Moon in astrology, meaning

The bridge between past and present, the active and passive, healing your unresolved suffering from past and current life to find your nirvana (inner bliss)


Your emotions, your intuitions- gut feelings, your inner knowing, the things you feel but don’t see.

On the physical level, the Moon helps the Earth retain the sun’s light by reflecting what it has stored during the night.

The Moon is responsible for subconsciously keeping the memories of all the things you have experienced in this life and all others.

The Moon is indicative of the water, the human body is 90% water, and over 70% of Earth is made up of water. Therefore, the Moon and the water flow it represents is very important in astrology.

You must learn to feel, and how to understand, heal, nurture and manage your emotions before you can become the I AM of your sun sign

The Moon is the inner home of a person; if you keep a good home, your home often nurtures you when you are feeling down; if you keep a house that is in disarray, then your home can become a prison to you.

How you look after or neglect your emotions affects the quality of your life. The Moon can affect your ability to function in your day to day life how creative and productive you are.

 You can, after all, have strong Saturn and Mars placements in your natal chart, indicating you can work hard. Yet if your Moon is in Pisces, this will affect your ability to function.

Read about the moon transiting through the houses here.

What does the Moon represent in astrology?

The Moon represents our inner thoughts-outlook-higher consciousness-soul history.

In contrast, the ascendant in astrology represents our persona, the image we project on the world. But if your moon aspects your ascendant or 1st house, you may project your inner feelings onto the world.

The Moon is the Subconscious and emotive side of your nature, Your natural responses to your environment, deep emotions, your subconscious mind- and soul lineage.

Which are your personalities and egos carried over from past lifetimes, control how you respond in your current life.

The  Zodiac sign the Moon is in, in your chart, and the aspects it makes to other planets and houses show where and how you are likely to change your moods and experience emotional instability

How you react to emotions and illnesses, people, situations, how you give and receive affection. How you respond to nurturing or the lack of it can also be interpreted from your moon sign.

moon meaning in astrology, what does my moon sign mean?, is the moon personality in astrology?, is the moon emotions in astrology?

What does Moon mean in astrology?

The Moon takes 28 days to complete its cycle.

Moon Rules: Cancer and the 4th house                  

Exalted: Taurus, especially at the 3rd degree

Fall: Scorpio

Determent: Capricorn

Finds easy expression Pisces and Virgo

The Moon is a nocturnal planet, meaning it feels more comfortable and is more powerful in night charts, and when the Sun is below the horizon. ( in houses 1-6).

Day of the week: Monday, MOONDAY

Numbers: 2 and 7 (Taurus and Libra, which are Feminine and masculine signs, showing the duality of the Moon)

Colours:  pastel shades, green, silver, white, lemon types of yellows, opal, violet, grey, pearly and pearly type of blues.

Moon Esoterically Rules: Virgo and the 6th houses. The Moon also influences Neptune, and 12th house, due to Neptune esoterically ruling the 4th house. Sagittarius and 9th, house due to Jupiter co rulership of Neptune and 12th house, also affects 8th house due to Pluto esoteric rulership of Neptune.

The 11th house due to Jupiter esoterically ruling the 11th house- Aquarius, 10th house due to Saturn’s co rulership of Aquarius and the moon influence events of the Earth due to the Earth’s esoteric rulership of the 9th house and  Sagittarius.

As a holistic astrologer, my main aim is to show how all planets influence each other and how all aspects of human life, the material- physical, and spiritual-mystical.

The financial, emotional, environmental-cultural- historical, the seen (known) and unseen( unknown) all influence each other

