Mercury Transit Aquarius Communication Objectivity

Mercury Transit Aquarius
  • May get the urge to join or create a humanitarian, scientific, technological, spiritual group
  • Increase seeking of truth and objectivity
  • Mercury is exalted- in its best in Aquarius, so use this energy to enrich your communication and thought processes
  • Finding solutions to problems in groups
  • You may be open to new ideas at this time and dropping any prejudices, you hold
  • Saturn influence as co-ruler of Aquarius gives the stability and discipline needed to reorganise your thoughts and belief system
  • Younger people may give new insight into personal, family, community or worldly issues
  • This is a good time to break free from the status quo and have innovative ideas
  • Ability to detach from emotions and vie communications objectively
  • Sudden changes in perception- increase in socialisation
  • You may decide to write or speak about political or social issues
  • Increase in intuitive or logical perception and introspection
  • Erratic communications- spontaneous, often abstract thoughts
  • Good time to reassess your life goals and ambitions, making solid step by step plans to achieve them
  • Strengthening or ending friendships

Mercury Transiting Aquarius , meaning continued


When Mercury transits Aquarius, you may change, join or deepen your activities in radical, scientific, spiritual, medical, social activist, technological or humanitarian organisations. Breakthroughs can be made in work involving maths and science and complex technical calculations.

You may discover new ideas or ways of doing things, meet new and exciting individuals, penetrate intuitive insights that may come to you, and you may delve into the psychic, mystical or occult.

For those who are inclined to the more hidden aspects of life, this can be an excellent time for research into astrology, numerology and tarot; you may receive telepathic insights or form a psychic connection with someone(s) else.

Open-mindedness in communications with people you may not readily meet in daily life may happen at this time, bringing you out of your comfort zone. You may get closer to co-workers forming new allegiances as you discover you have similar interests.

If challenging aspects to your natal Mercury or planets in Aquarius is happening at this time, communication can cause relationships to end.

Or you may fall into the trap of believing misleading information or joining a cult-like group; it is good to think outside the box but check the facts, as utopian ideals remain so until we take practical actions to make them a reality.

Remember, it is good to listen to others, but you must involve yourself in self-reflection and research to make sure what you’re being told is authentic.


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