How long does Venus transit a house for?

Venus transit lasts about 20-23 days in each house or zodiac sign, sometimes longer if Venus is in retrograde and depending on the sizes of your house in your natal chart.

Venus is never 48 degrees, more than two signs away from the sun; most of the time, when Venus transit is happening, the sun is in the same house or no more than 2 houses away.

Not all events listed in transit will happen each time Venus transits; ultimately, your natal chart placement of planets and the aspects they make to other planets and houses.

It is vital in personal prediction, as well as, considering the aspects transiting Venus makes to the other transiting planets and their houses.

What’s written below is a guideline of the sort of things that can occur when Venus is transiting each house.

Venus transits

    • Influences your romantic, business, creative, financial, committed and social relationships.
    • You can appreciate music, art, entertainment, and nature more
    • You may focus on increasing your wealth or possessions
    • Good time to work on self-care, love and growth
    • You may decide to create your own music, write a book, learn an instrument, draw or anything else that unleashes your artistic and innovative side.
    • Increase interest in personal beauty or hygiene regimes
    • Feeling more social
    • Overindulging in food, alcohol or drugs
    • Becoming lazy or infatuated affects your ability to work and focus
    • Increase in hookups or meeting the “one”, which can be pleasant, or cause heartbreak and other feelings of upset
    • lack of common sense, which causes you to make questionable decisions
    • seeing life through rose-tinted glasses, over idealising life and people
    • falling for an undesirable partner that may cause you to lose money or other valuable resources or relationships.

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Short version, When Venus is transiting through the houses, your social life, finances, possessions, creativity, appreciation of beauty, how you view or are influenced by feminine energy and emotions, romance and hookups are open to change.

In general, if Venus makes positive aspects to your birth planets while moving through the houses, you can expect gains in any of the above areas.

If Venus is making negative aspects, then you may experience loss through the matters ruled by the house Venus is in at the time.

The more extended version, explanation of Venus transits

Venus transits can be quick, so how they affect your personal life depends on other transits that are taking place in your natal chart at this time.


Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto aspects to transiting Venus make the effects of the Venus transit, vibrations last longer.


Uranus to Venus transits are notorious for bringing eccentric and odd romantic connections that may be fun and exciting but short-lived; Neptune aspects to transiting Venus add a level of illusion and deception to the old and new relationships.


Venus is a social planet, so during Venus transit, you will want to socialise and have fun more, attend parties or other functions, appreciate music, art and the bodies or any other attractive feature of humans.


You and other people tend to enjoy other peoples company under Venus transits.


Venus energy is best used for self-care, personal development, and removing all barriers to loving yourself and enjoying life.


So you can love and enjoy others authentically, rather than depending on them, or trying to possess or obsess over them, which can happen under the influence of Neptune and Pluto aspects to Venus during its transit.


The highest octave of Venus energy reveals the knowledge that you can only love someone else if you love yourself first; if you don’t, your relationship is typically based on obsession or possession.


You don’t need to deny your desires, but you must not confuse lust and attraction for love; Venus energy is good for working on your creative expression and inner values.


Whenever two or more people come together in a relationship, a third entity is always created, the relationship itself, which is shown by composite charts in astrology.


Typically as in our correct human history, most relationships start from a place of lack or seeking in others that can only be found in ourselves.


A relationship is an entity created by two or more people forming a bond. If there is any form of imbalance, the connection becomes toxic, not healthy, manipulative or addictive.


Instead of enjoying the other person, we tend to depend on them for our own personal happiness or other things that can only be found via self-love.


A relationship is about people working together to meet goals; you don’t have to be perfect, but you must be equal, and if they are issues, you must both work through them as individuals and as a unit. Ignoring problems just adds to the toxicity.


 But the best relationships work when the other people allow each other to be authentic independent individuals; Venus energies are best used to make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen.


If you want more love in your life, start by loving yourself, warts and all your shadow and light, your good and your bad, instead of waiting for someone else to love you before you do.


Not to be harsh, because we are all worthy of love, but when we feel bad about ourselves, we tend to attract experiences and people that reinforce this negative self-belief.


