Weekly intuitive newsletter December 20th -27th

Weekly intuitive newsletter
20th -27th




The moon is in quarter phase this week, it is a good time, to reap rewards of previous actions of the prior moon phases and earth cycles, it is a perfect time to stop and reflect. Revaluate the direction your going and doing all you can to refine all that needs to be changed. Or more aptly put, write down the steps you need to take to transform all which needs transforming.

This is a good phase to work on reprogramming your subconscious mind, planting the seeds for a new beginning, you may find yourself looking at things on a more global level. Seeing through the illusions of separation, you may find yourself connect the dots between the similarities of all humans, despite external differences.

A perfect time to set intentions and goals, partake in self-care, expand your spiritual or personal development, as well as unleashing your creativity.

This is a perfect time to let go, forgive yourself and every one of everything, see through the past mistakes, we are all only human after all, as long as you learn from your lessons, and set your boundaries.

Yes you can hold on to past hurts, or you can get help and support to move past them, and as time heals, you can build into your life, all you wish to have in it.

Holding on to the past, which no longer exists any more, will only corrode your life, it is hard, especially in matters of heartbreak and loss to move forward; however, it is in these courageous moves, fortune usually delivers us better days.

Moon energies:

The moon entered Pisces at 12.39 pm on the 19th of December, during this moon phase watch out for mental impairment, if you feel unclear, do not make a decision, instead, write the pro and cons of any situation or decision, then try to relax, and allow the solution to reveal itself.

This is especially the case if you have intense natal or constellational Pisces energy in your birth chart. At times Pisces energy can be very dreamy, breaking reality into parts, which is useful when you’re also ground any intuition with practical actions and logical evaluation.

But if you refuse to connect the dots, refusing to separate dreams and visions, from attainments, which are only ever crystallised by practical action, so make sure you take action to bring any hopes you may have for your future personal development into real-ity.

Some of you may benefit from expressing your artistic side, taking trips even if it’s just to the back garden or a walk around your neighbourhood will expand your horizons.

Now is a time to recharge, on the other hand, some of you may choose to change or be promoted within your current career, joint ventures, are also favourable during this time especially those based on unique and creative.

Be mindful of rapid changes of mood, within yourself and others, Be careful with your words, and do your best to not overactive to the words of others, after all its been a very hard, transitory year.

On the 21st of December, the moon enters Aries at 10,32pm

Be mindful of aggressive and impulsive energies in your surroundings during this time, if you feel pent up or under stress in any way, its best to take a time out. It may be hard with work or family commitments during the festive period.

But it is said to be forewarned is to be forearmed, try and remain grounded, act on logic rather than impulsive emotions, which may lead to regret.

This is a good time to listen to anything which relaxes you, maybe inspiration speakers like Og Mandino, Florence schovell Shinn, dadi janki, louise hay , james allen to help you reprogram your subconscious mind.

To prepare for the changing times we are now living in, maybe think about a new course to update your career skills, for some of you the milk has spilt, and this is very sad, give yourself time to grieve all which has been lost. But remember, new things can be resurrected from the ashes if you take the time to learn the lessons from your setbacks and heartaches. Taking daily steps to move forward with your life. Life, is going to happen, isn’t better that why try and make ourselves as happy as we can, even with storms of transformation rage around us. It is time for a new start during this moon phase, Aries is the sprout of creation, hot as it may be, but if you learn to harness and temper your passions during this moon phase.

Making clear notes of how you can achieve your new start, yes it may take 2, 3, 5 years to get to your goals, but working towards your newness is better than dwelling in the past which is lost. Have compassion for yourself during this time, but know it’s often the most challenging times in life which give us the platform to change, and remember fortune favours the brave.

Patience’s will be your virtue during this time, planetary energies are supporting advancement right now, be careful in how you communicate with others, especially in the workplace.

Some of you may be swayed by romance, picnics in the park in the middle of winter, maybe on the cards for some of you, but watch out for thunderstorms and sharp objects, be mindful in all your journeys physical, mental and spiritual.

Especially if you’re prone to forgetfulness in general, seductive energy is present, so be careful when signing any contracts or agreeing to any terms, especially in partnerships.

Remember it’s all about level headiness, try on focus on the positives, don’t ignore the negatives, rather , think about how you’re going to address them, reflecting before reacting to anything, which gets your back up. As giving into aggressiveness and impulsiveness will bring no good, just more harm, creating or sticking to a routine will be good.

On the 24th of December at 10.55 am the moon enters Taurus

Those of you with sun/moon or a lot of planets involving Taurus in your natal chart can achieve financial success in trading, securities, property matters.

Those of you who are more on the creative spectrum of Taurus will gain rewards from artistic pursuits, whether that be writing a song, poem, drawing a picture, graphic design, resist the tendency to be lazy, yes indulge a little, but also pay attention and put your focus into anything which inspires or expands your horizons.

Prepare a nice meal, go out for one. If you can watch a film anything that gives you that sense of creative release, makes you feel like you’re using your potential.

Spiritual, artistic, romantic pursuits are highly favourable right now as our financial endeavours, minor hiccups may occur, but all will bode well. Dress well for the weather and boost your immune system and vitality levels.

The 24-26th of December are good days to do all you can to remain grounded, balanced, relax if need be, but if you feel the urge to plan for your future do so. If you have been working towards something, the rewards may come during the Taurus moon phase.


When the moon is in Pisces, it is an excellent time to tie up any loose ends with old business deals, get the ball rolling to make sure your accounts are in order, some of you may choose to give to charity during this phase or think of ways to start an ethical business or to make your existing business more charitable.

