Weekly intuitive horoscope newsletter

Weekly intuitive horoscope newsletter

Each week I report astrological planetary energies which can help you navigate your week.

My weekly horoscopes are intended to help you pick out the best times- days each week to do particular tasks.

I also tell you what constellational energy, which is based on the actual/ current positions of the planets and asteroids, in any given week.

30-11-2020 – 06-12-2020


Waning gibbous 4.12.2020-6.12.2020:

This is an excellent time to correct past mistakes or to change direction if you were going down the wrong path or if the path you been walking on, whilst once was right, is no longer write for you.

Your mood or the mood of those around you may be prone to rapid changes, do you best not to act or react impulsively.

Planetary energy is there to support any metaphysical- spiritual pursuits. Yet do so in a practical way and avoid illusion, taking reasonable actions to bring your visions reality. Is where your happiness lies. Think before making decisions, signing contracts or accepting any propositions.

Any time spent in nature will help soothe your anxieties and provide replenishing healing and inspiration.

This is an excellent time to start anew, extra energy will be given to those who decided to begin a new hobby, relationship or chapter of their life. However, the regenerative process is slowed down, so healing of emotional or physical wounds may be slow down.

Moon energies:

Moon in Gemini 29.11.20- 4.16 pm until, 3,33 am 2.december 2020

We begin the week with the Moon entering Gemini, on the 29th of November 2020 at 4.16 pm, the Moon in astrology deals with our inner self on the higher level and on the physical level the feminine energy.

Extra support will be offered to help you finish any written or verbal communications. So the next few days will be good for gathering thoughts, before clearly stating your mind for those who need to resolve conflict.

Concentration and patience are needed, if you have been feeling stuck on any project, dissertation of any academic work, you have been putting off.

Don’t worry, all of us humans are guilty of procrastinating, anywho, you may find that all obstacles are removed now. One step at a time, work daily, steadily towards your goal, and you will reach it, eventually.

Don’t rush, if you get the feeling you can do it all in one day, then you’re on the wrong track, rushing things, will backfire in the long run. Any intellectual activity, especially research is favourable now, also well thought out actions in business and financial markets will pay off during this Moon.

Informed speculation- is the keyword here. Taking informed risk in the currency- markets are also favourable during this time.

Mutable energy is affecting the inner world, so be cautious and avoid flittering from one idea to the next, or one activity to the next, a this will drain your energy. Pick one or two areas of focus and stick to it.

Mercury is direct now, but it is in Scorpio, so be mindful of how you say things to others, also how you react to others. Remember this year has been a hard time for us all, be gentle on yourself and others. Yet do not tolerate any abuse, and remove/ distance yourself from any toxic situation. Even if it means staying in your own bedroom, escaping to your garden or the loft even! Impulsive energy is strong during this Moon, so do all you can to stay grounded, listen to music, meditate, whatever it is, which helps you chill out. Do it.

There is also a full beaver moon, on November 30th , 2020 the effects of this Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse; will last for about 6 months. Full moons see the fruition of seeds we planted at the time of the new Moon.

It is also a time of letting go and removing any physical, emotional or spiritual baggage we are ready to let go off.

Things to may occur during this eclipse

Moon in cancer 2.12.2020 3.33am- 4.12.2020 at 12.52 pm

The Moon enters Cancer on December the 2nd at 3.33am; Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 1st of December. When mercury is in Sagittarius, it is an excellent time to start to change your perception, starting with your thought processes.

Ask yourself why do you believe things you do/ are they other ways to think that may be more beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing. You could find yourself, researching this can be in the fields of law, religion, academics or spirituality, you may find yourself piqued with a sense of curiosity and adventure. Make definite plans to make your visions and dreams reality, and one day they will become your living reality.

A sense of optimism may come over you, but again, guard against too much frivolous daydreaming. Yet allow your mind to flow and explore the depths of your psyche.

Some of you may experience a sudden increase in faith, guard against anyone using persuasive techniques to change your opinion. Remember any truth, no matter what field of experience or professional discipline needs to be felt to be known.

