What does Mercury mean in your astrology / horoscope chart ?

Mercury in astrology is it a bird, is it a plane, no!!! It's the forever youthful and restless lightning-fast- M to E to C to the U to R to the Y, whoop

― whoop!

Rules all forms of communication,  Seen as the keeper of gods of poets- and all writers etc., travellers, thief’s and traders (and everyone else involved in stocks), gives the urges to know, to speak and to teach/ share what you know to others

Mercury rules: Gemini and Virgo (3rd and 6th house)

Mercury Esoterically rules:  Aries

Exalted in: Aquarius

Fall: Pisces

Detrimental: Sagittarius and Pisces

Mercury feels at home (dignified) in Gemini in the day and in Virgo at home. Some astrologers say Mercury is also well placed in the 3rd decan of Libra degrees 10-20 and the 2nd decan of Aquarius 10-20

Central themes, mental quickness, or lack of it, unpredictability and instability. Physical or psychological travel- especially short journeys, siblings, children.

Polarity: Masculine- positive- yang and Feminine – Negative Yin

Modes of expression Mutable Elements: Air and Earth via its rulership of Gemini and Virgo.

Associated with:  1st house because Mercury is the esoteric ruler of Aries, the 8th house due to Mars being the ancient- or co-ruler of Scorpio,12th house due to Pluto being the esoteric ruler of Pisces.

The Moon, due to the Moon being the esoteric ruler of Virgo, the 4th house as the Moon rules the 4th house, the whole zodiac is a symphony each planet and sign leaning into each other.

Mercury Influences:  hands, central nervous system, chest, skin, lungs, arms, hair, shoulders, gall balder- aids digestion, thyroid, the human brain due to it being connected to conscious reasoning, sense organs- neurology.

Medical disease associated with Mercury: nervous system illnesses, digestion or respiratory issues, chest, skin, arm, hair irritations, brain disorders and thyroid issues.

Day of the week: Wednesday

Mercury is never more than 28 degrees away from the sun and takes around 88 days to orbit the sun, Mercury is hermaphrodite energy; it is neither male nor female and versatile in personal expression.

Read about mercury transiting through the houses here

What does Mercury mean in astrology?

Where Mercury is in your natal chart, the sign it is in, and the aspects it makes to other planets, indicates how and where you can excel or lack in your communication skills and the types of experiences and people that will influence your intellectual and communication skills.

Mercury energy shows the need for us to communicate our needs, wants, desires and thoughts to other people to get them met.

For instance, if we are in a hostage situation, acting aggressively to the person(s) who is imprisoning us may result in the loss of our own or others lives.

 Mercury energy wants you to adapt your communication to your environment to aid-guide your progression over your life span.

Sometimes it’s not what is being said that rubs people up the wrong way; it’s the way you say it, Mercury- the way you communicate helps you meet the need of finding connection- harmony with other people.

 By refining your speech- communication so you can develop and maintain relationships with other people and yourself because mercury intellectual- thought abilities allow for self-reflection (introspection), which helps you understand yourself.

In a natal chart, the position of your Mercury indicates the way you learn and how you will process information that you receive from your environment and your life experiences.

Shows your reasoning ability (way of thinking) or lack of it, how you communicate, and your intellectual capabilities.

Mercury indicates how you react to taste, smells, sounds, what you see or hear, and how you perceive the world around you.

What is the energy of Mercury?

Very glib- slick with words, gift of the gab – mouth and intellect, rapid thinking abilities, highly restless and changeable.

Those with intense mercurial energy always has to be on the move mentally or physically.

Tendency to rationalise all matters, even emotions, ability to let go of emotions and people quickly, the energy of Mercury is neutral, how it can be used is not.

Mercury energy can help you tap into the intellectual, emotional, philosophical and spiritual realms- with a logical perspective.

Mercury is the courier –conduit between your physical body and brain (the sun- mars) and your inner nature (the moon-Neptune)  that allows them to be in contact or close contact with the external world( reality).


Mercury energy is chameleon-like; it adapts to the sign, i.e. Mercury in Capricorn, and the mode, i.e. Capricorn, is a feminine-earth sign.

For mercury energy to be fully utilised, it needs to be highly aspected in your natal charts, such as more than 3 aspects, or form conjunction, opposition, trine, a quincunx to one of the other inner planets. Sun, Moon, Mars or Venus.

