Solar and Lunar eclipses? In Astrology difference and meaning

Lunar and Solar Eclipses in astrology

Solar and lunar eclipses signal change.

How life transforms for you during a lunar and solar eclipse depends on your actions when they are happening.

Lunar eclipses want us to detach and let go of what is hurting us and holding us back from renewal, lunar eclipses are a calling for you to start or continue a journey of healing.

Solar eclipses drive you to set intentions and to take action to bring your desires into physical reality.


Lunar and solar eclipse dates 2022


Lunar eclipses dates


On May 16th, there will be a Lunar Eclipse at 5:12 AM and a Super Moon -a full Moon on May 16th at 5:14 AM.


On November 8th, there will be a Lunar Eclipse at 11:59 AM, as well as a Super Moon, which is also a full moon on November 8th at 12:02 PM


In western astrology, the lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon is in Scorpio on May 16th and Taurus on November 8th 2022.

In Constellational and Vedic astrology, the lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon is in Libra on May 16th and in Aries on November 8th 2022.


Partial Solar eclipse dates 2022


April 30th and October 25th

On April 30th 2022, the new Moon solar eclipses happened at 9:42 PM, GMT time- UK; there was a new moon at 9:38 PM.

On October 25th, the new Moon’s partial solar eclipses will happen at noon, while the exact time of the new Moon is 11:49 AM.


In western astrology, the  Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is in Taurus on April 30th and Scorpio on October 25th 2022.

In Constellational and Vedic astrology, the  Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is in Aries on April 30th and Libra on October 25th 2022.

  • In touch with feelings and intuition
  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Magnetic/ enthralling due to your ability to connect to others
  • Can be moralistic, open, direct and truthful
  • Wide career range could be anything from an artist to an addiction counsellor
  • Can be selfish and manipulative
  • Protected by a lucky star/ karma
  • High levels of positive creativity can be channelled into poetry, art, helping others, academic pursuits, and spirituality.
  • Alone time to reflect and switch off essential to avoid being physically or spiritually drain, vital to be the boss of your own self, in any realm you delve into, not in a pushy way, but in a self-assured way.
  • Can be highly empathic

Simple explanation – what do lunar and solar eclipses mean?

In basic terms, an eclipse happens when the sun disappears in the sky, suddenly making the daylight night, as the earth temporarily blocks the sun’s rays.

A lunar eclipse can make the Moon orangey-red as the sun and Moon meet, the sun adding a reddish hue to the appearance of the Moon.

In our human past, lunar and solar eclipses were seen as powerful omens, bringing good changes or destruction.

They were also seen as powerful influences in the rise and fall of human civilisations.

Spiritually – lunar and solar eclipses are seen as potent life forces that can be used to make personal changes on the individual level.

There is an old saying. Every person has a destiny, but only a few reach it because most people think fate means heartbreak and repeating the past continuously.

Yet, in reality, true destiny offers happiness to help you withstand the suffering.


A solar eclipse can bring change on the personal, family, community, national and global levels.

Geeky facts about the solar and lunar eclipses

The Moon always follows a path that keeps it on the elliptical path as it orbits around the earth.

 One side of the Moon is always closer to the earth than the other.

Because the Moon changes visibility due to the angels it makes to the sun, is the reason why we have the moon phases, with the full and new moon phases being the most recognisable ones.

A super moon occurs when the Moon is closer to the earth than usual, super moons typically happen when there is also a solar or lunar eclipse.

How often do eclipses happen?

We have between 4 and 6 eclipses each year. Solar and lunar eclipses happen on either a new or full moon.   

The effects of the solar and lunar lunation can last up to 3-6 months after they have happened.

The energy of solar and lunar eclipses can be felt about 1-2 months before they happen.

How solar and lunar eclipses affect you depends on your natal chart and the aspects the planets and luminaries (sun and Moon) are making to each other during the solar and lunar eclipses.

Although you may want to rush ahead, when the lunar and solar eclipses happen, it is best to take things slowly, make strategic plans, and take well-thought-out action.

Solar and lunar eclipses typically happen in pairs, so a new moon lunar eclipse is either preceded or followed by full moon solar eclipses or vice versa.

After solar and lunar eclipses, powerful?

When a new or full moon happens during a solar or lunar eclipse on the astrological, esoteric and spiritual level, the full and new moons are seen as more powerful.

Then when they usually occur, solar and lunar eclipses always happen in pairs and typically on in the polar opposite zodiac signs.

For example, a full moon solar eclipse in Aries means the lunar eclipses will take place in the zodiac sign of Libra.

Then reverse this pattern so the solar eclipse will happen when the Moon is in Libra, and the lunar eclipses will occur when the Moon is in Aries.

An eclipse happens on the Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini Sagittarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Leo – Aquarius and Virgo-Pisces axis- polarity.

Solar and lunar eclipses follow a Pattern that can last from 12 months to 2 years, with 18- 24 months being the average time period it takes for the solar and lunar eclipses to complete their cycle.

The cycle of pairs typically happens every 7- 9 years.

