Weekly horoscope July 4th 2021- June 11th 2021

Weekly horoscope July 4th 2021- June 11th 2021

There is a new moon on July 9th; read about the new moon here


July 4th 2021- July 6th 2021, moon days 25-27, the moon goes into Taurus on July 3rd at 12:27PM and leaves on July 6th at 1:23AM

Read about transiting the Taurus moon here; during these days, it’s a good time to work steadily towards your goals but be mindful of doing too much.

Enjoy life a little, and take a little time out for yourself. Avoid stressful situations in general, you may find solace in being creative, artistic, cooking, or spending time in nature.

You may feel lazier than normal, and lack you’re usually energy, your mind, body, and soul needs rest, so give it to them. On moon day 26 (July 5th) , you may want to lock yourself away from the world a bit , if this applies to you, do it.

moon transit in Gemini

You may feel more communicative than normal, and have an urge to act and react to situations and people in your environment, it’s essential to try and have patience and to concentrate on the task’s that need it, although you may feel more dreamy and in need of fun and distraction than usual.

Try and work through any problems which come up in helpful ways, avoid self-destruction and gossip; this is a favourable time for information gathering and all types of research.

Try not to flit from one thing to another in a frivolous attempt to seek variety, although it may be suitable for some of you to throw caution to the wind. If you feel you cannot focus, put the task off and have fun, as this is better than working through your need for fun and causing more problems in your career, project or studies.

Moon day 27, July 6th is an excellent time to resolve old problems, you may be infused with extra luck, and if you seek a solution to a problem, you may uncover it now, but be cautious as you may find more than you bargained for.

 Someone older or wiser than you may give you much-needed insight or advice, which will pay off in the long run if you take it; moon day 27 Is a day of light and will bring you an influx of vital energy; use it to your benefit.

 On moon day 28, July 7th, waste no opportunity given to you, as the stars and planets are aligned to reward efforts; it’s a good time to focus on your health.

On July 9th, there is a new moon in Cancer; read more about the moon in Cancer here,

and read more about the new moon here.


A new moon in Cancer is an excellent time to set intentions to bring about stability in your emotional and psychological health; new moons are all about sowing seeds and thinking/ writing down your goals, listing any obstacles you can foresee to achieve them.

No lasting change takes time; slow and steady comes it, and failure is part of the road to success.

No matter what people may say, keep on trying, and you will get there.

Moon day 30 is an excellent time to start working on, mastering your emotions, slow down, evaluate, seek comfort, share emotions, share the truth.

Recharge your personal energy, do your best to not fight or argue with anyone, spending time with close ones or taking time to be by yourself will give you the support you need; this is a good day to take stock and call out your personal problems, write them down.

Self-reflection will be beneficial, looking at your past behaviours and life patterns and making plans to heal from them and live a more productive life in the future by planning what daily steps you can take to reach your highest potential and make your dreams a reality.

Be mindful of rapid mood changes in yourself and others; this is an excellent time to strengthen your inner energy reserves, chill out a bit, cook or have some good food, look after domestic matters.

Read a lovely book, take a nice walk, take a nice bath, show some affection, and receive any affection offered if you feel the need to.

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