Be careful about borrowing money, check the terms, and only take what you can comfortably afford to pay back.
When the moon is in Aries on the 21-24th of December, be careful in business negations, pay attention to detail and do not haste, as this can ruin even the most well thought out business dealings, be patient, even if it is difficult to do so.


You may have to tie up old business matters, do so steadily, hear all sides, and make sure you cover all your bases, cautious progression, is key now. Vet anyone you are in business negations with or are thinking of going into business with, feet first will not work.

Keep a relaxed mind, act with confidence, patience and logic is a winning combination right now, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, it be best to write down any figures your working with, then check them over again in a few days, as what you feel may a viable venture on paper, may not be in practicality, and impulsive moves may turn into a money pit.

If your time trading, especially in arbitrage, or short trade deals, may bring benefits. If you have intense Aries energies in your natal chart, it may be good to stay away from negations and agreements, as you may become wasteful and lose large sums of money, don’t try and conquer Rome in one day.


When the moon is in Taurus 24-26th of December, the charitable streak continues, and some of you may feel like investing in social ventures or setting up your own business to help rejuvenate your local community.

Those with sun/moon, stellium, yods or substantial natal aspects involving Taurus, maybe feeling slow in your thought process, especially when it comes to expanding your material position, your innate persistence will eventually win the day.

Search online for a new job, taking online courses, reaching out to potential business contacts, networking to strengthen/ repairing, your business relations, especially those involving property, technology, and accountancy.

Health and nutrition:

Take care of your liver, feet and emotional centres, be careful of skin allergies, and if you suffer from them take extra care, this is an excellent time to take care of any long term health conditions during this time.

Be mindful of how much alcohol or any other intoxicating substances you take during this time, I am not the karma police, but hey do everything in moderation and safely, be careful with excess amounts of anything, even natural remedies. This is an excellent time to detox and strengthen your nervous systems, take in the right nutrients for your body and soul type.

It is a good time for yoga, meditation or breathing exercises, when the moon is in Aries be mindful of your head area, do all you can to relieve headaches and migraines, be mindful of how you treat your head.

Look after your psychological and spiritual state. Try to eat more slowly, and digest all food slowly, be careful of your sugar and carbohydrate intake. Drink water, and if you’re into spiritual fasting, try not to eat after 7pm.


Make sure you take in a lot of sleep and do all you can to rejuvenate your vitality, look after your chest and throat area, take care to keep warm.

When the moon is in Taurus, look after your endocrine system, try not to overindulge although I know it’s the festive season, in general when the moon or sun or in Taurus it can be easy to overindulge as this can harm the digestive system.

Do exercise if need be and this is an excellent time for spiritual purification, and setting intentions for the coming year.

an increase in sea salt will help with your blood circulation, look into moon diets if this piques your interest, research how nature diets, can how they can help you lose weight and live more in balance with your nature.

Take in natural fruit juices, eat as many fresh vegetables as you can to increase your health.


When the moon is Pisces, it’s a humid time, this is a good time to plant a leafy vegetable or start them indoors, roots will also recover quickly from any transplanting.

So it’s a good time to sprout or select seeds for sprouting when the moon is in Aries; this is an excellent time for dry cultures, planting bulbs, root vegetables, cultivation or sprouting of your seeds and digging up weeds.

A perfect time to harvest also as well as pest control, the second quarter of the moon is a good time to plant legumes, melons or peppers, also mowing the lawn is good during this time, if you want to boost growth.


When the moon is Taurus it is an excellent time to manipulate crops, plant or manipulate crops, Taurus is an earth sign, so when the moon is in an earth sign, it’s always a good time to work with the soil, and to put efforts into optimising your crops yields.

As this will bring bountiful and excessive future yields.

Constellation energy available:

Pluto and Jupiter Sagittarius, Saturn Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Mars in Pisces, Sun and Mercury are in Ophiuchus, Venus in Libra, Chiron in Pisces.


Pluto and Jupiter in Sagittarius are providing the energies to sustain transformation and infuse visions.

Some of you will experience this as seeking out or committing deeper to a religion or spiritual practice your involved in.

Others of you may decide to further your education via online or academic courses, Saturn is in Capricorn, highlighting traditions. And the way the status quo improves and hinders society, big news on the global structure of things may surface.

The focus will be on systems and how they free or imprison you, Mars in Pisces is giving the ability to view heated topics in a more relaxed, more detached, universal way. The Sun and Mercury in Ophiuchus are providing the visionary energy to see through new intentions and unique ways of being.

When Jupiter conjunct Saturn on the 21st of December, which is also the winter solstice period, this is the time to see where Saturn and Jupiter are in your natal chart. Paying attention to your personal transits, to see how you can, merge you need to remain the same and your need to expand, the way you see tradition and expansion may harmonise, after years of being at odds. (Read more about this here)
Chiron in Pisces provides the opportunity to heal old wounds, especially those which were created by misapplication or interpretation of religion, or spirituality.

You may be triggered during this period, and this may bring sadness, but know you have the power to overcome. This period may seem harsh, as some unanticipated events may occur.

But know this all happens to move you forward, Venus in Libra is providing stabling energy to enhance relationships, especially the one you have with yourself.

Uranus in Aries is providing the groundbreaking energy to propel you into new horizons and boldly recreate yourself or take a new direction.

If you feel the calling to do so, now is the time to reclarify your ambitions and reach for your goals.

After years of being led, you may find the urge to propel yourself into a new direction, be mindful of being too impulsive, but well thought out plans, will not go awry.

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