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29 June 2022

New Moon 3:53 AM

3rd of July 2022

Crescent Moon at 6:12 AM

7th of July 2022

First Quarter Moon at 3:14 AM

10th of July

Gibbous Moon at 3:03 PM


13th of July

Super Moon at 7:38AM

Full Moon at 7:38 AM

17th of July

Disseminating Moon at 00:56 AM

20th of July 2022

Last Quarter Moon at 3:19 PM

23rd July 2022

Balsamic Moon at 3:53 AM

28th of July 2022 

New Moon at 6:55 AM

Void of course moon dates for APRIL 2022

Moon entering and leaving signs and times

Plus moon void of course dates

Planet Positions on 1st Jul 2022

Moon is in Cancer

Moon is Out of Bounds

1 July 2022

Moon leaves out of bounds at 14:39

Moon Void of Course Starts at 22:59

2 July 2022

3 July 2022

Moon enters Leo at 02:00

4 July 2022

Moon Void of Course Starts at 16:38

5 July 2022

Moon enters Virgo at 12:22

6 July 2022

Mercury enters out of bounds at 08:52

7 July 2022

Moon Void of Course Starts at 06:54

Moon enters Libra at 19:52

8 July 2022

9 July 2022

Moon Void of Course Starts at 12:10

Moon enters Scorpio at 23:52

10 July 2022

11 July 2022

Moon enters out of bounds at 00:52

Moon Void of Course Starts at 22:12

12 July 2022

Moon enters Sagittarius at 00:46

13 July 2022

Moon Void of Course Starts at 19:38

Mercury leaves out of bounds at 23:22

14 July 2022

Moon enters Capricorn at 00:03

Moon leaves out of bounds at 19:15

15 July 2022

Moon Void of Course Starts at 23:28

Moon enters Aquarius at 23:47

16 July 2022

Moon Void of Course Starts at 22:37

17 July 2022

18 July 2022

Moon enters Pisces at 02:05

19 July 2022

20 July 2022

Moon Void of Course Starts at 07:28

Moon enters Aries at 08:21

21 July 2022

22 July 2022

Moon Void of Course Starts at 17:18

Moon enters Taurus at 18:32

23 July 2022

24 July 2022

Moon enters out of bounds at 00:23

25 July 2022

Moon Void of Course Starts at 05:27

Moon enters Gemini at 07:03

26 July 2022

27 July 2022

Moon Void of Course Starts at 00:57

Moon enters Cancer at 19:52

28 July 2022

Moon leaves out of bounds at 20:04

29 July 2022

30 July 2022

Moon Void of Course Starts at 05:29

Moon enters Leo at 07:43

31 July 2022

The sun is in Gemini , Read more about this here

  • Planting seeds for the next 12 months
  • Increase in vitality, optimism, sense of personal power, and magnetism
  • You and others may show off or compete against each other more than normal
  • Best to take a realistic look at your life circumstances, making strategic plans to slowly but surely overcome your challenges and reach your highest potential
  • You may want to rush, but slow and steady will win the race

Mercury transits in Gemini from  July 2, 2022, and will stay in this sign until July 17, 2022, after which it will move into Cancer.

It’s best to improve your communication, curiosity, and social skills when Mercury is in Gemini. You may make new friends when Mercury is transiting in Gemini, and you’ll be more inquisitive about new ideas.
You can be very enthusiastic about learning new information and can do so very quickly.

read more about this here


Mercury is travelling through the constellation of Taurus. From the 3rd of June 2022 until the 2nd of July 2022

When Mercury is transiting in Taurus, there can be a decrease in frivolous/ gossip type communication and an increase in practical communications.

Conversations and research may focus more on finances, nature, beauty, music, possessions- ownership, status, romance ( Taurus influence), and hookups(Mercury’s influence).

Read more about that here

Mercury transits in Gemini from  July 2, 2022, and will stay in this sign until July 17, 2022, after which it will move into Cancer.

