Jupiter Transit Pisces 2022 : What does Jupiter in Pisces transit mean

What does Jupiter in Pisces transit mean?

When the elusive mystical fishes and the half-human – half animal- centaur meet

Jupiter will enter the dual sign Pisces Zodiac Sign on April 13, 2022, at 4:57 PM from the fixed sign Aquarius. It will stay in the same sign until April 22, 2023, at 6:11 AM.

 When Jupiter moves back into Pisces in retrograde motion, until the 23rd of November, when it goes direct in Pisces, where it stays until December 20th 2022, before going back into Aries in direct motion.

Read about more about Jupiter here.

  • Jupiter co-rules Pisces, so Pisces/ the 12th house is a very beneficial place for Jupiter to be transiting
  • The house Jupiter is transiting in and the aspects it’s making to your natal chart, so the areas of life you need to open your mind in.
  • Nevertheless, as Pisces naturally rules the 12th house and Jupiter co-rules it, so the 9th house and the 11th house, which Jupiter rules esoterically. Sagittarius is esoterically ruled by planet earth, so all worldly events can be a triggering point for you at this time.
  • And regardless of the house, Jupiter is actually transiting in your birth chart
  • issues concerning the 9, 11 and 12th house can be activated and brought toyour attention at this time.
  • Change in mindset and beliefs concerning spirituality, education, the law, authority, politics, personal standards, what you believed was true about the world, yourself and others
  • Time of reflection, meditation and transition
  • Releasing toxic addictions and relationships
  • Having the veil lifted- increased devotion- motivation- visionary experiences
  • Allow solutions to flow and be uncertain rather than forcing quick resolutions
  • Facing your troubles instead of running
  • Falling deeper into fantasy or addiction can be the negative result of this transit
  • Increased empathy for yourself and others- letting going of criticism – make harsh judgements
  • Isolation- solitude- imprisonment-working behind the scenes
  • Looking at ways you cut yourself off from the fullness of life
  • Increase faith and protection so you can heal what needs to be healed so you can expand your mind, body and soul (higher consciousness)
  • Understand out past experiences so we can have a better now-present, from which we can create an enriched future
  • Giving support to others- charitable actions- or receiving help of others
  • Looking after the underdog, nursing your wounded child
  • Less concern with material gain concern with inner understanding and advancement
  • Increase awareness, seeing all sides, trusting people more- allow your intuition to guide you
  • Entering the unknown- widening belief

When Jupiter is transiting in Pisces, this means


Jupiter in Pisces is in the 1st house of those born with the sun in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces is in the 2nd house of those born with the sun in Aquarius

Jupiter in Pisces is in the 3rd house of those born with the sun in Capricorn

Jupiter in Pisces is in the 4th house of those born with the sun in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Pisces is in the 5th house of those born with the sun in Scorpio

Jupiter in Pisces is in the 6th house of those born with the sun in Libra

Jupiter in Pisces is in the 7th house of those born with the sun in Virgo

Jupiter in Pisces is in the 8th house of those born with the sun in Leo

Jupiter in Pisces is in the 9th house of those born with the sun in Cancer

Jupiter in Pisces is in the 10th house of those born with the sun in Gemini

Jupiter in Pisces is in the 11th house of those born with the sun in Taurus

Jupiter in Pisces is in the 12th house of those born with the sun in Aries

What does Jupiter in Pisces transit mean? continued

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and that’s why it is called “the king of the planets.” It expands our consciousness, compassion, and character-spirit because it teaches us how vast the Universe really is.

Jupiter, like a real-life teacher, has a job to do. Jupiter’s energy is here to educate us, refine and expand our belief systems, guiding you to knowledge and wisdom that is available to us.

Jupiter, in 3 words, is the astrological equivalent of “Going for it”. Jupiter’s transit into the sign of Pisces indicates that you should follow your intuition and take a chance.

Jupiter transiting in Jupiter is a chance for you to progress in your life, even if you feel stuck right now.

You can always find a way to advance if you keep searching for solutions to your problems and never stop innovating.

Jupiter in Pisces is a mystical and spiritual energy connecting people magically and spiritually.

The essence of Jupiter’s vibration is to bring you experiences that help you grow and learn new things to increase your personal freedom.

Jupiter is in the sign of Pisces, which is a powerful sign of expansion, and governs many experiences and things, including secrets, passivity, transcendence, the psychic and intuitive, the supernatural, illusion, depth, secrets, addiction, and growth,

The best use of the transit in Jupiter energy is to do all you can to envision and take practical action to reach new heights and broaden your horizons, being open and receptive to new ideas and experiences.

