Sun Transit in Aquarius Meaning and what to do

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20th January – 18th February 2022


What does it mean when Sun enters Aquarius? 


  • Innovative ideas- opening your mind
  • Seeking intellectual or spiritual stimulation/information
  • Joining or taking a higher role in a group
  • Volunteering- giving back
  • Radical changes in appearance can happen when the Sun transits Aquarius
  • Seeking freedom and rebellion
  • Giving money to charity- looking after the environment
  • Stubborn determination to reach goals and ideals
  • Attraction to the non-traditional
  • Breaking free from conformity, expectations and restrictions
  • Detached emotions- giving the ability to look at life objectively
  • Increase in socialising
  • Connecting with likeminded people or having your world rock by people who are different
  • Wish to change your life, family, community or world in some way
  • Enhanced ability to cooperate with others
  • Removing obsolete- out of date behaviours, thoughts, friendships from your life

Sun transit Aquarius meaning

When the Sun is transiting in Aquarius, it is a good time to take an objective at your personal affairs; you may decide to research scientific, medical, technological, occult or intellectual information to help you live a more effective life.

An eccentric friend or a new person who enters your life may offer you insightful information at this time; some of you may join an innovative or humanitarian organisation.

 New romantic or business partnerships can be formed with someone you meet within a group, the energy is also being provided for you to ask those in authority for help.

Others may decide to go for a leadership promotion at work or start their own educational, entertainment, technological, scientific, occult, social or political activist business.

Aquarius brings the energy and will to look at life detachedly and go for what you want.

This transit will affect you more if you have strong aspects to a planet in Aquarius, Saturn, the 10th or 11th house in your birth chart, or you currently have transits, to your natal chart involving these planets or houses.

Sun transit Aquarius can be an excellent time to socialise and share ideas with others, reconnect with the wishes of your inner child and help actual children with any problems they may be facing.

You may decide to change your old beliefs, seeking to open your mind and jump and prejudices you may have, or others may challenge your point of view, causing conflict or some type of intellectual or spiritual awakening.

What does it mean when Sun enters Aquarius? Continued

On the negative side, you must watch out for controlling behaviour in all forms of relationships in yourself and others as this can cause anger and bitterness, leading to relationship breakdowns.

However, this can be healthy as you and others question your friendships, looking at how these connections uplift or drain their energy.

Other behaviours we accuse others of are usually within us; often, our friend’s mirror who we are and the values we hold at any given stage in our lives.

 Although you may want to break free from the relationship, this is the best option for some of you. Instead, it may be best to compromise and cooperate, especially if it will be best for the success of the project or group.

 However, do not compromise your personal identity or integrity. You may feel more idealistic when the Sun transits Aquarius, which is a good thing; you may receive visions or ideas that can help better your life or those of the human collective.

You may dismiss your thoughts as unrealistic, but if you plan and take practical action to make any ideas reality, they will become a reality in time

. Take care of the demands of any group or partnership you belong to, but also take care of yourself and nurture your own ambitions

But remember

  • Everyone will be affected by this transit, so you won’t be the only one who comes across new information, so although you may want to talk forcefully about what you learned, allow others to speak to, and listen!!

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