Moon keywords



Trusting Intuition- gut feeling sinner knowing

Blind faith

Feeling at peace with yourself- content


Looking within to fulfil needs

Loving the unknown

Dealing with your emotions








Sexual urge

Managing your moods



Being flexible

Accepting Feminine energy




Overly picky-selective

Repression of self-expression

Distrust of lifer and your intuitions

Looking without to fulfil needs

Neglecting feminine energy





Willfully forgetting emotions, i.e., drowning your sorrows to block out emotions

Dislike of the unknown and your emotions


Aggressive sexual urges that go against others’ wishes and your own wellbeing

Changing moods


Moon Key expressions

  • Inner life- inner child- inner personality
  • Fertility- growth, personal magnetism.
  • How you give and wish to receive affection, consciousness/perception and your manipulability.
  • Your hobbies, desires, thought and behaviour patterns, feelings, instinctive responses.
  • Shows emotional reactions to life situations, and the house the Moon is in shows how you respond to life’s good and bad times
  • The position, sign, house and aspects to Moon in your birth chart indicates the beliefs you were taught in childhood
  • Your Moon position also indicates how you relate to your own and the feminine energy in others.
  • The Moon can also give insight into what types of food and drink you prefer and all other preferences and desires
  • Intuition
  • The esoteric-mysterious-hidden
  • Influences physical and spiritual birth-rebirth
  • The neurotic and erotic
  • Home your inner and out home, physical, psychological and spiritual
  • Introvert-introspection-reflection
  • Shadow behaviours and thoughts
  • Impressionability, receptivity-openness
  • How you give and receive Compassion-empathy
  • Changing moods – how you adapted to different environments and people- emotional stability or instability
  • Defence mechanisms- how you cling to what you know-innate prejudices
  • Sentimentality
  • Perceptions
  • How you integrate your life experiences or not!
  • Reflection of psychological process
  • Learning from the past to create a better future
  • The internal battle between knowing what is right and doing what is right
  • impatience and patience
  • anxiety VS letting go into metamorphoses
  • feminine energy, your most feminine parent or influence in childhood
  • nurturing-compassion- mother’s milk
  • lack or the abundance of attention and affection from your caregivers and how it affected your development
  • how you give and receive affection
  • “mommy issues” or issues with emotions
  • traditions- heritage-culture ( material and spiritual)and how they control individual identity or lack of it
  • The need to at times go backwards to move forwards
  • Fertility- development-decay-remembering- soul personalities
  • Tides, the Earth’s seas and the human emotions
  • Starting over- what Dane Rudhyar states as re-beginnings
  • Cycles- rhythms- ebb and flow- stillness and activity
  • Passive and active, proactive and reactive
  • The bridge between the Subconscious and unconscious
  • The illuminator of the shadow psyche so you can start the work of unifying the masculine(positive-Yang) and feminine(negative-Yin) in you,
  • Helping you Bring dreams into reality by allowing them to surface into your waking consciousness so you can use your energy( mars) to bring your visions to life
  • Bringing self-destructive habits and thoughts into your consciousness
  • your shadow-repressed behaviours
  • Karmic- past life self-destructive patterns, gifts, talents and current life lessons’
  • The need to transmute( transform ) old thought, relating and behaviour- instinctive patterns to be born into the new- evolution
  • Rules many cycles in nature, including photosynthesis which is the stage all plant growth occurs; this occurs at night, under the Moon.

How important is your moon sign?

The Moon is one of the most significant planets in your birth chart, yet all Planets have their role and the goal of being aware of your birth chart.

Is to integrate all your personality traits, learning to express them in synergy, Self-actualising and becoming a managed whole.

Instead of randomised parts that are triggered subconsciously by external events, You do this by taking into account the house and zodiac sign your moon sign is in.

The placement and zodiac signs of all the planets and asteroids, your house cusps, Sabian degrees, and the planets’ aspects make to each other.

Taking time to understand yourself, what are your wants? What are your needs? How can you get them met in healthy and holistic ways? What do you need to heal?

Are you willing to take daily steps to do the work required to heal your psychological, emotional and soul- higher consciousness wounds.

 How can you become who you authentically are? And express that without neglecting your day to day responsibilities and hurting others intentionally?

moon meaning in astrology, what does my moon sign mean?, is the moon personality in astrology?, is the moon emotions in astrology?
moon meaning in astrology, what does my moon sign mean?, is the moon personality in astrology?, is the moon emotions in astrology?

Moving into the deep

Astrologer Evangeline Adams said the Moon is the twin sister of the Sun.

The Moon guides you through your unconscious reactions. The Sun reveals the subconscious thoughts that drive your self-destructive behaviours to your conscious mind by shining light on all that is instinctive or hidden.

The Moon is responsible for accumulating all your emotional responses to your basic experiences (i.e. life tasks such as paying bills, socialising, romantic.

Hook up and all other types of relationships. Grief, heartbreaks paying bills, educational/ work achievements and all other experiences common to being a human and living on Earth).

The Moon also symbolises – your higher consciousness experiences (spiritual, religious, philosophical, scientific, alchemical, cultural rituals and knowledge) across your current and past lifetimes.

 The Moon is responsible for bringing your emotions and instinctive responses to your awareness. Through the feedback, you receive from the way you interact with your environment and the people in it.

Usually, you on unaware of your innermost feelings; however, your behaviours and words are often driven by your unhealed psychological, emotional and spiritual wounds.

How others respond to you is often the only way to become aware of your darkest personality traits and the experiences that trigger your severe reactions.

The Sun is your conscious, and the Moon is your Subconscious, in general, although there are conscious and subconscious aspects of both the Sun and Moon and all the other planets.

But to fully express your sun sign and direct the vitality of the Sun, you need to take care of your inner world and feelings. Represented by Your Moon sign in astrology.

You cannot fully express your sun sign traits without taking care of the needs of the Moon and its shadow.

The Sun is the conscious (logical –rational) expression of who you are The Moon acts on instinct and Intuition (irrational –feeling), until you learn to manage it.

 The Moon is who you are based on all your experiences (current and past). The Sun shows who you are learning to be. (A big part of your incarnating purpose).

More moon associations

What body functions does the moon influence: lymphatic sand digestive system, stomach, ovaries, breast, menstrual cycles in biological females and some intersex people, synovial – joint fluids- that occur between joints, pancreas the nervous and sympathetic nervous systems. Left eye in makes right eyes in females(biological)

Medical disease associated with The Moon:

diseases in all the above body parts, spiritual, emotional and psychological disorders(although scientific research has not fully confirmed this. But in ancient times, this was common knowledge- hence names like lunatic.

Things like low blood sugar can affect moods and, therefore, psychological and emotional stability; sympathetic and nervous system disturbances also affect moods, impulsiveness and passions

Animals:  ducks, cow, oyster, owl, turtle, dog, pig, cat, snails, horse, crab, frog, rabbit, mouse, mermaids, werewolves, hare, newts, salamanders and all the other amphibious creatures.

