Transit of Mars in Sagittarius December 2021 : What does it mean?

Transit of Mars in Sagittarius : What does it mean?, mars transit sag
Mars in Sagittarius transit 

What does it mean when Mars is Transiting in Sagittarius?

  • Can cause conflict with those in authority
  • Increase in aggression
  • Need set realistic goals
  • Increase in educational, spiritual, legal, intellectual, philosophic or religious goals
  • Being a warrior for your cause- but watch out for becoming extreme or those who become forceful in expressing their beliefs
  • Social unrest increases in protest, especially in educational or political settings.
  • Optimism or over-optimism causing financial or relationship lost
  • Acting out of personal beliefs rather than taking others opinions into account
  • Increase restlessness
  • Dislike of routine
  • Needing adventure- freedom- travel
  • Wanderlust and infatuations, lust at first sights
  • Overindulgence in hookups and Netflix and chill
  • Starting relationships and projects without proper forethought, leading to you abandoning projects and relationships quickly- leaving things unfinished

Is Mars transit in Sagittarius good?

You can be feeling more creative and intellectual than usual; however, you may lack the self-discipline, focus and skills to follow through on your ambitions

 So it is best to watch online videos, take an online course to help you, or you can simply waste your time in the long run; you can be forceful in your personal viewpoints and self-expression.

Which can cause friction and, in some cases, separation relationships; bear in mind all people have their own beliefs formed on their experience, so just as you love your views, others will also be as forceful with their ideas at this time.

Other people you will also feel as forceful about their viewpoints, desires and needs at this time, leading to a danger of you or others forcing their wills onto each other at this time.

It is best to understand that just as you feel passionate about your beliefs, so can others, they can be an increase of sexual tension at this time, therefore an uprise in needing a release.

Try to stay safe and realise that you can channel sexual energy into reaching your life goals and ambitions if you choose to, instead of allowing it to be drained via excessive hookups.

What does it mean when Mars is Transiting in Sagittarius?

What does it mean when Mars is Transiting in Sagittarius? , continued

There can be a lot of ego identification at this time, so you and others will feel a physical reaction if your opinions, culture, religion, philosophy, personal expression are attacked at this time.

I know we are programmed to think we are what we do, what we say and what we may think we are, is all we are, but that’s not the truth; there is a life beyond what we have come to believe life is.

And all humans have a right to believe what they wish, yet they must not inflict their beliefs on others, against their will, instead of convincing others of your beliefs.

Mars in Sagittarius is an excellent time to expand your own beliefs, allowing yourself to question your viewpoints, researching alternative opinions and ways of seeing the world.

Now is a time to broaden your mind and experience; travel, physical or mental, is a good outlet right now, as looking into different religions, cultures, philosophies and spiritual practices.

However, if you have negative aspects, squares, quincunxes, opposition to your 12th,  8th, 9th, 1st houses, or Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries, Mars, Jupiter or Neptune in your natal chart, then physical or mental travel may cause frustration at this time.

It may be best to relax and take some time out, and if you have not got anything good to say, it may best not say anything at all.

Legal difficulties can appear at this time; it may be best not to push legal issues, such as if you offered a settlement, it might be best to take it, as court cases may not go well.


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