Weekly horoscope for 22nd- 29th January 2020


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The week starts with the moon in Capricorn, then the moon moves into  Aquarius on the 24th of January, the hallmark of Aquarius energy is, unconventional, inventive ideas, sometimes eccentric behaviour, so expect some strange goings-on, during this week and month.

You may get the calling to follow a new career path, or become self-employed even deciding to go ahead with an idea you been thinking about for a while now, others of you will get laser-sharp, precise intuitions that will show you a visionary, new direction.

An Aquarius friend or someone with Aquarian vibes may enter your life and offer you new insight, you may feel yourself seeking originality and knowledge, you may experience a wakeup call, becoming suddenly away of the toxic influences which have been holding you back in life.

You may wake up one morning, and decided today is the day to change, and shock your friends and family with the new you, you have decided to become, the stellium of Jupiter, Pluto, Cares, Pallas, South Node and Saturn in Jupiter, infusing you with grounding energy to stick to any new lifestyle.

Saturn in Capricorn is calling you to understand your restrictions, so you can use the energy of Jupiter in Capricorn to release you from anything which has been holding you back, and the power of Pluto is giving you the gumption, to enforce new boundaries in your life.

Mars is in Sagittarius is inspiring you with the energy of assertive and thought out action,  to break out of any stale routine and self-destructive habits, you might feel yourself feeling tired of anything or anyone that fences you in and getting in the way of your individuality.




Weekly horoscope for 22nd- 29th January 2020, continued



Mars in Sagittarius and Sun in Aquarius is a good time to get things done and transform your life, Aquarius is offering you the ability to detach from emotions and mars is spurring you to action.

Be careful to not get too aggressive in behaviour or speech when speaking your mind, the vibrations are there for you to start new projects with faith and certainty, that if you work daily towards your goals, you will reach them, eventually.

If you stop, you will never get there, and I don’t mean work yourself into the ground, no we have to have fun and enjoyment in life, all you need to do, is do at least one task to reach your dreams each day and you will reach your target.

Do not reach too high, mind, running away with mad schemes, make sure your ideas are grounded in reality and practical action.

remember slow, and steady wins the race and helps you stay the course, which is needed to reach our highest potential,  Neptune and Venus will remain in Pisces this week,

Chiron is in Aries, Chiron is known as the wounded healer in astrology, Chiron acts as a reminder of the emotional and psychological blockages and injuries we need to get over, with Chiron in Aries, our wounds may easily get triggered by people or situations in our environment.

It may be hard but try not to seek comfort in any addictions you may have, instead, if your triggered try and seek help for any underlying problems.

The north node is the calculation of where the moon’s orbit and ecliptic intersect (meet), north node in cancer which begins in November 2018 and lasting until May 5th 2020, is asking us to think about the ways we nurture and care for ourselves, north node in cancers mission, ask you to focus on our mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing instead of focusing on the material.

Cancer north node is asking you to focus on your home base and inner world.

What really makes you happy? Are you living up to your own our others wishes and expectations? Are you happy inside? If so, why your addictions and self-destructive habits? If you have any.




The moon is in Capricorn on the 22nd of January, until the 24th of January when it enters Aquarius at 1.20pm.

While the moon is in Capricorn this is a good time to pay attention to your career or business if you have any creative ideas, now is to plan every detail, do not rush into action or you may miss the finer details.

You may visit elderly relatives who may impart some wisdom and guidance to you, some of you may not like what you hear, but before you through the baby out with the bathwater.

Think about what they said, if you heed their advice you may actually thank them in years to come, you may have a run-in with authority or local government figures, be mindful not to lose your cool.

Choose your words and actions wisely during this period, if you speculate or gamble during this period, your returns may not be what you hope for.

Have fun, but make sure you can afford to lose all you risk, those of you who are selling a house or working real estate we have good news or results.

Take time out to relax, practice breathwork meditation, try a nice long bath or spa day, watch out for deceptive characters, trust your gut feeling during this time, if you feel you are being lied too, chances are your right.

Avoid stress situations, as this will put added stress on your nervous system, only put your efforts towards fruitful ventures and adventures, and stay away from anything or anyone who drains your vital life forces.

For all you who are accident-prone, be extra careful when going about your daily activities, look after your bones and skin, try some extra moisturising

For all you farmers and gardeners out there, now is a good time for your plants to recover from any manipulation or pruning, root vegetables planted now, will grow effective root systems, ensuring higher yields.

Watch out for and guard against bugs and parasites this week.





On the 24th of January, there will be a new moon in Aquarius; new moons are all about starting afresh, after the release of the full moon and waning crescent period.

New moons are asking you to turn inward and start doing the things that can change your life, forget the ills and misdeeds of old, preparing to walk into your future, by learning to live in the present moment.

Questions to ask during an Aquarius new moon phase, are you ready to sow seeds for your new future?

Think about researching new and inventive ways of living and new solutions to your life challenges, think outside the box.

Look at ways you bring more positive energy and experiences in your life, now is the time to stop looking at things emotionally.


I know this harder said than done, but on my journey, I have found that at times, you need to detach from your emotions, or you will never move forward in life.

You may find yourself meeting original and eccentric people, joining spiritual, metaphysical or religious groups when the new moon is in Aquarius collectively, we will find ourselves wanting to give up our self-destructive behaviours.

The vibrations of Uranus which co – rules, Aquarius will aid you with any transformations you plan, and the grounding energy of Saturn and Uranus in earth signs will give you the clarity you need to move ahead in your life.

Intellectual, scientific or spiritual pursuits are favourable in this period; any work you do towards your personal development will pay off. Some of you may get a promotion at work.

The moon stays in Aquarius, until, the 26th of January at 11.50 am when the moon will move into Pisces, watch any tendencies to escape into a fantasy world or use toxic substances.

Those with Neptune, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces energy in your natal chart may feel mentally exhausted, try and take some time out to experience your emotions, but do not dwell in them.

Try and think of ways you can stabilise or heal your emotional or psychological blockages, this is a favourable time to communicate your feeling about anything you been holding back.

Be careful with your words and watch your moods, it may be best for you to write your words down, put that draft away, read it again in the morning and then edit your words.

The moon enters Aries on the 29th of January so watch out for any overreactions, bluntness and impulsiveness towards the end of the week, but I’ll talk more about this next week.


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