Careers:  anything to do with the water and boats such as fishing, navy, shipwrights-( shipbuilders) , health care workers- especially those specialising in feminine and childbirth etc, psychological health professionals, childcare, medium, psychic, alternative healer, astrologer, salesperson, nomadic-wander- flaneuse type people like  working with a circus, fairground etc, working in hospitality, baker, farmer, marketing, all types of building work

Metals: iron, manganese, silver, aluminium

Precious metals: emerald, selenite, pearls, aquamarines, beryl, and moonstone

Plants, trees, vegetables, herbs and bushes associated with the Moon: Clary Sag, Chickweed, Cucumbers, Common Daisy, Poppy, meadow lily, hyssop, iris, kale, cress, cabbage, moonflower, lettuces, livelong, willow trees, trefoil, rosemary, salvia verbenaca and plants that grow at night.

Sepharial says the Moon is associated with irregular curves and crooked lines and dull –wishy-washy and odourless flavours.

How does the Moon affect us astrology?
Is your Moon sign your personality?

Your Moon is the emotions, soul- higher conscious memories built up over your lifetimes. Your moon sign is your emotional nature and subconscious drives.


Because we humans are often controlled by our feelings, until you take the time to understand and learn to manage them, forgiving yourself for your destructive behaviours and thoughts.

Which are often a result of you living your life on autopilot or trying to please others and live up to society’s expectations.

The moon sign is the side of your personality you show and hide.

 Yet the feelings you try to hide often come out in heated arguments, body mannerisms or other telling behaviours and addictions.

The Moon is the driving force that controls your emotional responses, the whole spectrum from fear to shame, happiness to ecstasy, depression, anxiety, elation, the lows and the highs.

The zodiac sign your Moon is and its aspects to other planets. Indicates the experiences you will face and the opportunities you will have, to learn your life lessons.

Teaching yourself to empathise, forgive, love, nurture, understand, manage and enjoy yourself, your shadow and your light, your strengths and your weaknesses.

How does the moon sign affect personality?

Meaning of the Moon in the 12 zodiac signs, in short:

Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries can make you emotionally aggressive and sensitive, seeking adventure, open to new ideas.

However, you can be impatient and need to develop the discipline to follow things through.

Moon in Taurus

The Moon in Taurus is at its best (exalted); you can be emotionally secure and dependable. You can love possessions and the security they and wealth bring.

You can want to be the best and have the best of everything, you can be very stubborn, and once you have made your mind up, only you can change it, yet you can be sentimental.


Moon In Gemini

Moon in Gemini can make you emotionally flexible and live in the moment. You need variety and can be highly changeable. You can be highly emotionally in tune in a logical way, but you are rarely wrong in your judgements.

 But they can change as quickly as your loyalties; at worst, you can be insensitive; at best, you can help others understand their emotions more.


Moon In Cancer

Can make you emotionally stubborn; you can have a strong nurturing instinct and be compassionate. You tend to blindly trust your feelings.

This can bring heartache if you have faith in the untrustworthy; at times, you can be belittling/condescending and fearful of things you don’t know or cannot control.

 You can be slow to act, you have a very pensive mind, and you should learn to trust your intuitions more; they are usually right.

Moon In Leo

Gives a flair of drama to your emotional expressions; you can be independent and rely on your own self to get things done.

You tend to avoid others’ emotions unless you are involved in the situation.

You can dislike others getting involved in your personal feelings or business and react negatively to criticism.

You can be emotionally attached to anything you view as belonging to you. Such as your ego, desires, family, possession, job, clothes and all else you view as yours!!

Moon In Virgo

You can be a control freak in relationships wanting to make the decisions; you can be extremely petulant and like to get your own way.

Nevertheless you like sharing experiences and enjoy it when others support and value you.

You want to seek out practical information that can help you in your day to day life, and you can have good memory and decision making skills.

Moon In Libra

Moon in Libra will be cooperative, needing balance and affection loving excitement, and you can be dignified in your emotional expression. You like to explore the world and the people in it.

Enjoying shared experiences, you can be impersonal in your love and care for other people and humanity at large.

You can be a people pleaser needing everyone to approve of you; you have an innate charm and diplomacy.

You can be moody, subject to emotional ups and downs at worse fickle and critical and a lover of attention and flattery.

Moon In Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio is where the Moon is its fall; you can be emotionally intense and controlled by your passions, you can be moody and intolerant.

Wanting things now, instead of waiting patiently, you can be very vengeful and hold on to bitterness to the day you die.

 Be very unforgiving of those who have done you wrong or you see as mistreating you.

You can be judgemental and a control freak, sometimes overtly, often by subversive manipulation.

You hate it when others get in the way of your ambitions, yet you can sacrifice your needs for those you care about, the paradox of you, hey!!!.

Moon In Sagittarius

The Moon in Sagittarius can make you idealistic with your emotions. You can be highly naïve, thinking all people are the same; this can easily hurt you.

 Exercise is essential to your wellbeing, and you can love deep conversations and occult subjects and practices.

You see other people as an extension of yourself; at your worst, this can make you self absorbed, unwilling to see that others have different opinions to you.

Causing tension in your relationships; you love to socialise and can hate doing things alone. You can have intuitive dreams and waking visions that can make you out of touch with your current reality.

Still, what you intuitively feel is often right, but how you use your gut feelings is not, they can cause conflict because although you like to be truthful, other people hate to hear it.



Moon In Capricorn

The Moon is in determent when the Moon is in Capricorn.

The Moon in Capricorn can bring emotional coldness yet steadfastness, making you highly ambitious able to make strategic plans and follow them through.

You can be emotionally reserved, yet you can feel deeply; it’s just often you cannot find the right words, and even if you want to live in the moment, you can resist doing so.

