Weekly intuitive horoscope newsletter

Weekly intuitive horoscope newsletter

Each week I report astrological planetary energies which can help you navigate your week.

My weekly horoscopes are intended to help you pick out the best times- days each week to do particular tasks.

I also tell you what constellational energy, which is based on the actual/ current positions of the planets and asteroids, in any given week.


7.12.2020- 13.12.2020



The moon is in waning crescent phase this week, this is a good time to create mistakes and mend bridges; also it’s an excellent time to remove the illusion you have come to believe.

As well of reverse any unfavourable choices.
During the waning crescent, you can take steps to let go of your past, revaluating your values.

Strategically planning to overcome your obstacles, adversities and emotional and psychological blockages.

Any efforts towards your self-enlightenment and evolution will pay off great rewards in the long run.

Change takes time, but least then your moving in the right directions.

As time always will past, we cannot stop time, nor global change, yet we can change how we react and prepare for external disruptions.

For life will always ebb and flow, so the best bet is to always flow with it.

Moon energies:

The week begins with the moon astrologically in the sign of Virgo,  the moon entered Virgo at 7.46pm on the 6th of November 2020.

 Virgo energies can help you analyse any information or situation to from a practical solution.

This is also an excellent time to think about self-improvement and to serve others in healthy and uplifting ways.

The moon is in the waning crescent phase, this is a good phase to rectify anything that has gone awry.

The healing of deep wounds is also possible now, whether they be physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological. 

The vibration to heal any wound quicker than usual is there to support those who wish to do so.

This is also a good time to reflect on past experiences as well as make plans for a better future, any form of introspection and strategic planning is favourable now also.

As Pallas enters Aquarius on the 7th of December 2020, collaborations of any kind this week will bring rewards and a sense of pleasure.

Remember to keep warm, look after your immune system, do all you can to alleviate feelings of stress and depression, meditation may work for some of you, whereas others may benefit from methods. Such as contrast showers.

Be cautious of contradicting yourself, or falling into confusion over others, conflicting actions or words be mindful of feelings of envy or jealousy, now is a time to take conscious steps forward.

Rather than impulsive actions.

 Now is not a good time to start anything new, wait until next week for that.

But completing task or projects started is favourable, patience’s is a virtue that you should build upon this week, a calm head will always win the race.

Remain calm, kind and gentle with yourself, I know this can be hard, especially if you have strong fixed energy or strong Saturn, Aquarius, air or fire placements in your natal chart.

Yet adding fuel to the fires of conflict, will only allow the fire to spread and thus destroy more!!!

 Moon day 24, which is the 9th of December, is a good time to enhance any conception endeavours, as the vibrations are there to improve fertility.

Sensual- amorous energies, are in abundance over the next few days.

The moon enters Libra on the 9.12.2020 until 1.58 AM, 11.12.2020

This is a good time to rest, rejuvenate, pay attention to get enough sleep and your time.

This is not the time to start serious dealings, rather a time to gather information, research any proposition that has been made to you. Before leaping in this goes for matters of the heart, business and spirituality.

Some of you, especially those with strong Venus, mutable, Libra or Taurus energies in your natal chart to make decisions, weigh up all pros and cons, and go with the one which feels right.


Sometimes in life, the detours, turn out to be the most invaluable experiences of our life.

Always take the time to look after your emotional and mental health, as balanced in these is crucial for any success.

If you reach a stalemate in your thought processes, distract yourself from the matter causing you stress. Pay attention to entertaining yourself and others, do your best to lighten up your mood and find optimism.

If you suffer from any long term health condition, take extra care in your pain and nutrition management, to avoid any further complications.

Dedicating time and effort your spiritual progress will be very rewarding.

As the planetary energies will not only support but offer unique perspectives, to those, who seek this path.

Be careful with all machinery and whilst going about your daily activities.

Especially on moon day 26 ( 11.12.2020), obstacles may come out of nowhere, so expect the unexpected, and keep calm and relax. Forcing things will just cause more wasted time.


Self-preservation and the conservation of your personal resources are key at this time, many of you may prefer to spend your time in solitude, whilst others may struggle.


Life may seem hard at the moment, but remind yourself life has its cycles, for there really is a time for everything.


Now is an excellent time to recharge your batteries in time for the new moon.

The moon enters Scorpio on the 11.12.2020 at 1.58AM

This is a good time to make serious decisions as well as mine and cleanse deep emotions.

Intense transformational energy is present, and you must do your best to overcome, or at least feel the fear and do it anyway. Which is also a book I recommend as well as who moved my cheese.

Vibrations that aid deep and intense, concentration and focus, productivity are increase, those who dare will win, in the long run. Although to through caution to the wind, direct your energies and attention to matters of importance, and resist folly

Some of you may find it hard to relax, at times some storms of life can only be ridden, not alleviated.

Also, you may experience rapid mood changes.

Do all you can to soothe and relax, yet known all range of emotions and life experience are necessary for growth and transition.

Try and keep on the move and agile, do not waste any opportunity to advance yourself or any task or projects your involved in.

The planets, nature, stars and asteroids are aligned for those who wish to take advantage to support you in all your plans.


Some of you may seek advice, which can be given by good friends and partners, who are typically people who are also friends to themselves as well as others. No the less, be careful of being deceived and of self-deception.


This week, when the moon is in Virgo, it is a good time to look at your household budgets.

 Make plans to save for the future, invest in ethical and profitable stocks, research starting or expanding your business.

 I know this pandemic is creating doom and gloom, yet if you look back in history, each decade has its time of peak and recession, to one degree or the next.

