Pluto retrograde transit 2023 and Pluto Retrograde natal

Pluto in retrograde dates 2023

Pluto retrograde

Pluto is retrograde in 2023 from May 1st to October 10th, 2023, in the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn. Pluto enters the Retrograde Zone (pre-retrograde shadow) on the 8th of January, 2023.

 in the Sabian degree 3”42 CAPRICORN. Pluto stations and turns Retrograde on the 1.May.2023 at ,06:08 pm  in the Sabian degree 6 “11 CAPRICORN

Pluto stations and turns Direct on 11.Oct.2023,02:09 am, in the Sabian degree 3”42 CAPRICORN

Pluto leaves the Retrograde Zone (post-retrograde shadow) on the 1st of February 2024, in the Sabian degree 6 “11 CAPRICORN

When Pluto is in retrograde, it is good to work through any death, life, and rebirth-transformation issues.

Themes of self-control, how you seek power, how others have authority over you are also brought to the forefront of your attention.

The 8th and 1st house matters are highlighted when Pluto is in retrograde; this is a time of unhurried and well thought out change, not haste. Although this is a time to act and not standstill.

The Pluto retrograde transit 2022 is a time to question your personal power, work through self-management issues and any issues with resentment and forgiveness.

How often is Pluto in retrograde?

Pluto retrogrades last for around 5 months out of 12 each year, although it is always in the retrograde zone, so to speak; when we talk of retrograde in astrology, planets are not actually moving backwards but are moving in a side to side motion.

  • To fully use the powers of Pluto, you must commit to rebirth, integrating all aspects of your personality
  • Death and transformation
  • Shadow work
  • Slow and steady change through obstacles- patience will be needed, focus on the results and be prepared to sit with information and insights for a while before you can act on it.
  • Career, home, status and relationship changes
  • Particularities of life will be in focus
  • Subtle energy
  • Issues concerning life and death, inheritances and legacies
  • Endings and beginnings
  • Painful and explosive family, community and global revelations
  • Taking stock of the past
  • Intense conversations
  • Holding on to the things you should let go off
  • The way you self destruct and self-sabotage are brought to your attention
  • Power struggles – reclaiming/becoming aware of your inner power and resolve
  • Increase subconscious awareness
  • Movement in the higher sciences, mystical and psyche exploration, medical, technological, discoveries
  • Atomic energy- abuses of power
  • Psychic energy, experiences, messages- be careful whilst exploring the hidden realms.
  • Physical, psychological, spiritual or mystical evolutions
  • Working through addictive habits such as porn, gambling, drug, food, medication or alcohol abuse- the writing can literally be on the wall in these issues
  • You may decide to enter a detox or instant withdrawal programme or take up a healthier living lifestyle
  • The way you judge yourself and others may be brought to your attention- you may get a reality check

What does Pluto in retrograde affect?

The Pluto retrograde transit 2022 is a period when issues involving financial, psychological, spiritual, physical health will be brought to the forefront.

Pluto is in retrograde in Capricorn in western astrology and Sagittarius in constellational astrology, so they may be challenges to the status quo, exposure to religion.

 law, government medicine, technology, and science or any other social or societal organisation. Documents may be published which shed light on current matters; things once thought to be true may be proven to be false during this transit, causing massive fallouts on the collective scale.

 With the influence of Saturn, Uranus and Aquarius, due to Pluto being in Capricorn in western astrology, and Saturn and Uranus co-rule the 10th house/ Capricorn, group creative expressions will be called into question, as well friendships between individuals and nations.

They may be an increase in innovation and people speaking out against traditions and seeking to build a more humanitarian world.

The things we hide as a collective will be brought into the spotlight, and they may be sudden destruction of what we once thought were solid structures overnight in some cases.

I AM – 1ST HOUSE VS WE HAVE 8TH HOUSE, Pluto and Mars, jointly rule Scorpio and Aries,  so the vibrations of Pluto, Mars and the 1st and 8th house significantly affect the Pluto retrograde transit.

 The 9th house – “WE THINK”, is also in focus, so they may be disclosures, setbacks or advancement concerning collective thoughts, beliefs, opinions and legalisation.

Pluto retrograde transit continued

To fully experience the transformative effects of Pluto retrograde transit, you have to commit and be open to working with its energy on a personal level. Those born whilst Pluto was in retrograde will fill this transit more.