The most significant use of mercury energy is to allow the unknown vibrations to lead your thought process to a greater understanding of yourself, other people, the cosmos and let your perceptions widen and your consciousness rise.

Feeding your mind with good information, so you can sharpen your thought process, wit, communication and analytical skill, looking beyond your own selfish needs.

 Although not neglecting them completely, understanding the reasons behind your own and others suffering, and doing what you logically and healthily can to reduce your own and others pain.

Learning to manage yourself so you can help others heal their sorrow, or at least control it, understanding the link between thought, actions and reactions.

Having compassion and patience for yourself and others, continuously pushing yourself to become better, but taking time out to be jovial and have fun, seeing the humour in life and allowing your inner child to flourish and create.

What does Mercury in astrology mean
What does Mercury in astrology mean

What is the benefits of Mercury in astrology?

Aspects to your Natal Mercury will alter your ability to communicate and take in information, for better or worse, depending on the aspect.

Squares to Mercury can make you over assert your opinions and be over the top in all communications and experiences related to the house and zodiac sign Mercury is in and the aspects to other planets and houses it makes.

Trines help you apply your knowledge well to situations without over asserting yourself;  you can easily communicate and process intellectual and other information.

Conjunctions to Mercury allows for your thought and action to work in unison; conjunctions work best when you channel your energy into learning whatever you are interested in and are well-organised, and have self-restraint in your conscious reasoning abilities.


They can be a thirst for more and more information with mercury conjunctions; there is a constant need to look at how you communicate with others and why you feel the need to collect facts.

 At times you can not use the facts; you can become an endless fact collector without doing much with the information you have, often seeking out higher explanations, without understanding the basics.

You have to watch out for over learning, and being a thinker of all disciplines and a master of none, losing control of your analytical abilities.

Mercury is well placed in Virgo and Gemini but is not so good in Pisces and Sagittarius.

 Still, even negative aspects or placements in astrology can be made positive, for free will is the ultimate human power.

Mercury in Libra is also a good place, especially the 3rd decan as mercury rules that cohort, the second decan of Aquarius, and the 3rd decan of Capricorn.

Mercury in Capricorn and Taurus can be restricted due to less mutability in thought, but it does produce extreme mental-logical focus.

Mercury in Pisces, Scorpio and cancer emotions may cloud the ability to think rationally when doing practical tasks or in situations that require logical thought.

Mercury in aries, Leo and Sagittarius, can have an tendency to bend facts; this is not always intentional; this can be a purely subconscious habit, causing you to tell white lies or say things to express or influence others in some way.

Mercury aspects to the Moon can deepen intellect intuition-gut feelings, and you may have very active and/or  productive mental power

Venus mercury aspects can make you highly social, talkative and refined creative abilities in film making, writing or other content creation.

Mercury mars aspects can make you overly explanative and restless; especially if either planet is in Gemini, you may be more eager to gain knowledge and express yourself.

If Mars or Mercury is in Virgo, you can be less restless and discriminative about what information you take in.

Mercury’s aspects to Jupiter can broaden intellect and intuition, giving the greater capacity to understand the higher meanings in life and deeper explanations.

Mercury aspects to Saturn gives a tendency to seek out historical or proven knowledge, listen to words and ideas of elders, a resistance to new or fashionable information.

Mercury Uranus aspects can be explosive; Uranus is seen as the higher expression of mercury energy; oppositions between these planets can make you experience conflict with your own mental beliefs.

To solve this, you need to find a balance. Between the side of you, that needs to be extreme in your exploration of knowledge and personal expression. And the side of you that wants to stick to what you already know. 

Mercury Neptune aspects can produce distortion in words and thoughts, illusionary thinking or wild imagination.

 You can be very susceptible, compassionate, thin-skinned in your outlook.

Your empathy is best put to acting, storytelling, making movies or other creative activities, writing or anything else to with alternative healing or living is also a good use of this energy.

Mercury-Pluto aspects can make you obsessive in your pursuit of knowledge,  But this intensity can give you the power to transform yourself and others via communication tools.

 There can be a preference towards the occult, psychological and abstract in thought and personal expression; communications can be intense or violent.

What does Mercury in astrology mean

What is Mercury personality?