You can be emotionally sensitive and critical of the emotional types; this is because you are often at odds with your own feelings.

You can be loyal to those you care about; you can be insecure, shy and lacking self-worth.


Moon In Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius brings more detachment and less impatience and nervous tension than the Moon in Libra and Gemini.

 You like to be helpful and approach life in a matter of fact, down to earth manner.

Still, you can be idealistic; you like a lot of emotional connections as you need them to let out your feelings.

You often overwork yourself and often have many work, social and other commitments. If you have nothing to do, you can be aggravated and restless, so you like to keep busy.

Your thoughts and behaviours are often ahead of your time. You can be into open relationships and love to have all types of conversations.

Moon in Pisces

Makes you highly emotionally receptive; you enjoy all types of human experiences. You can be empathic, understand others’ emotions, and like to give and receive affection.

However, you can be naive, especially when judging other people’s intentions and inadequacies; at worse.

You can be manipulated and are impressionable; you can be easily hurt and get lost in self-pity.

 You need to learn to view people for who they are and not who you want them to be, teach yourself to find humour in everything, learning discernment and common sense.

There will be periods of great activity when the Moon is in air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). Confusion, excitement, changeability and restlessness are the keyphrases, especially when the Moon is in Gemini.

The moons in air signs bring excitement, kinda like a photoshopped picture online for a potential date, you have high hopes, and then you meet them in real life. Then all your hopes go flat like a tyre on a car.

Moon in fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius and Aries) can make you impulsive and very active. Wanting to try a bit of everything, you can often lose interest until the new thing comes along.

Moon in earth signs (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn) in general makes you more dependable, focused and determined to reach your goals. But you can like to get your own way too much, be critical and be too focused on the details.

Moon in water signs (Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer) can make you highly temperamental, stuck in your ways and unable to make decisions. Based on logic or reality, you are often guided by your emotions.

moon meaning in astrology, what does my moon sign mean?, is the moon personality in astrology?, is the moon emotions in astrology?

A little bit more about What does my moon sign say about me?

The meaning of the moons symbol

What does the Moon stand for in astrology?

The symbol of the Moon is a crescent, the start of or an incomplete circle, representing the human mind’s feelings. And the duality-polarity-dichotomy of life and human nature, for we are capable of thinking- conscious and feeling-subconscious.

Astrologer Marc Edmund Jones said the moon symbols. Shows the individual need to actualise into a sovereign being.

The crescent symbol represents the ongoing process of an individual.

Who is part – earthy-physical but also part spirit. Although we are all part spirit, we are often spirit-ually incomplete; our ultimate need as humans is to be fulfilled on all levels.

 But due to the current earthly focus on the material, denying the ethereal, and although we are opening up to the higher conscious more and more.

 Many people still view it from a material perspective, for example, using things like the law of attraction to attract material things, why not use it to awaken every facet of our soul.

To transcend the need to have more, learning to equal share all of the Earth’s resources with everyone.

The wide belief is that we are a slave race, trapped by higher beings, but why can we not be trapped in our human bodies?

 But our own desires, which we repeat lifetime after lifetime, keep us stuck in the reincarnation wheel?

Or we are higher beings, experiencing life as humans, our souls, learning to grow into something more, human beings developing a soul consciousness?

As you can see, they are many variations; the possibilities are endless. Truth is, no one really knows, but that doesn’t mean we have to fall into apathy; we can free ourselves from our psychological prison.

But we are all free to choose our own beliefs, but the Moon shows how we are imprisoned by our past viewpoints lifetimes and how our past taints any new knowledge we receive externally and internally

Psychologists like Jung stated that our highest individual need is to feel complete and whole.

Yet, we are programmed to find our wholeness without and not within ourselves and because we place our wholeness in other people, products or services.

Enlarging the void within ourselves as we outgrow the novelty of products, services or people. You often become emptier after each high wears off.

Seeking the next thrill and high, cycle repeat,  wholeness often eludes us because.

You can only find authentic wholeness through self-care, healing, understanding, forgiveness, compassion, love and management, as well a constant transformation.

What does the Moon represent spiritually?

Astrologically if you have a lot of aspects involving your Moon, or the Moon is in your 1st, 8th, 4th or 12th houses. Can show that you cling to your current life or past life, suffering and mistakes.

There is a need to let go of the past, of all your soul personalities,

across all domains of existence. And the history of your current life, what you cling to vehemently, including possessions, money, toxic relationships, thoughts, behaviours and opinions.

The aspects the Moon makes with Saturn and Pluto or the positions of these planets explain the areas of life you need to let go of.

 In simple terms, typically, the things we need to release are the things we cling to the most.

Esoterically, the Moon illustrates Immortality, eternity, enlightenment, psychological and emotional afflictions. The dark and light side of human nature, the ever-expanding journey of the human soul- higher consciousness, the conscious (objective) and the unconscious (subjective).

The evolution of your soul- higher consciousness, and accumulation of all your life experiences of your souls- higher consciousness lifetimes, here on Earth and all the other realms.

The Moon in your natal chart represents your current state of being (modus operandi). However, your environment and life experiences on Earth often change your innate nature.

Transcending experiences

The Moon and the aspects it makes to all the other planets and houses in your natal chart give insight into the type of experience, On the mundane( material) level.

 Which you will go through that will affect your soul- higher consciousness growth this lifetime.

Typically, the events between pre-birth and age 21, colour- dictate your whole personality until you integrate all aspects of your personality.

