What happens when transiting Neptune turns Retrograde?

Neptune retrograde, transit is a time of deep healing, structure, revelation, innovation, luck.

You may feel an increase in intuitive and extrasensory abilities.

Neptune is retrograde in 2023 from June 30th to December 6th, 2023, in the sign of Pisces.

Neptune enters the Retrograde Zone (pre-retrograde shadow) on the 9th  of March, 2023 in the Sabian degree 0”41 PISCES

Neptune stations and turns Retrograde on the 30.Jun.2023 at 10:06 pm, in the Sabian degree 3”30 Pisces

Neptune stations and turns Direct on 6.Dec.2023, at 01:21 pm, in the Sabian degree 0”41 PISCES

Neptune leaves the Retrograde Zone (post-retrograde shadow) on March 24th 2024, in the Sabian degree 3”30 Pisces


In the Neptune retrograde transit period, profound transformation and awareness can occur in all areas of your life this year if you want it.

During the Neptune retrograde transit, It may not all be roses and butterflies; jeez, for some of you, it’s going to be stormy and muddy as hell, but life is about learning to withstand the darkness and express your light.

Are we in Neptune retrograde?

You may also get the urge to partake more heavily in intoxicating substances and experiences, do all you can to guard yourself against falling into addiction, remember life is about balance.

The increased sensitivity during the Neptune retrograde period 2022 may leave you susceptible to manipulations, secret enemies, disappointments caused by not seeing situations and people clearly, distorted thinking.

On the positive end, you may choose to work through your addictive tendencies during Neptune retrograde 2022; they are also a potential for romance, increased status, increase in material/spiritual assets or reputation.

In western astrology, this occurs in Pisces, but in Vedic and constellational astrology, it is happening in Aquarius.

Pisces is ruled in modern astrology by Neptune, but Pisces ancient ruler was Jupiter; how I view astrology is a fusion, so I see Jupiter and Neptune as co-rulers of Pisces.

First, I will talk about Neptune retrograde transit 2021; at the end of this blog post, I will speak about natal Neptune retrograde.

During the Neptune retrograde period, themes of:

  • Luck
  • Healing
  • Self-sacrifice
  • Tolerance
  • Betrayal- guilt
  • pain
  • Indecisiveness
  • soul mates
  • Increased ghosting
  • Increase awareness of how you lie to yourself
  • Susceptibility to energy vampires/ draining own energy by mismanagement of physical or psychological health
  • Revelation of truths
  • Spiritual/mystical growth
  • Dreams- visions- fantasies- deeper meanings
  • Receptivity
  • Addiction
  • obsessions
  • Self-sabotage
  • Illusions/ fantasies increased or revealed
  • Rivalry- hidden foes revealed – victim of slander or humiliation
  • Deception/ disappointments
  • Detachment
  • Innovation
  • Self-improvement
  • A chance to become aware of any psychological, emotional or spiritual issues which are holding you back from your evolution
Neptune retrograde
Neptune retrograde

Neptune Retrograde What happens when Neptune turns Retrograde? , continued

Any of the above themes may include future firmly in your day to day life;  During Neptune retrograde, you have two choices to move towards your highest potential.

Or keep on making the self-destructive habits that makes you overly connected with your lower/ material desires.

 The energy is being provided for you to work through any distractions, unhealthy ways of relating to yourself or others.

Let go of any limiting thoughts and relationships which are holding you back from being your highest self.

The choice is yours; the constellational Aquarius influence allows you to detach and focus on improving your life.

The Neptune retrograde period is about focusing on any self illusions or obstacles holding you back; on the collective level, we will be figuring out how to improve the treatment of addiction, mental illness and disabilities.

When Neptune retrograde is transiting, your weakness and strengths will be revealed if you focus on change.

You can clearly see the obstacles in your way and discover a clear path out of your personal limitations. 

