a past life soul pattern.

 This need to feel fulfilled by what you or others have is strong. Still, it stops you from creating authentic relationships or knowing yourself at the deepest leaving, which makes you keep making past mistakes.

People with this position can constantly complain about wanting to be loved for themselves. You try to buy affection by buying others material things or allow yourself to be brought. 

Past life karma: using inner values and possession to get what you want, or loving others for their wealth and material things.

Give up trying to relive the past, accept your now, and allow yourself to grow and get to know yourself. This is how you can connect with others authentically and fill your inner void.

Retrograde Venus in the third house

Your evolution:  Accepting that maybe a part of you will always feel disconnected from others. After all, there is a part of ourselves we should keep to ourselves even when we are in love. 

What you need to overcome: Living in your intellect, trying to please or play to the crowd, because doing this causes you mental restlessness and discontent.

Which makes you try to predict how things will turn out before they happen.

This can cause extreme nervousness and cause you to miss out on real life, getting disappointed when people or situations don’t live up to your expectations.

Pick your romantic partners carefully, make sure you’re willing and able to give them what they want and make sure they can provide you with what you need and want.

Communication is key.

You don’t have to keep on talking to impress others. Try to tell the truth and not make things up to keep your audience engaged.

 So people will intuitively know what you are doing, and you may push away the one you want to keep close with your deceitful behaviour.

 It may be best for you to try and live your relationships with intimate partners day by day instead of jumping ahead, wishing to feel more or less.

Just let your feelings for others be, know you can only be responsible for your emotions.

Keeping a daily journal and writing down your feelings can help you uncover your deepest psychological and emotional wounds.

So you can heal them and feel more connected to yourself.

Building a close connection with yourself will help you feel more secure in your relationships with others.

Sure, don’t go out of your way to hurt others, but know that if someone is in a relationship with you, they may like you. You don’t have to try so hard to please others.

And if the relationship doesn’t work out, heal, and someone else will come along, don’t get stuck in regrets.

 We all have to kiss a few frogs at times to find the one we can connect with completely, mind, body and soul-higher consciousness.

Past life karma: giving up trying to manipulate others to make them like you, forcing yourself to feel things you don’t, feelings are not intellect, intellect is not feelings. To know love, you have to feel it as it unfolds.


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Your evolution: To know not everyone is your friend, to avoid being taken advantage of, seeing yourself and others as individuals, albeit part of the interconnected human family.

Building an authentic inner core of self-love, accepting yourself unconditionally in any given moment, but consistently working towards changing the things that need improving to make you feel more secure.

What you need to overcome: Suffocating those you love with affection, depending on others to provide you with overall security, accept that you need a stable and nurturing relationship with others.

Allow your loved ones to be who they are and love them for that!!!

Don’t be afraid of your own feelings; accept you need a level of intimacy with others before you reveal your true nature to them.

 Yet don’t hide in your shell too much as you may turn off those you wish to draw near, causing you a sense of loss and anxiousness.

Past life karma: clinging to those you love and not allowing yourself and others the space to grow as individuals, trying to relive past lives of idyllic love. Use these memories of the perfect love to be your inner foundation of how to give affection freely to yourself and others with no strings attached.

Retrograde Venus in the fifth house

Your evolution:  let your authentic self show and not your ego. Stop trying to anticipate other people’s moves.

 It’s good to be self-assured, but being too (full of yourself)confident can turn others off.


Shine yes, but allow and encourage others to do so. Rather than overwhelm them with your self-belief, help them grow with it.

In fact, you could be an excellent teacher, especially for those who are disadvantaged in society, if other placements in your chart support this.

 Your deepest will joy can come from helping those you at first may turn your nose down at. (Look down upon)

Be vulnerable to those you can trust about your insecurities. This can help strengthen your connections and reverse relationship tension.

What you need to overcome: your fear of rejection and having a superiority complex.

All humans make mistakes, you included, and that’s fine. We are all here to learn.

Use your innate intuition to meet others’ expressed personal needs.

Rather than guess their next move so that you can take premeditated action to protect your own interest.

Past life karma: you have memories of being the best, so you hold yourself up to this high standard. You can expect your friends and lovers to live up to your standards.

 But this behaviour can alienate you from those you want to keep close to.

Learn to accept your own and other people’s flaws and see the joy in your present achievements, no matter how small.