Venus transits can also be a time of overindulgence in romance, food, alcohol, drugs; because of this, Venus energy can make you escape from your responsibilities, but due to the 2nd house and Taurus influence.


You can be inclined to take care of your inner value system, finances and other things that make you feel stable during Venus transits. Still, Libra’s influence due to Venus ruling the 7th and Libra can make you people-pleasing and superficial at this time.


Long term relationships can happen under Venus transits, but it depends on what aspects Venus is making to other planets.


If Venus is aspecting Saturn, this can indicate a long-lasting connection; Saturn may bring your way after overcoming any obstacle.


Relationships started under Venus influence alone can be mere infatuations, especially if Uranus and Neptune are involved.


 You or others may be driven to manipulate others to get what you want by using money, entertainment, drugs, food or beauty to get what you want.


When Venus is in retrograde, Venus transiting through the houses may cause you to retreat from socialising and your personal relationships.


You are more inclined to self-reflection, especially about your past love choices.


You should be cautious about how you spend your time, money and other resources, relationships of all types business, friendship, romantic etc… May end suddenly.

Venus transiting the first house

  • you may become more socially active and outgoing, trying new things, speaking to people you usually would have never talked to before etc
  • if you are ordinarily uncouth- rude in your personal expression, you may become more refined; if you typically are nice, you may become more bad-mannered or full-on.
  • you may want to spend more on jewellery, getting your hair done and other things that make you look and feel good
  • you become more creative and may sing, dance, paint or create content more
  • this is an excellent transit for all creative types
More about transiting Venus in the first house

This gives the ability to respond to conflicts fairly or passively, this can be a good or bad thing, depending on the situation, but in general, you will be more cooperative than usual.


Due to a need to relate to others, you can be more open up to romance and the brighter side of life.


You are more likely to seek peaceful connections with others and help them solve their problems.


However you mustn’t let others walk over you, as you may agree to things you come to regret at a later date, this is a good time to take time out from your regular routine, go on holiday, socialise more.


Short-term love affairs or hookups may start at this time; these connections can be good or bad, but if you live by a lesson in anything, you will grow from this experience and be wary of your own and others manipulations at this time.


New connections can give you powerful insight into your own personality and desires at this time.


However, this transit is best used to look after your own needs, questioning what makes you happy, and are you doing what brings you joy, how can you bring more self romance and self-care into your life.

Venus transiting the second house

  • you can increase your possessions or money through creating content, music, paintings, graphic design, dealing in other forms of art or luxury items
  • success in loan or funding applications
  • help from wealthy people
  • Venus is accidentally dignified in this house because Venus rules Taurus; this is another good transit for creative types
  • if you have adverse aspects to Venus by transit or in your birth chart, you may overspend
More about transiting Venus in the second house

You could overspend during this transit on food, alcohol, clothes, socialising, art, jewellery, or other possessions at this time.


 This can cause difficulties if you cannot really afford these items; you can buy now and be unable to pay later.


This is a good transit to be approved for loans but make sure you do not overstretch yourself, investing in property or on the stock market may also bring high returns in the long run.


 But only invest excess money, not money you need for daily expenses, and only speculate what you can afford to potentially lose.


Emotional spending can feature during this transit, so you must take time to work through any unhealed emotional or psychological issues during this transit.


Due to your overspending, you may have to take on a second job or create a side hustle; you may choose to do this even if you’re not going through financial difficulties.


 Preferring to plan for your future can be an excellent time to enhance your future monetary or spiritual worth.


Either by your own actions or friend and family, or someone new may come into your life, which helps you financially but be careful their gifts don’t come with a string attached.


Venus transit 2nd house is also an excellent time to look at your personal beliefs. Are they working for you? Do you need to adjust them? Is your value system really your own, or what you have been told to believe in?


What is it you authentically believe in, and how can you express your authentic values in your day to day life more, without forcing them on others.

Venus transiting the third house

  • increase in social communication with friends, family, co-workers and those in your locality
  • new contacts – friends- or something more serious
  • good transit for writers, especially of romance novels, poetry etc
  • short trips
  • may change or add upgrades to your car, bike or the way you travel etc. at this time
  • if you have negative aspects via transit or natal placement, you may waste time in gossip and wasted journeys
More about transiting Venus in the third house

During this transit, you may experience good times with your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances; this can be a good time for fun, light-hearted conversation, partying, and all other forms of socialising.


