weekly report 9th to 16th of august

Weekly horoscopes 9 until the 16th of August 2021

The moon enters Virgo on the 9th of August at 2:55pm until August 11th 2021, at 8:07PM; the moon enters its waxing crescent phase.

When the moon is in Virgo, it is a good time for those with strong Virgo energies in their natal chart to work on their long term plans, and it is a good time for all zodiac signs to work on personal development.


 It is an excellent time to start new routine, evaluate your emotional health and pay attention to detail; read more about what to do during the moon in Virgo here.

On Moon day 3, the 8th of August, it’s a good day to relieve tension and anger via introspection and self-care or taking practical actions to work towards your highest potential.

 If confrontations come your way, walk away from it or deal with it subtly rather than add fuel to the fire, release all that pent up energy via physical activity.


Look after your nervous system and keep warm, it’s best to use your logic to solve problems that come your way.

Think before you react, is the name of the game when the moon is in Virgo, as well as taking care of practical domestic matters, such as bill paying, taking care of paperwork and organising your surroundings.

Also, know it’s best to only give advice when asked for it, rather than dictate and preach to others about how they should live their lives.

When the moon is in Virgo it is a good time to be sensible, attentive and think rationally; intuition may not be as strong or reliable right now, so proceed with caution with gut feelings in the realms of business.

This is a good time for accountancy work. Anything to do with data and numbers, statistics and facts, the energy to concentrate on mediocre task is provided when the moon is in Virgo, so you can execute all tasks to a high order that needs precision.

 It is also a good time to learn new things, especially in the realms of science, maths and machinery – including A. I and robots, focusing on the long term rather than short term goals in career matters is best during the moon in Virgo.

On moon day 4, the 11th of August

it’s best to avoid risking interactions and business matters and focus on the task that you know will reap the rewards immediately or eventually.

On the 11th of August at 8:07Pm until 14th of August at 12:01 AM, the moon enters Libra; this is a good time to relax and rejuvenate if you feel you need it.

 It is also beneficial to tie up all loose ends but not to start new projects. It is also a perfect time to collaborate with like-minded people, this can be as simple as hanging out on zoom or playing computer games.

Decision making may not be strong during the moon in Libra period; write down the pros and cons of any decisions you have to make and revisit at a later date, such as when the moon is in Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius when you can choose more clearly.

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On moon day 5 , the 2th of August

you may find yourself choosing to get lost in pleasure and entertainment; due to your indecision, on the business front, you may be presented with a beneficial contract.

 However, if you feel unsure, put off signing as a hasty decision, may adversely affect your future, act with confidence or do not act at all.

On the 14th of august at 12:01 AM until 3:11AM on the 16th of August the moon will enter Scorpio; it is a time to go for it; do not fear making mistakes and make serious decisions that you have been putting off.

Soul and mental activity will be high, and although you need to watch for being emotionally unstable, you will be able to concentrate on the important tasks. 

You may decide to go for a promotion or receive beneficial feedback from your manager due to you doing good work.

If you thinking of pitching a business idea you have already been working on, go for it as you will receive favourable feedback, and some of you may get funding.

On the romantic front, you may start or rekindle a relationship, spend much-needed time together, be mindful of changing emotions in yourself and others.

Tread with caution but speak from the heart, and do not let fear hold you back from making or rebuilding connections.

Compromise is the keyword for the moon in Scorpio; avoid being aggressive or reacting to aggression; I know it will be hard, but walk away if you can.

Patience’s may not be at its strongest in yourself and others when the moon is in Scorpio; it is best to deal with matters already started as it is not favourable to create new business ventures and avoid risking business deals.

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