Jupiter helps widen perceptive- comprehension higher learning- information.

Jupiter stands for faith, optimism, higher knowledge, personal development, hopefulness, big-heartedness and internal and external prosperity.

When Jupiter is in Pisces, a yin- feminine- receptive- intuitive – mutable- water sign, we are being called to stop- and think, destroying- ending.

 All that holds us back, by first understanding the need for this, starting the lifelong work of self-healing and management.

 Experiencing a death of the old- of one or all of your many egos built up over all your past lives or current life, to give birth to a new refined, self productive – you.

 Jupiter transit Pisces will give you an urge to connect with a higher power – guardian spirit(s) than yourself.

 For some of you, it will be the acknowledgement of the highest potential within you.

Jupiter influence in this transit helps you draw the resources you need from the external world and within you.

So you can work your way out of any self-imposed prison- addictive thought patterns, toxic relationships and any compulsions or any other dependencies.

Subtle energies, your own intuition, dream world, waking visions, research, experiences with alternative thinking people can help you widen your mind and have empathy for yourself and others at this time.

Allow your inner eyes to open, let your imagination and intuition guide you.

 Opening yourself up to the super-meta-physical-a keep a dream diary may help you, as well as voice, noting your thoughts or keeping a daily journal.

Allow your inner spirituality- a higher conscious shine through. Allow yourself to detach from all that holds you back from experiencing the subtle and psychic.

 Take your time, do not rush; the mutable energy of Pisces will support you through the many changes needed at this time.

Jupiter transiting Pisces 2022 continued

When Jupiter is transiting in Pisces, the spotlight is on institutions, spirituality, addiction, imprisonment.

How you imprison yourself and how the world and its traditions and systems incarcerate us on the physical, spiritual, mental, financial and emotional levels.

Your attention may also be drawn to your addictive behaviours, whether it is a drug, alcohol, self-doubt.

Passive-aggression, gullibility, over fantasying, spending, streaming, porn, astral travel- psychic exploration, or any other dependence you may have that stops you from living a balanced life.

The 12th house is the home of Pisces- Neptune is seen and is viewed as the house of endings in astrology; still, conclusions are, in my view, are the start of new beginnings.

Because we must sort out the contents of our subconscious mind so you can project healthy thoughts into our 1st house.

 Which is the house that represents new beginnings and how we show up in the world.

We also need to have a stable subconscious, which drives all our behaviours, especially our addictions and self-destructive behaviours.

The unhealed emotions and psychological wounds stored in our subconscious (12th house) can slow down or stop your acquirement of possession and sense of self- 2nd house.

 Unhealed and unmanaged, wounds also interfere with your intimate relationships and business partnerships 7th house. Control how effective you are in getting the things you want, have healthy connections and progress in your career or education (10th house).

How you handle Pisces and 12th house energy and placement ultimately affects the trajectory of your life; when Jupiter is transiting and in Pisces, it takes on a 12th house flavour.

Moving on and self-cleansing

You are given the opportunity to work towards letting go of your personal habits and thought patterns that stop you from living.

You can decide to become less self-destructive and work towards letting go of your spiritual, emotional or psychological baggage, or you may do the work to rid yourself of all three.

Issues you feared and used your addictive habits or relationships to escape from could surface now, and you may have no choice but to face them.

Transit Jupiter in Pisces may influence you to start therapy or alternative healing, or you may research and create a new philosophical, intellectual, religious or spiritual- occult practice.

They can be an increase in charitable giving as the world at large starts to wake up to the fact that giving to those less fortunate helps to bring balance, order and peace into our world.

Increased self-compassion will help you see more clearly that you too are human, and it’s ok to make mistakes; it’s how we heal from our past errors that counts.

There are many lessons and positivity that can come from learning and managing your self-destruction and addiction. Starting or continuing to do the hard work to understand and heal your emotional and psychological trauma. It is not easy. Still, it is worth it in the long run.

Because you give yourself the opportunity to be born into a higher version of yourself, guided and protected by a higher force.

Those who are more logical and don’t believe in spiritual or higher consciousness life will seek higher learning in intellectual or philosophical activities.

 But understand that shutting down your emotional side prevents you from experiencing the totality of your personality.

Even if you think you don’t have a feeling side, you do.

You are just far removed from it. Emotions can be scary, even for those who are naturally emotional. Still, unless we learn to work with them, they often control us via our addiction and destructive habits and thoughts.

Allow yourself to nature, believe and give to yourself and others, and open your mind to the mystical, astral, unknown-occult and miraculous- supernatural. In safe ways, or you may fall into the pitfalls of this transit.