Coming to understand all aspects of yourself, channelling your self-destructive habits and thoughts. Into life-enhancing behaviours, using your creative potential across all areas of your life.

Being born during a new Moon represents the infancy stage of your soul development and is equal to age 0-11 human years.

 If you were born during the crescent moon, it corresponds to the ages 12-20, and you are in the teenage years of soul’s development.

If you were born during the first quarter moon, you are between the ages 21-30. In human years, the early adulthood phases of your higher consciousness development.

If you were born during the waxing gibbous moon phase, your soul age equals between 30-40. If you were born at the time of the Full Moon, your soul age is similar to the ages 40-50.

If you were born at the disseminating Moon, your higher consciousness age equals 50-60. If you were born during the last quarter moon, your soul age is similar to the period between 60-70.

Finally, if you were born between the balsamic Moon, your soul age is equivalent to the 70+  phase of life. These are often the wise seers who know innately from birth, not to walk where angels fear to tread. Who can be headstrong and understand their purpose from day 1.

They are exceptions to this rule; someone with a balsamic soul could choose to be born under a new moon for a specific purpose. Still, it is rare a new moon phase soul will be born under a balsamic moon.



On the esoteric-spiritual level, the moon phase you can incarnate in, is usually determined by your soul age; no one knows precisely how many lifetimes. It takes to move from being reincarnated in one moon phase to the next.

 But let’s say new moon souls are aged between 0-100000 lifetimes, so you can see by the time a soul incarnates on a balsamic moon.

They could have lived over 1 million lifetimes, if not many, many more, not all of these lifetimes, are lived out in human bodies, nor are they all on Earth.

Learning what you need to and evolving

Because you need to relive a lesson from that phase of life, and other positions such as your dark Moon (Lilith), is also a factor in determining the age of your higher consciousness

The Moon is representative of the divine feminine and the divine masculine, I know there is a lot of buzz-hype, nowadays about the divine feminine, but there is also a divine masculine also.

“At the very dawn of religion, God was a woman. Do you remember?”― Merlin Stone, When God Was a Woman

“The God-dess is not just the female version of God. She represents a different concept” Merlin Stone

The divine masculine and feminine are both made up of positive(masculine- Yang) and negative(feminine-Yin) energy.


Human moon stories

In her book When God was a woman, Marlin stone states that there was a matriarchy at one time in our human history.

I am not at all undermining the atrocities of patriarchy.

But throughout our human history, our need to segregate and divide has caused most of the wars and unnecessary deaths. Marlin stone calls for males and females to work together to make our world a better place.

The Moon calls for us to integrate our conscious- objective- rational mind and unconscious-subjective-subconscious- intuitive mind.

 I think that until we have equality for all people on this Earth, regardless of sex, preferred sexual expression, skin colour, or educational level.

 Social status, country of birth, wealth status, etc. The Earth will never be in balance.

 The first step to having a balanced Earth . Is having a balanced mind, body, and soul.

Each human being must take responsibility for bringing this into being, Though healing the contents of their subconscious mind. Making steady steps to change their self-destructive thoughts and behaviours.

 That are, often built up over many lifetimes, hence why it’s so hard to transform, but it is possible.

 Unless they are physically and mentally unable to, in that case, those who are physically, spiritually and psychologically able must protect the vulnerable in our world.

What powers are associated with the Moon?

The Moon rules our subconscious behaviour, thought and relating patterns formed in childhood from our life experiences and past lives.

The Moon is also associated with emotions, psychologically and spiritual unbalance in moods, emotional and spiritual baggage, past life karma- fascinations- positive and negative habits and thoughts.

Depressions. Psychosomatic psychological disorders, soul sickness, dreams, Intuition- gut feelings. Fertility, delusion, season- life cycles – resurrection- transcendence.

Rituals, spells, love-sex magic, starting over, cleansing yourself on the mind, body and soul- higher conscious levels, light and dark magic, the right hand and the left-hand path.

The spiritual, emotional and psychological food we eat, compulsions and the habits they cause like excess drinking and eating. How we give and receive emotions, shadow behaviours, defences mechanisms and the water signs in astrology and planets that are in Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, Neptune, Pluto- Mars due to Pluto co-ruling Aries and Mars influencing the 8th house.

Working with the Moon and its timing can help you enhance your life, as well as taking notice of its void of cause periods.

 The moon cycles can get you in touch with the fact that there is a season for everything in life.

A time to manifest and time to work towards bringing what we want to manifest ( Moon- Neptune) via practical actions and self-assertion (Mars- Aries energy).

A time to transform and let go (Pluto- Scorpio), a time to be independent, expand your consciousness and life experiences and be innovative (Uranus and Jupiter).

A time to tap into our psychic side- the ethereal and unknown (Neptune and Jupiter), a time to let go and delay gratification (Saturn- Capricorn).

A time to experience life’s beauty, refine your inner values and accumulate possession and stability (Taurus- Capricorn), a time to perfect our craft (Virgo- Mercury- Saturn- Capricorn).

Times to communicate and refine our speech and skillset and to have some fun and adventure (Gemini, Mercury, Sagittarius and Jupiter).

 And a time to rebirth (Pluto, Aries, Scorpio and mars) and a period to start again (Pluto, Aries, Scorpio and Mars).

What does Moon represent in love?

The union of all lovers involved in a relationship, working together to heal themselves, consciously, by taking care of their individual emotional, psychological, spiritual, financial and physical needs.

