What does Moon Opposite Neptune mean? The Disenchanted

Natal Moon Opposite Neptune - The Disenchanted What does Moon opposition Neptune mean?

In-depth analysis of natal Moon oppose Neptune and Neptune oppose moon transit.


Natal Moon Opposite Neptune Keypoints – song Duran Duran hungry like the wolf and vibration Alex Wiley

  • Disenchantment VS Inspiration
  • Emotional rollercoasters
  • Mishearing words and misreading situations
  • Lost in fantasy, addiction or both
  • Limit who you seek to help until you learned to manage yourself
  • Give yourself the nurturing you may have lacked as a child
  • Need for grounding and deep self-awareness
  • Temper emotions, know when enough is enough
  • Self-control needed
  • Know not all people can climb or delve into the emotional pits you can
  • Set realistic goals and time periods to accomplish them to avoid disappointment
  • Set clear boundaries between you and others
  • Know not everything you seek can be found- learn to be content with what is
  • Seek to feel your inner void from within, not from external situations, people or addictions
  • Temper self-destructive tendencies
  • Learn to have faith in yourself and a higher power; placing too much faith in people can cause disappointment continually
  • Trust others but make your trust be base on reality, accept people for who they are, not who you want them to be if you cannot keep your distance
  • Important to repair any childhood wounds, psychological and emotional trauma to set firm foundations as an adult.

When you have Moon opposite Neptune in the natal chart, you may experience a delicate sensitivity which can lead to many misunderstandings with other people based on your misevaluation of the situation.

This is one of the most complex and challenging aspects to manage as it’s dealing with the Moon- nurturing and emotions, and Neptune- addiction and illusion, depending on all aspects in your natal chart.



 I suggest if you find this placement hard to deal with, you commit to lifetime self-development and seek out tools and qualified people to help you deal with the fallout of natal Moon oppose Neptune

When you have your natal Moon opposite Neptune, it is essential to know that while you can and are willing to accommodate others needs. You must become discerning about who needs you meet as people might only exploit your charity without really offering much in exchange.

In your youth you will fall victim to this more, no its not your fault, it is very good to be loving and giving but, they are things each person needs to learn to take care of for themselves as they age.

You need to prioritise your emotional and psychological stability and know all people must do this for themselves. You must also look after yourself first, not in a selfish way, but simply keep yourself in balance, so you can help others in healthy, none self-draining ways.

Clear thinking


You will also likely have difficulty looking at people without being caught up in fantasy and emotions that can warp the objective truth of the situation. Meanwhile, you might feel that family and friends don’t appreciate you because of unreasonable or false expectations.

You might find it hard to respond correctly. You will often blow situations out of proportion through overreaction. However, every now and then, you will under-react and miss the core meaning or essential details.  

Natal Moon opposite Neptune due to life experiences can make you overly self-protective, “defensive”, or detached. You want to escape painful emotions, as people who like to trick others can tap into your insecurities and take advantage of them.

In general, it can be a challenge to react appropriately to any circumstance, so a high level of self-awareness and character judgement is needed, knowing it is not that people are out to get you.

shadow work


It’s that everyone typically has their own issues – personality shadow, to overcome and manage. Avoid obsession ad putting people on a pedal stool; guard against getting carried away with your feelings.

As you may meet someone and immediately start applying for a mortgage and booking the wedding, this may be extreme, but you can be intense when you have a natal Moon oppose Neptune.

Moon Opposite Neptune

What does Moon opposition Neptune mean? continued

Romance is good, so is imagination, but learn to use them both wisely; make sure those you give your affections to can handle it and are worthy.

It is essential to learn to read the writing on the wall, forget your desired outcomes and just accept anything at face value, discerning people for who they are, not who you want them to be, and take people on their actions and not words.

 Learn to clearly see what is happening before your eyes, as your often self-imposed blindness can impair your perception,  know the truth can be painful. But it is crucial when you have your natal Moon opposite Neptune, you learn to see and accept the reality of any person and situation.


let go off toxic relationships


Make sure you work on your active listening skills, check the facts, research, ask questions, do all you need to do to make sure you got clarity; as this will prevent heartache, it is essential to learn to distinguished facts from make-believe.

 Avoid toxic people, substances and situations like the plague until you learn to see through them and not let them affect you as much.

You must reprogram your subconscious mind by taking in positive information and being around people who simply want to be around you,  as they enjoy your company and don’t want to take advantage of your good nature and resources.

Look after your physical, emotional and psychological health to prevent psychosomatic illness, infections and falling victim to fraud and gossip.

Give yourself the unconditional love you seek; you are worthy, do not over-romanticise your past or the people in it, take off the rose coloured glasses.



Avoid procrastination by learning to break the task down and take small steps to your goals, even when your feeling overwhelmed; I know this can be hard.

But keep on practising until you can learn to work and achieve your life goals, alongside any inner turmoil you feel. Learn to temper your need for deep emotions and experiences as these lead to more internal instability.

Moon opposite Neptune can make you prone to psychological and emotional illness, leading you to self-destructive and addictive behaviour; you must learn to forgive yourself and seek help to manage your day to day needs.

I know it is tempting to isolate yourself from the world forever, and some time out may be needed, but do not completely cut yourself off from the richness of life.

Heal yourself and find people who won’t take advantage of your good nature, which you shouldn’t hide; I know it doesn’t feel like it always, but it really is a blessing to feel. You just need to learn to self manage your affections and expectations.

You have deep psychic impressions, but using drugs, alcohol, getting lost in distorted thoughts can affect your innate ability; I know you may take alcohol to block your psychic information.

But this is not the route to take; you may need to seek the help of a spiritual advisor or healer who can help with this. I can help with this if you wish to contact me.

