Weekly horoscope June 27th – 4th of July 2021

Weekly horoscope June 27th – 4th of July 2021

Moon days 19-20 moon in Aquarius, June 26th 2:08 pm- June 28th, 5:50 pm.

The moon is in waning gibbous phase at the start of this week

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This period is a reasonable period for healing deep psychological, physical or spiritual wounds as they can over time heal faster than usual.

This period happens during the waning gibbous phase; read more about this phase here.

It’s an excellent time to plant vegetables and reflect on the past few weeks; if you feel like you need some time out, take it, be mindful with all public interactions as things could get heated.

Spiritual, personal development is favoured now; try not to give into fantasy or delusions see things for what they are; in general, these days are good for promoting all life-giving thoughts and activities.

The planetary energies offer extra rejuvenation to boost esteem and staying power, be mindful in all you do and think.

Taking time to reflect on past actions, the notion of karma, and profound mystical, detached awareness may reap vast benefits.

 During moon days 19-20, time alone in solitude can do you a world of good if you feel you need it.

Those who have strong Aquarius or Uranus placements in your natal chart will benefit me by going the extra mile in your career.

You may receive a promotion if you be helpful to your bosses or do a special promotion during these days for your own business.

Weekly horoscope June 27th – 4th of July 2021, continued

Moon days 21-22, moon in Pisces, JUNE 28TH, 5:50pm- July 1st 1:21am

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The moon is still in the waning gibbous phase during these days; there is a risk you may feel mentally drained, so because of this, do all you can to replenish your energy and avoid hectic situations.

Stay grounded, as psychic energy is intense during these days, so make sure you don’t full into illusionary thinking and be mindful when working with occult things and connecting with the vibrational realms.

Time spent on creative pursuits and relaxation will make you feel happy and bring a sense of inner peace and contentment; gentle exercise will make you feel at one with yourself.

 You may also take an opportunity to collaborate with others on a project you have wanted to start working on for a while.

Be careful with changeable moods within yourself and others; visiting large bodies of water may help, as well as swimming or taking a nice long bath.

 Some of you may experience a sense of discomfort during these few days; try and get to the root of the problem, but don’t beat yourself up if you cannot; just try and relax; the solution will come.

This is a good time also to give someone back to others, this can be time, a listening ear or some money to charity or someone may give you something that you need during this time.

Moon days 23-24, Moon in Aries, July 1st 1:21am- July 3rd 12:27pm

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And also the 3rd quarter moon in general


The moon is in waning crescent phase during these days, be mindful of quick tempers and aggressiveness within yourself and others; think before you act or react.

Times may be stressful during this time of raw, primal energy, and if you can take time out, it is advisable; if not, be mindful in your every thought and action.

You can become forgetful during this phase, so you may wish to double-check any information before believing or stating it as truth.

Patience is critical during this phase; even if it is hard, walk away from conflict if all else fails.

As you wouldn’t wanna destroy what you trying to build, be careful when handling machinery and sharp objects, many contradictions may present themselves now, so it is best, although the moon is in Aries, it may be best to avoid new starts if you have a gut feeling now is not the time.

Be careful of envious moods in yourself and others, be careful what you flaunt as you don’t know who could be watching, doing something outside your everyday routine.

 Like a walk in nature or a lovely picnic may help relax you and give you new insight into anything you are pondering on.

Make sure you dress for the weather, as thunderstorms could happen, swell as any other sudden change in weather; July 2nd is an excellent time to try and conceive a baby.

Be mindful that not all conflicts you face can be resolved right now, so don’t try and rush negations through; avoid being wasteful with your time, money or any other resource.

If you have strong Aries or mars energy in your natal chart, try not to overdo anything, try and find the middle ground in all matters during these days, and use your energy wisely.

You may experience headaches or disturbed sleep, try and eat and drink things that promote good health and sleep, but don’t overindulge in intoxicating substances.

Take in plenty of water to balance out your psyche and any impulsive behaviours.

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