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What does it mean when the Sun is in Leo?

Sun in Leo - What does it mean when the Sun is in Leo?

In Leo, the Sun can make people prideful and extroverted wanting excitement and fun.

People may become more domineering and individualistic. This Sun in Leo is not always known for being a team player.

You may want to shine more, dress more brightly, and talk more loudly, adding a touch of colour and drama to your life.

People will seek enjoyment, be more generous and become vainer about their appearance.

Taking the lead and fighting for social injustices is an excellent use of this vibration; those who are creative can perfect their skills whilst the Sun transits in Leo.

What time does Sun move into Leo?

The Sun moves into Leo, the constellation of Leo, from the 17th of august 2022 and will stay there until the 17th of September at 2:52 am GMT.

What happens if Sun is in Leo?
What does it mean when the Sun is in Leo?
What happens when the Sun is in Leo keywords


  • Increase in self-expression and confidence
  • Acting with dignity
  • Increase in creativity and emotional expressiveness 
  • Taking leadership
  • Good transit to teach or practice entertainment skills
  • Being more active, generous and playful
  • Seeking romance and affection
  • Wanting to spend time with children or feeling more childlike
  • Negatively you can become impatient
  • Take excessive risks in finance and hook up situations
  • Lack of discipline and being quick-tempered- stubbornness
  • Exgraarate facts and be dramtic
  • Using flattery and charm to get what you want
What happens if Sun is in Leo?

When the Sun transits in Leo, relaxation and pleasure may come quickly to you.

Whilst staying focused on the practicalities of life may be hard as you and others can become lost in seeking fun and romance.


Although you may not like the obstacles or the hard work needed to reach your goals, this may be the only way you achieve your objectives whilst the sun transits in Leo.


People can become more egotistical, leading to resentment from others, especially with business contacts and co-workers. 

It is best to try and listen to the needs of others and cooperate rather than be selfish, so you don’t waste energy.


An increase in motivational and sexual energy can make people feel more sensual than usual. However, you may wish to flirt and engage in more sexual acts.


Sun in leo transit

What does it mean when the Sun is in Leo? , Continued

Using some of this energy to improve a hobby or start or finish a personal project is best.

So you can have something tangible to show the 28-31 days the sun transit through the constellation of Leo.


The Sun is accidentally dignified when it is transiting through the constellation of Leo, as it is in the Sun of its natural rulership. 

This allows for a positive outlook on life and any problems you face.

This is an excellent vibration to focus on your educational, career, personal, spiritual, intellectual or philosophical development, as well as artistic and social experiences.

People can be more dramatic in personal expression when the Sun is in Leo. 

This can be a good or bad thing, depending on the circumstances. However, too much showing off or trying to get one over on others can cause resentment.


Children or getting in touch with your inner child can bring you happiness and make you feel more at ease.

This is an excellent time to speak to any children whose lives you are involved in and look after their wellbeing and overall development.

Negatively when the Sun is transiting in Leo, you can feel blocked to your inner creativity, or you may experience other challenges to fulfilling your goal.

If you try and rethink your plans and seek support to identify any weaknesses or gaps in your thinking.

You should find solutions to overcome any challenges that come your way. 

If you lack any skills, it’s best to learn them. Looking and starting courses to bring out your creative talents is blessed whilst the Sun transits in Leo.


Be careful with your finances. Although you may want to take a risk and gamble, it’s best to only speculate what you can afford to lose. Watch out for overspending, as this energy can make you feel more exuberant than usual.

In matters of love, ensure you are honest, and if you are confused about other people’s intentions, ask the right questions.

Rather than assume, to avoid disappointments in love, it is best not to lead others on when the Sun transits in Leo to avoid embarrassment or disappointment. 


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Sun in leo transit

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