More about Neptune retrograde transit -Slow and steady change

Neptune is a slow-moving outer planet, so the revelations of your addictions and deceptions may be slow. On some levels subtle, if you were born with Neptune retrograde, you may experience this energy more profoundly and in a more in your direct face manner.

All rose coloured glasses come firmly off during Neptune retrograde, secrets will be revealed, you will clearly see a friend from foe, truth from lies.


Any veils of illusion are firmly lifted. On the collective level, we may see further revelations of lies that have been told by those in authority.

This can be an increased time of obsessions, phobias, suspicion, and fear and hard to diagnosed illness; you may receive psychic impressions, and others may disbelieve what you have to say.

Always fact check anything you hear in the external world, get a second opinion if need be and do your best to stay grounded and seek out meditation, yoga, tai chi, spending time in nature that promotes stability and balance.

Truth can be subjective, and your personal truth at times is only for you; others may reject you for your opinions and beliefs; at times, we have to work our paths alone.

Some of you may have to face some painful trusts whilst Neptune retrograde is in transit about the nature of reality in general, the ways the people in your life or the ways you have deceived yourself will be revealed when Neptune is in retrograde.

Neptune retrograde

How does Neptune retrograde affect us?

You may have been pushing the truth back, as let’s face it, the reality of life is often hard to face and even harder to handle, so we humans usually like to stick in our comfort zones, can pretend.

 If this applies to you, this transit will make it quite difficult for you to continue in this way, as Neptune retrograde forces delusion to be unveiled.

A big reality check can be on the cards for many of us during this phase; many relationships may be thrown into jeopardy during this time. Not to alarm you, it can be a big step forward in your relationship for some of you.

As sometimes communicating our truths can make relationships stronger, yes, some of you may end relationships, bringing temporary heartbreak.

But remember, every end has a start, which is a great song by the editors, but yes, if you lived in a false romantic nirvana or utopia, your world may come crashing down during Neptune retrograde.

You may have thought you were deeply in love, only to find it was a fantasy, as again, we humans often can lie to ourselves about our real feelings and intentions to avoid rocking the boat, but sometimes the boat needs to be rocked.

Put it this way if your relationship survives this phase, then it’s pretty solid; an increase in creativity, visions, imagination, intuition, sensing of emotion, healing and willpower may occur during Neptune retrograde.

Letting go will be a big theme of this transit, and your willingness to accept the truth and move on from your past; I know retrograde are feared, but with someone with many retrogrades in their natal chart.

Letting go

I can vouch that yes, they can be painful, but only because they make you aware of the personal traits, situations, and people holding you back from your highest potential.

 And us humans are programmed to fear change, but once you accept the process of life warts and all, you will beginning to see that transformation is not as scary as it seems.

 In fact, I found clinging to the past waste move energy than moving forward in the long run.


Neptune retrograde is your chance to become stronger than yesterday Brittany sings; life will go nothing but your way if you choose to become and live your highest potential, balancing and tempering your materialistic/lowest desires

Neptune retrograde is a chance to find new love within; this is an excellent period to research and expand your, self-care practice and make a plan for your brighter future.

Neptune is in retrograde 40% of each year, around 160 days. Transiting Neptune retrograde, your fears and anxieties may increase within.

So if you been hiding from your own emotions and the emotional world in general, you may get a shock, finding yourself more feeling than ever before.

Get any help you need with managing your psychological, spiritual and emotional health and know that all these are part and not separate from human existence; they are nothing to fear but are things to understand and manage.

Your fantasy world will be shattered, or some of you will discover your inner imagination and find ways to use it to bring your deep desires and ambitions into reality.

During the transit of Neptune retrograde, there can be an increase in spiritual and mystical experiences you may start or improve your spiritual practice, deciding to live a more balanced life.

Neptune retrograde
Neptune retrograde

Transiting Neptune retrograde, in summary

Avoid escaping into an addiction to hide from the truth and emotions that may be revealed when Neptune retrograde is in transit, instead learn to embrace the cleansing presence of truth and reality.