It’s best to improve your communication, curiosity, and social skills when Mercury is in Gemini. You may make new friends when Mercury is transiting in Gemini, and you’ll be more inquisitive about new ideas.
You can be very enthusiastic about learning new information and can do so very quickly.

read more about this here


Venus is in Taurus, Venus enters the constellation of Taurus on the 18th of June; until the 13th of July 2022

Transiting Venus in Taurus will significantly increase your verbal communication skills, stability and need for security.

It is an excellent time to get your finances in order and look at the weak spots in your personality to understand, heal and manage

The Venus in Taurus transit is also great for improving your critical thinking abilities, intellect and relationships.



Jupiter will enter the dual sign Pisces Zodiac Sign on April 13, 2022, at 4:57 PM from the fixed sign Aquarius. It will stay in the same sign until April 22, 2023, at 6:11 AM; read more about this here

Consciousness expansion- higher consciousness exploration- accelerated healing – new friendships.

Your mind can be blown wide open during this transit if you allow it, regardless of whatever transits are going through your personal birth chart.

As ultimately, free will and where we direct our energy trumps all, predetermination, yes we may have to suffer our fate, but how we respond to the things that happen to us.

Saturn is in Aquarius from December 17th 2021 until March 7th 2023; read more about this here


Uranus moved into the constellation of Aries Sign on January 18th 2022 at 21:29, and will start its retrograde in Aries on August 24th 2022, In constellational astrology.

 It swings into Pisces for a while, then back to Aries a few times, but leaves Aries on June 1st 2024, when it moves in Taurus for a while.

The central theme of transit Uranus in Aries is taking on new challenges and accomplishing more than you thought possible.

Uranus transiting in Aries can see you focused on your goals and sexual exploration, working on what you need to and getting the job done.

Directing your entire mental, spiritual and physical force into the execution of ingenious ideas, using your words and actions constructively.

Transiting Uranus in Aries, Can bring rapid change and transformation but remember, at times, you may lack the energy to follow through on the things you start, don’t panic.


Neptune in Pisces  February 3rd 2012 until March 30th 2025

You are being asked to look into the deeper meanings of life; Neptune in Pisces allows for this to happen for some of you; it be more intellectual philosophical thinking, or you may seek to understand yourself and the world on a psychological level.

 Some of you may research the astral, psychic and ethereal realms, starting an occult or spiritual practice; for others, you may deepen or create a connection with a religious doctrine.

You may find a compelling need to become more empathic and help others during this time volunteering at a charity, hospital, care home, homeless shelter or any other humanitarian organisation.

 Some of you may decide to become a spiritual leader or an alternative healer, such as an earth energy healer or astrologer.

Neptune and Pisces are also the sign and planet of addiction, so you and others can become more dependent on porn, drugs, alcohol, and other intoxicating substances now; harmful connections to toxic relationships can be created or strengthened during this transit.

It is vital you get help with any emotional or psychological problems that you may be going through.

I know often, we humans don’t get help for our personal issues out of same, but hey, all humans go through problems and struggle with some sort of dependence at one time or the next.

So don’t feel alone or less than; there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you choose to walk that way, although life events may draw you to running from yourself and escaping reality.

 It is best you face your problems; introspection, self-care, forgiveness and compassion can get you through this time; even if you don’t have these now, this transit allows for building a deeper understanding and forgiveness of yourself, so that you can create a more balanced future.

Devoting yourself to higher consciousness, power, or something bigger than yourself can help as well as joining an online substance or co-dependency recovery group.


Pluto is Capricorn from November 26th 2008 until March 23rd 2023

This energy is best used to transform yourself by taking practical action to change any self-destructive thoughts, beliefs, relationships, emotions, behaviours- habits that’s stopping you from living your best life.

You may be overcome by serious thoughts now, resisting the lighter side of life as you become fixated on changing yourself or the world in some significant way; this is good, but also take time out to have fun.