Self-love and acceptance


It is also essential to resist any shortcuts to psychic development and keep your distance from the lower psychic realms induced by alcohol, drugs, black magic, and cult-like spiritual groups, especially those involving contacting the disincarnate. You must be grounded to delve deeply into the psychic realms, or psychological imbalance is highly likely.

Simplification of your life is what you need, as is self-healing, compassion and love; avoid being dependent on others, as you have enough inner strength to depend on yourself.

Everyday routine is essential to your personal development,  learning to pay bills, work- even if this is self-employment, manage your household and other domestic matters.

You can often find yourself trapped via circumstances; this is why it’s vital as you age to pick your friends wisely and learn to make informed decisions weighing up the pros and cons.

Escaping is not the answer as the piper always has to be paid eventually; the only way to solve problems is to confront them, not run from them, work on building your self-assurance.

you are safe


And know it’s safe to be vulnerable, but it is not safe to let others take advantage of this trait. It is vital to break entrenched emotional and psychological thought patterns.

Self-discipline is needed, and things that bring structure, but make sure you get someone you can trust to vet any structured program you want to sign up for, or do your research online, as you must avoid cult-like groups and people.

Change takes time to bring it, but you can do it natal Moon oppose Neptune; when you committed to your highest potential, you will unlock hidden inner reserves of courage, wisdom and talent.

 Once you have a harmonious relationship with yourself, you will have harmony in all relations with others.

Moon Opposite Neptune

The shadow and key caution with natal Moon oppose Neptune

No one ever wants to deliver bad news, but this aspect can make you emotionally parasitic if not careful, especially if they are other bad aspects in the chart. Because of your need to project your inner emotions on other people, because of your emotional confusion, you may not even be aware you are doing this; you can pick up the feelings of other people and the world.

So it is essential to learn to distinguished what is coming from you and what is coming from the external world, as you can only solve the problems within you.


Each person can only solve their own problems, yes, others can help you, and you can help others, but each person is responsible for bringing about the daily change in habits, which is the only way to transform your life. This takes hard work, willpower, self-resilience and focus.

You must do all you can to break free from early childhood patterns that may have given you’re an overly negative or idealistic approach to the world. You remain impressiaonable, which can lead to extreme guliablity that cause problems throughout your life.


Until you learn simply to have your wits about you and stand your ground, who you spend your time with affects you profoundly, because of this choose your friends wisely as you can pick up peoples good or negative habits.

Watch out for tendencies to take shortcuts with your natal Moon oppose Neptune; I am not saying don’t take them, but take wise ones, don’t fall for get rich schemes, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, yes life has its magical moments, but facts should always be checked in my opinion.

You must also limit the time you spend in your imagination, and psychic activities in general, of you may get lost and open yourself up to hard to control forces.

Solving your past wounds is key to your transcendence when you have natal Moon oppose Neptune, routine is needed to avoid laziness, and you need order in your life, I know dreamy types hate routine, I am a dreamy type too, but I use creative order now, as it’s the only way you will ever reach your highest potential.

Do not allow others to play on your feelings. Don’t give up on love, it is your most extraordinary power, much more potent than any other power when balanced with critical thinking, willpower and objectivity.


Chin up and much love natal Moon oppose Neptune

Moon Opposite Neptune

Moon Opposite Neptune in Transit

  • Overstimulation
  • Addictive behaviour
  • Gossip
  • Fraud
  • Over fantasying
  • Faulty communication- check the facts
  • Can be a time of internal revelations – which lead to long term emotional changes
  • Check all legal and business transactions, delay if you can
  • Distorted dreams and visions
  • Stand your ground, me no one fool, but don’t take others for a ride either
  • Give yourself the emotions you feel you lack from others during this transit- self-care important
  • Seek guidance if you need it, from those who are wise and stable
  • Best used for personal and spiritual development

Transiting Moon opposite Neptune can amplify your emotional sensitivity, so much so that you can misunderstand other people and get confused regarding your personal feelings.

 It is essential to be extra careful in how you deal with others since it is possible that you will miss judge situations, and the people you come in contact with may also misread and misunderstand you.

Emotions can run high and haywire during the Moon opposite Neptune transit. Be wary of any psychic information you receive during this time, as it can be misleading and incorrect.

Personal intuition and gut feelings tend to be inaccurate and negatively influence your subconscious fears while the Moon opposes Neptune in transit.

You might also experience some confusing and weird feelings or even have hallucinations or nightmares.

It is crucial to stay away from anything which takes you out of yourself during this transit, such as alcohol, drugs, other intoxicating substance, adverse magic, rituals and psychic communications.  Or, at the very least, make sure you are grounded and limit your time partaking in these activities

When the Moon transits Neptune, watch out for over romanticising a situation or falling for scams and other deceptions, resist putting people on a pedal stool.  And you can be prone to seeing things through rose coloured glasses and ignoring any negative character traits someone may have.

Gossip and flirtatious can happen in the air during this transit; it is best to be very honest and straightforward regarding your intentions and steer clear of tittle-tattle. Try not to overly worry or get distressed over what others say or think about you.

While the Moon opposes Neptune transit, it might also be easy for you to feel fearful, disheartened, suspicious or fragile. Be extra cautious if you don’t feel well as you might be prone to viruses and sickness, do all you can to look after your physical, psychological and spiritual well being.

 Partake in self-care, spend time with people you can trust and who are warm, write in a journal, watch a film, have a nice bath or shower, walk barefooted in the woods, or back garden even. Do all you can to relax and chill out, but do not get lost in drugs, alcohol, or the psychic realms whilst the Moon oppose Neptune transit is active.

References – Francis sakoian and Louis s Acker.


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