Mercury Retrograde : What does Mercury Retrograde mean in astrology?

mercury retrograde


January 14 to February 3: pre retrograde shadow begins December 29, 2021, post retrograde shadow ends around February 23

May 10 to June 3: pre retrograde shadow begins April 25; post retrograde shadow ends June 18.

September 9 to October 2: The pre retrograde shadow begins August 22; post retrograde shadow ends October 16.

December 29 to January 18, 2023: The pre retrograde shadow begins December 12, post retrograde shadow ends February 23, 2023.

whats mercury retrograde, all about then? When it comes to mercury retrograde, communication, technology, logic, information, and travel get disrupted, yet understanding the real meaning of Mercury retrograde is basically knowing how long it occurs and its dates.

These will help you deal with the most nerve-wracking event in astrology.

The backward tour of mercury through the sky becomes a great scapegoat whenever flights are delayed, emails go astray, and laptops become glitch.

However, the meaning of mercury retrograde is not just some kind of bad luck. It is the way of astrology forcing you to recheck, revisit, and review your life still?

Do you really need to say the things you think about you?

Are your relationships as stable as you think?

The esoteric meaning of Mercury retrograde is learning how and when to slow down and how to communicate more effectively with others.

It’s not all gloom and doom, despite what some will have you think, yes some placements in astrology are not nice, especially squares and oppositions, but when we start to think from the standpoint of how can I learn from this?

And how can I prepare myself for this event? This is when you begin to cook on all four cylinders.


Life is hard, some transits and natal chart placements are easier than others, but all placements serve as tools for personal development and soul growth.


What’s Mercury Retrograde, continued how to cope.

In today’s technology-focused society, wherein texts, WiFi, and emails are everything, the communication’s planet- mercury,  has a huge job.

If mercury goes haywire during the retrograde phase, its effects will hit a person to where it hurts.

The lies we and others tell to us, during mercury retrograde, mercury retrograde is all about revealing the illusions we have come to believe in, slowing down communications, so we can think about the ways we communicate with ourselves and others.

First and foremost, the science behind the popular mercury retrograde is deceptive.

It isn’t as if the planet reverses its orbit. Mercury retrograde describes the optical illusion that makes it look as if the planet moves backwards from the Earth’s viewpoint.

During this backwards motion, anything that has something to do with technology, contracts or communication can be screwed up.

Mercury retrograde and its effects are not all in your imagination, yet it is not a bad news either.

It might feel like it is shaking up your world and it is kind of true. This aspect basically affects career and health moves, how mercury retrograde will affect you depends on your natal chart placements and currently transits.

Knowing what you should do and what you should expect can help you deal with mercury retrograde effectively.

what's mercury retrograde

Mercury Retrograde – Know the Do’s and Don’ts

Taking note of some particular do’s and don’ts during interactions will be your protection through the season of Mercury retrograde.

Mercury retrograde can create a rich period of connections and creativity and if you can be flexible, not getting buried in details of doom and gloom, accepting the low vibes, with the high vibes.


Thinking of the bigger picture, rather than getting caught up in the small details, you will emerge from mercury retrograde season without any scratch.


Mercury retrogrades, dos and don’t’s


  • Be patient, adaptable, and flexible. You might need to step outside of your own comfort zone to have the right fix.
  • You can think of the available solutions to the problems you are facing. One of your ideas to overcome your challenges will work eventually.
  • Revisit the persistent problems from the past. You know that one thing that has been on your mind for years and aeons? The one thing that keeps you all up during night time? It’s the right time to address that and try to resolve all the things you keep within, during mercury retrograde.
  • Back up phones and computers, so you do not lose crucial data once they shut down without any warnings.
  • Pay attention to the warning lights on the dash of your car and stay on the top of maintenance appointments that are scheduled regularly to ensure things run smoothly. Consider monitoring the gas in your tank, take as many precautions as you can to keep all your machinery running tickety boo.
  • Be updated on the cancellations and delays while travelling.
  • Think in some broad terms. The farther and bigger the solution is, it will work perfectly.