This can be a highly gossipy and superficial time; you are more prone to passing hook up – causal encounters, maybe with people you know rather than a stranger.


Short trips to local parks, woodlands or any other places of nature or art such as museums may inspire you at this time; you may feel the urge to buy art or other lovely furnishings for your home.


If you are the emotional type, or even if you’re not, this transit can make you appreciate and express your feelings to your close ones.


You may go out of your way to show them how much you care; you could do this verbally or via emails or text; for the romantics among you, you may choose to write poetry to your lover(s) or special friends.

Venus Transiting the fourth house

  • Increase in socialising or spending time in your own home or other people homes.
  • Excellent time for dating- or genuine courtship- and no, it isn’t dead!!
  • Good time to redecorate your home or buy soft furnishings
  • Pleasant experiences with those you live with
  • Helping others- inviting people to stay in your home for a while
  • Negative aspects in your natal chart or by transit to Venus may lead to overspending on entertainment, home improvements and eating or drinking too much
More about transiting Venus in the fourth house

Your home or other people’s homes usually become the centre of socialising activities during this period, unless other transits to your natal chart suggest otherwise, such as Saturn square transiting Venus.


Because you may be prone to eating a lot of good home-cooked food or takeaways at this time, you must be careful that you don’t overindulge in food and drink at this time.


make sure you take enough exercise to reduce any health complications

Some of you may prefer solitude at this time or just being around your closest family and friends; if they have been in family arguments, this transit brings an opportunity to solve them.


Suppose you are thinking about making any changes to your home. In that case, this is an excellent transit to do so.


Because you’re more likely to pick the right trades people, beautiful furnishings, appliances, paints, wallpapers, accessories, artwork etc.

Transiting Venus in the fifth house

  • Increase in pleasurable social experiences
  • Good time to host and attend parties
  • Find or Express your creative side
  • Because this energy brings a lightheartedness, you may be able to look at intense emotional problems without falling down the rabbit hole of painful emotions at this time
  • Good time to date and flirt, but don’t lead anyone on this can have negative consequences
  • If you’re trying for a baby or want to give birth to any new idea, this is a good time to do so
  • Good interactions with children or the childlike
  • Good transit for all involved in entertainment musicians, acting professionals, scriptwriters, directors etc
More about transiting Venus in the fifth house

You can be prone to laziness and wanting to have a good time only and not work hard during this transit of Venus in the fifth house of romance, speculation- gambling, children and creative expression.


You may get carried away with your inner child and its demands to party, binge on online streaming shows, and gamble on new romances or hookups.


You may find yourself more willing to be who you authentically are at this time, without putting on your social mask; this can endear others to you, making them want to spend more time with you.


An significant love relationship could start under this transit; you could get carried away, which can be a good or bad thing.


 Depending on other transits to your natal chart, if Uranus is aspecting transiting Venus in the 5th house, the romance could be excited but short-lived.


You must do your best to meet your commitments because overspending can cause debt problems later on; children your own or someone else may make you feel more alive at this time.


 And you may enjoy playing video games or taking them to theme parks, playgrounds, ball pits, riding bikes, skating or any other activities that they find fun.


If you are creative, you may find happiness in painting, writing, creating content, singing, playing an instrument; even if you usually don’t have a creative bone in your body, you may find yourself more willing to try at this time.


Visiting artist landmarks seeing your favourite music or other artist(s) in a concert or exhibition may appeal to you right now.


 Even if you’re usually uptight and all about projecting a professional persona, you may be more laid back than expected at this time.


If you have positive aspects to Venus in your natal chart and Venus is well aspected via transit, this can be a good time to invest in the stock market.


Especially investments connected to music, luxury experiences or products or entertainment, bet on sport or other types of speculation but only bet what you can afford to lose.


Negative transits to Venus by transit or in your natal chart can indicate unwanted events like an unplanned pregnancy or some form of infidelity.


You can also waste profitable opportunities by wasting time chasing pleasure and sensual enjoyment.

