What does it mean when Neptune is in Aquarius?

When did Neptune enter Aquarius?


Neptune enters the constellation of Aquarius on the 11th of September 2022, around 7:10 GMT, until the 18th of February 2022 at 3:11 PM

Neptune in Aquarius brings a lot of good to the world. It is an excellent time for connecting with spirituality. 

If you are looking for guidance on how to handle your relationships, Neptune in Aquarius can bring this clarity to you.

During this transit, we strive for fairness and unity. Seeking to better our connections with others,  the earth and the cosmos.


Through a deeper understanding of what motivates ourselves and the people, we share this planet with.

There are many paths to travel. If we are to remain open and accepting of life and the many paths we all must travel, then you must reject nothing.

Remaining open to eventhing when neptune is in aqaurius

What does it mean when Aquarius is in Neptune?

Being open 

Rejecting nothing gives the feeling of being lost in a sea of infinite possibilities.

However, this is the only way we can see that all is one, and one is all. Let one of us live in poverty, and we are all living in poverty. This is the true message of Neptune’s transit in Aquarius.

Neptune rules the subconscious mind and the subtle things in the universe and human interactions, the things we all feel but cannot say. 

Neptune governs everything from creativity and mystical experiences to addiction and self-destructive behaviours.

The Neptunian realm requires an understanding and acceptance of the illogical. 

All we are told is make-believe and fantasy, giving into all that is transcendent of the intellect, letting go of viewing life purely through the material- the tangible.

Giving in to the unexplainable, the unknown, and the things we feel but cannot 

We live our lives within the boundaries of the material world, but it’s when Neptune enters Aquarius that we discover the hidden depth of human consciousness.

On the individual level and higher consciousness, awakening can happen. 

This can happen collectively too. Allowing yourself to open up to the unfathomably is the crucial lesson of Neptune’s transit in Aquarius.

What does it mean when Neptune is in Aquarius? continued

Key themes of Neptune transiting in Aquarius

  • Innovative solutions to the world’s problems
  • Chance for deep emotional, psychological, intellectual, physical and spiritual healing
  • Wanting to become an authentic individual
  • Becoming less judgemental and seeing all humans make mistakes, none worse than the next
  • Becoming more interested in technology, science, psychology and humanity in general 
  • Having more faith in yourself and life
  • Becoming more open-minded and open to learning, understanding and incorporating new beliefs into your life.
  • Collective or individual spiritual, psychological, religious or mystical experiences
  • Enlightenment- becoming more idealistic and hopeful.
  • People coming together for the greater good
  • More truly, humanitarian ventures
  • Innovations in technology, medicine, media, creativity, science and the occult
  • Increase in intuitive actions and thought
  • Chance for psychic and higher consciousness development
  • Negatively the abuse of psychic abilities, religious, scientific, medical and other doctrines
  • False teachers 
  • Forces working against the unity of humanity 
  • Aligning with your higher self and the deeper meanings of life
  • Becoming more imaginative, meaningful dreams or alarming nightmares both calling your attention to what you need to heal, understand and let go off
  • Become aware of timeless wisdom 
  • Uncovering hidden talents
  • Uncovering secrets 
  • Learning to love and accept things as they are, unconditionally 
What does Aquarius in Neptune mean and its retrograde?

Neptune in Aquarius – what happens when Neptune transits in Aquarius?

When Neptune moves into the constellation of Aquarius on the generational level.

Key individuals who take a detached look, whose calling is to propel humanity forward in evolution. 

May come up with new social, political, spiritual, religious, scientific, technological, intellectual or revolutionary abstract theories or ways of life.

That can help guide, critique or uplift humanity in some way


Creative time

This can be a highly creative time where new music, film or art is thrust into mainstream or the alternative collective consciousness, giving new direction or insights.

They can be a lot of advancements in the technological, scientific, occult and medical world, with many new products and services being updated or invented.

Some astrologers state that Aquarius will bring in a new age for the masses. 

In some ways, this is true, yet time has shown us that, on the whole, the masses usually reject significant changes all at once.

Making it on your own

Still, on the individual level, this is a chance to strike out on your own and work towards finding inner wholeness and peace.

By taking a detached look at your life and its events and making a plan to create a better future by yourself, Not by ignoring your emotions or psychological or spiritual wounds but by acknowledging them, training yourself to understand, heal and manage them.

Coming into the awareness that all you can control in life is how you perceive and react to things, in this level of acceptance, you can find harmony within yourself.

So even if Neptune in Aquarius does not bring peace to the masses, you will at least find some rest within yourself.

What does Aquarius in Neptune mean and its retrograde?
What does it mean when Neptune is in Aquarius?
Neptune Retrograde in Aquarius

When Neptune is retrograde in Aquarius, you may find yourself more aware and have revealing insights that bring clarity. 

You may open up to a wealth of creative solutions to your problems.

Although Neptune energy is seen as dreamy, especially when it is direct, Neptune in retrograde can make you very rational. 

Even if it’s intuitively so, deductive reasoning can be high. 

When you weigh the pros and cons of each option to choose the best one for you when Neptune is retrograde, it’s perfect for us to look at our ambitions and lifestyle.

New ways

Thinking of ways to stop our addictive and self-destructive thoughts and relationships, how can I reach my highest potential? This is a question you could ask yourself.

Time can go so fast, so how can you make the best of the time you have left? 

This can be a prominent thought when Neptune is transiting in Aquarius.

You may come to see that the past is nothing to regret but to honour as it leads you to where you are now. 

What is it from your past that makes you unique, and how can you use your experiences to create a visionary future for yourself?

Using a journal and voice recording your thoughts, just allowing your imagination to roam free.

So your imagination can bring innovative ideas that can help you bring your highest hopes into reality.

What is it that makes your soul sing? How can you give yourself the love and nurturing your desire?

How can we use our visions and ideas to make life better for ourselves, our communities and the world? How can you see that we are all connected?

When Neptune is retrograde in Aquarius, it is a powerful time to heal your individual psychological, spiritual and emotional wounds. 


In doing this, it helps the collective become more whole.

We need not make grand gestures to do our part in healing the collective, you need only to commit to becoming your best self, and even then, you do not have to do it perfectly. You just have to do it.

This is the lesson of the Aquarius in Neptune and Neptune retrograde in Aquarius transits 

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