Sun Transit in Taurus: The Bull in the Solar

Sun enters Taurus- focusing on the practical- thinking before doing

Chance to increase your inner reserve and determination, working through self-esteem issues to grow your belief and confidence.

You can find creative solutions to any financial, career, personal development or higher consciousness issues.

Avoid taking excessive risk and check all facts of any investments, new projects or contracts.



    • Gives the energy to stay focused on the practicalities of life
    • Wanting to achieve mastery in your life, infusion of determination and willpower
    • Seeking security, comfort, satisfaction and pleasure
    • Finding happiness in hard work, making long term plans
    • Good energy to start new routines and projects in
    • Getting help from influential people to achieve your goals
    • You will feel more slowed down than usual, wishing to think before you rush into things
    • Spending time appreciating nature and the beauty of anything else that catches your attention
    • They can be an urge to gain more possessions and financial stability
    • Sun transit in Taurus, Gives the energy to focus less on idealistic notions, get rich quick ideas that won’t pay off and concentrate on the facts and concepts that will pay off
    • Reassessing your financial, spiritual, career, educational values or development
    • Challenges with other people who may demand your time or interactions with cold-hearted enemies
    • Negatively there can be controlling and obsessive behaviour and thoughts
    • Overspending, excessive socialising, overindulging in food and intoxicating substances
    • Showing off possessions or wealth to gain popularity
    • Stubbornness leads to conflict in relationships
    • Feeling needier and clinging, not wanting to share money, time or other resources with others

You may find yourself more pragmatic during the sun in Taurus transit, even if you’re into artistic, creative or spiritual self-expression. You will want to concentrate on the practicalities of these activities and lifestyles.

You may only want to mix with and spend your time on worthwhile actions. You will be more focused on feeling secure financially, emotionally, or psychologically.

Conservation of your resources will be your main focus, although sun transit in Taurus can bring out the sensuality and seduction in people, so there can be an increase in the need for romance or hookups.

Touch, smell, and appearances are also under the spotlight; at this time, you be more conservative in your spending. Looking for bargains or good quality things rather than tacky products or people.

Negatively there can be an increased stubbornness, conformity and resistance to change in beliefs.

The best use of this energy is to let go of the old and plant seeds for the new, making a strategic and well thought out plan for the next 11 months and any other interval you wish.

You cannot change your past, but you can build a more prosperous and stable future.

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