You may experience an urge to let go of the old to experience the new whilst Pluto retrograde is in transit; this will be a slow and steady occurrence.

 Where the contents of your shadow, the things you hide away from yourself, maybe revealed so you can start to heal and manage them.

 This can be a time of practical action, and your personal desires will be called into question; you may ask yourself questions like.

Why do I want the things I want in life? Are these things I actually want or have been programmed to want? You may question your own survival mechanisms and take a stance to strengthen them.

 When Pluto is in retrograde, this is a time to question the deeper meanings in your life; you may find yourself research the occult, the tarot, astrology or numerology.

Letting go

You may decide to leave a relationship that has been holding you back; someone may end a relationship with you.  But know every ending gives us the opportunity for rebirth and new beginnings.

Pluto retrograde could possibly increase your willpower and give you the determination to overcome any obstacles you face if you decided to take ownership of the direction of your life.

When transiting Pluto is in retrograde, you may find yourself questioning the influences in your life, and you may make a stance to reclaim your personal power.


You may end a relationship and therefore have to divide “we have” so they can be a splitting of resources; you may find yourself alone- having to deal with “I am again”.

You can move to a new location, find a new lover, who may be quite powerful.

So make sure you make informed decisions about who you let into your life during this transit and make sure you make informed decisions, rather than be snowball by other people’s wishes for you.

During the Pluto retrograde transit, you may find yourself deciding to leave your old life, which can bemuse others to start a new life. This can be especially the case if you have planets in the 1st or 8th house, strong mars, Aries, Scorpio and Pluto energies in your natal chart, or aspects of these signs and planets.

You can experience an inheritance, or a tax or insurance rebate during this time, resist the urge to splurge, invest wisely and seek advice if need be.

Be alert and vigilant

Be careful who you share the news of any windfall you have during this time; you may also be aware of material or spiritual legacies.

 Or you may return to a way of life your previous ancestors lived; you may also receive psychic dreams or messages, take a note of them, do not follow them blindly, but on the same hand take heed of them.

Check any facts that come up at this time, do all you can to still your mind to hear your inner voice, which will let you know which path to take. Pluto retrograde transit can make you assert yourself in ways you usually would not, but this is also a time of high fear and obsession.

So it’s best to keep as level headed as you can and reduce alcohol and other intoxicating substances intake, so you can think and react with clarity to any situation which comes up.

When Pluto retrograde is transiting, this can be a time of high personal accountability where you decide enough is enough, and you may take your power back from any people, substances or other obstacles blocking your progress in life.

Get help to need this, and try not to rush headfirst; yes, move forward but think twice before burning all your bridges behind you.

Some of you may decide to get off the fence during the Pluto retrograde transit, especially in your spiritual or personal advancement; you may choose to leave groups or stop following gurus and other people you been following.

Deciding to do your own research rather than rely on others to seek salvation for you, again, as I said earlier, Pluto retrograde is about slow and steady change.

 Also, a testing time of how much you want transformation in your life will not be an easy ride; they may be as many steps backwards, if not more, as they are forward.

Pluto retrograde transit is a time, when it will be in your best interest to focus on the small details of the transformation journey. Refining as you go along, you may not know all the steps you need to bring about the change you want in your life at first.

 But if you keep on going in the direction of your personal evolution, it will come, take it slow, and things will speed up as Pluto turns direct again.

During this transit, if you apply yourself, you have the chance to give up manipulating others or being manipulated by the external environment and the people in it.

 It’s a time of letting go, committing to work through your shadow traits of lack of control or over domination.

During this transit, Karma and fated encounters can be big themes; you may be forced to revisit past events, including current or past life lovers, friends, or acquaintances.  Discovering you still have wounds to heal, you could also experience dreams and deep psychic impressions of your previous lifetimes.

Personal regeneration and abuse of power are the critical phases for the Pluto retrograde transit.