Slow and steady progress is what brings about substantial and long-lasting change; when we transform too quickly, such as through fad diets or exercise regimes, we tend to revert back to old habits.

You may become focused on reaching your career goals, which can be a good thing, but take care not to obsessively because you can isolate your friends, family, or intimate lovers.

This is a perfect time to re-educate yourself, focus on self-development, rethinking what material stability means to you; Pluto in Capricorn forces us all to look at ourselves and the world.

To highlight how our collective focus on wealth has created vast poverty for the majority, many of us work hard each day and can’t afford to meet our bills or rent.

 We start to question the ideas we have been programmed with by our societies, religions, cultures and families with deeper scrutiny, seeing through the lies and half-truths. Seeking to break free from the rat race of 9-5, seeking to build your own freelance opportunity.

Read more about transiting Pluto in Capricorn here


Thank you for reading, ancientfuturevison Weekly astrology horoscopes UK

I use the western zodiacal astrology; to focus on what collective soul lineage energies are active in any given week.

I also use the actual positions of the constellations which offer, supportive energies, which can aid you to live your best life, week in and week out.

I am an intuitive holistic astrological life coach; I use astrology as a personal development tool which can help you live a balanced and productive life.

Each week, I write these weekly horoscopes, REPORTING THE zodiac and constellation energies THAT ARE active in any given week, giving insight on how you can use them to propel your personal growth. My weekly horoscopes are geared to help you, help yourself

More about AncientfutureVision Weekly Horoscopes 2021 I have been studying astrology for over 22 years, and have found it is not useful to try and predict events on mass, for example making predictions for everyone who has a sun in cancer, Leo moon, Capricorn rising etc..…., as this is futile.

As, each person’s astrological chart and aspects are unique to them, and also the Families, Countries and Environments we are born into can alter many characteristics of our natal chart. After years of practice, I found it best to state the energies available, universally at any given time.

Then it is up to you as an individual to make use of the energy, in conjunction with your astrological natal chart and transit knowledge.

My astrology horoscope readings are for all zodiac signs and are intended for those who want to take, practical and strategic action to change their lives.
How I write my horoscopes continued, The way I write my weekly forecast is by using the moon and planet cycles and planet positions, to see what energy is available during that week for all zodiac signs.

I will add links to the video and/or written version of my weekly horoscopes post each week to this page. Click on the link for the week to view current weeks horoscopes video and to read about this weeks horoscope.

As not all people with their Sun in any of the 12 zodiac signs, will be experiencing the same transit at any time, but every person, regardless of zodiac sign or aspects. Will be able to utilise, the planetary energies that are available to us all each week.

If you want an in-depth account of how your astrological natal chart, and personal transits, affect the universal planetary energies, that are available to us all.

Then it is best to get a personal transit, and astrological natal chart reading conducted.

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CAPRICORN – Dec. 23 to Jan. 21

AQUARIUS – Jan. 22 to Feb. 20

PISCES – Feb. 21 to March20

ARIES – March 21 to April 20

TAURUS – April 21 to May 21

GEMINI- May 22 to June 22

Cancer – June 23 to July 22

Leo – July 23 to Aug. 22

Virgo- Aug. 23 to Sept. 22

Libra- Sept. 23 to Oct. 22

Scorpio- Oct. 23 to Nov. 22

Sagittarius- Nov. 23 to Dec. 22<br>


Capricorn — Jan. 20 to Feb. 16

Aquarius — Feb. 16 to March 11

Pisces — March 11 to April 18

Aries — April 18 to May 13

Taurus — May 13 to June 21

Gemini — June 21 to July 20

Cancer — July 20 to Aug. 10

Leo — August 10 to Sept. 16

Virgo — Sept. 16 to Oct. 30

Libra — Oct. 30 to Nov. 23

Scorpio — Nov. 23 to Nov. 29

Ophiuchus — Nov. 29 to Dec. 17 (not included in the Western/ tropical Zodiac)

Sagittarius — Dec. 17 to Jan. 20th.

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