What does it mean when Venus moves into Cancer?

Venus moves into Cancer on the 7th of august 2022, 00:51 am, until the 31st of August 2022  at 11:49 am, when it moves into Leo

Keywords of Venus transiting in Cancer

  • so, what does it mean when Venus moves into cancer? Feeling more empathetic and affectionate
  • Expressing love via poetry or other romantic gestures.
  • Feeling easily hurt by others’ words
  • Increased vulnerability 
  • Unpredictable and changing moods cause tension in relationships
  • Socialising more in the home
  • Taking time out to heal emotional or psychological wounds
  • Wanting to be close to loved ones
  • Taking care of and spending more on home-related goods and services
  • Nurturing children or your own inner child
  • Negatively doing all you can to avoid boredom and feeling lonely 
  • Being clingy and needing more reassurance and physical acts or words of affirmation
  • When Venus transits in cancer you may find yourself throwing yourself into work to numb yourself to your feelings

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Becoming more sensitive

When Venus is transiting in Cancer, we can become more compassionate, nurturing, and protective of those we care about

People are more devoted, dedicated, and passionate, seeking more romance and fewer hook-ups, wanting more meaning from connections and affection.


People are more likely to show how they feel by loving acts such as cooking and cleaning, agreeing to watch their favorite movie, or doing something they enjoy in bed.


 When Venus transits in Cancer, people can be more emotional and psychologically unstable and intimate relationships can suffer as a result.

It is best to try and handle situations directly while Venus is transiting in Cancer, rather than being passive-aggressive, which is a possibility when Venus transits in Cancer.

 It’s not always possible to watch how you say things, but under this influence, people can see everything as a criticism, so it’s a good idea to try and watch how you say things.

What does it mean when Venus moves into Cancer? continued

Without walking on eggshells, of course, still use sugar instead of salt where ever you can. When Venus transits in Cancer, there can be increased socialising, helping or being creative in your own or other people’s home.

In fact, new business ventures that are artistic or involved in services or goods for the households can do well, as can any well-thought-out speculation on the stock markets in companies that deal in domestic goods.

People may spend more on furniture, food, art, and other possessions for their homes. 

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Negatively, people can spend what they do not have on home-related luxuries and entertainment and overindulge in sex, alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances.

The best use of this energy is to take care of your internal and external home, doing things to increase your, self-love, not on the surface level, buying goods or services.


But taking an authentic look at any emotional or psychological trauma, you may need to work through, taking the necessary steps to understand, heal and manage your pain, and get support from a counsellor if need be.

Venus energy is all about removing any barrier you have to accepting authentic love and giving it to yourself. 

You may prefer solitude while Venus is transiting in Cancer.

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