This transit may be a big shock for some of your depending on how far away from the truth you been living in; it can be pretty painful, but if you resource tools and people who can help you overcome any revelations, you will come out better for it at the other end.

You will have to face the cold hard truth about any matters, career, spending or any other addiction (drugs, porn, binge-watching TV shows), relationships, love, finances etc., that you have been fooling yourself about.

During the transit of Neptune retrograde, some of you may have to come face to face with your actions or people of your past; this can be good or bad, depending on other transits in your natal chart.

You could meet a new lover, but remember to check the facts and get to know them slowly; I mean, you have been waiting for them all this time, right, so take your time to get to know them in real life/ online. 

A soul mate connection can be formed, do not let the pain of your past interfere with your future, as if you been hurt by lovers in the past, you may find it hard to trust, keep an open mind, fact check, and put your best foot forward.

In summary

The Neptune retrograde transit can increase your inner tension and external revelation, and do your best not to stay in self-pity, depressed and anxious states.

Yes, experience them, as all emotions must be experienced, not repressed to truly evolve, but do not dwell in negative emotions and situations.

 Make a plan to move forward with your life, relationships and careers may end, and storms may come.

 But if you use your willpower and seek support in the form of life coaching, therapy, self-help books, mediation, exercise, detoxing the toxins in your body, mind, soul and environment, focus on healthy living, you can overcome anything.

You may prefer solitude, and this is good, especially if it will keep you from addictive people or substances; you can focus on your personal and spiritual development instead.

Natal Neptune retrograde in the birth chart
A question of faith

Keywords and phases

  • Karmic repercussions
  • Inclination to use illusion, distractions or substances to escape excruciating emotions or situations.
  • 40% of people have this placement, but if you have 2-5 more retrogrades, including an inner planet, Venus or Mars, then this placement becomes more potent for you.
  • Soul growth
  • Victim of current or past life slander or disgrace
    Painful experiences in life, especially the house /areas of life where Neptune sits in and aspects
    Prone to addiction, fantasy and self-denial
    Intense feelings of rejection, guilt, shame may be present
    Past life experienced may include religious or spiritual torture, debilitating psychological or physical illness, sudden death, unexpected loss of career or relationships, repeatedly
    Tortured VS torture, accused VS accuser
    Reaching a goal only for it to be taken away, deep feelings of mistrust, lack of faith and victimhood
    Being the odd one out growing up
    Past life or current life experiences of repeated abuse, which you couldn’t physically escape, so you created a dream world, now you find it hard to get out of it.
    Deep depression, anxiety and inner tensions
    Connection to the occult. Hidden planes, vibrations and realms of existence

Find and keep the faith

When you have natal Neptune retrograde, you can have an embedded hard to move absence of faith, which is needed to progress and enjoy life.

You can find it hard/uncomfortable to be vulnerable with yourself and others; maybe vulnerability was not allowed in your early environment.

Or maybe when you were younger, you played with the Ouija broad or got involved prematurely with the occult, and now you are scared by the unknown, your own intuitions and extrasensory abilities.

When you have natal Neptune retrograde, Out of fear of rejection or parental programming, you can fear expressing your emotions, especially your nice ones, such as understanding, compassion, unconditional acceptance, and spirituality.


It is important to seek counselling and personal healing and development if any of the above applies to you.

Do gentle exercises such as dancing, swimming, tai chi, spending time in nature can help you overcome your fear of self-expression of your compassionate nature and sensitive heart.

As the saying goes, still waters run deep, and silence often speaks volumes; it is essential to bring your profound psychic nature to the surface as you can help others become at home and heal their emotions once you heal yourself first.

I know when you have natal retrograde Neptune; I have this placement, so know it well you can like to keep things, especially your deep insights, to yourself, but question whether this is stale programming of your current and past lives?

Why do you hide your truth? Do you feel rejection scared of being wrong? Fear the impressions you receive? What is it which keeps you holding back from the very things which can set you free and live an extraordinary life?

