What does Mars enters Taurus mean? Mars transiting in Taurus

Mars transit in Taurus, Stubbornness, practical, self-assured and determined are the key themes when mars transit in Taurus

Mars enters its transit in Taurus on the 10 th of august 2022

and stays in taurus until the 16th of october when it moves into gemini.

Mars enters its retograde phase on the 30th of cotober 2022 in gemini.

Mars usually spends two months in each sign, but because Mars goes into retrograde ( when planets and luminaries appear to be moving backwards, but in reality, they are moving side to side) 
How long does Mars stay in Taurus?, Mars will spend some seven months transiting between gemini and Taurus.

key dates


mars enters taurus 10th august 2022

mars enters gemini 16th of october

mars reneters taurus on the  13th of november 2022 until the 13th of march 2023.

When it moves back into gemini, until it moves into cancer on the 10th of may 2023

Keywords of what happens when Mars is in Taurus

  •  Mars is in determined while transiting in Taurus
  •  You may find yourself more focused on your goals
  •  Including improving the financial, career or personal
    development areas of your life
  •  Suitable for all manufacturing, construction, machinery,
    technology and sales professions
  •  Negativity people can ruthlessly pursue material possession,
    ignoring other areas of life
  •  People can become inflexible, which can be excellent or bad
    thing, depending on the planning and strategic thought put into
    your action
  •  Arguments over money, status or possessions can happen
  •  Loss of theft of money possible
  •  Financial aggressiveness and impulsive spending can cause
    disagreements in relationships.
  •  Positively in mars is positively aspected in your natal chart or
    other transits to your birth chart signals this all sorts of trading and business speculation can go well.

What does Mars enters Taurus mean? continued

When Mars is in Taurus, you may find yourself more strong-willed,
focused on your goals, and decisive about what you want to do.
Once you have made up your mind, it can be hard to change it under
this transit, even if your plan is not as well thought out as you think.
People may offer guidance that could help you, but you may refuse it
and remain rigid, wanting to do things your own way, even if it is not
the most effective way.

When Mars is transiting in Taurus, you can take a slow and steady
approach to reach your end goals, being conservative and not taking
risks. Still, this doesn't mean you are passive.
Nope, mars transits in Taurus can make you resistant to anything or
anyone who gets in your way as you take daily steps to overcome
your obstacles, staying firm in your convictions.
Nonetheless, this sturbborn attitude is only valid if your plan is solid.

What does Mars enters Taurus mean?

Strong focus

Your focus is more on the long term when mars transit in Taurus, and you are not afraid to delay pleasure, do the hard work and stay determined to reach your objective.

Although negatively, you can be resistant to much-needed change, in general, the ability to be patient with our motivation and sexual drives is given while Mars is transiting in Taurus.

Arguments can happen over how to spend or save money. In intimate relationships, people may judge each other harshly;
however, there is a tendancy to fight to the end. So these disappointments and disagreements can be resolved successfully. The endurance- stamina is given to do what it takes while mars transit in Taurus.
As Taurus is a very sensual sign, people may want to be more gentle in their lovemaking and hookups at this time, but there is a tendency to become clingy, jealous or possessivein matters of the heart.
When Mars is transiting in Taurus, the vibration to be more practical and follow through on your talent is given if you're the more creative type.

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