When the Moon is in cancer, it is a good time to do anything which makes you feel at home within yourself, indulging in anything that makes you feel, safely nurtured is advised.

Some of you may feel more confident than normal, and it’s a good time to do any emotion or introspection work; also, it is best to tackle the small task and not the big ones.

You may find yourself slower at work, all feeling more amorous guard against overspending and its good to give to other.

But make sure you lend wisely and don’t leave yourself short.

Those of you which deal with antiques will make some good deals; the next few days are a good time for legal matters also.

Now is a time for romance and sensuality, let you love ones know how you feel, and this will be beneficial for your well being and theirs. This is also an excellent time to listen to meditation music or inspirational speakers while you sleep or when you are awake.

As the capacity for the subconscious to take in subliminal information is at its peak, for this reason, guard yourself against any form of manipulation.

Taking time to focus on your personal development will pay off in the long run as well getting in touch with your inner self and taking time to relax. Some of you may be prone to accidents so be mindful in all your interactions, especially with hazardous objects or people.

The Moon enters Leo at 12.52pm on 4.12.2020- 7.46 pm on 6. 11.2020 when the Moon is in Leo as with any sign.

It is most favourable for those who were born with the Moon in Leo, or have strong Leo energy in their natal charts.

Now is a time to have fin and let you hear down a little, lockdown, aside, you can still brighten up your outer, world by focusing on uplifting your inner world.

Maybe think about a life review, for those personal development focus readers out there.

Favourable results are available to you if you put your focus to whatever your main interest is whether that be sports, entertainment, business or metaphysical pursuits.

Informed- fun/social/trade, gambling will payoff, remember only gamble what you can afford to lose, any focused speculation for those with strong Leo, sun energy in there will pay great rewards.

However when it comes to business or investment projects, it will be best to put them on the back burner for a few days. Be cautious when signing any contracts, especially those involving real estate.

Health, nutrition and sensuality

When the Moon is in Gemini its a good time to spend taking in oxygen, standing in your back garden, or popping your head out the window will do.

You could practice or research breathwork meditation, or any other form of exercise which focuses your attention on your breath. This is good time for any type of healing or surgery on the respiratory organs.

When the Moon is in waning gibbous phase 30.11.2020- 6.12.2020, it is a good time to detox the body with water or any other natural cleansing drinks, take in 20-40% of your body weight per day of water to cleanse.

So if you weigh ten stone, take in 2000ml-4000ml per day of water, to cleanse your digestive and immune systems.

Also, try and take in as much fruit, fish, organic meats and vegetables as possible.

This is to a good time to rest your liver by lowering any alcohol or toxic substances intake; exercise will do you a world of good also. Protein-rich foods will increase your internal wellbeing.

Taking time to find your inner feminine whether you’re male or female will do you good, a nice bath, being affectionate with yourself and loved ones, will also help uplift your spirits.


When the Moon is in Gemini, this is a good time to deal with plants that have dry bulbs and require little water, any planet of melons, squashes, tomatoes and any other nightshade type vegetable or fruit.

This is a good time to trim and manicured plants, storing bulbs and fruits and cultivating the ground. Overall growth is slowed during the waning period.

When the Moon is in cancer, it is a good time

To plant leafy plants, roots can recover quickly at this time, replanting/transplanting are favourable. As this is the fourth period of the moon phase, this is a good time to mow or cut grass.

When the Moon is in Leo, is favourable to harvest your crops, or to compost rotting vegetables and fruits, pest, fungi and weed control is good during this phase too.

Constellation energy available:

We have Venus and Mercury in Libra, providing harmony, beauty, balance, but guard against gossip, misuse of law and abuse of power. The sun is in Ophiuchus, providing individual orientated, visionary visions, dreams and experiences, and the ability to start your inner transformation.

Mars and Chiron are in Pisces, so it will be possible to tap into your feminine and healing energies, Uranus is in Aries, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are in Sagittarius.

Providing the fire needed for change and innovation, guard yourself against impulsion and conflict.
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