Transiting Pisces moon phase

What does it mean that the Moon is in Pisces?

During the transit Pisces moon, two things can happen you can be prone to spending too much time fantasying and escaping reality via thoughts or intoxication substances or relationships.

 When the Moon is transiting pisces, you can have deep, meaningful spiritual and mystical imprints and experiences.

Imagination is high, and you can experience vivid dreams or nightmares, depending on your internal mood; generally, the Pisces moon phase makes you more sensitive, emotional, empathetic and intuitive.

How does the Moon in Pisces affect me?

  • Emotional healing
  • High mutable energy, so watch out for changing moods and emotions
  • Lack of grounding
  • Lack of strength
  • Helping others through emotional turmoil’s in healthy ways
  • Listen to music, sing, create art, you don’t have to be good at it, just try you never know what you may create
  • Watch some movies or binge on Netflix, or even chill at the same time 😉
  • • Spend time near water or in nature, try tai chi, stretching, bodywork, yoga or anything which aids you to connect with your inner world.

  • • Illusionary/irritable/ sorrowful moods
  • • Increase need for affection
  • • Increase empathy
  • • Increase risk of getting lost in fantasy and illusion
  • • Good time to do tasks that need subjective or emotive thinking
  • • Good time for spiritual or mystical practice if you can stay grounded
  • • You may crave junk or sweet foods more; this is okay but don’t overindulge too much, but treat yourself
  • • Watch for overspending and speculating, and other impulsive behaviour

Grounding may be necessary to make sure you don’t become too unrealistic or get away with the fairies too much during the Pisces moon transit period of the month.

In general logical pursuits are not favourable unless you have intense transits to your natal chart involving Uranus, Mars, Pluto, Saturn.

 Libra, Gemini, Leo, Aries or Aquarius, or have strong aspects to these signs and planets in your natal chart.

You can experience psychological or spiritual weakness, feeling very passive, finding it hard to separate fact from fiction, reality from daydreams, you may find yourself lacking in energy or feeling plain old lazy.

Transiting Pisces moon phase continued
How does the Moon in Pisces affect me?

Life may slow day for you whilst the Moon is transiting Pisces, you may be feeling physical, psychological, emotionally or psychically drain, do all you can to replenish your energy.

Avoid being around vitality draining situations and people if you can, do all you can to protect yourself from those who wish to diminish your strength.

Taking time to meditate, dance gently, and listen to soothing music, have a nice massage or give one to yourself, take some time out to slow down and smell the roses.

Some of you may use this time to do some kind of alternative healing ritual or connect more with your psychic world.

; make sure you don’t open yourself up too much and explore the vibrational realms in a safe way. Limit alcohol, drugs, coffee and other stimulants during the transit moon in the Pisces phase, get enough sleep, try herbal remedies, and explore the world of alternative healing as you make source a solution to a long term health problem.

Yet make sure you don’t take risks, and vet any alternative health practitioner you may seek during this time, avoid anything which can adversely change your mood in general.

Let it all out

Emotions can be high right now; some of you may feel the urge to cry; this is okay, let it out; tears can be alarming at first, but they can be very healing.

Allow yourself to feel your moods, but don’t let them overtake you, but by all means, experience any sadness which comes up now, and let it go.

Artistic and creative pursuits are favourable now; they can be pretty successful in business and legal matters, especially those related to 12th house things, i.e. hospitals, prison, mediator, psychological professions, alternative wellbeing etc.

But also guard against doing things that can lead you to be committed in a mental instruction or prison, seek help and support if need be.

Intuitions are high when the moon transit Pisces, but so is emotion, boundaries will be more fluid, and a lot will be left open to interpretation.

Check facts
What does it mean that the Moon is in Pisces?

So make sure you double-check the facts and details of any information or situation, don’t jump to conclusions, connect to your inner muse and focus on your internal development, do all you can to free yourself from toxic thoughts and emotions. You may have vivid past life dreams or insights, increase psychic ability, deep insights about the emotional, spiritual or psychological issues, which are holding you back can rise to the surface.

Mediation, painting, singing, listening to music, dancing and things like this can help you connect with your higher self and open you to receive deep psychic information.

Which can liberate you from your inner resistance to the things which can set you free.

In astrology, Neptune ruled Pisces in western astrology, Jupiter in ancient astrology and Pluto esoterically.

So you may undergo a profound transformation and expand your awareness of higher matters and soul patterns you keep repeating, which keep you trapped in your karma.

All experiences related to Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto, are possible during the transit Pisces moon phase, try and stay grounded and get support if need be.

Stay grounded
More about, What does it mean that the Moon is in Pisces?

So you don’t fall into delusions, become fearful of any information you receive, remember even darkness can eventually set us free if we learn its lessons and not allow it to trap or imprisoned our psyche and soul. During the Pisces moon transit, working with any deceptive or angry feelings that may come up is essential, working with your light to manage your shadow.

Do not escape what comes up or fall into self-pity, instead take the time to understand your shadow, write down your feelings and work through them, do not repress them but do not fall into self-pity either.


Instead, indulge in some self-care, take a bath, a nice shower, burn some incense, soothe yourself, but avoid escaping by taking drugs or alcohol. Have some empathy for yourself and your life experiences, as well as those you come into contact with. Be honest with yourself during this time about your emotions, toxic relationships and thought patterns, and addictions and make a plan to slowly give them up.

Life can be harsh, but we must find healthy ways to manage life tension or temper/ balance our desires and our lowest and highest self.

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