Weekly horoscope april 2nd-12th 2020, coronavirus update +video

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Blog update 2/4/2020

Please read and watch my recent post,

Video of this week, the weekly horoscope from the 2nd until the 12th of April, watch the youtube video here, read the article version here.

In these uncertain times, it can be hard to have hope; here is a poem to help you through these isolated times.



Forgiveness is a bridge to a powerful force called love

In today’s world, it is so easy to point blame

And induce shame

So much harder, it seems to give compassion and reach our dreams.


Caught up in illusions

And history.

Fueled by hate, abandonment, fear and rejection.


Now is the time to reach for hope

After all, without faith, what indeed, do we have?


Love is the force that will help us through these times

Now is the time to stop the division,

Here is the place to unify.


Putting behind our past differences, bitterness and resentment.


Now is the time for a new way

Past isn’t something we can change.


Our future is the only thing we can collectively transform, together.

Each person, taking personal responsibility to do their part to help us heal past this pandemic.

Now is the time to, to question what it means to be human, is it all about you, or is it all about us?

I know world events, have got us all in a fuss, not knowing who to trust

But if you, decide to take a chance on yourself, building a relationship with your intuition.

Day by day training yourself to reach your highest potential,

Healing your psychological wounds and tuning in to the elemental.

Building self-resilience, compassion, awareness, trust, love, confidence and discipline.

Thinking of the ways you can make small changes, so that the world can be a better place, for us all.

Each of us are interlinked, no matter how we may think we are disconnected, all of our futures are entangled, so are the solutions to our problems.

So, humanity lets take this change, to create a brighter future for one and all, taking steps to forgive our past, while we rebuild our future.

You have the power to heal your life

I know it seems easier to choose addiction and run from your

Inner pain and strife

But I promise you if you take a chance to work through your emotions

Be brave enough to call yourself out on your bullcrap

New horizons shall open up for you

No other person or I have all the answers

But together we shall find better resolutions to all our conflicts

If we are prepared to listen to each other and change our destructive ways and habits.

Do the work to free your mind and your life from external expectations and demands.

Use this time to reflect within, making the decision to start living, vowing to carve out your own  destiny

No longer being a piece of cotton trapped in the wind

Yes, we may have to stay indoors for longer than we anticipated, but least we will learn to appreciate nature more, when we are allowed again, to roam its muddy shores.

So remember to count your blessings in life, for it is true, it is the little things in life, which matter the most a touch of another’s hand,  a smile of a newborn baby, feeling a raindrop against your skin, soft grass beneath your feet.


The little things in life, the bare necessities, are all that matter in the end.

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