What does it mean when your Mercury is in Cancer? - Twins in the crab

Keywords/ themes of Mercury transiting in Cancer
  • More emotionally receptive in communications
  • Being easily swayed by emotions and sob stories
  • Being more impressionable
  • Easily affected by the environment
  • Needing emotional encouragement to feel motivated
  • Easier to retain information if you attach meaning to it
  • Negatively being too stubborn and unwilling to change your mind can cause conflicts and, at worst, breakdowns in relationships
  • Emotionally manipulative and evasive- not sticking to the facts

Hiding your real motives and feelings.

When did Mercury go into Cancer?
What does it mean when your Mercury is in Cancer?
What does it mean when your Mercury is in Cancer?

Mercury is transiting in Cancer zodiac from the 17th of July 2022 at until the 1st of August when it moves into Leo.

When Mercury is transiting in Cancer, you may want more intimate conversations, preferring depth over superficiality, quality or quantity.

Your thoughts may also be deeper, your speech more impactful, and you and others can be more in tune with your intuition

People can be less concerned with what’s going on locally or globally in terms of communications and awareness, preferring to focus on what affects them personally

When Mercury is transiting in Mercury, It is more challenging to be objective when our emotions can override our logical thoughts.

So it is best you take time before signing any important contracts check all the facts, especially in legal and business matters

What does it mean when your Mercury is in Cancer? continued

Being more in tune with your emotions is good, but remember to be careful not to destroy any crucial connections by feeling before thinking, about matters that require a rational perspective.
Objectivity can be challenging when Mercury is transiting in Cancer because your actions and thoughts can be heavily influenced by your emotions.

Subconscious learning can help you remember information when Mercury is transiting in Cancer, so record yourself reciting any information you need to learn for a test, work appraisal or any critical matter.
And playing it in your sleep, when commuting or in your spare time, can help you retain even the most complex information.
Especially if you put emotion into your life when speaking it, listening to emotive music while taking it in, or anything that evokes feeling.

The best use of this energy

Mercury transiting in Cancer at its best can give you more empathy for yourself and others, especially if you have strong Cancer, 4th house or moon aspects in your natal chart.

Taking time out to be in nature when learning can also help you, as well as visualisation and meditation, avoid feeling sorry for yourself, which is easy when Mercury makes a transit in Cancer.

Due to you and others being affected by moon energy, if you feel upset, try to get to the root cause of why you feel that way, and do your best to make yourself happy in healthy ways.
Avoid numbing your emotions with alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substances. All business matters that involve family life and property can do well under this influence.

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