  • Ability to convince and debate using communication skills
  • Conscious intellectual activity
  • adaptability- unpredictability
  • perceptiveness
  • Gives great insight into the way you think and what you think
  • What you pay attention to and what you ignore
  • How you learn and communicate ( talk-interact) in school, university, work, social, romantic and family situations
  • How you communicate your ideas
  • How you teach others
  • Hope you develop your reasoning skills over your life span by listening, reading, researching, attending or watching intellect expanding seminars, institutions, television shows etc.
  • How you consciously process the events in your life.
  • Liveliness
  • high spirits
  • curiosity – questioning
  • analytical ability
  • diligence- willingness to learn
  • expertise –skill-cunning- the capability to retain information-memory
  • articulation- how you express yourself
  • technical-scientific- methodological – practical – technological ability
  • fluency-glibness
  • movement- gesturing when speaking-dancing- walking
  • business – especially importing, exporting-selling


  • untruth- shams
  • critical
  • crudeness – bad manners
  • lack of consideration
  • deception
  • lacking emotion
  • over worrying
  • being too talkative
  • swindles and cons, especially via communication
  • restlessness
  • nervousness
  • criticising
  • slyness- scheming- manipulation primarily via communication
  • intrusiveness – busy body- getting into other people’s business
  • recklessness
  • absent-mindedness
  • awkwardness
  • indecision
  • untrustworthiness – not reliable
  • excitability
  • inconstancy

Colours, Jobs, Plants and other things associated with Mercury in astrology

Colours:  Grey, azure blue, slate, bluey grey, plaids, check and spotted colours, cerise, black, pale yellow, reddish-brown,

Animals:  bee, fox, hare, monkey, nightingale, blackbird, swallow, jaybird, spider, weasel, hyena, and quick reptiles like emerald lizards.

Careers: writing, selling, publishing books or audiobooks, journalist, administrator and all archive- writing office work, print worker, graphic design, accountant, all types of educational work, tv, radio or online presenter-host, DJ- entertainer, interpreter and all types of language work, delivering mail or parcels etc.,.

Lawyer, all types of transport work- lorry driver, salesperson, marketer, middle person- jack of all trades- delboy- or person, distributor, neurologist, purchaser- procurement, all types of retail work, show person like a magician, all kinds of number work- like logician, astronomer, scholar, geographer, biologist, theologian, polymath, trader, broker or sculptor.


Metals/ Minerals: quicksilver, Mercury, alloy and liquid metals like gallium, rubidium and cesium. Flowing and veined minerals

Precious stones: marble, garnet, topaz, agate, firestone, glass, multicolour like jasper, ammolite, cubic zirconia and tourmaline.

Plants, trees and bushes: bittersweet, elfwort, Marberry, caraway, balm, hares foot, hazelnut tree, tansy, oats, aniseed, pomegranates, endive, savory, succory, valerian, lily of the vale, fennel, myrtle, avena, dill, liquorice, lavender, Centella, apamarga, orange, wild parsley, walnut tree and wild carrots.

Astrologer Sepharial says Mercury is associated with short and penetrating lines and slim/slight curves.

The tastes associated with Mercury are icy – chilly and meekly caustic flavours.

mercury meaning astrology

What is the energy of Mercury in astrology?

Mercury shows how you communicate with your environment; they are two forms of communication the things we say consciously by using our reasoning skills or the ( subconscious)  automatic communications that often come out when we are interrupted, agitated or distracted.

  • Conscious communication via thinking and reflecting
  • Subconscious communication is built on instinctive-nervous or tension fuelled responses.

Examples of conscious communications are giving a presentation at school or work that you had to plan and research.

Then there is automatic communications that are often triggered by unhealed emotional and psychological wounds and repetitive thought and behaviour patterns, leaned over time.


For instance, when you yell- shout at someone who cuts in at you in traffic or a supermarket queue or a member of your household who interrupts your streaming time, these types of communication are instinctive, usually generated from tension or nervous impulses.

Mercury controls all the ways you communicate; it’s common knowledge that most humans have a formal or informal speaking voice.

 How you talk around your older relatives may differ from how you speak to those you socialise with or your younger relatives.

