weekly update 1st to 8th of august

On august 2nd at 8.46AM

the moon enters Gemini and remains there until 9.17AM on August 4th 2021, moon days 24-25.


The moon is in the last quarter moon phase; when the moon is in Gemini, extra energy is given to achieve your goals, especially in the realms of communication.

 Irresponsibility, spontaneity and recklessness are high in yourself and others; this can be a good or bad thing, depending on the situation. 

Yes, have fun but make sure you exercise caution and patience when it is needed whilst the moon is in Gemini; also, make sure you pay attention to focus on the task at hand to avoid making mistakes, especially in your career.

You may find yourself seeking new information or coming to new realisations about the knowledge you already possesses; this is an excellent time to work on any long term projects.

Although you will feel the urge to multi-task, you should try and stick to your priorities at this time rather than jump from task to ask.

Know that the solution to your problems will not be found in one day, but it will come if you keep working towards an answer.

Stocks and currency exchanges may yield a great profit if you pick the right trades, get plenty of rest, look after your health, especially if you have a chronic illness.

It’s an excellent time to focus on the higher meanings in life as the planetary energies support actions that widen your understanding.

Remember you and other people cannot be at multiple places at once, so slow down and have patience’s with others, set realistic goals.

Gemini is mutable energy, so moods and viewpoints can change with the wind during this time, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t grasp any information you find this time; take notes, and the understanding will come later.

You may have to think quickly and take action even when you do not have all the facts, do your best with what you have, do all you can to stay calm and collected.

Try not to turn to stimulants to ease any worry as this will cause more problems; try not to waste your energy on trivia matters; instead, use it wisely.

On 26, it is an excellent day to collaborate with others, be proactive on this day as this will pay off in the long run, all in all during the Gemini moon. 

You may be tempted to multi-task, but do not take on too much you may travel, enter negations, prepare speeches or do research.

But whatever you do, don’t stress yourself out and burn out all your energy, also. Be careful when starting house repairs during the Gemini moon.

 Make sure you hire the right trade’s people, or you may find yourself spending more money and time on what was a simple renovation.

On August 4th at 9.17PM, until August 7th at 7.21 AM

the moon is in Cancer, and in the waning crescent phase,  on moon days 27-29, it’s a good time to look after your emotional health.

You may find yourself wanting to spend time alone, in your spare time, or wanting to break from routine thoroughly to look after your psychological or emotional health.  

Falling asleep too, or listening to motivational speeches when your awake will be a good use of time, as the subtle energies will allow beneficial information to be subconsciously digested into your psyche.

Helping you with any long term self-improvement efforts when the moon is in Cancer, sensuality, nurturing, and a need for comfort are brought to the forefront.

When the moon is in Cancer, it’s a good time to look after domestic matters; you may find yourself being more sentimental at the moment, especially in conversations with others.

Try not to get too morbid or nostalgic, the past always happened for a reason, and the only way to change it is to do better in the present moments, not liger in regrets.

It’s an excellent time to replenish your energy; watch out for changing emotions in yourself and others; you will have to use your willpower to get the things you wish to get done during this moon phase.

You may purchase or trade-in antiques; news regarding property or inheritances may come your way during the moon in cancer period.

Watch out for emotional instability in business contacts. Be careful when borrowing or loaning money. Those of you who work in advertising or marketing may develop or launch a successful campaign.


On moon day 27, it is a good time to spend time with older people; they may pass on good advice or offer a new perspective to viewing life.

  Now is the time to let go of anything that has been holding you back all these years.

On moon day 28, August the 6th,  it is a good time to listen to others and your own inner voice, look after your wellbeing, and seize the day, taking advantage of anything that comes your way.

On August 7th, moon day 29, watch out for deception, especially self lies, do all you can to reduce any inner tension, stress and anxiety and do your best to focus on what’s important to you rather than get swept away in drama.

On August 7th at 7:31 am until 2:55pm

the 9th of August the moon will be in Leo, on the 8th of august they will be a new moon in Leo.  

When the moon is in Leo, it’s an excellent time to enjoy yourself and focus on the bright side of life. Yes, I know life is hard, but coming to this realisation can lighten the load within itself.

You may still experience pessimistic thoughts,  but taking time to do something you enjoy will uplift you.

Some of you may take significant risks whilst the moon is in Leo and be infused with a need to be determined and organised, having the gift to act and react at the right time when the moon is in Leo.

Watch out for overspending; now is an excellent time to ask for a promotion or make clear to your bosses any changes that will improve your current working conditions.

Do it tactfully, and you will get what you ask for in most matters; it’s a good time to negotiate, but be mindful of not coming across as aggressive and watch out for this tendency in others to diffuse any heated situations.

It’s a good time for romance and passion and to spend time with those you feel close to, whether in real life or virtually.

On moon day 30, the 8th of august, it is a good time to have fun, recharge your batteries and go after what you desire; without haste, you can start new things.

But remember, slowly, slowly catch the monkey, don’t haste, on moon day 1, the 9th of August you may find yourself needing alone time.

Know the past cannot be changed, yet you can use the lessons made from the past mistakes to create your future successes; making plans to bring your dreams and ambitions into reality with practical action is the best use of this time.

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