Rather than delaying gratification until your reach an elusive goal, drop your regal standards a little.

 Yes, pick the right partner and friends for you, but know, that what you think you want may not be what you really need.

Retrograde Venus in the sixth house

Your evolution:  Learn to share your authentic feelings rather than the edited version of your emotions you tell others after a lengthy self-analysis.

If you want closeness with others, accept yourself, the world and the people in it for whom there are.

You cannot control everything, try and find a semblance of order in the chaos.

Do things for others because you genuinely want to, not because you feel you have to or because you are attempting to control the outcome.

Try and be vulnerable with your feelings with the right people, who you learn to trust over time, and the closeness you want from others will come to you.

What you need to overcome: trying to connect with people from a sense of what is right and what is wrong.

Instead, try and understand why people do the things they do.

This will improve your intimate, social and work relationships.

The past has gone. There is no use drowning in feelings of internal regret.

Get help to overcome these feelings if need be, experience the present moment as it is, not as how you think it should be

No amount of thinking can change the reality of this world and other people.

You can only change how you respond.

Start by giving to others without strings attached, not with the expectation of getting something back.

Stop trying to calculate other reactions, as this makes you come across as fake or untrustworthy.

Past life karma: in past lives, you may have strived for flawlessness and achieved a sense of it.

By shutting out the chaos, which gave you a false sense of order and control.

This resulted in you living a life full of repression; because you tried to live up to your own and other people’s two-faced standards and failed, all human makes mistakes.

Accept you’re not perfect, and there is no need to be.

Allow yourself to express your authentic desires and allow others to fulfil your needs.


Retrograde Venus, meaning through the astrological houses, continued

Retrograde Venus in the seventh house

Your evolution:Accept your oversensitivity embrace your empathetic nature, and need for harmony in your surroundings and relationships.

Understanding that you don’t have to constantly please others.

The people, who genuinely want to be in a social or intimate relationship with you, will understand and accept you for who you are, not who they want you to be.

Learn to spend some time alone; getting to know yourself and your shadow personality traits; self-acceptance is essential for this lifetime.

 Gaining an inner core of self-forgiveness, understanding, healing, and love will help you manage your moods.

Rather than allowing your feelings to be controlled by your environment and the people in it.

Know you cannot please all the people all the time.

Still, you can get to trust and know yourself.

What you need to overcome: Be honest about your true feelings with others.

 So you can release inner feelings of bitterness; avoid playing to the crowd and being the victim.

Separate your own feelings from those of others, yet know that the offensive and imperfect traits you see in others are often in you as well.

Said not to evoke shame but to allow you to see that you don’t have to be perfect, and the only thing you can ever control in this world is your own actions and reactions.

So it’s best to focus your time and energy on personal development and create connections only with those you can find balance and mutual respect.

Past life karma: constantly performing to the needs of others, living up to your family, society and nation’s expectations, co-dependent relationships.

Accept your shadow, your worst traits; all humans have them.

The behaviours you dislike the most in others are typically the personal habits you need to transform within yourself.

Retrograde Venus in the eight house

Your evolution:  Get out of your own way; channel your sensuous nature into creative pursuits.

You have a natural talent for poetic or creative writing.

Even if you keep it to yourself, own your need for times of great sexual connectivity and time away from others and sexual embraces.

Make friends with both sides of you, and know it’s ok to seek deep connection but need alone time as long as you make this clear to all those you are in intimate relationships with.

Keeping a daily journal and dream log will help you work through intense emotions and make peace with your current and past lives emotional upsets.

You cannot change your past, but you can heal it.

 Forgiving past heartbreaks and setbacks can be challenging.

Still, it is better than a life lived in resentment and self-pity.

Allow yourself time to get to know new people and see them for who they are and not through the lens of your own or your ex-lover’s mistakes.

Take your time getting to know new people, and you will eventually find someone to meet all your needs, but you must allow others freedom in the way you love them.

True love sets others free. Learn to value and own your need for passion.

Take time to figure out what you truly want in your intimate life and give it to yourself via unconditional self-love

Accepting and coming to love your flaws unconditionally.

Take your time to transform the thought and habit patterns that stop you from forgiving and nurturing yourself to wholeness.