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The darker side of this transit

Be mindful you don’t full into using questionable ways to contact the astral realms, be mindful of Overindulgence in drink and drugs.

Transit Jupiter in Pisces can make you subject to these realms without your fall consciousness, which can cause feelings of anxiety, depression and other emotional and psychological problems.

Also, do not overspend, be too compulsive or wasteful; balance is the name of the game; you and others can be prone to escapism.

 Refusing your intuition, numbing your truth,  joining cults or believing false information, imposing your misguided will on others bring about disaster.

Deceiving yourself and others by changing intellectual political, legal, spiritual or philosophical meanings to suit your own agenda.

You or others can be impatient with the process and changes that Jupiter in Pisces transit can bring.

Avoiding applying your newfound knowledge to your daily life because it requires effort; Jupiter’s influence can help you sustain your practical attempts.

Nonetheless, you have to take action to incorporate what you now know in your day to day life.

Allowing your consciousness to expand via true devotion to spiritual, intellectual, philosophical, religious or spiritual practice.

Doing this will help you experience the grounding and guidance you need to do the emotional and psychological work to feel a sense of purpose and be more relaxed.

Creativity and health more about what transit Jupiter in Pisces means


To relieve the pressure of Pisces transiting in Jupiter, you may become more interested in listening to music, viewing or creating art.

 Writing that novel, you have been putting off learning a new instrument, singing or writing songs.

Meditation, tai chi, yoga, breathwork, walking barefoot, hugging trees, listening to birds, or anything that makes you feel at one with humanity and the universe.

 Self-care and having some time will help soothe the tension of Jupiter transiting Pisces; Jupiter rules the thighs pituitary gland.

Which regulates hormone creation-healing and balance in the body, blood circulation and the liver.

So it’s essential to watch what you eat and guard against obesity, fatty liver, and diabetes at the extreme.

Your lungs and bronchial health via Sagittarius polarity with Gemini should also be cared for.

 Neptune influences the spine and thalamus in your brain, so take vitamins to support brain health.

 Meditation will help you look after your brain health allow you to distress; any form of stretching is good for your body also.

Pisces have links to the feet due to its polarity with Virgo, which rules work and service, so there can be feet troubles during the transiting Pisces in Jupiter phase.

 So do all you can to take care of your feet. or issues with abdomen health caused by nervous tension, stress, Overindulgence in drugs or alcohol.

Jupiter having the esoteric rulership of Aquarius doing exercise to support your ankles, circulatory system (heart- due to polarity with Leo), and lower legs will be beneficial during this transit.

Mysterious illnesses can occur during this time. Do all you can to look after your emotional and psychological health and stability.

Express, what your learn

Jupiter calls for you to look beyond the material and what you are told to believe at this time and go within to find out what is true for you.

Jupiter needs you to see the broader picture, forgetting division looking for commonality and justice. Looking past your own problems and seeing the more significant issues, leaving small-mindedness behind.

Seeking out new ways to solve your problems, valuable information may be revealed to you by dreams, inner thoughts, or external experiences.

Transiting Jupiter is all about self-healing, getting yourself in balance, letting go of what needs to go.

 So that when it moves into Aries, you can go about making your mark in the world.

 Opening your mind, body, soul (consciousness and heart) to new possibilities with faith and empathy.

Allowing yourself to evolve past your constraints addictions will enable you to understand and heal the psychological and emotional blocks that stop you and reach your highest potential.

Letting of feelings of separation from other humans, seeing the interconnectedness of all life.

You could connect with people you would have avoided before due to different beliefs or other dividing factors. These new relationships can help you with your personal growth.


Jupiter transiting Pisces In summary

During Jupiter transit Pisces we are about being:

  • More compassionate- taking pleasure in nature and simple things
  • Opening up to unconditional love and lofty ideals
  • Looking after your own and others emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being
  • Connecting with your inner child and that of others
  • Needing time out for reflection or deciding to work behind the scenes
  • More inclined to spiritual or intellectual awakenings and growth
  • Seeking equilibrium
  • Cooperate more with others seeing our similarities
  • Feel more compassion- increase optimism-seeing the funny / brighter side of things-playfulness
  • May decide to let go of our self-imposed limitations- comfort zone, relationships, habits and thoughts
  • Become more imaginative, intuitive, creative, considerate, emphatic, broaden our awareness, nurturing, visionary, having more faith- becoming in tune with your own and others emotions
  • Negatives, escaping, nightmares, deceiving, manipulation, gullibility, passive-aggressiveness,
  • Don’t forget to pay attention to facts also, and that you will need practical effort, not just dreams, to bring about change.
  • Be patient with your own and others process


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