 So they can show up in a relationship as a whole, nurturing themselves, as individuals and the relationship as the 3rd person-entity.

So that the relationship flourishes, authentic love is the union of two or more souls accepting each other’s light and dark. Each person learning not to take their bad moods out on each other.

Supporting each other to work through the anxieties, depressions, successes,  and other highs and lows of life, helping each other evolve and grow.

On the individual level, the Moon represents the union of all aspects of yourself, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the wild, the wounded child and the assertive adult.

Once you integrate all aspects of your personality, you express it through your sun sign, once you learn to love yourself regardless of your flaws. You are able to offer this love to others.

What Does Your Moon sign mean? Personality in Astrology, what-does-my-moon-sign-mean-emotional-personality, What does the Moon represent in astrology? , What does my moon sign say about me?)
What Does Your Moon sign mean? Personality in Astrology, what-does-my-moon-sign-mean-emotional-personality, What does the Moon represent in astrology? , What does my moon sign say about me?)

The trials of the human Moon, a poem

Oh, what woe (problems) we experience under the Moon,

All for we do not learn it cycles

Going within can be frightening

But it can bring realisations like lightening

Deep in the oceans of the subconscious mind

It’s all that is needed to heal

All that ails (makes you suffer) and separates us from ourselves

External experiences are the triggers, and at times, the consequences

But if we heed the call to heal ourselves

Relying on ourselves to form our centre

Then like the rock of all ages

We shall always be firm

As life and its turmoil passes us by

People can lie

But our souls- higher consciousness rarely does

Especially if we are in touch with the tides of the glorious Moon

Our bodies may perish

But our souls –higher consciousness always go on

And it is this we should cherish


Is the moon male or female?

The Moon is associated with feminine-receptive energy; however, like all planets, it has masculine- active- yang – positive aspects.

There are positive and negative ways to express emotions, so the Moon at its core is genderless like all planets.

Nevertheless, in terms of representation in astrology, the Moon is feminine energy.

The Moon influences natural rhythms in humans, the Earth’s gravitational pull, and the tides.

The Moon is responsible for instinctive-automatic responses in Earth and humans, absorption –digestion and rumination- pondering- mirroring-contemplation-mediation.

In ancient times the conjunction of the Sun and Moon ( suzgula)- waxing moon was related to the swelling of a pregnant woman’s womb; the new Moon was linked to love making-sexual intercourse( the Greek –Sundos and the Latin Coitus).

“Lovers and madmen (people) have such seething brains,
Such shaping fantasies that apprehend
More than cool reason ever comprehends.
The lunatic, the lover and the poet
Are of imagination all compact:
One sees more devils than vast hell can hold,
That is, the madman: the lover, all as frantic,
Sees Helen’s beauty in a brow of Egypt:
The poet’s eye, in fine frenzy, rolling,
Doth glance from heaven to Earth, from Earth to heaven;
And as imagination bodies forth
The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen
Turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name.”
― Shakespeare William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

e Earth also).

The mythology of the Moon

In Greek Mythology, the Moon is represented by the Goddess Luna; in ancient times, the Moon was associated with development and decomposing.

 Luna was also called Selene; in one myth, Selene -Luna’s parents were called Hesiod-Hyperion and Theia.

 Luna was said to have two children with Zeus- Jupiter. Who was called Herse and Pandia, the nature God Pan was said to have seduced Luna by giving her a white fleece.

Luna was also said to put Endymion into an everlasting sleep; Endymion was  Zeus and Calyce Son. Luna fell in love with Endymion, and she had 50 daughters with him.

Luna really loved him and couldn’t live with the thought that he would die one day, so she put him to sleep forever, where he looked youthful forever.

Over time the Moon was no longer associated with Luna- Selene but the goddess Artemis.

One of the 12 great Olympian deities who liked her solitude and roamed around in the mountains. With her nymphs and hated whenever anyone intruded on her and them.

Artemis was said to be a virgin by choice, and she disliked those who were not virgins and would punish non-virgins.

In other myths, she was an earth mother who chose virginity after many sexual frolics in her younger days.

In other myths, the Moon is said to be the mother earth, goddess of fertility, the great mother, forever giving, teaching lessons nicely and cruelly.

 In Egypt, the Moon was worshipped as the moon god Aah, as Asherah by the Canaanites, Ataensic by the native Americans, En-Zu by the Sumerians, Freyr in Norway and Sweden.

Luna- Selene- Artemis is also associated with Hecate, who was a mysterious Greek moon goddess. Who was revered –honoured by all the immortal gods due to her vast power.

Hecate was said to have 3 forms, representing the human level of existence, mind, body and soul.

In Heaven, Hecate was worshipped as Luna (soul), on Earth Artemis-Diana (physical) and Persephone-Proserpina in the lower world (mental realm).

It is said the disembodied influence the embodied on Earth and all other realms, via thought, although there is an intellectual- mind element to th

What are the moon phases good for

The new Moon, Sun conjunct moon, is a time for new beginnings, so it’s good to initiate projects and new regimes in general. Depending on your natal chart placements and current transits. 

Waxing Crescent moons are suitable for continuing with your plans made in the new Moon phase;

although this can be a time of struggle, you can write down your plans, and some people find it good to visualise what they want to manifest in their life for the rest of the month.

The first quarter moon = sun square moon. This is a time of increased willpower, concentration, commitment to follow through on plans, and bravery.