What happens during eclipse astrology? Why are solar and lunar eclipses so powerful- important?

This is why astrologers and all those who practice occult knowledge view solar and lunar eclipses as powerful.

The solar full moon eclipses can be used to start the changes by letting go of the thoughts, relationships and behaviours that block your progress.

The new Moon lunar eclipses act as a springboard to invite new behaviours, thoughts and relationship patterns into your life,


What is a solar eclipse?

Solar eclipses happen when the Moon acts as a barrier- a sort of filter that sits in the middle of the earth and the sun.

Or the sun and the earth; however, you want to look at it when a solar eclipse happens.

When viewed from the earth, the moon blacks the light of the sun, so even a place that is experiencing its daylight hours can become dark.

Spiritually this reminds us that within darkness is light, and darkness is just the absence of light.

All states on earth are changeable, and it’s our perspective, the angel we are looking at or thinking about something, that determines how we act on it.

Solar eclipses happen on the new Moon; it allows for radical transformations on the personal, community or global level and will enable you to try new hobbies, relationships, and careers.

Still, it is best to make small changes and not take on more than you can handle; the new Moon solar eclipses happen about 2-3 times a year on average.

Reminding us that there are always periods where we can start again.

No matter how dark our lives may have become, the Moon will move, and the sun’s light can be viewed again on earth.


So what is a lunar eclipse, then?


A lunar eclipse happens when the earth is in the middle of the Sun and the Moon, blocking the suns light for the pathway of the Moon.

Because of this, the Moon can become a deep yellow or orange, moving to the brown and red spectrum of colours.

Sometimes the Moon can become invisible due to the interference of the earth blocking the sun’s rays from the Moon’s view. Lunar eclipses usually happen on a full moon.

Like the solar eclipses, lunar eclipses can be up to 3-6 times more potent than an average full Moon.

The energy of the lunar eclipse can bring sudden endings to relationships, careers, and belief systems.

Some people experience spiritual, intellectual, philosophical, technological, or other types of awakening, powerful information- insight can be revealed, giving you answers to the questions you have been asking for a while.

What sort of things should I do on a lunar or solar eclipse?

Some people say spiritual work is unsuitable during lunar or solar eclipses.

 Still, I think it depends on your energy levels and spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological state during these times.

If you are grounded and have the correct mindset during a solar and lunar eclipse, rituals such as inviting- manifestation or letting go rituals can be powerful.

All forms of journaling, meditation, gentle exercise like tai chi and yoga, breathwork, EFT- emotional freedom technique, screaming, self-care, self-honesty, forgiveness, understanding and compassion are always powerful things to do during a lunar or solar eclipses.

What does a lunar eclipse mean astrologically, esoterically, personally and spiritually?

  • Unexpected changes
  • Predetermined actions, fated relationships and events
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Sudden revelations
  • Powerful happiness or intense heartbreak
  • Facing home truths
  • Nowhere to hide
  • Exciting beginnings
  • Traumatic endings
  • Research- self-reflection
  • Rebirth
  • Creating artistic, musical or other masterpieces
  • Dramatic, life-changing relationships
  • Taking a new direction, moving home

Eclipses happen to give you that extra push to make progress and bring to your awareness the toxic relationships, habits, and thoughts you need to release.

Transformation and letting go are key themes of solar and lunar eclipses and how solar and lunar eclipses affect you.

Depending on the aspects the transiting planets are making to your natal chart, plus the dominant energies in your birth chart, do you have more air, fire, earth or water energy.

 Is your 1st, 2nd, 8th, 12th and all the houses in between the strongest in your chart?

When the solar and lunar eclipses happen, the zodiac sign the Moon, sun, and earth are in determines how each lunar or solar eclipse will affect each person and country.

Lunar eclipses can bring endings, solar eclipses new beginnings, and lunar eclipses can be psychologically, emotionally, and spiritual draining, yet solar eclipses can be rejuvenating, even if you have to go through pain.

What does the lunar and solar eclipse mean on the spiritual, astrological and esoteric levels? Continued

How you view life determines how you view the events that happen during the lunar and solar eclipses, lunar eclipses can help you face your addictions, shadow traits and emotions.

Eclipses make you take a realistic look at your life.

This may be voluntary or forced by external events or people; some of you may decide to make radical life shifts

This is good but make sure you also take it slow and make a plan that you’re not afraid to change.

When circumstances and external feedback call for it, you commit to doing the hard yet necessary work of transforming your self-destructive thoughts, habits, and relationships.

Going with the flow is the best use of this energy; being alert and ready to take action when the time calls for it, you may want to rush into a new relationship or lifestyle obsessively.

But it’s best to check the facts, not be too idealistic, and not believe all you see and hear without seeing them backed up with action and follow through.

Not all is what it seems when they are lunar and solar eclipses, the devastation of the full Moon lunar eclipses. Can make way for the powerful new beginnings that may come your way during the new moon solar eclipse phase.

For example, a relationship could end during a lunar eclipse.

 Still, the new moon solar eclipse can bring a love of a lifetime; experience your emotions, just don’t make them overrun you, good or bad.

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