Transiting Venus in the sixth house

  • Increase interest in your personal health and wellbeing, being more vigilant of how much you eat, drink and exercise
  • Taking more pride in personal hygiene and appearance to be more attractive to those you want to date or hook up with
  • Meeting new people through sports, at the gym, health food isles in the supermarket, online forums to do with health etc.- matching on dating sites with these types
  • More fun or relaxation at work, maybe listening to music, introducing workspace yoga or mindfulness, buying a new work poster or anything else to brighten up the workplace.
  • This is a perfect time to ask for a pay rise or any other improvement in work conditions
More about transiting Venus in the Sixth house

You may be focus more on your health and wellbeing during this transit, doing all you can to improve your physical, emotional or spiritual wellbeing.


You will be more focused on repairing any problems you have in your relationships right now.


You are more likely to say words you have been putting off saying, but the focus will be on practical obligations in relationships, such as sorting out who pays what bills.


 Who should do the school run, discuss boundaries, and talk about how you can support each other better to make the relationship more equal and run more smoothly.


Even if Saturn or mars are making a negative aspect to transiting Venus in the sixth house, Venus influence allows for discussions to be more refined and graceful.


Issues with co-workers and bosses can be resolved more efficiently at this time; working on team projects can make bonds grow more profound, and you will be, in general, more pleasant to each other.


 If you ask for time off work or any other request, your boss is likely to agree to it at this time and be more good-natured or sympathetic than usual.


If they are adverse aspects to the transiting Venus or Venus in your birth chart.


 Your lack of attention to detail or other incompetence such as over socialising can cause problems at work.


You could suffer health problems due to lack of sleep, over drinking, taking too many drugs or other intoxicating substances.

Transiting Venus in the seventh house

  • More interactions with people
  • You can become more outgoing and pleasant in the way you approach others, leading to an increase in popularity which can be short-lived
  • Good time to deepen commitment if you’re in an exclusive relationship or you may make a hook up more serious
  • Aspects to Saturn to Venus via transit or in your natal chart may send a potential marriage partner your way
  • Good time to start a serious search for a dedicated relationship
  • If you work in marketing or selling, you may see an increase in sales or attention to your products and services
  • Perfect period for creative’s to display or promote  their work
  • Increased connection with  your feminine energy and emotions can have meaningful conversations that strengthen relationships
More about transiting Venus in the seventh house

This can be an excellent time to enjoy life with your intimate lover(s), close friends, family, and co-workers; in fact, people you dislike and who may be rivals can be surprisingly good company at this time.


All types of conflicts can be settled more amicably right now, even divorce or other insurance or legal settlements; while this transit last, small miracles can happen foes can become friends, even if it’s temporarily.


If you have been facing obstacles in relationships, they can be overcome right now, and you can complete even the hardest of tasks efficiently.


Especially work projects that may have been causing you stress, you and any colleagues involved will cooperate more easily, working hard to achieve your goals.


 But it is important to you don’t isolate your friends or lover(s) at this time, by focusing too much at work, communication is critical, explain to them the need to finish your work, and you will make it up to them at a later date.


Venus transiting the 7th house is a nice time to be more romantic and get closer to your lover(s); take them out on some nice dates, some cosy nights in, cook them their favourite meal.


Words will come out more easily, so this can be a good time to ask for commitment; if you’re single, you may meet a new romantic prospect at this time.


The negative outcome of this transit is that you may waste precious time on over socialising, pointless arguments or debates, or you may decide you can no longer be bothered with meaningless friendships or associations.

Transiting Venus in the eight house

  • Sometimes this transits brings unexpected money like inheritance, tax rebates-refunds, insurance payouts.
  • Your partner may get a pay rise or some other payout
  • Networking with people that can help advance your career
  • Kinky or some other form of mind-blowing sensual experience with someone new or current lover
  • Helping others or being supported by others through an old or recent trauma
  • Meeting someone who is into the occult things of life and forming a friendship or something deeper with them
  • Discovering alternative-plutonic –intense music, films, drawings or other content.
  • Negative aspects to Venus by transit or in your natal time can make this a time of excess or dangerous sexual encounters.
More about transiting Venus in the eight house

Your sex life can deepen at this time; this can be a time of passionate lovemaking, and you may explore love practices such as tantric sex; sex can open doors to spiritual or psychological awareness.