  • Set some unrealistic timelines. You have to remember that red tape may keep important documents in holding pattern for a long period. In fact, emails and letters may go missing, important items recorded mail, do not take any risk with communications.
  • Do not have unrealistic expectations. Due to mix-ups and misunderstandings, things might not turn out as you have planned. Avoid disappointments through keeping all of your expectations low. Always have a backup plan.
  • Do not Rush. You should slow down the pace as this will help you get rid of any costly mistakes. Slow and steady will win the race, make details plans and slowly work towards reaching your goals.
  • Rely on technology only. If you have important meetings coming up, print and write down the information you know, you will need.
  • Plan a huge presentation and draft up the important papers. If you cannot avoid some tasks like that, you must pay attention to every detail.
  • Do not Exaggerate. It is important to note that things can be bad enough without stretching the facts.
  • Become a lone wolf. If somethings broken, don’t try to fix it, instead take some time out, after all, if you love something let it go, and it will come back to you, make appointments with professionals like a life coach to get your problems fixed and let them do the job for you instead of trying to resolving things on your own.
  • Get to the negative thinking cycle. Some things might fall apart around you, yet remembering it and staying positive is a speed bump that would help you get through that.

It is important during Mercury retrograde to take responsibility for your life, do the work to heal your past psychological wounds.


Don’t be scared to do the hard work needed to set yourself free, accept events as they happen, avoid overreacting to things, try and do things that will help you stay calm, laugh at yourself and the world, as humour is your biggest healer.

what's mercury retrograde

Mercury Retrograde – How It Affects Your Mood and Health

When you are stressed, you will have a tougher time getting to bed and during the phase of Mercury retrograde, your anxiety and stress levels may be through the roof.

Staying awake and wondering how you can prevent the mistakes you have done or worrying about the things that might happen will surely take a toll on your overall health condition.

To make the matters worse, not getting enough sleep may cause more problems including being distracted, tired, and anxious, which can just further the effects of the mercury retrograde.

In addition to that, your exercise routine might also be thrown off by the malfunctioning of the gym equipment or batter on activity trackers dying.

Meals may even be problematic if freezers or fridges break down, microwave freaks out or stove malfunctions.

Mercury Retrograde – What If You Have One in Your Birth Chart?


Well, you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, almost twenty-five per cent of the population has Mercury retrograde in their birth chart. If you’re one of them, it shows that you’re born during the time when mercury retrograde happened.

If you’re wondering what a Mercury retrograde is, it only means that you are lucky.

You’re somewhat better equipped to deal with the anxiety that is related to communication, and only mercury retrograde brings this.

You could have some troubles keeping all of your thoughts straight, and you easily get frustrated once you cannot articulate them the way you would want to.

But, what sets you apart from others is that you are a big thinker. The good news is that you have a more reflective and philosophical nature, which helps you deal with the negative energy in a much better manner, so you might be equipped to deal with the mercury retrograde than anyone.

Mercury retrograde and its significance in birth charts – the karma of mercury retrograde.


In your past life, you may have relied on too much on your logic, so it is

This life that you develop your intuitive and creative, right-brain abilities.

You may have a speed impediment, or a learning diasablity, this is to slow down the logic side of your brain which you have become too dependent on.

You will find success in life when you learn to understand and trust your gut – intuitive feelings more,  you will find yourself forever trapped in repeating your past lessons and mistakes until you learn to fix your inner world.

You will find yourself taking in information in different ways, some of you with mercury retrograde in your natal chart may literally absorb information, sleeping with the things you want to learn under your pillow will help.

I know it sounds cooky but try it, also falling asleep with any information you need to learn playing on your phone or laptop will help you understand it.

Recording information in your own voice will be an effective method of learning as well.

You may not do well on trasitional exams, but do not let this deter you from learning instead research ways that will help you take in the facts you need to learn. Choose professions that naturally bring out and enchnce your strengths, learn to love your oddities.

You are not dumb or less than anyone else, it’s just that in this life following the normally methods of learning will not benefit you, so do not try and fit in, instead, learn what’s in the box, but then do all you can to think outside it.

Your subconscious mind is always active so meditation will help you still your thoughts, write down your ideas, keep a diary and dream journal.

Anything that helps take you outside your thoughts will increase your performance and wellbeing, make sure you take at least 5 minutes a day to relax.

Some of you with mercury retrograde find it hard to communicate all your ideas with others, in fact even when you try to explain, sometimes the words do not come our right. To overcome this, try and write bullet points, especially when giving presentations.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, I know you would like to learn things quicker than you can, but perseverance will get you everywhere,  try mind maps, visual learning and research other learning methods that will benefit you.

Dancing, listening to music, painting and any other form of creativity will help you balance the energy of Mercury retrograde.


Thanks for reading this article on mercury retrograde, read more about retrograde planets here

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