Learning to believe in yourself

Early childhood experiences can be hard to get over, children can be cruel at times, and so can your family if you don’t fit in, but as adults, we have the opportunity to heal our past and move forward.

Easier said than done, I know; this is why I recommend you get all the help you need to deal with your emotional, psychological or spiritual wounds.

Do all you can to trust the world, learning first to trust yourself and your inner guidance; I know your past may have been painful, and you may battle with trauma and addiction.

You may fear loving and accepting yourself; in fact, you can often talk yourself out of your best psychic impression due to a deep sense of worry, expecting the worse, always on edge.


Your thoughts can often bark at you the many fears and anticipations you have in there constantly; meditation, subconscious reprogramming can help.

 Fall asleep or actively listen to inspirational music and speakers like Louise hay, Florence shovel Shinn, James allen, Anthony Demello and Tony Robbins.

 Some of these may use outdated sexist terms, but the wisdom is still worthwhile; when you have Natal Neptune retrograde, you have a deep fear of being let down, as you may have experienced this a lot growing up.

Again, you can choose to give yourself everything you was cut off from in your past and create a better future for yourself.

The only way through resistance is consistency; sometimes, your inner fear and worries will still be there, but if you take actions to change your life.

 You will eventually achieve your wildest dreams, so dream big and be train yourself to be optimistic and merry.

The blessings of this natal placement

Natal Neptune retrograde is seen as detrimental by some astrology’s, but I don’t see it this way; yes, it is accurate; you can feel de-energised, and you have to battle with your own subconscious programming daily.

And this can consume your energy and stunt your progress, but if you train yourself to have positive thoughts and be more active.

Especially when your mind tells you not to, you can uncover the positives of this placement.

These are accurate intuitions, but only when you are grounded and feeling secure within, the ability to see connections between people, academic disciplines, emotions, and things, in general, can give you the edge over others born with Neptune direct.

Artistic ability, whether playing an instrument, singing, djing, creating beats, writing, painting, or otherwise being good with your hands, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

And yes, that’s was a sexual innuendo as this placement can make you very in tune with the physical needs of others, also with their emotional, spiritual and psychological needs.

First, you have to uncover how you lie to yourself when you have natal Neptune retro ground as you can be quite slippery, as you can deceive yourself in many ways.

Busying yourself with many activities, so you can dampen your psychic connection, escaping into addictions or fantasy worlds or relationships will not help in the long run.

Be honest with yourself

They say you cannot kid a kidder; well, Natal Neptune retrograde can fool and lie to themselves something chronic.

You may fear change and go beyond what you know, you must find your inner motivation, and to do this, you must be interested in whatever it is your doing.

But sometimes in life, we have to do things we don’t do, so make sure you practice your hobbies as often as you can until you can turn them into your career.

It’s essential to relax when you have natal Neptune retrograde, to keep your nerves steady, and it’s equally important to find and work steadily towards your passions.

Learn to love and accept your deep spirituality and compassionate nature; it’s ok to be vulnerable. Still, it’s imperative to find people who do not abuse your profound, soulful character and kind gestures.



Align with those who are similar or respect who you are as a person and who won’t take advantage of you; you’re not weak; you are unique.

Feeling and connecting with the human psyche and emotions is a gift and a great strength; it’s only a curse when you let it run away with you and don’t train yourself to manage it.



Ground yourself it is needed for the deep psychic impression you can get.

Avoid too much alcohol and drugs at all cost; I am not going to say, don’t touch them, I am not the karma police.

But what I will say too much can make you more fearful and distrustful, and you must learn to trust your connection with the divine, your intuition and your creativity.

The shadow of natal Neptune retrograde

Because you can be private about your inner life and lack faith or not have it at all, you can become untrustworthy as you hide the deepest aspects of yourself and others.

And because you think others cannot be trusted, you may become secretive and deceptive yourself, which can cause a lot of tension and turbulence in your personal life and relationships.

