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Buck full moon 2021, Weekly horoscope 18th July 2021 until 25th of July 2021

All times are UK, British summertime.
Moon days 8 – to 10, Moon in Scorpio, July 17th at19.38 PM, until July 19th of July at 22.08PM

The moon is in waxing gibbous phase and also enters the first quarter moon phase on the 17th of July  


Read about the moon in the Scorpio phase here; when the moon is in Scorpio, it is a good time to make decisions, to take time out, and to pay attention to your emotions and inner spirituality.

Although the unknown is scary, especially the depths of your emotions, exploring them, and vowing to let go of or start to work at letting go of your inner turmoil, is the best use of the moon in the Scorpio phase.

Your intuition will be more active, gut feelings more profound, some of you may be drawn into the mystical, relaxation, meditation, trying to become more still are all great activities for the Scorpio moon phase.

If you can tap into the energy of the Scorpius constellation and the Antares star if you have intense Scorpio energy in your natal chart.

 If other transits indicate, you could experience great success in financial matters during this moon transit.

The waxing gibbous phase is a perfect time for a new start, infusing extra vibrational strength to aid your new path.

On the health front, regeneration is slow, so take it easy if you had recently had an operation or any other health relapse.

On moon day 9, the 18th of July, be mindful of other people’s actions, don’t be paranoid, but make sure you are sure of their intentions before you head heart first, as seduction and illusion are high on this day.

Do your best to stay level headed and not lose your temper; walk away if need be; as Scorpio moons energy is intense, try and make sure you take of your daily routine.

Pay bills on time etc., rapid change of mood and unsteadiness of emotions are keywords for these transits.

On moon day ten, take time out to enjoy the beauty of nature, art, your body, your mind, your soul, appreciate the little things.

Make plans to bring your dreams into reality, know all great ideas, begin with a first step and come into form via continuous effort.

On the business front, be cautious in all deals; many negative aspects may come into play; check the small print, reduce hostility and nervousness; others you deal with may be highly irritated during this time, especially those you collaborate with usually.

Avoid being overly critical, but wake up and smell the coffee, avoid taking on too much risk, evaluate the details and profitability of any new business venture.

July 19th at 22:08 Pm until 11:36 PM, on the 21st of July, the moon will be in Sagittarius

read more about the sag moon here.

Moon days 11-12, When the moon is in Sagittarius, intellectual and logical activity will be activated and improved.

 You will be able to think about the day to day consequences of any change you thought about making; in the previous ten-day, you will be able to think more abstractly about your life goals and problems.

Matters of law and order may be brought to the forefront of your mind in some ways; you may travel physically or via mind, when your sleep, your soul- higher consciousness may travel to the higher psychic realms to get new knowledge.

Well, thought out action will bring the most significant rewards during the Sagittarius moon phase; on moon day 11, there is an abundance of positivity in the air.

 Going for a walk or some other short journey like a picnic in the countryside may bring clarity and a feeling of ease.

You may find inventive and quick-witted responses to your social interactions; fortunate encounters are the critical phase for the Sagittarius moon transit.


On the business front, if you hold your nerve and do your best to remain calm, you may create new contacts that will be highly beneficial.

 The resolution of conflicts is favourable. Try to ignore other people’s egos and focus on the bigger picture, the end goal, although make sure the means justify the ends, to avoid negative repercussions later.

On July 21st at 11:36 PM until the 24th of July at 1:12 AM, moon days 13- 16

The moon is in Capricorn read more about this phase here conflict with traditions, those in authority, who are literal minding or stuck in their ways may occur during this mind phase.

Do not be led by anyone else’s agenda or dance; stand your own ground and make up your own mind; success may be found in property ventures, you may put your house on the market, or buy some new real estate.

Do things that require self-discipline and organisation is favourable during the Capricorn moon transit; make wise investments with time, money and other resources to avoid waste and loss.

This is an excellent time to visit high ground, including mountains and peaks; after all, Capricorns symbol is the goats, and we know they love the higher ground, giving them a vast perspective.

On moon day 15th the 23rd of July, it is an perfect time to be cautious with those closest to you; tempers may flare, old arguments continue, also watch out for lies and seduction.

Moon day 15th is a highly sensual day, try and do anything you can to ease stress.

This is a good moon to gather and prepare herbs for your winter remedies; it’s an excellent time to focus on your long term plans and visions for the future.

Self-control and looking at ways to help the collective consciousness could focus in your life during this full moon phase; this is a good moon to tap into your individuality and humanitarian concerns.

You may find yourself questioning your belief systems and making plans to think and live more unconventionally; Saturn and Uranus rule Aquarius.

 In the UK, this moon takes place in 10th, and 11th house affairs are brought into the forefront your career, social groups, and organisations.

 The issue with the divine and lower masculine energies, father or male issues, parental lineages, social consciousness, goals, friends and intuition.  

Letting go of toxic relationships and outdated behaviours and thoughts keep you in a repetitive cycle of destruction.


The sun is also trines Neptune read about that here

On July 24th at 3:36 Am, the moon enters Aquarius until July 26th at 4:30AM, moon days 17-19

read more about the Aquarius moon phase here.

The moon enters the waning gibbous phase, read about this phase here; when the moon is in Aquarius, communication skills can be developed, this is a time to think about newness, also a good time to think creatively and artistically.

Researching or promoting yourself in the technological, scientific and political areas of life is also favourable; you good join or create a new group or organisation but make sure you pick the right people to collaborate with.

When the moon is in a waning gibbous phase, it is a good time to plant vegetables and for healing deep emotional, spiritual or psychological wounds.

On moon day 17, the 24th of July, it is a good time to think about ways to enhance your personal freedom, relax, commit to a relationship and experience transcendental states via exercise such as sex.

Moon day 17 is a day of light, where you can tap into sensual and awe-inspiring energies to bring newness and contentment into your life.

On the business front, when the moon is in Aquarius, it is a good time to be independent, eccentric and social, the mad scientist amongst you may do some radical experiments.

You may create a new algorithm or code. Innovation and exploration are essential to this moon phase; research is also favourable, as are promotions and networking.

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