What you need to overcome: Ignoring your need for deep affection and personal attention, it may be challenging to break this habit, but you must find a way to let go of your past rejection, abandonment and control issues.

Deal with your emotions rather than ignoring them by overeating, drinking alcohol or any other addictive or seductive behaviour which leaves you feeling empty in the long run.

If you want others to be vulnerable with you, be vulnerable with them; admit your feelings of rage, envy and irritation.

 If you work steadily towards your intimacy and career goals, you will obtain them.

At times you can turn others off by remaining an enigma(unreachable) yourself but insisting they reveal all their secrets to you.

Life is not a competition; it is a journey.

Get out of your thoughts and start taking practical action to get what you want.

Focus on your own garden, plant the seeds, and they will grow.

Past life karma: being let down or letting others down in love, often after deep promises of lifelong love and other words and actions of commitment.

 So now, in this lifetime, you are constantly anticipating your next heartbreak and seeing the past in everyone you meet.

 This causes history to repeat itself.

The past is gone. Learn to create your future from the actions you take in your now.

Retrograde Venus in the ninth house

Your evolution:   To know there is a life beyond your own personal beliefs and spiritual, philosophical, religious or other convictions. These are noble traits to have, but not if they cause conflict with those who do not believe as you do.

Yes, base your relationships on commonalities.

However, do not be hostile to others simply because they hold different beliefs to you, try and understand others’ perspectives while assertively expressing your own.

You have to find a balance between your need for personal freedom, devotion to something higher than yourself and closeness to others on an intimate and social level.

What you need to overcome: ignoring the needs of others, yes, you may have the karma of being comfortable in your own company, but others do not feel this way. There is a need to understand where other people are coming from.

To build healthy relationships with others, constantly avoiding conflict and authentic connection is not what real peace of mind is about.

Although there is a need to cut yourself off from external environments and tension at the beginning of a spiritual journey.

But this is not the end goal of the spiritual- higher consciousness path.

 The end game is to remain still within the chaos, being able to pass this gift on to others who are ready to walk this path.

If you decide to commit to another person, you must make sure you are clear about your need for independence.

Making decisions on your own that should be talked over with your partner may cause numerous arguments that could lead to a breakdown of the relationship.


Past life karma: Spending many lifetimes devoted to a religion, cult, or other belief system has left you with an inner longing to repeat the same in your current lifetime.

 Depending on other aspects in your natal chart, you may need to live a life of personal freedom.

But doing this may leave you alienated from the part of you who needs a deep intimate connection with others.

Building connections with those who value their personal independence.

It will help you balance this karma of being a strong, unique person who follows their own personal belief system. But who still needs a deep connection with other human beings.

Retrograde Venus in the tenth house

Your evolution: It is good that you look up to other people.

 Especially those you see as having authority, but your growth comes when you learn to respect yourself for who you are and not what others think of you.

Giving up on being overly ambitious, allowing yourself to experience true intimacy with yourself and others.

Sure, financial and material security is part of a healthy and productive relationship. Still, it should never be the only reason for commitment.

Allow yourself to find genuine love based on feelings and not possessions or status.

Follow your authentic ambitions, and educate yourself in any skills you are missing. This is how you will gain the self-assurance you need this lifetime.

What you need to overcome: Putting on a show for others and feeling responsible for their happiness, yes, do your best to value others.

But true happiness can only ever come from self-understanding, so do your best to know yourself rather than bend over backwards, stressing yourself out trying to meet the needs and wants of others.

Past life karma:  in past lives, you have spent a lot of time trying to read people to meet their expectations, but this has left inner self-doubt in your own innate abilities.

On the plus end, you have built a vast skill and knowledge bank on human motivations and needs that you can uncover as your belief in your own abilities grow.

Retrograde Venus in the eleventh house

Your evolution: not all that glitters is gold.

Not everything that is available in the world needs to be experienced by you.

Venus retrograde in the 11th house requires you to try and settle down.

It is good to explore in your teenage years, 20s, and maybe your early 30s, yet there comes a time you have to say enough is enough.

Because you have an insatiable need to try everything, you have an inner need for freedom and exploration, especially sexual. 

But it is crucial that you don’t let these experiences take away your self-respect and zest for life.

Try and find friends and intimate partners who can provide you with all the variety you seek.

As I said, explore from ages 20-40, but know when to slow down. Every dog has to eventually have its day, true.