NATAL PLUTO RETROGRADE- Personality integration

  • Proneness to fearful and obsessive thinking
  • Fear of being controlled, betrayed or influenced
  • Secretly scared of own power, fear own urges to manipulate or dominate others
  • Possible past life issues with control and abuse, either victim or perpetrator
  • A need to accept and safely express your need for passionate emotions and control
  • Dislike being perceived as vulnerable, even with own self, may hide your real emotional states from others and themselves
  • Out of touch with their true agendas, wants and needs
  • How this affects each person depends on other placements and aspects in the natal chart and your numerology numbers and black (Lilith) moon placement.
  • Over 40% of people have mercury retrograde, as Pluto spends about 5 months each year in retrograde
  • More than 3 planets in retrograde, especially one inner planet, mercury or Venus plus Pluto, emphasises Pluto retrogrades importance in the birth chart.
  • This can be a very fated lifetime for you, with many meetings with people you had involvement with, in your past lives, you can have reoccurring feelings of Déjà vu in your life experiences.
  • It’s essential to let go of unproductive experiences and relationships, and if a love interest only brings you down, or you feel a pull to them and it because toxic, this is a sure sign this is a past life love that needs to be released
  • You will be stuck in a cycle of repetition until you break it

Having Pluto retrograde in your birth chart can give you a fear of transformation and letting go; this can work out as a fear of letting go of personal habits.

Even if they are self-destructive and causing you pain or blocking your personal development.


Pluto retrograde in your birth chart can make you stay in stagnating relationships, careers and situations, simply because you fear change.

You take emotional or any other form of setback hard, or at times you may not see how your own toxic behaviours or thought patterns are, keeping you trapped in unproductive cycles.

When you have natal Pluto retrograde, progress in life may become stunted, and bitterness and resentment with yourself and others may set it.

Making it harder for you to let go of your negative thought and behaviours patterns, as you fear being controlled, you may control others, and you may also betray others out o fear of being betrayed.

Ebb and flow, learn to let go

When you have natal Pluto retrograde, you must learn to see the ebb and flow in life, spend time in nature, or observe nature’s cycles. Can help you see that as the season change, as does the weather, you need to allow yourself and others to change.

You can hold on to unproductive experiences out of a fear that they will not be replaced with better ones; this is not true, often when you have

Pluto retrograde in your birth chart. You can cut yourself off from the richness and goodness of life by clinging, missing a chance of romance, careers which would fulfil you and others opportunities that pass you by.

Rearrange your roots- allow new growth to take place

Because you’re so entrenched in the things you need to let go of, you miss your chance to evolve and transform; introspection is necessary and bringing the things you keep hidden, been from yourself to the surface.


When you have natal Pluto retrograde, you must work to resolve any childhood or past life trauma, work through your emotional and psychological blockages, seeking help to do so if need be.

Know all people on earth have issues to work through, so don’t be afraid or ashamed of your needs; you just need to put things into perspective and learn to trust life more.

You do this by learning to trust yourself more. At the root of all your self mistrust can be a fear of losing control, and abusing your power, which you may have done earlier in this lifetime or in past lifetimes.

All humans make mistakes, and as long as you want to change, allow yourself to; by forgiving all your current and past lives wrongs, it is safe to be powerful, but you must never abuse others with it.

True power actually knows you can do something, but do not do it, as you know it will hurt others.

Allow yourself to be free- don't abuse others

Giving others the same freedoms you want for yourself, and liberating yourself from your mental, emotional and/or spiritual prison.

When you have natal retrograde Pluto in your birth chart, healing and transforming yourself first and then helping others to step into their own power can be your highest calling. It is vital to avoid controlling others via emotional manipulation, hoarding possessions, finances or spiritual or any form of knowledge.

 I know you may wish to be private, dwelling in your own inner worlds.

But when you’re in a close relationship with someone, you must let them into your inner world a little.

Obviously, you must pick the right people to share your secrets with, but part of authentic intimacy is sharing all of you with someone else, in a safe way, yes, but not in a control freak way.

You cannot control anything but yourself; you can beat and manage them into submission, sure,  but all that does is stunt their growth and brings more karmic repercussions for you in the long run.

Self love

True love and power set people free, allowing them to be who they are while allowing yourself to be who you are also.

When you have Pluto retrograde in your birth chart, it is essential to learn to manage your intense emotions and psychological thoughts.

Working on reprogramming your subconscious mind will set you free from any past life karma and negative thought patterns.

Others may take an adverse reaction to you as they sense you are keeping things from them, as you may like to project a persona of meekness, but your auric field and magnetism your energy shows that you have a lot brimming under the surface.


Your psychic energy can be high due to your tendency to have a secret hidden inner world, your mind can always be on the go, and via a natural process, you may reach the realms of the unknown and akashic records.

Pluto retrograde in the natal chart continued….

In your younger years, you may feel isolated, highly impulsive or have mental or physical aversions; you may even mistrust your own family.

