What does it mean when Neptune is in Pisces? -Individual Uprising an in-depth guide

Divine potential, universal love and cosmic consciousness.

Neptune travels through the constellation of Pisces from the 20 April 2022 at 8:14 PM and moves back into the constellation of Aquarius on 9 September 2022 at 4:48 PM


  • Neptune transiting in Pisces is in dignity- at home, for Pisces is ruled by Neptune- mundanely on the surface, and secretly- esoterically rules cancer, which is ruled by the moon on the mundane level.
  • Mysticism
  • Spiritual development
  • Addiction
  • Tyrannical spiritual behaviours- spiritual bypass and ego
  • Hallucinations- figmant of imaginations
  • Hypersensitivity- empathy
  • Faith
  • Delusion of grandeur
  • Self-numbing, distractions- escapism
  • Self and collective imprisonment
  • Following gut feelings- leaving by faith and not sight
  • Film, music, poetry, photography, visual design, imaginative expression
  • Selects, lies and passive manipulations- vagueness
  • Devotion- courage.
  • Increase clairvoyance
  • Led by the higher Power- whatever that is to you
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Taking the road less travelled, as the late Scott m peck wrote
  • Submissiveness- indecision
  • Sentimentality
  • Spiritual fortitude and standing firm in your convictions
  • Evolution- new cultural, music, art, creativity, abstract, intangible, spiritual and collective beliefs and illusion
  • The emergence or deepening of spiritual, mystical, musical- artistic pioneering leaders
  • Calling for the advancement of unconditional love, peace and harmony, regardless of gender, beliefs, and any other diving factor- unity
Neptune is at home when transiting Pisces—demanding oneness with yourself and depth with others, wanting you to clean out your closest and raps. Getting in touch with your unresolved psychological, spiritual and emotional traumas so you can liberate yourself and feel freer to explore the depths of yourself. Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are all generational planets, which means we are breaking generational patterns of behaviour in a particular population. Each of these planets impacts a particular generation in a significant way. Neptune is one of the outer planets between Jupiter and Pluto. It has an extremely long orbit compared to other planets and is therefore very far from the Sun. Pluto is the ninth planet from the Sun. The outer planet, Neptune, is between Jupiter and Pluto. It takes Neptune almost 165 years to orbit the Sun because it’s so far away. On average, Neptune takes about 14 years to pass through each zodiac sign Every generation has a Neptune cycle, serving as a catalyst to release that group’s collective conscious from suffering and karma. Guiding the masses and individuals towards new spiritual ideals and giving planetary support to unlock unconditional love and sharing of the earth’s resources.

Symbology and energy of transiting Neptune in Pisces

The symbol of Neptune, the trident, represents divine- high ambition and all that is inspired, mind over matter, soul over body,

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. That’s why Venus is exalted in Pisces, The symbol of Venus in Pisces is unconditional love.

Venus is often seen as the planet of physical love, commitment and outer beauty, and it is on the mundane – physical, yet on the highest level.


Venus is the planet of inner beauty and self-love by knowing yourself inside out and doing all it takes to understand yourself and penetrate your inner worlds.

By releasing your defence mechanisms, via accurate self-understanding, empathy, healing and expression, achieving this often involves letting go of what you think love should be.

Neptune and its waters are associated with intuition, imagination, and spiritual enlightenment.

There are many different ways to interpret the symbolism of Neptune.

On the physical level, it’s the unity of your shadow and light personality traits.

On the higher consciousness level, it is using your past experiences to evoke change in yourself and others.

If the path of transformation is followed and stuck to through the many failures, which are a necessary part of self-evolution, all paths of self-enlightenment lead you to the same place of deep self-awareness.

Furthermore, Neptune is the personification of the human soul. Representing the emotions and what goes on in your subconscious mind.

what does transiting Neptune in astrology meaning

Short version

Pisces transiting in Neptune can make you have a strong need to escape from the material world into a more spiritual one.

Positively this can lead to profound personal growth on all levels, emotional, spiritual and psychological.

Giving you the ability to empathise with others and see the world positively, despite the visible struggles.

Gifting you the capability of having a great devotion to a way of life or organisation you believe in.


But you may withdraw from people when things get too tricky. If you are an avoidant person, you may be drawn to non-material worlds, spiritual knowledge and paths, drugs and alcohol because you don’t want to deal with the problems of the material world.

When Neptune is transiting, Pisces can come over with a strong sense of right and wrong and a desire to help others.

Your dreams during this time may help you feel more connected to yourself and others.

Long version

Neptune is the ruling planet of music, the mystical, addiction, delusion, secrets, self-imprisonment, psychological distress, and higher consciousness karma.