If you ignore your connection to the divine and intuition, using your logic and external guidance as a benchmark, you may follow the wrong paths and ideas.

You have intense visions and intuitions, which are actually trying to get you to materialise all you desire, but as you fear them and dreaming big, you brush them off.

When you have natal Neptune retrograde, you can drown in your inner pessimism even if you appear confident on the outside, as you like to give off a trusting persona.

But others who also have deep psychic, emotional or psychological awareness see past your surface and phoniness and sense you fear success, part of you may feel you don’t deserve it; why do you fear success?

 You must get to the bottom of your reasons and remove all internal obstacles you have to reaching your highest potential.


 You must get to the bottom of your reasons and remove all internal obstacles you have to reaching your highest potential.

You can get addicted to intoxicating substances, experiences or people as they release a feeling of security in you; you may become addicted to toxic substances, experiences and people in your current or past life.  


You may use prayer, mediation or other spiritual pursuits to escape the practical needs of life; you must do all you can to balance the spiritual and the material, the subjective and the objective.

Moderation in all things is key

 It’s important to use logic and rationality in your decision-making process; learning the trivium method of thinking can help search online.

You can be prone to deception, especially by those you let into your life; choose friends wisely and distance yourself from family members if they repeatedly cause you pain and overstep your boundaries.

Until you gain the strength to ignore and manage, being around people who repeatedly cross your boundaries, temper any need for over-excitement, gossip and over fantasising.

You may naturally feel uncomfortable around some people due to your intuition picking up their real feelings towards you, regardless of what they say.

When your natal Neptune is retrograde, It’s vital to become discerning and know some people will always mistreat you because of who they are, not because of who you are.

You may be prone to hard to diagnosed or phantom illnesses that may have physical causes but actually originate from your psyche, guard against excess, and become fanatical about any hobbies or topic. Be careful when exploring the occult and conspiracy theories.




Once again!!!!

With natal Neptune retrograde, it is essential, I repeat, as being grounded is the foundation of your success in life.

As if you get carried away, you may find yourself being committed for psychological illness, imprisoned or a victim of a cult.

Be careful of any religious or spiritual leaders you follow, and know many people can guide you to wisdom. Still, after a certain point, you must let them go, connect to the divine within, avoid cult-like people and organisations.

Yes, you may feel isolated from your family, the wider community and your peers; this is why it’s important to seek those in alignment with you.

When you have retrograde Neptune in your birth chart, make sure you make friends with grounded people who have faith and are not fanatical or overly distrustful.

Find people of great faith, vision, who can take practical action to meet the needs of their daily lives, who do not escape in intoxicating substances or fantasy excessively.

Sport may help you deal with your inner tensions and daily taking small steps to bring your real ambitions into your reality; you can get what you want if you keep on trying.

Handling the intangible

Natal Neptune retrograde in summary

Again, Do all you can not to escape reality and deal with your issues; yes, it’s good to give in to the mystical and spiritual, but make sure you take care of practical matters.

Making enough money to pay your bills, career and educational progression, get into a habit of writing down your goals and ticking them off as you finish them.

This can give you an inner sense of security and a feeling that you’re getting somewhere; activities to increase your focus, willpower, resilience, and self-discipline will help you manage natal Neptune retrograde.

I know it’s hard when everything hurts, so you put on a mask of defence and passiveness that can keep the very situations and people you need to draw near away from you.

This is why dealing with your past and building your faith is crucial with this placement; you have a deep soul and psyche, and you must share it with the right people.

Build your confidence to show up in the world as who you really are, do not fear attention and acknowledgement if it is given to you, and know people will always have an opinion, and often it will be negative.

Learn not to take it personally; you are free to be who you are; often, people fear change and people who are living their best lives simply because they are scared of authentically expressing themselves.

So let them laugh, let them insult, you must grow tougher skin, it is possible from personal experience, shine Neptune retrograde, live your best life, my sweet darling, drop your mask, and express yourself in all your glory.

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