How you write in a formal letter to a doctor, lawyer or judge could be different from a letter you write to a lover or friend; external feedback often changes the ways you communicate over time, and the environment you are in often dictates the way you will converse with others

Mercury's symbology

Mercury symbol is a combination of the half-circle, a full circle (spirit circle) and the cross; the half-circle represents the human mind, soul-higher conscious –carried over from past lifetimes.

The full circle stands for the divine spirit, which is said never to incarnate but is still attached to the reincarnating- soul-spirit, finally, the cross at the bottom of the half and full circle, which is a symbol of matter- materialism.

The symbol of Mercury comes from Hermes staff- the caduceus, also known as the staff of Mercurius.

 Which was carried by Hermes, who was the messenger of the gods, as a symbol of peace.

 In Greek and Roman culture, it was used by diplomats and bearers of news (heralds) as a symbol of Inviolability – sacredness,  the rod of Hemes-caduceus-Mercurius embodies the conundrum –mystery-enigma of life.

That can only be solved by integrating instinct (physical-body), mind (intellect –logic-reason) and spirit (soul-higher consciousness).

Mercury is the mind-reason-intellect part of the equation as shown by the air signs, Gemini, Aquarius and Libra, but Gemini is the only air sign ruled by Mercury.

However, the earth sign Virgo, who is ruled by Mercury, shows the practical–earthy use of intellect needed to fully unify mind, body, and soul.

Mercury quick facts

Mercury is never more than 28 degrees away from the sun and is the closest planet to the sun; Mercury is the smallest of the planets due to the fact Pluto is now seen as a dwarf and not an actual planet.

Mercury has the quickest journey around the 12 zodiac signs, Mercury orbits the sun in 88 days, moving at 29 miles per second; Mercury spends around 14 -19 days in each sign.

Unless it goes into retrograde motion, Mercury can stay in a sign for up to 60 days.
Mercury spins slowly on its axis and completes one rotation in 59 days.

The speed Mercury moves around the sun represents the changeability of those with strong mercury energy in their chart

What does Mercury mean spiritually?

Just like you cannot stream Netflix without a phone, television or another streaming device, you cannot bring your thoughts into reality if, first, you don’t think (mind).

 Nor can you make your dreams, purpose-higher inspiration and visions (soul-spirit) come true if you don’t take practical action to actualise your thoughts and dreams, produced by your intellect and soul-higher consciousness.

The development of your rational-conscious thinking abilities is needed to see more profound meanings in life and help you solve the obstacles all of us face, mercury energy.

 Calls for you to think, to find solutions, and to uncover the deeper aspects of your personality and life force (soul- higher consciousness).

THOUGHT- INTELLECT AND REASONING ARE what’s needed to follow a spiritual path.


You need to discern truth from falsehood, and they are many on the higher consciousness path.

You have to know when to follow a teacher or specific philosophy and when to let it go; what was needed when you started a spiritual journey will not be required at the end, I can assure you of that.

The end of your highest consciousness journey is taking full responsibility for your life, walking to the beat of your own drum, not in an egotistical way.

But in a self-assured way which comes from your one and one relationship with the higher power you believe in, you can, people can lead you to the source, but they are not the source, ok neo- the trinity is within you.

More information on, What does Mercury mean spiritually?

Now, this may seem controversial to some, but for instance, you may have needed weed, cbd, LSD, DMT, peyote, mushrooms, salvia and all the other mind-opening substances.

Which open you up to spiritual realities, but you should have to heavily use them, 5 – 9 years onward into your journey, like you, might have done at the start of your journey

That’s not to say you can’t use cannabis, cbd etc for pain or ceremonial reasons, but the spiritual path truly is about moderation and not extremes. 

Use pain relief when you need it and not to excess, and your drug usage should not affect your day to day life; if it does, then it is a problem.

If you have authentic medical reasons, understand, and I am not trying to invalidate or shame you or anything, just writing about the spiritual meaning of Mercury.


Yet again, I am not the karma police but demonstrating mercury energy in full effect.

Mercury energy gets you to question why you do a thing and how it affects others, although it has been said mercury energy can be narcissistic.

However, sometimes we have to take a rational look at the facts in life. And trust me, I am just as emotional as cancer or Pisces in some ways; trust me on that.

I used to misunderstand my Gemini energy when I was younger as it can be cold and a bit brutal.