Waxing gibbous Moon are about modification; they are good to analyse your progression in reaching your goals; if they are obstacles, thinking about how to overcome them is a good use of this time. You may decide to leave some goals for another month or forget some ideas altogether.

The Full Moon is when the Sun opposes the Moon, is an excellent time to let go of things, toxic thoughts, behaviours and relationships. This can be a time of clarity that increase self-assurance, or you can be in emotional turmoil. The Full Moon is a time of release and self-care.

Waning Gibbous or Disseminating Moon can see an increase in communication. You may want to share with others more and be more open to change; this can be a time of self-reflection and meditation. This is a good time for those who want to tap into their higher consciousness and focus on psychic growth.

The last quarter moon is when the sun square moon again; this is an excellent time to uncover your authentic wishes for your life and mode of self-expression. Looking at the ways the people in your life or other commitments stop you from doing what you really want to do and being who you really are.

You may also end things that no longer serve you as the Moon moves into the full moon phase; you may also complete projects during this time.

Waning crescent / also known as the dark or balsamic Moon, although this can be a tie of inactivity or feeling stunted, where you lack the energy to focus on your dreams. It is a good time to set intentions for what you want to manifest in your life. This is a good time for solitude and making plans for the new.

How does the Moon affect life on Earth

The Moon affects life on Earth in 3 ways time, tides and light; astrologers, some psychologists, alternative healers, farmers. And an array of other people also believe the Moon affects other things on Earth, such as the growth of crops and moods in people.

The Moon helps:


  • animals, especially birds, know when to migrate or hibernate also syncs human and animal reproductive cycles
  • The Tides and oceans tides rise and fall with the Moon; this is by a process called the tidal force.
  • That causes the Earth and its water to swell, Out of the sides closest and farthest from the Moon.
  • These protuberances (bulges) in the water are called high tides.
  • During the full Moon, tides are generally higher because of the gravity from the sun and moon drawing- pulling together.
  • Circalunar rhythms are associated with the lunar-moon cycles; these can affect animal and human behaviour alongside circadian rhythms.
  • Circalunar rhythms effect of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun have been proven to affect human sleep patterns and ability to focus due to changes in time zones etc.
  • The Moon has been found to affect crustaceans who use the moon cycle to come out at night and the suns to stay buried in the day
  • The spawning – germination of corals on coral reefs is timed by the Moon; although the time varies, it always occurs after a full moon between October and December.

Holistic Astrological and Scientific moon facts

The Moon is the Earth’s satellite, but the Moon also has a gravitational pull from the Sun. Unlike other satellites, which typically have one central point of attraction, the Moon has two.

The Moon does orbit the Earth, but it revolves around the Sun, the Earth is a changing and alive planet, but the Moon appears to be dead and still, but more about that in a minute.

The Moon, after all, has no light of its own it reflects the light of the Sun, think solar energy, and how solar panels store up the light of the Sun and converts it to electricity.

 Firstly, the dead like, appearance of the Moon, symbolically represents the dual nature of human life, the spiritual and the earthly. Some astrologers think the Sun represents the spirit and the Earth represents the physical body.

The Moon responds to the gravitational pull of the Earth and the Sun, representing the constant battle each individual has.

Between the lower self-consciousness- material and carnal(sexual-animal)  and the higher self- Subconscious –the subjective- the ethereal-spiritual- creative.

Secondly,  dead like appearance of the Moon shows how the past (of your present lifetime) – and past lives (experiences and traits built up during past lifetimes).

Still affects the present moment, the Moon appearing dead and un-growing shows how the dead- or the still-subtle (the past) can still control the living (the now- the growing)



The Moon’s surface is more often than not still, where the Earth is constantly moving, growing, reacting, decaying, regenerating, compared to the Moon.

The Earth is still young because no rock on the Earth is more than 4 billion years old. Yet, the rocks and craters on the Moon are millions of billions, years old.

 Although the Moon is stiller than the Earth, they are still moonquakes similar to earthquakes, although they are not volcanos as seen on the Earth.

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The Moon is what we call subtlety active, moon activities shows that passive changes are still changes.

 The Moon and Earth are similar in that they are both made of rock, both reflect sunlight, both get energy from the Sun, they both rotate-shift axis and are both heated by the Sun.

At one time, we thought the Moon had no atmosphere; now we know the Moon is made up of 60% oxygen and has sodium and potassium in its atmosphere, unlike the Earth, Mars or Venus, which doesn’t have these substances in the air.

Astrologically the Moon and its effects on our lives are slowly revealed over time, and although the actual Moon may appear more still than the Earth.

We must remember in our human history we thought the Moon didn’t have an atmosphere, yet like the saying goes, Stillwater’s, run deep.

And the effects of the Moon on your life may appear to be ineffectual, but believe me, your moon placement affects you in more ways than you’re yet to know.


, pulvinar dapibus leo.

More geeky moon facts

The Moon is about 238,855 miles, 384,400 kilometres from the Earth and takes around 27.32 days to orbit around the Earth; its equatorial radius is 1.079.6 miles.

 The moon mass is 0.0123 of the Earth’s ( around 1% of the Earth’s mass), the gravitational pull- gravity of the Moon is 0.166 of the Earth’s.

So if you weighed 10 stone / 140 pounds, you would way around 1 and a half stone / 23.3 pounds on the Moon. Talk about a moon diet!, the moon temperature, according to NASA is -248 to 123 Celsius.

