Transiting Waxing gibbous moon stage

Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.

― Anton Chekhov



  • Take stock of your progress- analysis
  • Write down things blocking your progress
  • Start new things- keep on transforming
  • Strategise – organisation- the refinement of goals
  • incorporation of all aspects of your objectives, looking at the broader picture- READ BETWEEN THE LINES
  • seeking truth, meaning and advancement
  • going beyond every day and superficial

What does a waxing gibbous moon symbolise?

  • Playing attention to the small details,
  • Refining your plans
  • Flexibility

What is waxing - waning gibbous Moon in astrology?

The waxing gibbous Moon is the period the Moon is halfway lit, and because more fuller by the day, gibbous comes from the Latin word humpback, as the gibbous Moon resembles this process. The waxing gibbous Moon rises in the afternoon, hits the meridian after sunset and sets a while after midnight.

Waxing gibbous moon transit effects on people

The waxing gibbous Moon is an excellent time to start something new; the Moon supports new beginnings regardless of the zodiac sign it is in or any natal transits you may experience.

Note transits in astrology show what obstacles we will experience during any particular phase to make us aware; however, all humans have free will and mind over the matter brings the most significant rewards.


Extra energy is given during this moon phase to begin new projects, relationships, spiritual practices or any new venture. 

However, caution should be given if your thinking about any medical procedure or change in diet during this phase; check all the facts as the regenerative/ healing process is slowed down during this moon period.

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Make a detailed plan to avoid any adverse effects; the vibration of passion and purpose is vital during this moon phase; this is not a time for superficial pursuits but hard work to bring your goals into reality

Patience, structure and inner assurance are supported during this phase.

Now is the time for personal development and nourishing yourself and your ideas; you may find yourself searching for meaning and broadening your mental, spiritual, physical or emotional horizons during this time.

Follow through on your actions, do your research, connect to the correct information and people, keep on going; don’t give up. Give yourself time to bear the fruit of your intensive labours.


Natal gibbous Waxing - waning Moon


Why, how, because, the eternal learner and researcher

The natural truth-seeker, analyser  or mystic

The Moon is 135  – 180 degrees ahead of the sun, they are two phase to the gibbous phase waxing and waning gibbous, spanning 135-180 degrees of the moon.

Those born on waxing / waning  gibbous phase are typically the children who get mistaken for adults.

 Those born under a waxing gibbous moon transit can experience tension in their environments as they question everything and are not fooled easily.


They also want to know the meaning and underpinning workings of things; mere surface explanations will not suffice; they can be hard to hoodwink.

However, they can blind themselves by becoming fixed in their need for perfection, over analysing and intellectualising.


What does a natal waxing waning gibbous Moon symbolise?

Waxing gibbous is growth via refinement and constant evolution, seeking flawlessness in everything they do; they can become disappointed when they do not live up to others or their own expectations.

Waxing gibbous people want to outdo their past accomplishments and reach their highest potential; they can naturally be philosophical and spiritual.

Wanting the greater good and seeing the broader picture, learning brings them stability and purpose, and you like to teach others that it is going beyond what they think they are.

That they will find hidden potential which can change their lives and that sometimes the past and parts of ourselves must be sacrificed for the greater good.

Because of your questioning nature, you can become a good judge of character and understand the deeper workings of human motivations, thoughts and behaviour.

You also seek out mentors and master, yet remember that you one day must become a master, and at times you will be master, teacher and learner at the same time.


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Your goal is to learn from others, but as you reach 30-45, you must come to rely on your own logical and intuitive processes to guide your life.

Know that not everyone will understand you; it’s ok, they not meant to, but you must come to heal, understand and manage yourself.

 The world was not built in one day; slow down and enjoy the journey, yes you’re a quick thinker, yet there is a feeling, spiritual and intuitive world around you too.

Develop all your sense, seek out activities to relieve tension and know not everything needs to be a competition.

It’s good to understand, but some things cannot be logically thrashed out; they must be felt natal waxing gibbous moon friend.


Delving into the core of the matter turns you on, sometimes more than physical sex can; yes, I just said that, discovering new perspectives and ideas can be like orgasms to you.

Getting to the bottom of the matter lightens up your day and puts a bounce in your step; you love seeking and revealing the truth.

The shadow of waxing gibbous Moon


Do all you can to remain calm, and know not everyone seeks the truth like you, and this is ok; we all have our individual crosses to bear and paths to walk.

Take pleasure in nature and relaxation, and do not beat yourself up too much.

Do your best not to project your moods on others, learn to breathe and to anticipate less, and experience more.

Like the seed which one day will bear fruit, those born during natal waxing gibbous Moon know that life is hard work, and accomplishment takes self-discipline and organisation to fulfil their dreams, ambitions and destiny.

They seek out many viewpoints before making decisions; those born uring waxing gibbous moon can get lost in data and information.

 So it’s key to write down their initial goals and look at them from time to go as they advance towards reaching their targets and completing their projects.

What does a gibbous moon mean spiritually?

You would have learned a great deal; even in your current life, you would have observed many different phenomena and experienced a lot.

 You must bring together opposing aspects of your personality and ideas in the world to create a whole picture of whatever it is which sparks your interest.

You know that it’s via constant learning, exploration and personal growth; the most significant rewards come now and in the hereafter.

Introspection is your most incredible tool, as constant self-expansion, personal development is your forte.

 And those born during waxing gibbous moon love becoming more than you were, purifying your character is of utmost importance to you, and you wish others were the same.


Again do you best not to become disappointed with others, as each person has to learn their own lessons?

You want progressive relationships where all parties are committed to growth; you must become discerning about who you decide to keep close to you.

In your youth, you may just pick any friend or lover, but as you get older and mature, you become pickier about choosing the career, activities and relationships which are in alignment with who you really are.

When you have natal waxing gibbous, you can be highly creative without being impulsive as your way up the pros and cons.

But you must not escape or get lost in thoughts or fantasy, take action and don’t just live life via your ideas and vision; you must take practical action to create your dreams and ambitions.

In summary

When you’re born with the waxing gibbous Moon, natally

You must become adept at self-management and motivation, giving up perfection, seeking to reconcile differences, especially those within yourself.

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