Positively it can inspire breaking free of toxic soul, psychological, emotional, and spiritual patterns.

Unlocking hidden talents gives prophetic dreams and visions and inspires intuition-led creative inspiration.

The universe is filled with many dimensions and mysterious secrets.

Negatively because Neptune the planet that rules excessive passivity and emotionality, because of its material rulership of Pisces, the great fish water sign.

Aswell as Self-destructive behaviour, neurotic thought, toxic behaviour, self-rejection and abandonment.

Each Neptune transit cycle can inspire rebirth, addiction recovery, acceptance of your inner self, self-awareness, acceptance of the deeper meanings of life and the universe, and self-liberation.

Neptune has great influence in unlocking musical and other artistic gifts and spiritual practice.

Opening up to the unseen

You can become more intuitive, imaginative, and open-minded when using your Neptune energy correctly.

You enjoy exploring the unknown and finding new ways of looking at things.

You are constantly seeking to learn and grow and are always looking for ways to be more understanding and compassionate to yourself and others, continually striving to learn and grow.

Everything unseen and unknown is revealed by Neptune, our imagination, psychic sensitivities, and connection to the mystical.


Neptune in the birth chart is related to the part of your life where you refuse to be limited by societal programming, religious beliefs, culture, or family traditions.

 The 12th House of the Unconscious is the home of Neptune and Pisces; you’re probably familiar with the Roman god Neptune, as he’s often depicted as a guy with a fishtail.

 But did you know Neptune was also associated with love and universal love?

Floating in the ocean of devotion- more about what does it mean when Neptune is Transiting in Pisces?

Neptune is the ruler of all water, and its presence in your birth chart indicates the degree to which your desires and emotions will manifest in the form of creative self-expression. Transiting Neptune in pieces allows individuals to reach their highest consciousness and self-expression. Neptune transit in Pisces will enable individuals to dissolve boundaries and seeks the source, the ultimate, the centre point of all creation. You get to this state by self-acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, healing, management and integrating the dark sides of your personality through shadow work. Unfortunately, on the dark side of Neptune, there is deceit, disillusionment, propaganda, escapism through addiction, and utter oblivion. At its highest peak, Neptune reveals the essence of what is possible when you break down your walls of pure materiality and logic and release your defence mechanisms. Moving toward the source, trusting your own intuition, feeling your inner void with self-awareness, being guided by the source, higher Power, nature or whatever you want to call the Power behind all life in the cosmos. Neptune transiting in Pisces energy represents the oceans and the human natures, darkest secrets. Water – your emotions and not things to numb yourself from and fear; your feelings offer you the chance to see how life flows around you. When you’re open to the possibilities in every moment, life has to change for the better as you see through your own worldly illusions.

Letting go of generational and reincarnated dysfunction

Breaking the patterns of generational dysfunction is an important part of achieving sustainable, lasting change in all aspects of your life.

These often highly toxic and unhelpful habits, from how we think to how we act, are handed down from generation to generation.

It’s crucial for you to break patterns and move forward, so we don’t become a population of people

 who follow the same old paths.

Letting go of harmful, self and socially destructive behaviours, addictions, thoughts, and unhealthy ways of relating is hard on the individual and collective level.

Still, this needs to be done to purge karma and the spiritual rebirth of the individual and humanity as a whole.

Transit Neptune in Pisces can help you to understand, follow and manifest your dreams and incarnating-free will purpose.

It is painful and heartbreaking as we, as singular people and the masses, see through our illusions and compulsions, infatuations and obsession.

Letting go of cultural, societal, past life, religious, and all other self-limiting programming is excruciatingly hard work, but it is necessary for your growth, wellness and stability.

Do what needs to be done, regardless of the consequences.

Breaking free from illusions and what you have come true about your capabilities and the world.

Opening yourself to seeing beyond the veil of smoke, mirrors and manipulations, uncovering the truth of your own and all existence, piece by piece.

Human beings dislike change and prefer comfort.

Releasing yourself from toxic patterns and situations that destroy your wellbeing.

The Neptune in Pisces transits provides the energy to break self and mass destruction to move forward as individuals and as a population.

Letting go so that you can grow

Whether you know it or not, Neptune and all the other generational planets, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus, affect us on deep levels

Breaking these patterns is integral to achieving sustainable, lasting change in all aspects of your life and for humanity to progress as a collective.

You may want to ask yourself, What’s wrong with your life? What habits do you repeat that do not serving you, and why do they continue to happen in your life?

Mind, body and soul patterns are not easy to break, but it is possible with willpower, self-acceptance, and awareness.

These states of mind and skills won’t come overnight; they come from commitment to the process of your own and humanity’s evolution.