But the essence of mercury energy is to help those who want help and do all you can to help people in healthy, not self-destructive ways.

But if they only playing you, then cut them off dead. Just like that, because time is the only thing we got on earth, time can never be brought back. We can always earn more money, but you cannot earn more time.

Mercury energy wants you to think about how you use your time and what things are worth your time, don’t get me wrong, although mercury energy is neutral and flavoured by the house and sign it is in.

 It can and will walk to hade’s and back itself for someone worthy, but if they are not, Nah, if you are just trying to use and abuse, no, no way, see ya bye.

 If you are into playing games, nope, not into that, mercury energy makes cold hard assessments; trust me, I have followed my heart most of my life and still do.

 But if I did follow my mercury senses all my life, I would have wasted less time and suffered less suffering.

But then again, I have grown a lot emotionally, too, so I would never want to change my past, as it made me who I am today.

Still, now I understand the spiritual meaning behind mercury ways, I understand them more and see their value, and allow it to temper my wild Pluto and Scorpio energy.

Mercury in astrology, the spiritual - higher consciousness meaning continued

Mercury is a unique sign; it rules Gemini, who on the grapevine, so I’m told,  is one of the most hated zodiac signs, and Virgo, who is also in that list.

And it is said Gemini’s twin is Scorpio, the other zodiac sign in the top 3 most hated signs.

Oh well, haters will hate; I have strong Gemini energy in my chart, can’t you tell I can talk for England.

Anyway, back to the point, Mercury is the ruler of the last sign of spring- Gemini, and the last sign of autumn- Virgo.

Signally that all good things have a start and the end, Gemini calls in summer the most loved season of us humans, and Virgo ends it,.

 Mercury shows that all things must end, and everything is only for a time, even the good times.

So you must prepare throughout your life to have good and bad times, the springs, the summer, the autumn,s and the winters.

Mercury helps us control or animal- primal instinct by thought, yes we can all be violent, but where is that going to get you, yes we can all flirt- and you know Gemini’s love that, especially in their youth.


But where is endless flirting going to take you- typically, it creates endless love entanglements and drama.

 On the higher conscious spiritual level, change never comes without a transformation in your behaviour, and you will never change if you never THINK there is anything to change

Hence, most people do not change; they keep blaming life and others and don’t get me wrong, life and people can suck.

 But are you not people too…mercury energy allows you to think about how you can let life affect you less.

Most spiritual teachings ask you to focus and live in the now.

Mercury energy makes it possible; Virgo allows you to analyse your thoughts as all actions and reactions start from your thought patterns.

If you always have negative thoughts, you will be compelled to do self-destructing things and be around toxic environments and people; it is not that your own thoughts create reality; you’re not responsible for the actions of those who hurt you


MERCURY ENERGY IS unemotional – detached, it does care, more than others know and more than those with strong mercury energy know at times, as they can be aloof from their emotions.

Mercury energy wants you to make the best choices in life because it’s the choices you will make in life that determine its overall quality; of course, we all have our karma, and we have to go through that.

Yet there is a time when we have to realise the negative patterns in our life and say hell no, no more, a change has to come like  Sam Cooke sings all you will repeat your past your entire life, it is as simple and cold as that- mercury looks at the cold harsh facts of reality.


You have to refine and adjust your character, or life will not change, other people typically don’t change for you, so if you want your life to transform, you have to do it, and it all starts with thinking you can.

Yes, feel, cry yourself a million rivers like Justin Timberlake sings about, but at the end of the day, you can love someone, but if they are not capable of loving you back. What good is it you wasting your whole life wishing they would?

Love, by all means, those who can give you love back, especially on the intimate levels. I mean, all of us have family members who don’t like us, and you may not like them, but why choose partners who don’t like us? And who abuse us makes no sense……to unbiased mercury energy

Not to say there is no empathy in mercury energy; sometimes leaving someone is the highest form of love, especially if you know you will hurt them in the long run, although it may hurt them in the short term

Mercury energy at it optimum will not be led astray by unreasonable paths.

Gemini rules everyday life – the 3rd house, so mercury’s influence gets you to think about how your daily habits, associates’, words and actions.

Stop you from living your best life, allowing you to balance thought and feelings, in the order of the zodiac, you have Gemini 3rd house – governed by mercury.

