Virgo Moon Transit :What does it mean that the moon is in Virgo?

Moon transiting Virgo

What happens when the Moon moves into Virgo?

  • Good time to start new routines
  • Take care of practical and domestic matters
  • Carry out task which requires total focus
  • Good time to focus on your health and eating habits
  • More attention paid to personal appearance hygiene and psychological health
  • Evaluate your emotional health, make plans to heal and balance your emotional states.
  • More patience’s than you had when the Moon was In Leo
  • Self-improvement
  • Paying attention to detail
  • Increase in logical thinking
  • Guard against being critical and nitpicking
  • Good for administration tasks, such as sorting through paperwork
  • Good time to look at personality integration and balancing your emotional, physical, psychological, financial and spiritual health.
  • Last 2 and half days

When the Moon transits Virgo, it is a good time to Pay attention to the practicalities of your day to day life; you may decide to get things into order or start a new routine.

Especially if this happens in a new moon stage, if the Moon transiting Virgo occurs in a full moon stage, you may decide to release any self-destructive habit and anyone that distracts you and prevents you from keeping structure and organisation in your life.

You might find yourself paying attention to your household finances or looking at ways to improve your physical health and overall wellbeing.

Less drama

Your focus will not be on drama and excitement like when the Moon was in Leo; you may find yourself paying attention to the small details and habits in your life; after all, it’s the small steps we take daily which led us towards our biggest visions and dreams.

While the Moon transits Virgo, you may find solutions to problems that have been eluding you for a while; still, watch out for being too picky and over analysing too much.

Yes, you may notice that you wasted time in life, but overthinking what’s gone, wastes more time.

Moon in Virgo transits is a good time to do any technical work that requires concentration like gathering data, researching, or editing.

Do all you can to relax and distress and make realistic plans about how you can reach your goals,  you may decide to give some clothes to charity.

Or have a house clearance, tidy up your garden a bit; the transiting Virgo moon is a time of purging, eradicating, putting things in order and detoxing.

Interesting conversations with depth may happen then the moon transit Virgo but watch out for being too critical, and be aware others may be harder to please during this phase.

Moon transiting Virgo
What happens when the Moon moves into Virgo?, continued

You may find yourself feeling more charitable, deciding to give to charity or help others; you may find yourself being more discerning about who you spend your time with and what you give your attention to.

Self-forgiveness and self-acceptance may come to the forefront of you decided to let go of your self-criticalness and focus on how to bring about the changes you may like to see in your life. Instead, you may read a self-help book, take an online course or attend a seminar.

You may find yourself understanding spiritual, scientific, technological or philosophical information, which you could not grasp before, due to mercury Virgo’s ruler broadening your mental capacity

Those with strong mercury or Virgo placements in their chart may feel the Virgo moon phase more; in the realms of business and career.

It is a good time to be attentive, logical and punctual, as these may bring rewards such as promotion or clinching a profitable deal.

You might find yourself picking up detection in your environment more quickly and catching others out in their white lies; fraud detection and accountancy are favourable during this period. It’s a good time to focus on the long term.


When the Moon is in Virgo, you may find yourself nagging and moaning for the sake of it; avoid it as it may drive a wedge in your personal relationships.

Virgo moon is a perfect time to heal yourself and focus on your development; it’s best not to fall ito self-defeating behaviours and waste this precious transit Virgo moon energy.

Also, do not complain about others behaviours during this time, such as them being too slow, idle or sluggish; this is a time to see the faults in you and others, yes, but not to be critical of them.


It’s a time to make plans to better your life, thinking about how you can eat better? How can you work more efficiently? How can you look after  the needs of your mind, body and soul and writing down plans or taking  action to do so

Beating up yourself about any shortcomings will just keep you in a vicious cycle of self-abuse; all humans have faults, doesn’t mean we still cannot love ourselves, thoroughly treating ourselves with respect, compassion, give yourself some understanding and love

The Virgo transit moon phase is a good time to get your physical, spiritual, financial, emotional and psychological houses in order, focusing on the small daily habits which will help you create a better life for yourself.

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Health and gardening

When the Moon is in Virgo, it is a good time to look after your digestive system by eating foods, exercising, and taking supplements that promote digestive, nervous, and blood system health.

Get a nice body massage, walk barefoot on the grass, take in nature, relax, and try to achieve balance; this is a good time to plant seeds, resulting in an abundant harvest.

 It’s also a perfect time to manipulate and transplant crops and plants, trim flowers and vines, and take action to get rid of weeds and vermin.

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