The Moon, like most of the other planets and objects in the sky moves in an elliptical and not circular motion around the Earth, forming a sort of oval shape as it goes around the Earth, The Moon changes its distance from the Sun, but it is always between 225,623 miles (363,104 kilometres) and 252,088 miles (405,696 KM) away from the Sun.

The Moon’s surface and body is made up of Hydrogen, Manganese, Calcium, aluminium, silicon, Iron, Titanium and oxygen,

The Moon and its effect on health

“They must take me for a fool, or even worse, a lunatic. And no wonder, for I am so intensely conscious of my misfortune, and my misery is so overwhelming.

That I am powerless to resist it and am being turned into stone, devoid of all knowledge or feeling.”
― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote

There is no hardcore scientific evidence to state the Moon affects emotions.

 Still, many professionals think the Moon influences human behaviour on deep levels- hence the name lunatic.

Some research studies have found that the Moon affects some psychological disordered.

However, it is folklore that the Moon does indeed affect emotions, astrologically speaking, if you have conjunctions to your Moon. Involving Pluto, Uranus’, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, these placements can change your Moon dramatically.

Even a cancer moon, known as an empathetic moon, with a moon conjunct Pluto, can be highly Scorpionic in its behaviours.

Neptune moon aspects are also notorious for adding a compulsive and dreamy nature to personalities.

The more Planets aspecting you Moon, the more the potential for mood shifts and lunacy, as the energies compete to express themselves.

“Lunatics are not the only ones to be called lunatics.”
― Raheel Farooq

On the esoteric level, aspects to the Moon indicate the varying emotions and egos-selves experiences developed over the souls- higher consciousness lifetimes that are now competing to express themselves.

Hence the moodiness, lunancy – changeable nature many individuals can be guilty of.

According to health line, in a survey, 81% of psychological health care professionals believe the Moon can affect behaviour, so theirs gotta be something to it.

As a holistic astrologer, I have seen this to be accurate; the Moon can change our moods, and we can be influenced by it to act out of or in one of our many “characters” that live within us.

REM – Not the band

One study found that the full Moon may affect the time it takes to get to REM sleep state (rapid eye movement), which is responsible for dreams. 

One study found that it can take longer to achieve the first stage of REM sleep( when your eyes are closed, but it’s easy to wake you up), during the full Moon.

Achieving a REM state usually takes 5 to 15 minutes. There are 3 stages of REM sleep; the third stage is the deep sleep stage, where dreams are said to happen.

 Another study found that men were likely to have more REM sleep before and during the full Moon, and women had less; research also found children slept less under a full moon by 1%.

But other research conducted with a larger sample of 2000+ people found no correlation between Lunar cycles and sleep patterns.

Some studies have found that the Moon may affect heart circulation and blood pressure, but yes, you guessed it. Other studies say it does not- conflicting, right like the conscious and subconscious needs of the Moon!

Research into the Moon’s effects on psychological health has looked into the Moon’s impact on mental health conditions like schizophrenia, anxiety, bipolar and depression.

Some have suggested that our increasing use of electricity and electronics, phones, microwaves, televisions, computers etc, can affect the ability to induce REM sleep.

mental health

People often say that on a full moon, more craziness happens, and I have observed this, but hey, with the way the world can be nowadays, it’s like a full moon every day.

Research examining the correlation between hospital admissions and moon cycles found that the moon phases did not affect hospital admissions, and the same number of people were admitted.

Regardless of what stage the Moon was in, i.e. crescent, full, balsamic, waxing, new Moon, etc.

 Another study that looked at over 10000 medical records also reported no association between moon phases and mental health admittance.

But one study found that those suffering from bipolar disorder are affected by moon cycles. There seems to be a correlation between moon phases and the onset of the manic and depressive stages of bipolar.

The circadian pacemaker, a group of small nerves that control the circadian cycles that influence various psychological and behavioural rhythms in the human body, is synced with the lunar cycle.

Folklore and professionals say that they are more murders, suicides and violent behaviour during a full moon cycle. Still, two studies found that these behaviours decreased a little during a full moon not increased.

Truth is not enough time; resources are put into these studies, so the jury is still out on the scientific front.

 But life is more than science; a spiritual dimension is slowly being uncovered and understood

For what is scientific inquiry? If not the deep and extensive investigation into natural phenomena- events- processes, that occur on Earth, space, and in human life.

So more studies should be taken out to extensively investigate the moons and other planets’ effects on human life.

For Earth, the Sun, Moon and all the other planets, animals etc., was created from a power that we a yet to fully understand; yes, we humans are mass creators.

But more often than not, we create things from materials already inherent in the Earth (i.e. metals, plastics, oil, etc.) and from our own creative and intellectual ability.

 Uncovered from a brain and Subconscious we have been given, by birth, we discover the process typically of the Earth and cosmos; we did not create them.

Although it has been an ancient and modern tale, biological women’s period- menstrual cycles (people who menstruate) move in sync with the Moon’s cycles.

But research has found that this is not true; a study of 74 women found no association between moon phases and periods.

So it appears the moon phases’ affecting human emotions and body cycles is false, to some extent, but some studies agree.

So the jury is out at the moment;. However, the evidence is inconclusive right now; I believe the Moon’s effects on human life will be proven in time.

 Just as the Moon has been found to affect animals and the seas, they will one day be conclusive evidence based on aeons of human observation.

 That the Moon and the planets, asteroids and everything in the sky and below, impacts the conscious and subconscious thoughts and behaviours of every human.


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