Saturn in Capricorn Transit - rigid ambition -emotional isolation

Saturn transiting in Capricorn Transit keywords/Themes
  • Collectively abuses of power, significant economic changes
  • Media distractions from the core truth
  • Political changes- rigid enforcement of tradition
  • Blocking the fresh and new
  • Increase in decisive speech and actions – cancel culture
  • Public shaming of those in the mass consciousness
  • Using wealth, status and other means to control others
  • At worst, this energy can bring neglect – turning away from primary human care, empathy lacking in morals, spirituality and higher meanings of life
  • Falls or creation of oppressive regimes
  • Becoming more ambitious- wanting to exceed your goals
  • Wanting to become more secure, increase wealth, authority, and status
  • Perfect for all business, entrepreneurship, scientific, public relations, marketing, and governmental work.
  • Making strategic plans, calculating risk, and being persistent, careful, and practical will bring rewards.
  • Perfect for rearranging your routine and getting practical even with creative matters
  • You and others may become more emotional closed
  • Denying self, focusing on the objective and rational
  • Great energy to use for doing the things you have been putting off
  • Wanting to conform and stick to traditional ways of doing things
  • More willing to take orders from those in authority or at least be less resistant to their orders
  • Deciding to build the life you want using your own skills rather than depending on others
  • Relearning or learning new skills to advance our career or educational development
  • Taking care of family matters or a domestic situation challenging your personal willpower- getting in the way of your goals

What does it mean when Saturn is in Capricorn?

Do all you can to improve your material and physical security.

But avoid neglecting your emotional, spiritual, and psychological needs completely, and don’t be too serious.

When Saturn is transiting in Capricorn, it is time to get real and practical, but don’t become too dry and pessimistic.

Remember to have a sense of humour, take time out to laugh, or better still, take time out to have fun when you  are working hard.

Now is the time to get serious about the things you have been avoiding. Try not to become too inflexible in your beliefs.

Agree to disagree with others and know we are all allowed to have our opinions, and it’s okay to live by the standards you feel are right for you.

Time out

You may want to work alone in solitude and not cooperate with others. For some of you, this will be the right choice. But make sure you are not isolating others that can help you reach your goals quicker, especially if you have mutual interests.

Avoid taking shortcuts and abusing others to get what you want, as this will backfire in the long run.

Also, watch out for those who may seek to manipulate you, and be careful about what you say and who you say it to right now.

Avoid being selfish or overbearing, and watch out for loneliness.

Even if you are single and forced to be alone, try and give yourself some understanding, nurturing, love and healing.

Make life fun for yourself right now. What is it you like doing? Do it. Even if you have to work hard, do not be too hard on yourself!

Look after your teeth, knee and other joint health, take supplements and exercise if necessary. If your lacking confidence, make an honest list of why this is so and take steps to do the things in healthy ways that need to be done to improve your self-esteem.

Overcoming fear

When Saturn is transiting in Capricorn, it can be a fearful, depressing and anxiety-inducing time, lack of mentally can take over, especially if a cycle of global or nation recession happens at the same time.

Some of you may lose what you have come to rely on being yours, from finances, relationships and other assets.

But having nothing to lose can be the greatest motivation to finally let go of toxic thoughts, habits and behaviours and go after all you want.

Fear of being alone or being around vibration-draining types that suck your energy can be your genuine concern right now.

On the individual level, the best use of this energy is to work on your self-care, understanding, love, management and all other personal development needs.

Increasing your self-discipline, hard work, and self-motivation, take a risk, start that new hobby, change that career, and finally start that business venture or

 You can get what you want if you are willing to work hard for it. The key to your success will be strategising, re-strategising and creating the proper foundation (routine) for your life and its ambitions to flourish.

How long is Saturn transit in Capricorn?

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn will retrograde whilst it transits in Capricorn on July 12 until it turns direct in Capricorn on October 23 2022.

Saturn will remain in Capricorn until January 17, 2022, when it enters Aquarius

Saturn in Capricorn is at home in its own sign because Saturn, along with Uranus, is the co-ruler of Capricorn

Each sign has a planetary ruler, and that planet’s symbolism influences and aligns with the sign’s astrological qualities.

Saturn, co-ruler of Capricorn, gives those strongly influenced by this energy in their natal charts or by astrological transits- progressions or directions.

The ability to be hard workers, very organised, and highly persistent people, this energy can also make people disciplined and not afraid to work for long periods of time, often alone, to complete their goals.

Although Saturn in Capricorn in transit can make people feel more restricted and be met with challenges, the overall higher purpose of this energy is to make you get honest about what it takes to make it in life.