 Yet they are those individuals, who see through the illusions of lack and regression, and create, use your generative energies

And the future will be secure, for you would have planned to make it so, and Pallas in Aquarius is supporting strategic advancement and self-transformation.

Those of you who have invested in the past may RECIEVE, great news of returns, those of you who are involved in trading may decide to broaden your perspectives, or change your strategies.

Intuition may be low whilst the moon is in Virgo and Libra, so make informed decisions only, any housekeeping such as balancing accounts or creating business reports are favourable


When the moon is in Libra its an excellent time to negotiate terms on existing contracts, taking into account all parties interest, will bring great rewards.


When the moon is in Scorpio, those with intense Scorpio, mars, Pluto energies in their chart will be extra victorious on any trades or investments.

Pay attention to long term matters, investments in the fields of mathematics, science and technology will return great dividends, eventually.

Although decisions on new or serious contracts should be postponed, when the moon is in Scorpio.

Try and not let your emotions or fixed opinions get in the way of concrete facts.

Some of you may feel aggressive or experience nervousness, partake in relaxation or anything else, which helps you feel more relaxed and less wound up.

Avoid taking an unnecessary risk, although calculated risk will pay off.

Health and nutrition:

Virgo controls the digestive system and similar organs, as well as the influencing the nervous and blood systems.

 During this time, taking extra care to look after your digestive system and its process will pay off.

Watch what you eat and try and eat a balanced diet, I know this year has made us all a bit more over-indulgent, and too right, yet we can still exercise with a chocolate bar in our hand!!!

Moderation is key, take extra care in your recovery period after any stomach operations, drinking water and doing all you can to clean and heal the liver and digestive system, is well advised.

Be mindful when applying substances to your skin, make sure all products you use are suited to your skin type, now is the time to look after your body the best you can.

Every little help, like Tesco, say, physical exercise and creative pursuits such as writing, playing an instrument, painting, chilling out playing video games, watching tv, anything to helps relax or inspire you is good, right now.

I know salt has a bad rep nowadays, but consumption of the right kind of salts, as well as bathing in salts, will help blood circulation,  rejuvenate the body, and the mind and soul as well.


Getting attuned with your inner spirituality and sense of clarity, with enhancing your intuition, as well reflecting of your life progress so far, with the view to making plans to heal any with unresolved trauma and emotional blockages.


When the moon is in Libra, its an excellent time to ingest foods and supplements to look after your kidneys, hips, secretory glands and endocrine system.

If you already suffer from diabetes or pancreatic complaints, now is the time to make sure you take your medications and look after your health.

Gentle exercise such as sensual dance, yoga or tai chi will help with inner stability right now.

The consumption of healthy saturated fats will also aid the healing and functioning of the endocrine system right now.

Honest communication with self and others will also help with the healing of your bodies immune system, as keeping things in, creates physical problems of its own.

Say what needs to say in as calm or in a well thought out way, write it down if need be.

When the moon is in Scorpio, it is good time to look after your pelvic organs, nervous system and urinary tracts, avoid overloading these organs, also be mindful o the food you take, as it may repeat on you, especially if it’s spicy.

Be mindful of your respiratory organs, take in oxygen, do breathwork meditation, do all you can to soothe your emotions, and quiet your inner chatter, one method for this is writing down your thoughts.

Not being afraid to let them out uncensored, keeping things in, overtime causes my trouble than what it’s worth, practice over time, the releasing of your emotions.

 Spend time taking in the right nutrients and carbohydrates to give your body the energy it needs over this week.

Do all you can to strengthen your bodies nervous, endocannabinoid, endocrine and immune systems.


When the moon is a moon sigh, it is a good time for planting as this always ensure a good harvest.

Ask any farmer, roots, connect directly with the earth, so this is a favourable time for planting and transplanting.

Trimming plants and crops and getting rid of weeds and parasites whilst the moon is in Virgo, will also help with the vigour and support of your gardening projects.

When the moon is in Libra, it’s a good time to plant a variety of aromatic, rare and beautiful plants, fruits, herbs, the planting of species with hard roots such as beets, sprouts, broccoli or cabbage.


When the moon is in Scorpio, it is a good time to plant anything leafy, water promotes growth and fertility as well as rejuvenation, insight and healing.

Vital Scorpio energy is a favourable time out of all others, to plant hard to root species, like vines; also corn, tomatoes, squash or any other nightshade seeds, will reap well.

 The transplanting, pruning, grafting of plans will also go well, during this time.

Constellation energy available:

The constellation energies are there to supporting detached, yet connected spiritual or material advancement, putting your efforts to looking above and deeper into situations.

Some of you may recommit to a relationship, to your faith, or indeed find a new faith or perspective, a philosophy which will, when you look back, enrich your life, in many ways.

Jupiter, black moon Lilith, Pluto and Saturn are Constellationally in Sagittarius, on the negative front this could increase the people who are impulsively reacting to information or enforcing their beliefs and way of life on others.

You may find yourself more flighty than normal and sensitive to advise or criticism.

The solar energy, Constellationally this week is in Ophiuchus, which brings the vibration and support for unique, individual revelations of higher information and visionary experiences.

Mercury and Venus are in Libra, so harmonic communications and intimate relations are possible, Mars and Chiron, in Pisces, support deep spiritual work.

However, caution must be taken in responding to conflict as well, thinking before you react as your wounds could be trigged.

Leaving you open to overindulging in toxic substances or experiences, be careful of falling into delusional thinking, things rarely are as bad as we think them to be.

But as, humans, we overthink and get stuck in a loop, and once we are in a loop of doubt, it is hard to get out of it. Do all you can to look after your emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Neptune and Ceres are in Aquarius, giving the option to look at current events, with a sense of detachment and clarity.

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