But there is a time every dog must also settle down into their old age.

This doesn’t mean becoming passionless.

It means making a choice to divert your energy more constructively. You can make positive impacts in science, technology, humanitarianism and the occult.

Being your own best friend rather than your own worst enemy is essential.

What you need to overcome: a constant urge to experience new things, whether this is new group associations, friends or lovers. You can be gluttonous in your pursuit of the unknown.

However, this can lead to detachment from reality and your sense of self, causing confusion and inner discontent, which can grow into self-loathing.

You can be obsessive in your need to try everything, and you can be equally controlling over your own emotions and thought processes. You can talk yourself out of your own best ideas.

There will always be something new to discover, but if you keep on exploring, you may miss what you need to feel at peace.

There is a part of you; you now keep from others and even yourself.

But this part of you needs to access to feel more secure and at peace with your authentic identity.

This is gained by accepting yourself for who you have been, who you are now and who you will be.

Letting go of your past, to open yourself up to the new.

It may seem ironic.

As I said earlier, you need to stop trying new things in a rampant fashion; pick what you explore wisely.

Committing to an individual that can meet all your needs, “is the new thing your soul is really craving”.

First, figure out what you really want, and deep down, you know what this is.

Train yourself to meet your own needs, and then allow someone else to.

You learn to trust yourself and others.

Being vulnerable with the right peeson(s) will allow others to provide the nurturing and stability you need in your intimate relationship this lifetime.

Past life karma: current life and past life rejection can make you fearful of commitment.

However, you can set yourself up for disappointment from lovers who can satisfy your sexual urges but not your emotional or psychological needs.

You have had many lifetimes of being a social outcast, doing what you like when you like, and breaking society’s rules.

These experiences are so engraved in you that you keep on wishing to repeat them.

Retrograde Venus in the twelfth house

Your evolution:  There is a strong need to become comfortable in your own skin and get in touch with reality. Rather than fall for the fantasy of who someone is and what you can be together.

Writing, painting, or other creative expressions can help you become more stable within and aware of your own emotions, so you can manage them.

Working through the deep pain you often hide from yourself, you also need to stop punishing yourself by going after unobtainable people.

In the long run, Secret love affairs will bring you deep pain, making you feel like you cannot have an open relationship.

Although you may believe you prefer these types of connections.

There is a strong need to let go of your need for secretive liaisons, especially with those who are unavailable.

As well as clinging to preconceived ideas of how life should turn, learning to flow in the moment.

You need to get over past or current life memories of the perfect love or rejection.

You are right to not trust just anyone, but there is a need to open yourself up to finding someone you can trust and be vulnerable with.

Learn to trust your own judgment and intuition, and then you will know instinctively who and what to have faith in.

Doing this will open you up to new experiences and opportunities that can help you grow as an individual.

Be honest about your need for alone time with your intimate partners and that you need to know that someone is waiting for you when you come out of your time of seclusion.

You are best suited to those who need their own downtime, so they can easily respect your need for solitude and be honest about your fear of abandonment.

This will bring you the intimacy you are craving with the person who deserves the vast love you are capable of giving.

Alone time is needed for your emotional, spiritual and psychological stability. It helps you find creative solutions for your life’s problems.

What you need to overcome: Living in your past, holding back your authentic emotional needs because this stops true intimacy from being formed in your relationships.

Try not to cling to your lovers. Not everything is meant to last forever.

 It’s always painful when a relationship breaks down, but know if you remain open, then a new lover will be along, like the next bus, as we say in England.

When it’s the right time, the love will last.

 Many people from your past lives may pass by to give you critical lessons or messages in this lifetime. They are not meant to outstay their welcome.

Use your, “me” time to build yourself up rather than tear yourself down over your past mistakes or escape from your emotions by distracting yourself.

Learn to sit and understand your feelings, which will help your mentality and soul growth, which is needed this lifetime.

Past life karma: memories of perfect past life love. There is a need to make friends with your own and other people’s emotional- feminine energy.

A lot of your relationships this lifetime are karmic. You may not necessarily know these souls in past lives, but you know the lessons these souls individuals are trying to teach you.

There is a need to heal issues from this and past lives that revolve around neglect.

Especially self negligence, unfaithfulness and misuse of your sensuality.