Venus transit in mars

Venus enters the constellation of Taurus on the 18th of June; until the 13th of July 2022

Transiting Venus in Taurus will significantly increase your verbal communication skills, stability and need for security.

It is an excellent time to get your finances in order and look at the weak spots in your personality to understand, heal and manage

The Venus in Taurus transit is also great for improving your critical thinking abilities, intellect and relationships.

You will, in general, want to increase your possession and enjoy beauty, nature and anything else that pleases you, seek comfort, enjoying or over indulging in food, sex, alcohol or drugs

Good for self-care, saying the things you need to say and practically showing your affection to your intimate partner, engaging in date nights, improving your sex life and exploring different sides of your sexuality together.

Venus transit in Taurus gives the superpower of putting yourself and others at ease through dedication, honest actions, and communication.

If you are single, have a date night with yourself.

In fact, have a few, try to get to know yourself on a deeper level, and look into how you can bring more love and beauty into your life.

On the negative side, you can become infatuated with something or someone; emotions can run deep under the surface even if you do not always show them.

Your insecurities can make you act or react in jealous, envious and petty ways.

Positively this can be an extremely promising transit for spiritual development, particularly for people who want to advance in their spiritual journey.

Some of you may want to spend more time with or in beautiful people or surroundings, increase in manners and charm, enjoy time in nature, take in the culture, and appreciate art.

Even if you don’t like aromas and smells in general, you can feel more alive and turned on by them now, especially flowers, perfumes and pleasant odours from people.

The divine Goddess

It will be a very favourable time for them to do so during this transit.

As well as improving your emotional, psychological, spiritual, financial and physical health, there’s always something new to learn here on earth.

Earth, being the hub of the School all life, technical and Creative Studies are also favoured at this time especially singing, poetry writing, looking after a garden, a farm or nature in general.

In Astrology, Venus rules the sign of Taurus, and Libra esoterically rules Gemini.

Venus is an ancient goddess who represents the divine feminine and attractiveness.

Venus transiting in Venus

What does it mean when Venus is in Taurus?

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and represents money, love, health, inner values-worth and home.

Venus also means “feminine. Venus is the planet of love, from agape to platonic to intimate.

Venus can inspire diplomatic and artistic qualities, creativity, and sensitivity.

Understanding your natal Venus sign can help you appreciate the love connection between Venus and other planetary aspects and transits.

Venus influences all that is magnificent, stunning, harmonious, possessive, indulgent, caring, artistic and beautiful.

Love is the keyword of the planet of Venus.

This is the name of the planet Venus which is known for its beauty and beauty secrets.

Venus is also known as the morning star is also called Venus. As the morning star, she symbolizes equilibrium, splendour, and synchronization.

Venus transiting In Taurus can make you more romantic or hedonistic, as you focus on physical pleasure and touch.

Others may search for lasting value in what you do, preferring to seek security for yourself, your family, friends or partner than waste time in meaningless activities.

You can become more practical in thought, speech and action, eliminating anyone and things that are not valuable to you anymore.

More about Venus transit in Taurus?

Some of you under the Venusian transit in Taurus influence may stubbornly try to hold on to someone or something you love, but it may be time to let them or it go.

You may become obsessive in your attempts at security seeking.

When we become possessive or obsessive, we start thinking of our partners in terms of what they give.

You may overspend, wanting luxury without necessarily being able to afford it.

Remember, it’s better to get something you’ll enjoy using every day than to buy something expensive that will sit around collecting dust. It’s more important to invest in the long term than short-term pleasure.

Overall, the Venus in Taurus transit is great for all forms of artistic expression, especially singing, rapping, free verse, writing, and song production.

Drawing, all other design work, playing an instrument, Venus is accidentally dignified in Taurus, so if you have strop Taurus, Libra, Gemini, Aries or Venus, 2nd, 7th, 3rd 1st house energy in your chart, you can feel this transit more.