It can be hard to let go of habits, especially those that supply much instant gratification and pleasure derived from things, such as instant likes and apparent acceptance on social media.

The flattery of fame and other adoration is hard to let go of.

Still, Neptune transiting in Pisces asks you to let go of soul-destroying behaviour, overindulgence and intoxication, excessive sexualisation and division, and blaming others for your own and our collective problems.

Cutting through the bull crap

Still, if we really want our world to change, each person must do their shadow work and put proper measures in place to nurture those who cannot, via physical or psychological impairments.

Supporting those who are the poorest and most disadvantaged in our nations.

Instead of exploiting them and dressing the parasitic behaviour up as some necessity or, worse, charitable act, real philanthropist action is needed, not the humanitarian capitalism we see today, which is self-serving.


Based on self-promotion or tax right-offs, generational dysfunction needs to be transmuted-heal, then managed and finally transcended; we can spend all day finding blame, look for fault hard enough, you will find it.

Still, if we want to raise our consciousness on the individual and collective level, we must let go of these comfort blankets.

This is not to invalidate your suffering and adverse experiences but to help you see through it and not let it dictate the whole of your life.

For Neptune transiting in Pisces, love becomes deep and personal. Sensual, collective, and tactile, Neptune dissolves disconnection and the anonymity of cultivated social media posts and online streams.

Knowing yourself and others on the deepest of levels

Neptune wants to connect, body to body, mind to mind, soul to soul, wants very personal contact, and this need for intimacy with self and others makes transit Neptune in Pisces so exciting and wonderful.

To honour ourselves and the Neptune in Pisces energy, You must let go of not speaking and knowing the truth and build a personal relationship with yourself

As this is the only way to fill your inner void and let go of your psychological and emotional torment, enabling you to build equal, healthy and productive relationships with others.


Neptune in Pisces wants intimacy, understanding, the exploration of the mystical and the expression of profound feelings and creative expression.

Transit Neptune in Pisces wants you to build relationships on the higher consciousness level, not just superficial desires and expectations, allowing yourself to feel instead of numbing and distracting yourself from authentic human connection.

Growing genuine empathy for yourself and others.

Knowing there are many ways to reach this self-liberation is essential. No one’s path is the same, even if they walk together.

Some will chooses self-construction –growth (building yourself up), and others of you will choose or be forced to  will walk the path of self-destruction( breaking yourself down)

Some of us will fall deeper into depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug induce delusion. Others will choose an authentic spiritual path to grow, readily giving up all that makes them weak and divided within themselves and the world.

what does transiting Neptune in astrology meaning

All roads lead to home

Nevertheless, all paths are capable of seeing you on the road to personal liberation.

Iron sharpens iron and all of that meaning. It often takes the toxic and wise to train the toxic and wise; water seeks its own level after all.

Often we can only learn our life lessons from people who are similar to ourselves.

And although we may deny this being so, it often takes projecting our dark traits on others to see them when we look into the mirror of our thoughts and behaviours.

The transit of Neptune in Pisces enables nurturing, compassion, increased sensitivity and open-mindedness, and the opportunity to improve the relationship with yourself and others is given.

Opening yourself up to true emotional expression, romance, poetry, and authentic love, not just filtered lust

One of the biggest pitfalls of Neptune transiting in Pisces is spiritual bypassing, distracting yourself from yourself with spiritual concepts or using them to hide your psychological and emotional trauma.

Developing a higher consciousness ego that can be hard to see through, for it justifies itself, in the abstract and ethereal,

The fish symbol that is also used to represent Pisces energy depicts two fishes swimming in different directions.

 For this reason, those with strong Pisces placements and aspects in their birth chart often meet themselves in the people who come and go from their lives.

Expansion of transiting Neptune in Pisces

Those influenced by Pisces energy, like the zodiac signs mentioned below, can often change their mind, dithering between many modes of expression. Passively letting others dominate its lowest expression, but once they find something to believe in, they can stand firm in their Your convictions with formidable- unmoveable strength. Pisces is another mutable- changeable sign like Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra. Saggitarius wants adventure and change and will only stick with what it authentically wants. Gemini is at least two completely different people who need to understand themselves to integrate the two opposing, distinct personalities. Libra seeks to balance out the two sides of its diplomatic and superficial nature. The Pisces vibration is always looking for meaning and is always pondering and questioning. Even if it doesn’t appear this way on the surface, as I mentioned, Pisces and Neptune rule the 12th House, and Jupiter and the 9th House also influence this energy. Transiting Pisces in neption is also infleuced  Pluto, the planet of transformation, dark desires and ruler of Scorpio because Pluto is the esoteric ruler of 12th House, Pluto also rules Aries and the 1st House. All the previously mentioned energies are involved in the different levels and expressions of interested past actions, egotistical actions and reactions, karma, institutions, secrets, enslavement, hidden layers, thoughts and inner worlds. Transit Neptune in Pisces can make you highly impressionable; still, this vibration evokes loyal and dependability. Increasing intuition allowing you to understand and foresee other people’s secrets and intentions.

