What does a waning moon mean in astrology?

Waning Gibbous or Disseminating Moon, transit and natal

What is a waning gibbous moon good for?

  • The fine-tuning of the more minor details of any plan or relationship
  • Learn from past mistakes
  • Time of silence and stillness
  • Do what’s essential to you focus on improving yourself
  • Increase in communication- try not to force your opinions on others, keep an open mind
  • Reflecting on ways to enhance your life, looking at the past and thinking about what you did right and what needs improving
  • Expressive gratitude and thanksgiving for your life and the things and people in it
  • Sharing information, ideas and thoughts in meaningful ways

What does a waning moon mean in astrology?

When the Moon is in disseminating/ waning gibbous phase, it about 2/3rds bright, and it dims each day during this phase; it is 225-270 degrees ahead of the sun. When the moon transit is in the waning gibbous/ disseminating phase, it rises after sunset, transits after midnight and sets after sunrise.

The Moon enters the waning phase is a good time to make amends for any mistakes, think about and put in strategies to overcome any obstacles you may be facing in your career or relationships.

On the personal and spiritual development level, now is an excellent time to heal psychological, emotional or spiritual wounds.

In this phase, the regenerative energies are speeded up so physical or hidden wounds can be healed quicker than in any other phase. 

Sowing seeds to reap the benefits at a later date is also good during this phase; these can be actual fruit or vegetable seeds or psychological or spiritual seeds to transform your inner life.

This is a time to think about what you want from life and make written or actional plans to walk to the tune of your inner drum; after all, whose life is it anyway.

Thinking outside of the box and getting out of your comfort zone will bring great rewards during this waning gibbous phase; you may find yourself wanting alone time.

 Some of you may find yourself suddenly interested in meditation or some other alternative healing therapy.

Natal Waning Gibbous or Disseminating Moon

When you are born with natal Waning Gibbous, also know as Disseminating Moon, you can be very giving; many of you born in this phase are teachers in one way or another. You may be avid readers, writers, and spreaders of information; typically, you are involved in your family, local community, or nation, focusing on giving back to the world.

You love getting on your soapbox and spreading the word; even if this is just in your close friendship groups, you are the one who usually makes people aware of things they didn’t know before.

When you have natal Waning Gibbous or Disseminating Moon, you love to break the mould in some way, and you can be the odd one out, by choice in your family, and you love movement and travel, even if it’s just via different online groups or forums.

What does a waning moon mean in astrology? continued

You have the vibrational support to stand and fight for what you believe in if you choose to use it; however, you must avoid being overly pushy with your beliefs and become an extremist, as this can lead to mental confusion. Do all you can to think critically and seek ways to ground yourself in reality, not the reality of your own or others creation, but the absolute truth of the matter; note a coin has two sides; there is always more than 2 sides to any story.

You can reflect before you act, so use it to avoid complications; you can be wise beyond your years once you learn to manage your shadow traits. And you can learn from your mistakes and prior experiences, so you can navigate life obstacles and reach anything you set your willpower, intentions and actions towards.

You can become adept at communication after learning not to force yourself on others and that your communication abilities do not make you superior. 

People tend to not like know it alls or being told what to do no matter how good your intentions live and let live.

When you have a natal Waning Gibbous or Disseminating Moon, you will become skilled communicators when you learn to listen.

As well as ask the right questions, listening too, and observing the reasons behind people’s behaviour, without trying to change it, understanding it is all you need to do.

Listen more

As often as the old saying shows the fool speaks, why the wise person remains silent, you will begin to learn that many humans know they need to change or know the right thing to do, but often don’t like to get out of their comfort zones and self-destructive habits can be hard to break.

 In Life, things are much easier said than done, and when you grasp this, focusing your efforts on those seeking transformation, you will become a well balanced and rounded individual.

You will be able one you learn to integrate your personality to think before you act or react, which you may learn the hard way; you can remain objective and see the broader perspective of any situation or argument.

 You be able to keep your opinion of yourself under control, so you can get to the heart of the matter and a person’s needs.

But know that just as you had to do the hard work to change, each person must do this for themselves, you can give pointers and advice yet you cannot do the hard work for them.

In summary, you can become sage-like when you have Natal Waning Gibbous or Disseminating Moon; you can be champion of the underdog and leave a good impression on others.

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