However, arguments over sex can cause disagreements or separation at this time.


Obviously, this won’t happen each time Venus transits the 8th house, which happens about once a year.


This is a chance to be transformed through collective experiences; at this time, you can learn more about yourself through your experiences with others during this transit.


 If you are single, you may start or continue to work or join the masculine- yang and feminine- yin aspects of yourself, so they can work more in unison, allowing your conscious and subconscious minds to merge.


You may decide to conserve your orgasm via the art of sacred sex bring yourself to the brink, but not all the way there, so you can channel that energy into a creative or any other project you are working on at this time.


This is also a good time for all joint ventures such as taking out a couple insurance plans, mortgage or any other financial loans, such as a business or investment loan If you’re single, you could start an intense and very plutonic relationship at this time, be mindful that your new partner does not dominate you in ways that cross your boundaries, and you should refrain from trying to control them in ways that cross their limits too.

Transiting Venus in the ninth house

  • Long-distance travel physical or mental
  • Making connections with people from different backgrounds or cultures to you
  • Good time for 1st , Second, 3rd or  honeymoons, taking a break to reconnect with any lover(s)
  • Seeking out religious knowledge, appreciating architecture and natural scenery of your own or other countries
  • Becoming more philosophical – open-minded in your perception and beliefs, or in your committed or romantic relationship(s)
  • Meeting people new people through education, religious or travel activities
  • Receiving support from friends and family in your education, religious, spiritual, philosophical or travel ambitions
More about transiting Venus in the ninth house

Your experiences at this time, whether that be a holiday, communicating with people of different cultures in person or online, spending time in nature or viewing art.


Listening to new music, staring at the stars, reading a book, watching a movie, spending time with family, friends or your partner, playing a video game, getting lost in imagination or thought can trigger something deep within you.


 This expands your perception, opening your mind to new possibilities that help personal growth.


Broadening your awareness of relationships in general and what it takes for them to be successful.


If you are single, you will be attracted to people who are not your usual type at this time, which rock your world in some way either by their appearance or their knowledge.


Negative aspects to Venus in the 9th house can cause you to waste money on travel courses; you may also neglect your work or education responsibilities to socialise or get lost in hookups or romance, which can have negative consequences.

Transiting Venus in the tenth house

  • excellent time to try and improve your career and social status
  • Good time to network and ask those in authority or power for help
  • If your Venus is well aspected in your birth chart, this is an excellent time to ask for a pay rise, go for a promotion or change career
  • All business matters involving art, music or other entertainment should run more smoothly at this time
  • If Venus is negatively placed or aspected in your birth chart or by aspects, it makes to other planets when transiting, such as squares to Mars, Saturn or Uranus. You can become toffee-nosed, superior, reckless or high and mighty with other people.
More about transiting Venus in the Tenth House

Venus’s influence here allows things to run more smoothly in your professional life; sometimes, while this transit happens, you may get a promotion or get that new job you apply for.


But more often than not, Venus in the tenth house allows for cooperation in your business or place of work.


 You will have more fun with your boss or co-workers, maybe team goals or nights out or other activists, such a team-building exercises, will bring a sense of joy and closeness, allowing you all to work more efficiently towards the team or corporate objectives.


 Unless they are adverse transit also happening at this time like Saturn square, Uranus in transit or Uranus or Mars oppose Venus in transit which may cause tension in the workplace and arguments with co-workers.


But favourable aspects such as Saturn conjunct Venus in transit could see you falling for an older boss or co-worker, or you could be the more senior lover they fall for.


Be mindful of your own or others ulterior motives for making the connection, such as money-grabbing, as this may backfire in the long run.


 But typically, this transit indicates a relationship founded on mutual goals, which can help you or the other person get further in your career(s) and life goals.


 Yet, true love could be the foundation of the relationship instead of greed.


Venus energy is always for more harmony and enjoyment of beauty, so at this time, you are inclined to use your inner creativity to solve conflicts or problems.


 You may use your creative skills to help with any office decorations or design that may be happening at this time.


You may design some promotional material,  have a say in the new workplace uniforms, logo or be involved in something else that is important.