You can have good reason to do so, as you may experience physical, emotional or psychological abuse.

Still, if this is the case, seek help to work through your issues, commit to a lifelong personal development and healing process, and seek out people you naturally align with.

If you didn’t have the family you wanted as a youth, crate the family you need as an adult; you are more powerful than you think you are.


Conversely, do not use it to control others; use it to set yourself and them free. And will be are amazed by how many people naturally want to be with you, as you allow them to be who they are.

Typically the worse traits of Pluto retrograde work themselves out naturally as you age and go through life experiences; you may learn via external feedback to work through your character issues.

Learn to make your subconscious conscious; what motivates you? Why do you react to certain people and situations in the ways you do? Did you know them in a past life?

 Do they remind you of someone else?  What is it you really want? What do you need to heal and let go of to get what you want and need? How can you let your need for power out in safe ways?

The past life karma of Pluto retrograde

From the evolutional perspective, Pluto retrograde calls you to grow bigger than you once were in your past; you get deep subconscious impressions from the psychic realms.


Which you don’t always understand, part of your lives work is to learn what they mean and do work to understand the contents of your own psyche, mind, and soul.

 I call these downgrades; you may even be taught in dreams, or dream about your past life or even have nightmares or visions about your past incarnations, that you must learn to understand and heal.

It is not as complex as it may seem; if you work to heal any psychological, emotional and spiritual blockages in your life, you will also be healing your soul, returning to equilibrium at the same time.

Personal evolution

This is a lifetime of transformation for you; if you have 3-6 retrogrades in your chart, your life experiences will push you to open up and accept the need for internal transformation.

However, with 1-3 retrogrades, the effect of Pluto retrogradein your birth chart will have a more subtle effect and happen more on the subconscious level, not really surfacing to your conscious awareness.

In past lives, you may have abused or fail to use your power in some way; this can be a repeated pattern, as on an esoteric level, retrogrades signify you are redoing an area of your life again, so the house pluto retrograde is in.

 Indicates the arena of life you may be doing over. Any aspects to Pluto or the 1st, 12th and 8th house, and scropio, mars and aries, shows what other areas of your life Pluto retrograde effects that you must always pay attention to and work through.

What does Pluto retrograde in natal chart mean?

In the past, your roles may have interchanged between the abuser and the victim. This lifetime is about become a survivor and learning to protect others, even those you deem weaker than you.  


The correct use of power is the keyword with Pluto retrograde in your birth chart

How this plays out for you depends on an analysis of your entire natal chart.

Some themes are abused or abusing others because of their religious or spiritual beliefs, being forced to leave their loved ones, and going to fight in a war, never to return.

 You may have been betrayed by your past life lovers, or you betrayed them, leaving you to sabotage all present life happiness.

Again all humans make mistakes; it’s the cycle of life, but when you become conscious of your wrongs, it’s best to write them rather than dwell in regret and self-pity.

You may have deep psychological issues which you hide from others, as maybe you have been institutionalised in this life or past life over them.

Depth psychology and delving into the contents of your psyche safely will help you uncover what needs to be transformed and how to be given guidance on how to change.

It is quite possible when you have Pluto in retrograde that you may have abused your sexual, wealth, status, psychic or emotional gifts and powers in some way in this life or past lives, leading to a blockage with using them now.

Be happy, don't worry

Self-forgiveness is vital, as is allowing yourself to use your hidden talent to get the best out of this lifetime, and you must use your talents and psychic powers in uplifting and constructive ways only. Or face the repercussions, which are become stagnated and trapped.

Simply, you must teach yourself new tricks this lifetime, and learn to share equal do not abuse anyone and do not allow others to abuse you, as a child, you cannot control this; as an adult, you must find a way to get away from all which imprisons you.

You are very in tune with the collective subconscious and the many power games all humans play against themselves in some way, the lust, obsession and possession fun, dress up as love, especially.

What you notice in the environment typically are the things you need to work with within yourself; working through your personal issues also helps humanity to evolve too.


Be “in the world, but not of the world.”


The house and sign Pluto is in represent the flavour of the karmic debt you need to pay back to humanity; this retrograde requires selfless service, this can be to a friend, family member or lover, it doesn’t always have to be paid in a big scale.

When you have Pluto retrograde in your chart, especially if you have many other retrogrades, this is a chance to repay a debt to yourself and humanity. By doing so, you will grow immensely spiritually and release past life karma and self-destructive habits.