Facing the realities of life and what needs to be practically done to reach your goals is what the energy of Saturn transiting in Capricorn calls for.

The highest use of this energy is to realise that achievement takes hard work, and IT IS IN THIS ACCEPTANCE AND AWARENESS. When Saturn is transiting in Capricorn, you can face life’s adversities without becoming stressed or overwhelmed.

What happens when Saturn retrograde in Capricorn?

Saturn’s retrograde last for around 3 months. When Saturn is transiting in Capricorn in retrograde motion.

This gives us more time to make the best use of the transit Saturn vibration and finally learn the lessons from the obstacles it brings our way.

It is a time for all astrological signs to reassess lifestyles and their personal limits, thinking about any obstacles they are currently facing, with the intention of making a solid plan to overcome them.

Saturn transiting in Capricorn wants you to concentrate on building a solid foundation for your goals and accept any responsibilities you have been avoiding.

Knowing you can try and take all the shortcuts you want, nevertheless, if you’re going to move forward in your life.

You will need to create a solid routine, making a solid foundation for yourself before you can start taking action, even if you are the creative type.

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What does it mean when Saturn is in Capricorn? continued


What does it mean when Saturn is in Capricorn?

The transit of Saturn in Capricorn affects us, individually and collectively. Personally, It brings clarity, structure, realism, and truth wherever it touches your personal birth chart. Saturn also tests you not to be a party pooper and spoil your plans but is trying to help you make better plans. Pay attention to the influences you overlooked to understand yourself better. Saturn transiting in Capricorn, ask to overcome the challenges it brings your way, showing you what you need to to make your life as fulfilling as possible. Saturn’s transit in Capricorn reminds us to take things slowly, which is a good thing. If you want to be healthier and stronger, then you need to take your time getting there.

Stepping up and being the CEO of your own life

To take personal responsibility for what you allow and do with your life is the ultimate wish of Saturnarian energy.
Because you can only really control yourself, nothing and no one else.
Most of us spend our lives running a fool’s errand, trying to control the people in our lives. Yet, Saturn’s energy, when it’s transiting in Capricorn, puts a spotlight on exactly what we have the power to control in our lives.

Showing you that trying to dominate other people and the external is impossible and will only end in frustration is a waste of time, energy and all other resources. Ultimately, you have to realise that it’s only you who you can control. All that happens when Capricorn is transiting in Saturn is a reminder of this life fact.

Suppose you have strong Saturn placements in your natal chart, such as Saturn in the 1st, 12th,10th or 11th house, Capricorn moon, sun, moon, Venus, or Mars making an aspect to Saturn. In that case, this is a chance to evolve, to take personal responsibility for your life direction.
To overcome the capitalist mindset, you may also choose to start providing for your material needs ethically, look into how you have been selfish, and let go of your more ego-centric traits.

Stepping up and being the CEO of your own life

The sign of Saturn does not look to other influences for approval. Saturn in Capricorn is in the sign of its final dispositor, so it has the last word and swings the last punch.

When Saturn is transiting in Capricorn, the goal is to create or restore order. Knocking down old structures to build better ones, when Saturn is transiting in Capricorn, it’s time to put personal gratification-pleasure seeking on hold.

Geeky Saturn facts

Saturn is the boss when it comes to rules and responsibilities in astrology. It has an authoritative air of seriousness, and when you let it do the talking for you, things usually turn out better.

It governs all kinds of actions, such as time, patience, and maturity, and so it values hard work over luck. It was named after the god of agriculture in Roman mythology. And it is about being responsible. 

Saturn brings about tricky conditions, which are the obstacles that a person needs to overcome in their life. To reach their goals.

Saturn is one of the two social planets, and it’s located between Jupiter and the Sun. Saturn is an introverted planet that helps organise things, balance desires, and control impulses.

Jupiter is more of an extroverted energy and rules growth, expansion, and expansion. This planet is often associated with great wealth and power, and it will bring opportunities for growth and expansion.

Saturn is the **** block that gets in the way of Jupiter’s blessings; Saturn gets a bad rap, but ultimately its lessons show you the flaws in your thinking, and it takes for you to really shine and stand out from the crowd.

Astrologically, Saturn is one of the most influential planets of all. It relates to our personal responsibilities, as well as collective struggles within society.

Life will always throw curve balls at your plans, such as needing to care for elderly parents and putting your career or educational development on hold.

Recessions happen, and you will have to rethink how you spend moneymaking plans to survive the impoverished times, using the much-needed foresight.

This comes from paying attention to human history and the economic cycles, learning to save, and mentally preparing for your poorer times in your more affluent times.

Learning to manage your finances and having a plan B, C, and even D is needed to maintain a positive attitude in life.

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