Transiting Venus in the eleventh house

  • Finding pleasure in connecting with new or old friends through groups and organisations
  • New friends or potential lovers are found through a shared interest in art, music or other forms of entrainment or beauty related hobbies or careers.
  • Attracting emotionally or physically beautiful people with good social or economic standing
  • Working in groups to reach personal goals or group objectives
  • Solving problems in groups, helping a friend or being helped by a friend through personal issues.
  • Discovering old hopes and wishes and making plans to fulfil them triggered by group events or conversations
More about transiting Venus in the Eleventh

This is a perfect time to socialise with friends and groups, you may discuss your hopes and wishes, and if you’re single, you can meet a new love whilst out with friends or attending group events.


You may join a new humanitarian, political, social activist, spiritual, scientific or technological group; all group activities, social or work-related, are blessed with more friendliness during this transit. Either heated negations can be more harmonious.


You can find yourself feeling more positive about life in general at this time; you may attend a lot of parties or other social events that make you happy.


You mustn’t allow others to walk over you at this time; being agreeable is one thing to keep the peace.


But being a doormat is another, particularly if someone is overstepping your boundaries, its best to tell them so in a firm but calm way.


Negative aspects to transiting Venus can cause you to waste time in group or friendship settings.


 Where you mutually lead each other to research baseless theories, excessive drinking or drug use that squanders money, energy and other resources- seeking pleasure for pleasure’s sake.

Transiting Venus in the twelfth house

  • Venus is exalted in Pisces- 12th house so you may become more empathic towards yourself and others, giving of your time, money or other resources more
  • Greater appreciation of natural beauty, the struggles of human life
  • Volunteering in hospitals, care homes or prisons
  • Finding it easier to deal with unhealed emotional and psychological blockages, making significant progress in healing them
  • Connecting with your inner sources of spiritual, emotional or psychological abundance and awareness
  • Connecting with others who can help you with your spiritual or psychological growth
  • Tapping into your inner creativity can help you produce good pieces of art, music, writing or other content
  • Getting help from those involved in the therapeutic religious, spiritual, philosophical or educational professions or groups
  • Going on physical or mental-spiritual retreats
  • Spending time in solitude
  • Finding or deepening a soul mate friendship, business or romantic partnership
  • If you have negative aspects to Venus via transit or in your birth chart, secrets can be revealed at this time; you can get involved in spiritual or physical infatuations or start a secretive romance.
  • preferring to be alone or feeling cut off from the beauty and romance of life- if you are single
  • karmic relationships
  • helping other people
  • secrets being revealed
  • seeking counselling or alternative therapy
  • exploring the spiritual or psychological
More about transiting Venus in the Twelfth

Venus transit the 12th house can make you more caring and empathic towards the needs of others; you may choose to put others first before yourself.


But make sure you do not neglect yourself completely or try to appear selfless just to get praise, as this will backfire;.


You may volunteer in a nursing home homeless shelter, give to charity or help elderly friends, family members or neighbours.


On the negative side, Venus transiting the 12th house can make it hard for you to hide any problems in your relationships if you have been running away from talking about someone with your intimate partner, friends or family member.


Then this transit may force things out into the open; the good news is that you should be able to find a compromise, unless Saturn, Uranus or mars are making a negative aspect such as a square whilst Venus is transiting the 12th house.


Then things could turn hostile, and harsh or unpredictable words or actions may be said or done, which could cause discomfort.


 Yet, Venus presence allows you to remain calm and find a compromise everyone is agreeable with, eventually.


This transit is the best use to focus on self-care, nurturing and introspection; Venus influence will make it easier to handle even the most disturbing thoughts or memories that surface from your subconscious at this time.


Making it easier for you to cope with any disturbing emotions, for this is the 12th house; after all, the house of Neptune, you could experience confusion or psychological suffering during this transit.


Particularly if you overindulge (Venus) in drugs or alcohol, then this transit can be pretty disturbing; under the influence, you could reveal a secret that causes trouble in your intimate relationships.


Moderation is the keyword to this transit. To avoid the negative side effects of overindulgence, you could experience dreams that reveal intuitive information or symbols to you at this time; for some of you, these dreams may be of a vividly romantic–sexual nature.


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