Collective evolution?

“If believing absurd falsehoods increase the odds of getting laid or avoiding predators, your brain will believe those falsehoods with all its metaphorical little heart.”― Peter Watts

The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green earth, dwelling deeply in the present moment, feeling alive.-Thich Nhat Hanh fully

I like to dream, which is necessary for personal growth; humanity is a long way from collective evolution.

I know boo hoo, there goes the many promises of delusional spiritual paths.

 Still, each individual can help the evolution of the collective by taking responsibility for their personal growth and detachment from conformity.

I know, boo hoo.

They will not be any mass enlightenment, like hey presto, ta-da, we all go to bed and wake up reformed, in our current evolution of a species, as those who come before us still laid the seeds.

All that is was, and all that was is, as mystical of the transit of Neptune in Pisces, although this statement may make you think what the point then?

The point is you can play a big part in planting the seeds of growth that can be utilised by the coming generation’s growth and your many reincarnations.

They will be no mass awakening, or I could be jaded; who really knows, the truth right, for we must walk by faith and not sight.

This can be a harsh truth to comprehend, especially when many spiritual paths sell some airy-fairy notion of mass transcendence.

whats does neptune transit mean

What is transit Neptune in Pisces all about then? To start summing up this loooooooooooong article.

Negatively the transit Neptune in Pisces can make you fall into avoidance, drugs, excessive drinking, porn watching, hook-ups, Netflix and chilling, drunkenness, and addiction in all its forms.

Impressionability, gullibility, delusions, lies, manipulations, and passivity, faking, wearing many social masks.

Energy rape- draining, dark occult practices such as misuse of the 3rd eye, lucid dreaming, your Power to influence others, neurosis, deception, imprisonment of yourself and others, and false teachings.


The point is finding and knowing yourself, seeing through the many veils of social and spiritual manipulation and falsehoods.

At the highest, the Neptune in Pisces transit will make you more intuitive, aspirational, idealistic- romantic, charitable, and wanting to serve others.

Calm, refining your character, deepening your perceptions, heightening your empathy, self-love, forgiveness, acceptance and awareness.

More creatively disciplined as you leave behind being mesmerised by materiality and inspired by your innate divinity.

Seeking something higher than yourself to believe in, letting go of idolisation of the human form or anyone else in it.

So how can you achieve self-understanding and inner harmony, letting go of your cravings? How can you stop running from yourself and getting lost in the world and its many distractions?

Shadow work, learning to understand and work with your gut feelings- intuition, meditation, self-reflection- introspection, seclusion, study, research, therapy, committing to practical self-improvement, a spiritual practice, and exercise.

Listening to music, becoming more musical and artistic, drawing, painting, reading, singing, taking pictures, watching or making films- video- streams or other content or prayer

Neptune in Pisces is in the House of endings, the 12th House calling you to remove all barriers you have to authentic love.

Especially self-love, improving your relationship with yourself, and committing to balancing your life’s emotional, psychological, financial, spiritual and physical areas.

Letting go of toxic thoughts, behaviours and relationships and meeting new people who you are authentically in alignment with.

These practices can help you connect with your highest self.

Allow yourself to transmute and transcend, find a new high, a sustainable high without the many downs.

All the Neptune in Pisces transit to refine and purify you as you do the work to face your shadow and liberate your creativity.

Letting unconditional love grow, feeling the poetry in your closing the door on meaningless virality, following the crowd and keeping up with the filtered lives of celebrity and social media, awakening to universal truth.

Giving in to the sacred and authentically ethereal, avoid the ghetto of the psychic realms that can give you false impressions and teachings, and know you don’t naturally change your personality when you die. We can only return to the source.

Removing all that is not the source, via reincarnation, until you see through the need to incarnate, can take many eternities, so hey, enjoy the ride.

Opening yourself up to change and true intimacy, allow yourself to be who you already are and your authentic talents, self-expression and innate divinity to grow and show.
“As often happens on the spiritual journey, we have arrived at the heart of a paradox: each time a door closes, the rest of the world opens up.
All we need to do is stop pounding on the door that has just closed, turn around, which puts the door behind us -and welcome the largeness of life that now lies open to our souls.

The door that closed kept us from entering a room, but what now lies before us is the rest of reality.” –

Parker Palmer –

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