 Cancer 4th house ruled by the Moon, Leo – 5th house ruled by the sun and Virgo 6th house ruled by mercury.

Mercury- how we communicate – I think

Cancer- how we show, process emotions- I feel

Leo- how we like to shine baby and articulate our ego-self – I will

Virgo- how we relate- analyse people and the world at large- I analyse

Virgo allows us to analyse, how we feel- cancer, but to know how we feel, we have to think– Gemini, if we don’t think, we run on autopilot doing things without knowing why.

To think you have to use your will- Leo to actively take action, to ask yourself and other questions, so we know what we think-Gemini in any given moment, due to prior analyses- Virgo.

So we don’t allow our feelings– cancer to get in the way or what we really want for outlives, to do this, we have to use our will power-Leo, and as willpower starts in thought– Mercury energy.

Thinking is paramount to advancing in life and on the spiritual- higher consciousness path.

Hermes, who you will learn more about shortly, is said to be responsible for giving humanity all they needed for self-expression and therefore self-actualising- becoming your best self.

Everything we use to communicate speech, pens, smart devices, books, audiobooks, online video-forums-blogs, social media etc., are all ruled by mercury.

From rocks- as that’s the first tablets we use to communicate on to your I pad, mercury rule sit all, it will rule all new- which are actually old forms of communication such as mental telepathy.

Learn to communicate, communicate to learn, to do this, you have to be concerned and fascinated by your day to day life, being aware =of your own thought process. Making sure what you think is conducive – helpful towards and not against your personal growth

So that you can reach higher consciousness, you have to learn to control, not get rid of emotions; this is an inappropriate use of mercury energy.

 But you must become wise of all your own, other peoples emotions and the worlds, traps and manipulations to understand and have constant access to your higher consciousness.


In mythology, Mercury was called Mercurius by the Romans, the winged messenger of the gods, also known as Hermes by the Greeks. Hermes was the god of articulation, innovation, travel and business

 Hermes- Mercurius- Mercury was the son of Zeus and Maia; he was Zeus’s messenger and guided the dead (the shades) to Hades; he was seen as the patron of travellers, bringer of luck, business people- merchants and thieves.

He is depicted as a young man wearing a winged helmet and sandals, carrying a staff- caduceus, which had two snakes who attached themselves to it after Hermes placed it between them when they were fighting.

  Representing the need for human beings to get the opposing sides of their personalities to work together, he was said to clear the roads of stones and other dangers so people could travel safely.

Hermes was also popular with athletes, and his statue was placed on sports grounds.


Hermes-mercury was conceived when his father Zeus waited until his wife Hera was sleeping and went to see the nymph Maia on Mount Cyllene.

Maia gave birth to Hermes at dawn, and by noon the same day, he was walking according to myth; Hermes was highly gifted from birth.

He walked out of the cave and found a tortoise, which he killed and turned into a 7 string lyre (string instrument).

Hermes also stole 50 cows that belonged to the Greek God Apollo, two of which he sacrificed to the Olympian gods, and then he went back to the cave and climbed into his cradle.

Apollo went looking for his cows, and Hermes denied all knowledge of them and stated he didn’t know what a cow was or what the word cow meant; Apollo searched the cave and found nothing.

Apollo took Hermes to Zeus for judgement; Hermes carried on denying he had the cows, but Zeus saw through his lies and ordered Hermes to give the cows back.

Hermes took Apollo to a pretend place where he said the cows were, but then he took out his lyre and played a song that enchanted Apollo; Apollo wanted the lyre for himself, so Hermes said he could have the lyre if he forgot about the cows.

Apollo befriended Hermes, made him protector of herdsmen, and gave him the staff (caduceus).

 In some pictures, Hermes is drawn with a ram on his shoulders.

Hermes is in many myths he saved the god Dionysus who was a god of the grape harvest in some myths, Hermes helped Zeus in his love affair with lo, he helped lo escape Argus, the giant who had 100 eyes.

He rescued Ares when he was imprisoned in a jar, he also accompanied Zeus on his many travels across the earth, and Hermes, like many gods in the Greek myths, had many love affairs.

This is indicative of the flirtatious nature of some Gemini’s, who Hermes-mercury rule sin astrology; he also had a few children, including Hermaphroditus, Priapus and Pan.

Read about Mercury retrograde here


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