Void of Course Moon Astrology Meaning

What do you do when the Moon is void of course?

Void, of course, moon meaning

The Void, of course, Moon happens when the Moon is floating- transiting between two signs; think of it like when you pause your favourite TV show, dance or listen to your favourite song in slow motion, or ask for a break in a relationship.

Yano sort of like a nap-nap time, what we all needed when we were toddlers, or a time out you were asked to have if you threw too many tantrums.

 The Moon is floating in the atmosphere, looking for its new home and aspect, like a transient wanderer always on the move, time and people move more sluggish, the world becomes blurry as you and others around you lack clarity and insight.

“Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.”
― C.G. Jung

Moon keywords


    • Past, present, future
    • Pure emotion
    • Shows how Human emotions influence all areas of our lives, relationships, business partnerships, investments, friendships, social life, professional attainment, education
    • Shows how we give and receive affection
    • Shows are physical, psychological, spiritual heritage –ancestry
    • Feminine energy, traits and responses
    • How you seek comfort and security
    • Survival instinct
    • Psychic perceptions or rational insights

The Void, of course, the Moon is when the Moon is not making any major aspect with any planet, although it could be aspecting an asteroid or making a minor connection with a planet.

 Major aspects are seen as squares, conjunctions, trines, sextiles, and oppositions; in astrology, applying aspects means two planetary bodies moving closer rather than further apart.

The Moon in astrology represents inter and external rhythms, gut and instinctive responses, how we incorporate, understand and reflect upon knowledge, experiences and information we are presented with during our daily interactions.

The Moon is the window between our past, present and future, giving us insights into how the events and people of the past condition our responses daily to current moment stimulation.

Not dealing with our past allows it to control our present moment outcomes and, therefore, our lives.

Dealing with our emotions is the only way through, as until we learn to manage and know ourselves, on the individual world, the external world and the people in it will control our every move at their whim.

 Sure we cannot control world events, but we can control the way we respond to them, which can be the difference between calm and reactivity, sanity and insanity.

The Moon’s aspects with planets throughout the week show us how we can capitalise on these energies to plant the seeds that will bear fruit for us in the future.

The Moon controls the rhythms in our body, such as heart and bowel movements, yes of course, how much we eat influences our bowel movements, as does the severe we exercise.

For example, our heart beats more when we do cardio exercise; in comparison to when we do gentle exercises like tai chi or yoga. Still, the Moon influences our readiness for either type of exercise.

The Moon signifies nurturing, feminine energy, the whole range of emotions from extreme joy to crippling depression; the Moon rules pure emotion and brings this flavour to every aspect it makes; the Moon is the fastest moving planet.

 Indicating the rapid changes of mood and circumstances humans go through, reminding us to heal our past transgressions so we can stop them from controlling us in the now, which robs us of the beauty of nature and new experiences.

The Moon in astrology

“When you don’t follow your nature, there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be.”
― Dane Rudhyar


The Moon in your natal chart and daily life via its transits represents your own and the world emotional personal.

Fir example, if the Moon is transiting in Gemini, this will colour how we all see the world, but how you view the transit Gemini moon depends on your natal moon position.

Working with moon energy helps you to understand the obstacles you face in your daily life, navigate obstacles and restrain emotional response.

For instance, your boss may be irritating you on a particular day, but if you are aware that Moon is squaring Mars or Saturn, you may resist saying something that cost your job, as awareness is everything in this life.

Watching the Moon can help you meet life with more fullness, compassion and understanding, as you flow through lives challenges and work on healing your emotional and psychological blockages.

Following the moon transits will make you less impulsive in reacting to the moon transits as you become a conscious co-creator with the Moon and the other planetary energies that influence you daily, monthly and yearly.

How to use the Void of course, Moon and all moon phases

The Void of course, moons occurs when the Moon makes its final major aspect to a planet or asteroid such as Chiron or vesta, before changing into its new zodiac sign and or constellation.

Following the Moon and its transits and Void of moon dates, allows you to strategically plan ahead; first, I suggest you go about your everyday life and see what happens when you carry out certain events during a void of course moon.

As you have to remember, some of you was born during a void of course moon, so you may not be affected by a void of course moon.

I was born during Mercury retrograde and for me that transit is a holy grail of forwarding motion rather than yano the dreaded put off all things until it passed, that many astrologers state.

Anyway, if you were born during the Void of course moon,  then the Void of course moon could help you make big decisions, and remember it is the good as well as the bad experiences that helps us see the depth and beauty in life, as below, as above, after all.

What should you not do during Void, of course, Moon?

For those of you not born during a void of course moon, or who do not have an abundance of squares, oppositions, quincunxes and other hard aspects in your natal chart, Which indicate you thrive through trouble times.

 Or if you get the gut instinct that this cosmic time is not suitable for you, or if life experiences show you that planning and doing things during the Void, of course moon is not a good time for you.

In general, the Void, of course, Moon, asks for you to put off making big decisions and planning significant events, such as launching a new business, going for a job interview or partaking in important meetings or other forms of communication.

How any transit affects you depend on various factors in your birth chart; calculate your chart for free here, or buy one of my options here.

But know, no one ultimately can know your birth chart more than you, and many decades into analysing my own birth chart.

 I am still finding new things, not because I am a subpar astrologer, as my clients will attest; I dig real deep, call it the sun in the 8th house moon conjunct Pluto in me.

But because sometimes, with all things astrological, things do not make sense, or we are not meant to understand them, before we grasp the foundations.

Or past the challenges of basic aspects of planet placements in our chart so we can manage the complex ones, such as yods; click here if you have a yod in your chart.

So in a nutshell, you might want to avoid the following things in a void of course moon phase


  • Starting or interacting with anyone new you want to keep in your life
  • Starting new projects, launching any new venture, investing in stock, applying or going for a new job interview or promotion, giving any type of motivational or keynote speech, especially those involving new information
  • Buying essential gadgets, tools or any other product or service that you need for everyday life as it may not work and they could be a delay on refunds or getting it fixed, that will delay any start date, or cost you time, money or any other resource.

How long does a void of course Moon last?

In general, the Void of Moon last anywhere from 1-24 hours, max; although most of them last 1-6 hours, the Moon changes signs every 2- 3 days. So the Void of moon phases happens 1-3 times a week; as this is a common phase it is essential to take note and plan for it.

How the Void, of course, affects you depends on the time of day it happens; if it happens at 10pm you may be getting ready to go to sleep, so it will affect you less.

But on a weekday –working day it may affect you more as you try to meet the demands of your daily schedule; check Void of course dates and times here, or here if you’re on GMT, UTC time, you can also check if you were born during a void of course moon phase here too.

Things to do when the Moon is Void of course


What are void of course moons good for?

  • Finishing things you started before this period, letting go of what you need to let go off
  • Introspecting, taking a life review, making a plan for future actions
  • This is a good time to edit, evaluate, refine artwork, music or any written work
  • Put off major decisions
  • This is a good time for those into esoteric training to advance their progress and make continued steps to consolidate their karma
  • Focused Inner work can lead to radical spiritual and psychological healing advancement
  • Enjoy the company of those close to you
  • Self-care, self-soothing, all forms of mediation, walking, massage, yoga, tai chi and any other gentle exercise or dance
  • Relaxing and catching up on sleep
  • Focusing on your spiritual practice
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